HUSSEIN Obama’s Gestapo-Like Tactics: TERRORIZING Supporters Of Gov. Scott Walker. America, A Police State! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


swat(America’s increasingly militarized police…)

BEFORE we delve into the ‘liberal fascist’ tactics adopted by Obama Inc. – vis-a-vis conservatives via Gestapo-like goons – it must be recognized, in general, a preponderance who hoist the appendage of ‘liberalism’ are increasingly exhibiting fascistic tendencies.

STIPULATED, if anything is emblematic of said charge, the militant Gay Lobby (aka ‘Gay Mafia’ ) is a prime exhibit. Even as they herald the mantle of ‘liberal tolerance’ as their ‘holy’ grail (in the meanwhile, physically and verbally intimidating those who refuse to accede to their dictates, and tarring them as so-called ‘intolerant bigots’), they threaten to kill, blow up and otherwise terrorize their opponents. Pot kettle.

ONTO Wisconsin, the ‘birthplace’ of the Labor Uniona mid-western state with an extreme leftist bent! 

NOW, before we proceed to the recent storm trooping, the charges at hand stem from a previous budget proposition. Back in 2011, Governor Scott Walker attempted to bring fiscal sanity to the state of Wisconsin, and said action stirred Obama Inc.’s goon squads into a frenzied and fiendish meltdown.

The 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, also known as the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,[1] was legislation proposed by Republican Governor Scott Walker[2] and passed by the Wisconsin Legislature to address a projected $3.6 billion budget deficit.[3] The legislation primarily impacted the following areas: collective bargaining, compensation, retirement, health insurance, and sick leave of public sector employees. In response, unions and other groups organized protests inside and around the state capitol. The bill was passed into law and became effective as of June 29, 2011. Public employees exempted from the changes to the collective bargaining law include firefighters and most law enforcement workers.[1] The bill was ruled to be constitutional by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2014, after several years of litigation.

wisconsin unions rally

IN fact, as always, the ‘occupy movement’  was pressed into high gear, like storm troopers are wont to do.

(On cue, one femi-nazi wore the ubiquitous ‘ F U ‘ garb. No matter.This investigative journalist has a polar opposite message: GO Scott Walker…give them hell…bring back desperately needed fiscal sanity…put these ‘activists’ out of business!)

IN this regard, even though officialdom has managed to stay six degrees separated from particular death threats – will get to that in a bit – the fact remains that an atmosphere has been created to encourage more of the same. Yes, America has become a quasi police state, thus, criminal actions have become ‘legal.’ Orwell’s universe.

THRUST by thrust, this site has amply evidenced that Obama Inc. has instituted certain measures to render the trappings of a police state. There is no walking back this grim reality.


EFFECTIVELY, under this Orwellian umbrella, the following video exemplifies the lengths Obama Inc. is willing to go to, in order to silence anyone who warns (even through proper operational chains of command) about far-reaching security failures. Serious sh-t. In reality, being a whistle-blower can be exceedingly dangerous to your safety and welfare!


AS exhibited, the so-called ‘protections’ afforded to whistle-blowers are nothing of the sort. They are a mirage, at least under the purview of HUSSEIN Obama’s Federalized goon squads.

EXTRAPOLATING further, if employees tasked with securing the safety of America are not protected from retribution – simply because they warned about serious breaches – what can average citizens expect to happen under this type of regime?
WITH the above in mind, is it an exaggeration to state that America is mirroring a police state? Still, requisite back ups are necessary, before such charges are taken seriously. Understood.
IN Dec. 2013, this site documented:

IN reality, said citations are emblematic of a police state. The following serves as more proof of the same:

AS reported (March 2014), America has become a pre-police state and its militarized police forces are a main underlying precursor. 

Police State One:

SIMILARLY, isn’t it curious that a (former) TOP NSA official sang like a bird: AMERICA, A “SOFT TYRANNY”!

Police State Two:

DUE to the above, is it any wonder that Coloradans Are Seeking Freedom From Washington’s Vise-grip & Five Counties Are Voting For SECESSION? Indeed, Montana Too Is “Up In Arms”!

Police State Three:

NEED numbers…visual aids: The Militarized U.S. Police, by the Numbers (w/Infographic)

ENTER: the U.S. Navy….

Navy database tracks civilians’ parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying

TO wit, with the above backgrounder in place, the Gestapo-like tactics in Wisconsin (all across the U.S., but let’s stick to Wisconsin) cements the case. 

AS stated, 2011’s fiscal re-ordering let loose Obama Inc.’s goons, to the point in which like-minded surrogates felt safe enough to threaten Governor Walker’s entire family, if he didn’t reverse course and safeguard the union’s demands! Mafioso tactics. No doubt.

