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WITHIN any bloody cock fight one winner will always emerge, even if the losing side stubbornly refuses to cede defeat. However, when it comes to tribal war-fighting, between Sunni and Shia Islamists, said cock fighting – bloody barbarism on steroids – has not abated from time immemorial. Never gonna happen. Yet, even while they are basically Islamic “brothers”, “sticking points” within Islamic doctrine rages on. And so it goes…round and round their killing fields.

NEVERTHELESS, they DO agree upon one common goal: the destruction of the west. Atop their spearhead are America and Israel, it is their highest priority.

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, as you and I are acutely aware – hoping to enlighten many westerners through this interview and other related work efforts – aside from all the highly visible dangers revealed herein, the lingering question remains: what’s Adnan’s Oktar’s end goal? And, even though an overview of “The Plan”, as conceived and designed by the Muslim Brotherhood, is (hopefully) becoming more and more transparent to Americans and westerners at large, much more needs to be done to counteract their planned jihad.

End Goal: Turkish – Islamic Union Very little is known, at least to westerners, about a specific Muslim Brotherhood-backed Islamic project – the Turkish-Islamic Union. While Shiite leadership and most Sunni heads are not on board, the fact of the matter is that Turkish rulers envision themselves astride the resurrected Caliphate via a reconstituted Ottoman Empire. Assuredly, they are marching full charge ahead. And, for an overview of the Turkish-Islamic Union, peer within. See if you’re convinced of their altruistic, affirmative messages of love and more love to non-Muslims. They are pejoratively, religiously deemed “infidels” and special animus is reserved for the most reviled, the “Joos”. Let’s call an ace an ace, a spade a spade.

Alas, Israel, as always, stands in the way of Islamic hegemony, hence, the cooked up “charm offensive” via alluring, come-hither bombshells. Now, it must be understood that the saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”, is decidedly apropos. It is an exact replica of Stealth Jihad, morphed with a boring into Jewish sensitivities and sensibilities; the desperate quest to live in “peace” and to cease looking over ones shoulders. They know their audience well. Naturally, the synthesis of comely females dripping honey-laced words, is so much more effective and appealing than threatening poses from jihadists. Wearing menacing stocking caps on their heads – with only cut out eye-holes serving as slits – and hoisting rifles and rockets over their shoulders certainly doesn’t inspire confidence, friendly intent or register sympathy. You think? Regardless, wishing doesn’t make it so.

Wolff Bachner: Adina, the Jewish people and Israel have been vilified as enemies of Islam for 1400 years. Since this is a centuries old conflict, why should Americans care about Israel’s problems, the Muslim Brotherhood or Adnan Oktar?

Adina Kutnicki: Readers, one and all, relating as an American-Israeli, as someone who loves her birth country as well as her Jewish homeland, there is NO greater danger to western civilization than the Muslim Brotherhood and all its attendant jihadi offshoots. Indeed, the Iranian menace, through its Hitlerite regime, looms very large overhead, and they too are arming for nothing more than complete Islamic hegemony. Yes, once either, heaven forbid, prevails, they will merge forces (Sunni and Shia, after which they will fight each other for ultimate hegemony, as they have done for centuries) and aim straight for the west’s jugular. But whatever shakes out, the Brotherhood’s umbrella – spanning all over the globe – is Allah-bent on bringing down America. Rest assured, they are well positioned to do so, having many friends ensconced within President Obama’s White House. The situation is dire. If America falls, so too does the free world. Ditto, if Israel is, G-d forbid, destroyed. There is no room for equivocating. Like it or not, the two are twin pillars. They are, in effect, holding up western civilization.

And, even though some readers may be less than concerned about Jewish and Israeli interests, it can’t be stressed enough that Jews are simply one of their targets; a stepping stone to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate obsession. Their anticipated conquest. Hands down, the biggest catch of all, is America. Undoubtedly, Oktar and his minions are doing the Brotherhood’s bidding. They are NOT lone agents.

