CALIFORNIA U’s JIHADI EXPOSED:FBI/DHS ISIS Terror Watch List;Chancellor’s Cover-Up & Boston’s Jihad Parallels. Lessons (Un)Learned! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



TRUTH dare be told, this site is light-years ahead of so-called mainstream media. Mind you, they couldn’t catch up, even if they wanted to – which they don’t! Now, this investigative journalist hardly lays claim to being a genius. Far from it. But it is absolutely the case that what is understood within these pages regarding Islam and its relationship to jihadi terror is so solid that the readers can – and should – bet their lives on it. And when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, indeed, little is hidden from this radar. This is precisely why said knowledge base is, time and again, pressed into service to educate and alert the public to the whys and wherefores, as well as to what (more than likely) lies ahead. 

NOW, before we link the initial Allah-wash re the deceased (may he burn in a hellish vortex) U of C Merced student jihadi to what really went down, it is intrinsic to recognize the nexus to Boston’s (marathon) jihad in April 2013, relative to the FEDS (upon the orders of HUSSEIN Obama’s DHS) GRAVE malfeasance.

The FBI has confirmed that Russia alerted the agency in 2011 that Tsarnaev had ties to ‘radical Islam’ groups in his homeland. Homeland Security sources have also revealed the agency received tips in 2012 about his ties to extremists connected to a Boston mosque.

Congress is now promising a full inquiry into what intelligence had been unearthed on the suspected bombers that could have alerted authorities.

Rep. Michael McCaul, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, called it ‘disturbing’ that the Chechen immigrant was ‘on the FBI radar’ in 2011 but was deemed to not be a risk to national security….continue reading

CONCLUSIVELY, then, as now, Obama Inc.’s Islamic-captured FBI (extending to law enforcement at various levels) had the intel, yet – due to pressure from HUSSEIN Obama’s Brotherhood Mafia surrogates – they made a conscious decision not to arrest the Tsarnaev brothers. As proof of this site’s charge of dereliction of duty, how much carnage did the Chechen terrorists cause? 3 dead and 264 (confirmed) maimed! How many innocents have to die, and before their (mis)calculus changes? Who the hell knows.

SIMILARLY, Faisal Mohammad, as will be proven, was on the FBI’s (DHS’s) ISIS- linked terror watch list! No surprise on this end.

STILL yet, before the truth becomes more widely known, please recall this site’s EVALUATION, upon hearing the initial U of C Merced (mis)reporting: “California U’s Jihadi-Stabber Masked By Media Omerta Mirrors Stabbing-Jihad In Israel.”


Authorities said that the weapon used in the stabbings was a hunting knife (like the one pictured in this stock photo) between 8 and 10 inches long

(Facsimile of weapon used by Islam’s soldier for Allah at U of C Merced)

WHILE all campus rampages garner news headlines – as they should – when it comes to certain PC protected classes (whenever they are involved in murderous acts, even when outside campus quads), well, digging into the true motive is clearly off the table. Verboten. In other words, suppressing the driving factor is the “norm.” Not only that, grabbing onto any snippet which obviates connecting the dots becomes the media’s main objective – the “real headline”, the heretofore prescribed narrative.

HENCE, the mendacious reportage on the most recent (STABBING) carnage at U of C Merced. Think of it as “the dog ate the homework or “the devil made them do it” excuse, or some such obvious lying drivel. However, in PC media omerta scenarios – unlike garden variety liars who attempt to pass the buck – lying will inevitably and directly lead to deadly consequences. Most resolutely, in the U of C Merced stab-fest, its underbelly couldn’t be more of a red flag, even if a matador was retained to blare said warning to the public. No exaggeration.

BUT before we get to the heart of today’s media disinfectant, let’s veer back to how deep in the tank so-called mainstream “reporting” is, relative to truth-telling. Consider…..

MORE specifically, did anyone hear about the following “tidbit” from US media sources (except for one), that which was indicative of his intent, rather than the spun narrative that he was upset at being kicked out of a study group? Do pigs fly?

“He had a smile on his face,” the victim said. “He was having fun.”

REGARDLESS of all the tall tales, it must be noted that certain members of law enforcement are not fooled by Obama Inc.’s directives, even if they are stating/lying otherwise before the public. How so? Well, the fact that the bomb squad was called in due to the suspect’s backpack, it suggests that despite the Sheriff’s jive talk before the media, he recognized that bomb-laden backpacks are signature hallmarks of Islamic jihad! Warnke said the bomb squad was called as a precaution because the suspect carried a backpack. Hmm….continue reading

ONTO the latest disinfectant…

DUE to an anomaly within today’s captured media and law enforcement milieus, surprisingly, a journalist in Merced with ties to local law enforcement (trust, they can be valuable sources…) was informed this and that…they knew he would drip…drip…

Muslim student who stabbed four people and had plans to behead some was on an FBI terrorist watch list and the school knew about it.

Despite the warnings, apparently, nobody was watching Faisal Mohammad at the University of California – Merced. Authorities/Media rushed to call the stabbing spree by this Muslim student “non-terror related” but new information proves otherwise.


Faisal Mohammad, 18, was shot dead by police after stabbing and injuring four people Wednesday and information uncovered in his manifesto showed he created a step-by-step numbered list of what he wanted to do.

“No. 27 was to ‘make sure people are tied down,’ No. 28 was ‘sit down and praise Allah,’” according to what Sheriff Vern Warnke told Fox News. “I remember seeing four or five times, scribbled on the side of the two-page manifesto, where he wrote something like ‘praise Allah.’” “There was a gruesome statement he made about wanting to cut someone’s head off and kill two people with one bullet, and he planned to shoot the police,” Warnke added.