Chilling note sent to Scott Walkers wife


            “Governor, I’ve been at this awhile, and when the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, you have to be concerned,” Dave said. “They know where you go to church; they’ve been to your church. They’re following your children and tracking your children. They know where your children go to school, what time they have class, what time they get out of class. They know when they had football practice. They know where your wife works, they know that she was at the grocery store at this time, they know that she went to visit her father at his residence.”
            We talked about some of the additional measures he would take to keep the family safe. Dave increased the size of our detail and assigned troopers to keep an eye on the kids at school. (Both of my sons were attending a public high school, and the Wauwatosa police officers really looked out for Matt and Alex too.) He also explained that we could no longer do simple tasks like going to the curb to pick up the mail, which would now have to be screened…..
We soon began to get a steady stream of death threats. Most of these Dave and his team intercepted and kept from Tonette and me. They were often graphic (one threatened to “gut her like a deer”), but for the most part they amounted to little more than angry venting.
            But one afternoon, as I prepared to go out to the conference room for my daily press briefing, Dave came into my office and shut the door. “Sir, I don’t show you most of these, but I thought you ought to see this one.” He handed me a letter addressed to Tonette that had been picked up by a police officer at the executive residence in Maple Bluff. It read:
            Has Wisconsin ever had a governor assassinated? Scotts heading that way. Or maybe one of your sons getting killed would hurt him more. I want him to feel the pain. I already follow them when they went to school in Wauwatosa, so it won’t be too hard to find them in Mad. Town. Big change from that house by [BLANK] Ave. to what you got now. Just let him know that it’s not right to [EXPLETIVE] over all those people. Or maybe I could find one of the Tarantinos [Tonette’s parents] back here.
Lots of choices for me.
            The letter had a Green Bay postmark, but there were no fingerprints or other indications of who had sent it. Dave explained that it raised red flags because, unlike most of the hate mail and death threats we received, it was very specific. The sender talked about following our kids to school, the street where we lived, and threatened not just me but my children and my in-laws….

CLEAR as a bell.

FAST forward to Obama Inc.’s most recent storm trooper tactics, but this time they were not directed at Governor Scott Walker and his family. Rather, they were bull’s-eye focused on supporters of Governor Walker! Branching out.

Walker supporters in Wisconsin targeted with Gestapo-like police raids.

Fox’s Trace Gallagher explained how prosecutors were allowed to go after conservative groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth. Then, he said, it expanded to supporters. Cindy Archer was one of those supporters.

Recounting the NRO story, Gallagher said that “late one night she was jolted awake by what she thought was a home invasion. It turned out to be a police raid. More than a dozen police officers holding a battering ram, yelling and pounding on her door. She said she was trying to calm down her dogs and get dressed with her body in full view of police. When she opened the door, she kept begging them not to shoot her dogs.” Archer, the NRO explained, was “one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the ‘Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,’ the measure that sparked what we dubbed the “Wisconsin Insurrection.”

Police refused to let Archer speak with an attorney, and told her not to speak out about her ordeal to anyone. Doing so, they threatened, would see her face contempt of court charges. Police left with her laptop and cell phone, David French said at NRO.

“The entire neighborhood could see the police around their house, but they had to remain silent,” French said. “This was not the ‘right to remain silent’ as uttered by every cop on every legal drama on television — the right against self-incrimination. They couldn’t mount a public defense if they wanted — or even offer an explanation to family and friends.”

Archer was not the only conservative to experience Gestapo-like tactics at the hands of police. Another victim, identified only as “Rachel,” was also targeted by a pre-dawn raid in which police carted off personal possessions, some of which had nothing to do with the search warrant….read all the chilling details…

AND for additional supportive details, the following audio/visual aid will wrap up the Gestapo-like case:

PRESENTING, EVIL JUSTICE: The raw truth about the Wisconsin John Doe Raids With/Joe Newby….

INDEED, evil ‘justice’…a chilling rendering…a must listen…

INHERENTLY, Americans are essentially living in a police state. Tragically, few recognize what’s what, until they butt up against the powers that be. However, alternative media, for now, is still able to blare siren calls.

EFFECTIVELY, this state of (national) being transpired, as detailed, thrust by thrust. Basically, a ‘conditioning’ takes place, creep by creep, until the sight of militarized police (a direct violation of Federal Law, Posse Comitatus) becomes the ‘norm.’

IN no uncertain terms, this investigative journalist developed a case attesting to the facts at hand. Not only that, but the latest involved ‘JADE HELM 15’ and it can be found here

BUT don’t take this site’s analysis as the final word, others are jumping on the bandwagon too. Thus, pay special heed to the jive-talking, co-opted US Retired Non-Commissioned Special Forces Officer Tom Mead :

In the question and answer portion of the presentation, Mead further explains to board members how Jade Helm, a new exercise he describes as also being developed by US Special Operations General Charles T. Cleveland, will now be conducted within the United States annually.

Further, Mead points out that the FBI and DEA will be involved in “questioning” individuals. It is unclear whether the individuals being interrogated are part of the exercise, or what they will be questioned about. “They will actually do some questioning for us at one of the airports in Arizona.” A military or civilian airport? He doesn’t elaborate.

Mead also provides a conflicted response when asked by the county officials if only US military and law enforcement personnel will be involved in the exercise. “Do you use any personnel from NATO, the UN or DHS?” one board member asks (at 12:56 in the above video). “Currently for Jade Helm it is US only. We, ah, that has been one of the discussions that, uhm, I’m not sure if it has occurred yet.” (blogger’s note: a shuck-and-jive show…a W T F rendering too…)

A sober observer might conclude (as a portion of the public already has) that Jade Helm is likely a means to acclimate America for eventual martial law. Since September 11, 2001 US citizens have experienced a steady erosion of their civil liberties associated with the dubious rationale of the “war on terror.” The increased militarization of law enforcement and now operations like Jade Helm being carried out on domestic soil further indicate how the Posse Comitatus Act, introduced in 1878 and intended to prevent the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement, is being steadily eviscerated, though it is important to note that as recently as 2002 the US Congress reaffirmed the significance of the law.

Even the Rand Corporation has suggested that the US military has no clear criteria concerning when and how Posse Comitatus applies to exercises such as Jade Helm. “[I]t is critical,” Rand researchers observe in one study, “that the Army develop doctrine, leadership, and training programs that can provide clear and specific guidance on when and how the Posse Comitatus Act—as well as any other laws that proscribe Army activities in the domestic arena—applies and when it does not…..

WHILE reserving the right to raise any (and all) requisite alarm bells, this homemade sign, in its simplicity, states it best: police state, out of our communities!

NO time to lose.


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