According to Ceylan, and speaking for Oktar as well, “Peace and security can be achieved through only a Turkish-Islamic Union, where all the countries will be independent in their states but under one roof [so to speak], but Turkey would be the spiritual leader under the Turkey-Islamic Union.” The only foreseeable problem with this particular goal is it doesn’t fit in with the spiritual goals of most Jews and Christians.

adnan oktar christ is muslim

There are certain entities (as well as individuals, whatever their sphere of operation or influence) which require additional lessons to be learned, at least when it comes to recognizing who is friend and who is foe. And, especially in relation to Israel and the Jewish people at large, there is NO room for error. What’s the point? Simply put, the tiniest minority (out of the world’s population) possesses a Jewish homeland which is a tad larger than N.J. Mind you, N.J. is the 5th smallest U.S. State. Thus, Israel has zero wiggle room. Literally.

Now, whether Ynetnews editorial staff includes slow learners or is in agreement with this and that, it matters not a whit. What counts are the results from their actions, or lack thereof.

That being the case, the fact that their staff would give Adnan Oktar – a PROVEN Muslim Brotherhood operative – a platform, particularly after all the heavy lifting done at this site, well, such mendacious behavior deserves a frontal smack down. 

Besides, this American-Israeli has little patience, and even less time, to keep hammering home the same threats. Therefore, it would behoove Ynetnews staff to sit up and pay attention. Forthwith. So, listen up:

Compiled Lesson Plan: from Adina Kutnicki.com to Ynetnews:

FEATURING: Adnan Oktar

As a dangerous, cunning and mobbed up Islamist, Adnan Oktar is hardly a stranger to this blog. As such, he was also front and center at a major interview, back in October 2013. 

Wolff Bachner: In addition to Erdogan, there is another prominent Turkish Islamic leader who has been quite involved in Stealth Jihad. Who is Adnan Oktar and what is he doing to enable Islamic conquest and undermine the state of Israel?

Adina Kutnicki: Adnan Oktar enters into the Stealth Jihad arena under the protective umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even so, one can be forgiven for not knowing and asking: who is Adnan Oktar? and why does he matter? Furthermore, aren’t there other well known Islamic Brotherhood mouthpieces to report on? Yes and no.

As to the “who”…first and foremost, Adnan Oktar is a highly valued, well connected Turkish Muslim Brotherhood operative, as duly reported within The Global Muslim Brotherhood Report. He is most well known for his brushes (decades worth) with the Turkish legal system, as well as his (more recent) incessant push towards Turkish “creationism”, which is basically a foil for their authentic agenda – the implementation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Now, his harping on “creationism” only matters due to the fact that he plies it to wedge and insert himself into media arenas. Circus-like. Call it his “shtick”.

Yes, there are too many Brotherhood actors to cite, but there are not enough hours in a day. But for the fact that Adnan Oktar is a “special” case, therein lies his singular status. For our purposes, he is top dog. Patience, dear readers.

Wolff Bachner: As part of his effort to present Islam as a peaceful, modern faith that considers all religions to be equal, Oktar has used a group of rather voluptuous women to promote his ideas. These young, buxom, heavily made up “Barbie Dolls” appear on talk shows and at public events to promote Oktar’s agenda. What is going on here? Isn’t it forbidden for Muslim women to flaunt their sexuality?

Adina Kutnicki: Ah ha…you grabbed onto his sidekicks – more accurately, his harem – and gave them all due props through your visual descriptors. How many westerners are really familiar with a group of kitten-like, pin-up worthy, busty Turkish bombshells? Well, if not, I suggest readers catch up to speed, but certainly do not become enamored or distracted – male readers, I’m referring to you! To be sure, it is not as if hyping overt sexuality is newsworthy in the west, but the outward appearance of these Turkish kittens masks a far more sinister agenda than strutting their smoldering stuff. I kid you not. And, whereas western nymphets have been known to pimp themselves for monetary gain, Oktar’s lovelies are (mainly) in it for “Sexual Jihad”. Say what?

Well, as a matter of Fatwa (Islamic-derived religious dictate) fact, “Sexual Jihad” has been sanctioned by relevant Islamic authorities, so much so that (supposedly chaste) teenage Islamic hotties availed their “services” to the “boys at war” in Syria. Mind you, some of these teens came back with more than they bargained for with Allah; pregnant and with AIDS! Not exactly virgin-like, a high priority preoccupation in Islamic culture. That’s the way it goes.

Be that as it may, okay, let’s be inordinately clear: the above is not meant for entertainment purposes, nor to be flippant. Decidedly, its contents are deadly serious. Therefore, an introduction to the “Oktarettes” is efficacious, as evinced within “Turkey’s Anti-Evolutionist Showgirls“. It is worth taking a peek. Promise. Even so, visuals and all, what are they up to? “Sex, Flies and Videotape” exposes the secret lives of Harun Yahya, aka Adnan Oktar, the benefactor of said sirens.