And despite Warnke’s insistence at the start that the attack was not terror related Merced County News reporter Matthew Gonzales said anonymous law enforcement sources informed him that Mohammad was on a terror watch list and, moreover, the school was aware of it.

Unfortunately the tragic event at UC Merced illustrates just how our law enforcement leaders have not learned from their past mistakes and may have jeopardized the lives of an entire classroom in doing so. What I am about to tell you has been confirmed by three independent law enforcement officials, all who cannot be named for fear of losing their jobs/pensions.The conversations I have engaged in compel me to believe that we are not being told the truth about the incident at our UC Merced and just who the suspect was.

From the information I have gathered, the suspect was indeed not only on the FBI’s terrorist watch list but he was also on a national watch list and had been one of the topics of discussion at a recent FBI briefing to Merced County law enforcement leaders. According to recently obtained information, about 6 months ago the FBI held a terrorist/extremist briefing with Merced County law enforcement leaders. At this meeting several suspected terrorist with ISIS links were said to be here in Merced County. Names and photos were presented including one of Faisal Mohammad. Based on the FBI’s own analysis and a number of people on the terrorist watch list that are in the area they projected an attack at the UC Merced campus.Though they were not absolutely certain of the attack on the UC they did feel that there was enough information for them to be here if it did.

According to my sources the UC Chancellor was also briefed on the potential threats.

A witness who wishes to remain anonymous stated that they had seen what appeared to be a picture of an ISIS flag which was pulled out of the suspect’s pocket. Two of my law enforcement sources have verified that this is in fact true and that the UC Chancellor along with the FBI and DHS have instructed our local media and our local law enforcement leaders to feed the current narrative that FM was a disgruntled student instead of what he actually was… an extremist Muslim bent on attacking American students in the name of ISIS.


MOST significantly, the prescribed narrative must be protected at all costs – the dead and maimed tossed aside as “collateral” spin-damage and sacrificed upon its altar. It always involves doing everything possible to distance Islam from terror. Therefore, (most) pre-emptive arrests are non-starters, as they risk exposing the true and terrifying face of the “religion of peace.” Obama Inc. will not abide it. Period.

ON its most basic level, awful as it is, Americans must finally come to grips with certain truths: TOP law enforcement officials (when it comes to anything related to Islam and other “protected” groups, but let’s not digress….), lest there be any doubt, are not operating in the interest of non-Muslim Americans. To the contrary. Rather, they are invested (mandated) in shielding Islam and its followers from any blow back.

SOME unassailable proofs:

AD infinitum, akin to a broken record, this site has reported on the Gestapo-like tactics of Obama Inc.’s DHS, a captured operation. Orwell’s universe. And it’s into this Alice-in-Wonderland vortex which patriots find themselves….continue reading

(VIDEO: DHS Agent Exposed Obama!  Feds Take Her Job, Her Reputation . . . And Go After Her DAUGHTER!)


CONSEQUENTIALLY, DHS and its attendant security agencies – with the FBI in the forefront – are DIRECTLY responsible for far too many Islamic related deaths and injuries, every bit as much as HUSSEIN Obama. They are less than six degrees separated from the carnage. In reality, they are sworn to protect the American people, alas, they have abrogated their mandate. Simple as that.

LESSON(S) LEARNED: Once again, for the stated record, don’t be shocked when the Islamic sh-t hits the fan in Massachusetts, and more than likely in other states as well. How does this investigative journalist know this? Conclusively, Lebanese-American gold/money launderers in direct support of al-Qaeda (who own upwards of 28 retail jewelry stores throughout the US…paradoxically, they are deeply involved in “civic” organizations/activities within their communities) are operating with impunity, in plain sight, and their headquarters are in the Bay State. Not only that, the FBI and AG’s office have been duly warned. Guess what? They refused to investigate!

The Attorney General of Massachusetts

(617) 727-2200
Dear Mr. XXXXX
The Attorney General’s Office has reviewed your recent inquiry to the Criminal Bureau for the purpose of deciding whether to assign this matter within the Criminal Bureau for a more comprehensive review of the facts, make an inquiry on your behalf, or intervene in this matter.
The Criminal Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office receives inquiries and alleged complaints on a daily basis from citizens, police departments and other governmental agencies. Every such inquiry or complaint is reviewed and a decision made whether to take action on the inquiry or complaint. This type of evaluation is necessary because the volume of complaints and inquiries we receive, coupled with the finite resources available, precludes the Bureau from investigating and prosecuting every
allegation that is brought to our attention.
I am advising you that the Criminal Bureau will not be conducting any further review or investigation of your complaint.
I am sorry that this office cannot be of further assistance to you.
Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Bureau


RESULTANT, are readers sensing clear patterns of betrayal?? Rest assured, whatever shakes out in the MA arena, the FEDS and the media will opine: There is NO connection to Islamic jihad, and anyone who claims otherwise is “Islamophobic!”

THUS, the fact that DHS, the FBI, and the media (with colluding college admin background players who reflexively cover for Islam, as an outgrowth of intersecting anti-American sympathies) exposed students and other innocents to a KNOWN ISIS supporting jihadi, reveals the absolute truth about where their allegiance and intent lies. And the fact that they repeated (two and a half years later) the same pattern of malfeasance from Boston’s jihad – having failed to learn their requisite lessons – lends to only one clear conclusion: Trust the FEDS (the aforementioned alike) at your peril!!


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