Russian/Foreign Troops Inside America; FEMA Detention Camps & Agenda 21: Training For MARTIAL LAW Against U.S. Citizens! Commentary BY Adina Kutnicki

One can be the delicate and demure type, yet still feel the urge to utter a string of expletives when lambasted with ground shaking information. But being that this blogger is not the demurring sort (frontal is more like it); incapable of being shocked; plus has a sufficient knowledge base of the issue at hand; suffice it to state, yes, its contents are indeed worthy of some salty language, even for the more ‘delicate’ readers! No apologies necessary. Promise.

This blog has touched upon the following highly volatile and dangerous subject matter several times, thereby, emitting more than a few siren calls to patriots. How many are truly internalizing what is going on? Most recently, U.S. Law Enforcement Running Wild: Military Powers Increasingly Bestowed debuted. It is beyond scary, even to the point of frightening some males who consider themselves more than capable of ‘taking care of business’, incidentally, the type of man this American-Israeli has a healthy respect for. 

That being said, what about: Russian Boots On U.S. Soil: The Cooperative Efforts Of Obama & Putin, Despite The Rift Over Snowden & The Mid East, as it details Obama Inc. being completely in sync with globalists’ ambitions?

Still need convincing? Okay. The Intersection Of DHS; Heavy Armor; Russian/Eastern Troops Training In Middle America surely evinces an eyeful. Yet, some may rightfully ask: where is all this ‘training’ leading? Well, this site gave more than a hint as soon as jihad exploded in Boston’s streets, for it became patently obvious that ‘martial law’ had entered into America’s spherebut not to catch the Chechen jihadists! 

YouTube videographer David Vose has just released another excellent compilation video report providing more proof that something huge is in the works as it appears that Russian and other foreign and UN soldiers are now training to disarm American citizens on US soil. Is this a prelude to martial law in America? This linked stories from Beforeitsnews reporter John Rolls and Steve Quayle provide more proof these events are likely unfolding now here in America before our very eyes.

8/22/13-Russian’s would soon be taking over America, bursting into people’s homes and killing them

IF one understands the historical usage of martial law, one can then extrapolate and ask the salient question: What does Obama Inc. and Putin’s thugocracy have in common? More to the point, what don’t they? And the thrust towards gun control, coupled with Obama Inc’s ‘cooperative’ efforts with UN globalists, becomes crystal-like and front and center to all the ‘training’.  The following should ring some bells too: The Intersection of Banksters, Obama Inc, Euro Elites & The Destruction of Global Wealth. Fits like a glove.

But do bear uppermost in mind the actual facts: the Chechen bomber was not found due to a clampdown via martial law, but through an alert citizen who found his boat askew in his backyard – “It was after the lock-down was lifted that a private citizen went outside to check his property and discovered the suspect – whereupon he called the police and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apprehended. It is possible, even highly-likely, that the suspect would have eluded the authorities entirely, if not for the efforts of one private citizen. An ordinary person accomplished what thousands of heavily-armed paramilitaries were unable to do.”

Again, what are they ‘training’ for? And, why are they being allowed to step foot on American soil? Asked and answered.