Oh me, oh my…you can’t make this stuff up.

Adnan Oktar's Women

Wolff Bachner: Among his many other activities, Adnan Oktar also spends a great deal of time using the media to present his ideology to the world. What is “Building Bridges” and how is Oktar exploiting inter-faith dialogue to accomplish his goals?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, you touched upon their direct nerve center, and it is indeed a media weapon. It is a tv/general media conglomerate called “Building Bridges” – A9 TV.

At first blush, you gotta hand it to them, naming their TV station with such a sweet, innocent sounding connotation, yes, it is a work of genius; the building of (ideological/religious) bridges. What could be more friendly than that? A serpent’s bite.

Not to be a spoil sport, but the Muslim Brotherhood (under whose wings the above TV channel soars) is a subject I know intimately and expend a great deal of energy, time and resources exposing. The fact that I became involved with this particular issue, regarding Adnan Oktar, through a back-handed channel (something which doesn’t happen often on this end), doesn’t obviate what has been unearthed. Of ultimate consequence were the findings, developed with the assistance of several highly capable “helping hands”. A treasure trove.

Relevant documents and indictments against Adnan Oktar and crew are plentiful, but a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. Consider: the main impetus of their message is “reconciliation” through “peace”, “understanding” and “harmony”. Well and good. Who in their right mind isn’t interested in such good intentions? Those of us who know better, that’s who.

NO sooner than it takes Oktar’s “ladies” to bat their false eyelashes, they turn around and aim to strike, that is, if you dare to question their “messaging”. Talk about being two-faced, hot-tempered and schizophrenic. Read on.

Woff Bachner: In addition to building his own media empire, Oktar has spent a great deal of energy and influence to manipulate the media in Israel and other Western nations. What is Oktar up to and how much damage has he already done to Israel’s fragile international image?

Who is helping him among the Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews and why are they helping him?

Adina Kutnicki: Perhaps you can you hear my guttural sigh from across the world, for this issue is such an explosive part of the entire subject matter. Its core. A personal, terrible sore point. Alas, this is an authentic Jewish (and western) tragedy. Tragically, too many fellow Jews, both in the diaspora and Israel, are completely enamored by sweet murmurings, even by those who seek to subdue (eventually murder) them, and this is directly related to being chronically besieged.

As explained in my previous interview at Inquisitr:

” As to the mental aberration, why Jews (hailing chiefly from the left) side with sworn enemies, well, this is a question which Dr. Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist, as well as a PhD historian from Princeton, answered in his masterpiece; a monumental, epoch feat of scholarship “The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege.” To make a long story short (and to save myself from a throbbing headache…this subject irks to no end), a chronically besieged people – and the Jewish people qualify like none other – often end up internalizing the hatred and delude themselves about the malevolent intent of their enemies. The visceral, non-quenching hatred is too onerous to bear, therefore, fantasy becomes blurred with reality. Feeling totally out of control, they invent a fairy tale, not unlike chronically abused children. But this is just its tip, the rest must be gleaned through the book itself. It is an eye opener and jaw dropper.”

Once the above is understood for what it is, it becomes easier to focus on the remedies needed to cease becoming a victim of “taqiyya” treachery. Their dissimulation disarms and deflects from the dangers at hand, and Islamists are adept at said Islamic mandates. Absolutely, it is a Koranic-dictate.

But what does the above have to do with Adnan Oktar’s media penetration? Everything. Most disturbingly, MAJOR Jewish media – in the U.S. and Israel – have been hoodwinked, though some have seen the error of their ways. As to why they are now just “seeing the light”, well, it makes for interesting reading as well. First things first. However, while others are still in need of “lessons learned”, some are just plain slow learners, while a smattering are “bought and paid for”. They know who they are. They have no shame.

Specifically, within the U.S., aside for some prominent blog sites, the “go to” “kosher” media source is The Jewish Press. As a major Jewish paper for the Orthodox community for decades, it is also a font of information for Christian Zionists, as its pages are filled with reporting on Israel. Fine. Full disclosure: as a matter of record, I have several op-eds printed within their pages.

Though they are hardly the only guilty party (to gift their huge platform/megaphone, other Jewish papers – in print and online – are equally blind) it is particularly galling, as well as dangerous, that its Editors refuse to ensure that Adnan Oktar and his “kittens” become history. Even more so, especially in light of the amount of face time the J Press’s preferred Muslim “pet”, Sinem Tezyapar, has already accrued, their Editors are behaving akin to stubborn mules. Who is this creature? NOT who she claims to be. Wait and see.

For most of this topic’s very dangerous rundown, it is duly instructive to absorb the following two commentaries: “The Jewish Press (Others Too) Has Mega Explaining To Do: Are They Providing Cover – Unwittingly or Not – For Islamic Supremacists?”, as well as revelations about Israeli media dupes, painfully exposed within “Adnan Oktar’s Islamic Mouthpieces Receives Another Gift: Israel Hayom (and other Israeli dailies) Lends Its Platform.”

