ISIS In NJ & America At Large: The GROWING Threat Level. Obama Inc.’s Foreign & Domestic Blow Back. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

(Presenting…Alaa Saadeh of West New York, New Jersey…the most recent U.S. jihadi caught in the act…albeit, one of many still on the loose within the tri-state corridor.)

AS the world watches on in horror, veering between Sunni and Shia blood lust, one can feel as if they are getting whip lash from its ping pong ball-like effects. Not only that, the fast-paced trajectory makes it impossible for the uninitiated to spot patterns. Alas, don’t despair. Resolutely, this site promises to catch you up to speed.

BUT it is first imperative to identify the two main threats facing the west: namely, Shia Iran’s genocidal regime seeking the world’s most dangerous weapons, in concert with Sunni ISIS’s swathe (alongside related Brotherhood Mafia offshoots) to a resurrected Caliphate

isis special forces

(New ISIS recruits are seen in a classroom for their “graduation” ceremony after having completed the Islamic State special forces training program, March 27, 2015)

EVEN so, before we get to the specifics of ISIS’s presence in NJ (and throughout the U.S.), let’s tie up HUSSEIN Obama’s assistance to both dangers, Sunni and Shia alike.

AS to ISIS, the proofs are solid as rocks, but let’s just concentrate on two (out of many) domestic points of entry:


MOST are aware of the dangers at the southern border, but the helping hands given to ISIS – via HUSSEIN Obama’s illegal alien thrust  – are less visible. Indeed, connecting said dots require delicate sifting. Intrinsically, one must separate their points of entry between sleeper cells poised and awaiting to pounce within Mexico, juxtaposed against those who have already made their way through HUSSEIN Obama’s (purposeful) open sesame borders.


LEADING back to the east coast, ISIS is very busy in NYC and its outlying areas, and the warnings are within: NYC ISIS jihadi caught red-handed; an outgrowth of free rein given by the DHS and its FED counterparts.

RELATIVE to the foreign arena, Obama Inc.’s fingerprints can be found within enumerable assists he lends them, regardless of any pinprick strikes his mouthpieces herald as ‘proof’ of their pledge to roll them back. Liars.


MOST significantly, how many recognized that HUSSEIN Obama’s 2010 deal with the Brotherhood Mafia led to ISIS’s catapult, in tandem with a triumph for Iran? Now you know.

IN this regard, New Jersey enters the broader picture, but no one should be shocked. To the contrary.

MOREOVER, how may realized that New Jersey jihadis were front-arms for al-Qaeda’s 9/11/01, and its precursor attack in 1993 etc.?


Nosair kept a mailbox at a check cashing store in Jersey City called Sphinx Trading. It was located at 2828 Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City, four doors down from Sheikh Rahman’s Jersey hangout, the al-Salaam Mosque. One of the most extraordinary discoveries of this investigation is that Sphinx Trading held a key that could have put the FBI right into the middle of the 9/11 plot, months before September 11. (Blogger’s note: please refer here to the overall nexus, “The Opening Of Jihad On U.S. Soil…)

That mailbox of Nosair’s is a symbol of how so many roads in the 9/11 story lead back to the blind Sheikh and his cell members. It underscores why the 9/11 Commission was bound to get only part of the truth when it focused on the years 1998 forward in trying to untangle the “planes as missiles” plot. As we’ll see, El Sayyid Nosair and Sphinx Trading were each enormous “dots” on the road to 9.11 that the FBI left disconnected.

During the penalty phase of the Moussaoui trial in March 2006, Minneapolis agent Harry Samit accused FBI officials of acting with “criminal negligence” in failing to approve FISA search warrants. I believe that the Bureau’s seeming inability to tie Nosair and Sphinx to the 9/11 plot can fairly be cited as another example….continue here

HMM…here we go again!

Feds busted a New Jersey man, accusing him of being an ISIS sympathizer with plans to assist the terror network, officials said on Monday.

Alaa Saadeh, a 23-year-old West New York, N.J. resident, is allegedly pals with two co-conspirators who also want to join the fight for ISIS, authorities said.

Saadeh has been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization, aiding and abetting terrorists and witness tampering, according to Newark federal prosecutors.

Prosecutors allegedly have Saadeh on tape, professing his devotion to ISIS and desire to travel to the Middle East to join the terror group.

Saadeh also defended Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, saying he was “framed” by the FBI, according to feds.

“In recorded conversations with an informant, Saadeh revealed his support for [ISIS], including its use of beheadings and mass killings to impose its violent agenda,” according to a statement by federal prosecutors.

At some point in June, Saadeh realized the FBI was on his trail and was recorded telling one pal to keep quiet about his ISIS involvement, authorities said.

“You just play stupid,” Saadeh told a pal on tape, according to the FBI. “Like you just really don’t know. That all you know is he [a co-conspirator planning to go to Jordan] was going to see his parents.”

Saadeh’s brother is also an ISIS supporter and he was recently arrested in Jordan, according to the criminal complaint.

The suspect speculated that one of his two pals – Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee, and Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old college student from Queens – might have snitched on the brother. Both of those men were arrested early this month on terror-related charges.

“I’m hoping it’s not because if it is,” said Saadeh, according to a federal wire tap. “I think I’m going to kill someone.”

MORE conclusively, ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq, both were spawned from the Brotherhood Mafia and HUSSEIN Obama is deeply in the mix.

SO if any footprints are more germane to ISIS’s entry into the U.S., at the same time that he refuses to allow U.S. forces to eliminate them on the battlefield, HUSSEIN Obama’s stand apart.

The Obama administration is working quickly to push back against the notion that there is no strategy to defeat Islamic State terrorists, after President Obama’s comments during a press conference in Germany after the G-7 World Leaders Summit.

The newly minted State Department spokesperson John Kirby appeared on Morning Joe today to remind Americans that the fight against ISIS would last “3-5 years” and ask for some “strategic patience.”

Kirby explained that Obama did have a strategy although it was “messy” and would “take time.”

“The ends are very clear, we’ve said this all along, the goal is to degrade and defeat ISIL and remove them as a threat in the region and around the world,” he said.

Kirby outlined Obama’s effort to train and equip more Iraqi troops to fight ISIS, directing airstrikes against ISIS forces and working with surrounding countries to stop ISIS from bringing recruited fighters across the borders of Iraq and Syria.

“Every day we take a look at the strategy, in it’s execution,” Kirby said, asserting that it was “sound.”

Obama’s comments, he explained, was referring to a specific element of his strategy. The new effort, he added, was a surge of Iraqi troop training in response to the fall of Ramadi.

“Obviously, we believe, certainly after Ramadi, that there is perhaps some room for improvement there,” he said.

WHAT else is there to say, as Americans await a ‘successful’ (or multiple) ISIS homeland explosion?

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