Most alarmingly, the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. propaganda arm, CAIR, has deep links within ALL of America’s power centers. This is no longer up for debate. Consequently, their ability to manipulate the message is nothing short of Pravda-like. Their access lends them the ability to not only craft, but to subsequently spin Islamic jihad upside its axis. Ominously, Americans are left completely befuddled and literally defenseless. Thankfully, the “Clarion Project” delves into CAIR’s dark recesses, as do several other capable patriotic forces.

THE above, in the main, defines the Sunni/Shia nexus, and why they join forces. It belies an immutable blood bond, even though they continue to slit each other’s throats. This is precisely why (Shiite-ruled) Iran sheltered Sunni Al Qaeda jihadists, when they hid out after 9/11/01. Assuredly, there are other areas of “cooperation”. NOT only that, but the Islamist-in-Chief’s back channels to Al Qaeda’s (Sunni) ISIS; his release of Taliban (Sunni) top-tier jihadis, plus other Sunni jihadi “assists”, does not obviate his “helping hands” towards Iran’s mullahs. To the contrary.

SO when a world premiere counter terror operative, Dave Gaubatz, posits that the POTUS is indeed Sunni Muslim, and that Islam itself IS the danger, well, westerners would do well to pay strict heed!

Obama is Sunni Muslim? Is This Why He Does Not Help Shiite Controlled Iraq? 20 June 2014

By: Dave Gaubatz

Millions of Americans have asked themselves if President Obama is Muslim.  I have always said in accordance with Shariah law, Obama was born Muslim because his father was a Muslim.  Did he leave Islam in later years.  Doubtful, but only he knows.  Obama’s father was Sunni and Obama was educated in his early years in the ideology of Sunni Islam.

During the last couple of weeks people around the world have asked why Obama has not stepped in to assist the recognized government of Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq is currently governed by Shiite Muslims. Although American media outlets will not discuss or even suggest Obama is a Sunni Muslim, in the interest of our national security it has to be considered.  The manner in which Obama governs our country is more aligned with Shariah law than it is the U.S. Constitution. 

I do not believe there are many Americans who do not believe our beautiful country is on the verge of collapse.  The past 6 plus years of Obama’s rule has been the cause of our dangerous decline.  Obama is a very intelligent man and he knows exactly what he is doing.  He does not like America and wants it destroyed.  His domestic and foreign policies are deliberate actions for him to achieve the goal of an America gone astray. I believe most President’s would have stepped in immediately when the terrorist group ISIS (Al Qaeda) began to take over Iraqi cities.  Obama could not do this because his allegiance is toward the Sunni’s.  

Sending our troops into Iraq again is not the most popular decision, but if America truly has a war on terrorism (Islamic terrorism), we have a duty to strike Islamic terrorist wherever they may be. Islamic terrorist groups are scattered all across the world.  They have camps in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, England, France, Sweden, and sadly they are located in cities across America. There is an abundance of news about illegal aliens (children) coming into our country by the thousands.  the news has not been focused on the tens of thousands of Somalian men and women being brought into America by Catholic organizations.

I was recently conducting research in Portland, Maine.  Thirty plus thousand were brought to Portland.  The Somalians are Sunni Muslim and support the same causes as ISIS and Al Qaeda.  There are approximately 40,000 Somalians in the Portland area.  I visited the mosques in this area, and it was very apparent they were Sunni/Salafist Muslims. We can fight Islamic terrorists all over the world, and defeat them temporarily, but they will multiply overnight.  The only way to defeat Islamic terrorism is to destroy the Islamic ideology itself.  

Islamic terrorists must be as simply Muslims fighting in the name of Islam, and not how Hannity describes them.  Hannity and others call them Radical Muslims and fighting in the name of Radical Islam.  This is not accurate. Islam is Islam is Islam is Islam is Islam. The very nature of the Islamic ideology is violent, dangerous, intolerant, and evil. There is no such thing as a peaceful Islam.  The fighters of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the others are Muslims practicing ‘Pure Islam’ as Prophet Mohammed advocated and dreamed for a world under Shariah law.  the so called Moderate Muslims are non practicing Muslims-They are Apostates of Islam.

One has to keep in mind that although the government of Iraq is Shiite, there are both Sunni and Shiite in the official Iraqi military.  The Sunni soldiers will always support groups like ISIS.  The Shiite soldiers know they have supporters of Sunni terror groups within their ranks, and will run when confronted.  They know they are not only fighting ISIS, but also the ISIS supporters in the Iraqi military. Obama will always support the Sunni Muslims. He is very close with Saudi Arabia and desired the strong Sunni Muslim Brotherhood over the weaker Egyptian government.  

Our country is in serious trouble and unless the American people join hands and fight for their country, our children will not have a country called America.

POINTEDLY, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is stacking the decks, in favor of Sunnis to win the above described cock fight, both for Mid East (African) regional hegemony and to impose Shariah law over the west.  To be sure, as this site steadfastly reports: the renegade POTUS is lending helping hands to Shiite Islamists, chiefly through shielding Iran’s genocidal mullahs, marching them towards WMD statusAgain, his front-woman, Valerie Jarrett, is making sure they become capable of blackmailing the west through their nuclear umbrella.

SO let’s be very clear: while the Islamist-in-Chief is clearly rooting for Sunni supremacy, not only over the Mid East and its regional sphere, but inside America, the fact of the matter is that his ultimate goal is Islamic supremacy. 

AND while many will view the above as pie-in-the-sky dreaming – even for someone with the POTUS’s worldwide assets at his disposal – rest assured, it is they who are hallucinating. For if one takes a realistic look at what is happening in the U.S., with deeply embedded Brotherhood players within ALL the key positions of power in Washington (and beyond its Capitol Hill confines), the chances of non-success are infinitesimally smaller than the creation of the Islamic States of America. Deal with it.

IN effect, while Sunnis will come out on top in America (Shiites are likely to prevail within Latin/S. America, but that’s another matter), once Iran declares it’s a “nuclear power”, a detente of sorts will emerge between the Sunnis and Shiites within the Mid East, as the Saudis bring forward their own (developing) arsenal.

IN other words, the main losers will be, first and foremost, tiny Israel, as well as America. As powerful as the U.S. is, its main edifices are crumbling. And once an internal cancer takes root (cementing via Obama Inc., with radical leftist organs boring from within, for at least several decades) it is impossible to purge, unless radical “surgery” takes place. Honestly, the prognosis ain’t good. “The Plan” is very much on schedule.

TO wit, the rest of the west will eventually fall in (Islamic) line, if its citizens (the leaders won’t do squat) are not as determined as Islamic jihadists – Sunni and Shia alike, as exhorted by an Islamic leader in Gaza (via video), yes, Islam mandates killing infidels! Plain and simple.

INTRINSICALLY, while the following video link is decidedly, and tragically, on target, this site disagrees with its opening trailer statement: in effect, “radical” Islam is the issue and not Islam itself. Beg to differ. But never mind. Regardless, EVERY westerner must view its contents for self-survival!

ON the other hand, for some “comic” relief, at least in terms of the 2 debaters positing: YES, “Islam is a religion of peace”, well, click on and take a peek….


  1. so $. Arabian holy sights are being threatened by nuke holding-iran. Iranian holy sights in Iraq are being threatened by sunni (bagdaddy) isis. (sounds so woody allenish)! has the US got iran in a corner? looks that way to me.

    • Under Obama Inc., in reality, Iran is faring better than ever, even if they are unable to become the undisputed regional hegemony. Time will tell which one remains astride the (eventual) renewed Caliphate, but this much appears assured: the west, as we know it, won’t be the same!


  3. Adina…Somehow my account flipped to “unfollow.” Corrected it. Could be that as a Vietnam veteran I was put on some kind of NoBama Unfollow Waiting List or something. Anyway, if I was in charge of things (as I should be!), I would supply the sunnis, the shia islamos, the ISIS, the iranian dogs and every other mooslim herd with tons of ammo and automatic weapons and tell them to have at it. Also, I love how they are destroying or about to destroy each others “holy” sites. Great fun. Odd that the followers of the “religion of piss” do this – but the pope has not threatened to nuke Jerusalem and the Israelis, to my knowledge,,have not flown any air strikes over Rome. Hmmmm….wonder why….maybe it’s because they aren’t barbarians? Ya think?


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