But don’t think, for a nanosecond, that I am alone, in calling to heel The Jewish Press. Even the inestimable Islamic scholar, Robert Spencer, joins in the fray. At his highly valued site, Jihad Watch, he said a mouthful through his indictment at “Jewish Press Publishes Muslim Writer’s Whitewash of Islamic Anti-semitism“.Unfathomable. Despicable. The Jewish Press.

Alas, here we go again, and this time Ynetnews is this blogger’s current “site of interest”…and for good reason!

Turkey’s unforgettable Jewish history

Ynetnews.com – Op-ed: Israel and Turkey have enjoyed mutual love and cooperation on an unprecedented level, writes Muslim author Adnan Oktar.

Adnan Oktar

When they set off that dark night at the close of the fifteenth century, none of them knew that their journey would make history. They only wanted to be able to practice their religion freely, name their children in the way they wanted, and pass their traditions on to their children. Yet, they were no longer wanted in the lands where they lived and worked for decades.

The journey scattered them around the world. Some went west to North Africa, some to Portugal, some to Holland, Great Britain and even Scandinavia. But not even this escape brought the hoped-for relief. Those who went to Portugal had to face bigger problems just five years later, while those who went to North Africa suffered heavy death tolls due to the unforgiving climate.

Great Escape
Jews flee Turkey over anti-Semitism / Tali Farkash
Negative atmosphere, fear for personal safety prompt many young Turkish Jews to emigrate, mainly to US and European countries – but also to Israel. ‘The Muslims don’t distinguish between Israel and local Jews. As far as they are concerned, if you’re Jewish you’re not a Turk,’ one of emigrants says.
Full story

When they first heard that there was a country willing to take them without denying them their identity or faith, it seemed brighter days could be just ahead. Yet the country was so far away: If they set out alone, they could meet the same end as those who chose North Africa. But they never had to face that dilemma, for the ships were already waiting in port. Those ships, belonging to the Ottoman fleet, set off back to Ottoman soil, carrying their passengers away from tyranny and oppression.

So while King Ferdinand II of Spain wanted them out of his country, without even allowing them to take their possessions or gold, Sultan Bayezid II embraced them with open arms. The Ottoman ruler issued a decree (ferman) to ensure that Jews would be well protected on Ottoman soil.

The Jewish migrants resettled in various parts of the Ottoman lands, most notably in Istanbul, Edirne and Thessaloniki, and in İzmir, Manisa, Bursa, Gallipoli, Amasya, Patros, Korfu, Larissa and Manastır. From that day on, Jews played a great role in Turkish history.

The Ottoman Empire embraced these sincere and hardworking people, giving them important and key positions, especially in the various administrations. The Sultans, in many cases, even trusted Jews with their lives. For instance, Moses Hamon was the personal physician of Bayezid II and Selim I; and his grandson, Moses Hamon Junior, performed the same duty for Suleiman I.

Jews, returning the favor, were always very loyal to the Ottoman sultans.

Don Joseph Nasi, Solomon Ben Natan Eskenazi, Salomon Aben Yaeche, Ester Kira, David Passi, Shlomo Alkabes, Joseph Ben Ephraim Karo and Jacob Berav. These are but a few of Jews who secured themselves a significant place in Ottoman history. The fact that Jews founded the first printing house in the Ottoman Empire is one example of the unforgettable place of Jews in Ottoman history.

Brotherly love

Jews lived peacefully throughout the lifespan of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, in particular in light of the ordeal faced by their coreligionists in the Christian-dominated Europe. And they never hesitated to stand up for and protect Turkish lands.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent rise of the Turkish Republic didn’t change the love and trust felt by Turks towards the Jews. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, ensured that famous Jewish scientists fleeing Nazi Germany could continue their work at Turkish universities.

Many Turkish diplomats such as Behiç Erkin, the Paris ambassador during the WWII, Cevdet Dülger, the consul general to Paris, Namık Kemal Yolga the vice consul to Paris, Necdet Kent, the consul to Marseilles, all have a special place in Jewish history – saving Turkish Jews from Nazi oppression. And they didn’t only save Turkish Jews, but others as well, by stretching the limits of the regulations under which they were operating. Indeed, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalemawarded one of these diplomats, Selahattin Ulkumen, the title of Righteous Gentile in a magnificent ceremony held on June 26, 1990.

Today, there are fewer Jews living in Turkey than before. Yet, there is no change in the love or friendship the Turkish people feel towards these valuable people. Today, relations between Turkey and Israel improve with each passing day, and both sides are making efforts to eliminate the remaining sticking points.

It is important to understand that the history of these two countries is full of examples of mutual love and cooperation on an unprecedented level. On top of that, Turkey and Israel are the two strongest countries in the region, and natural allies.

The Turkish government could never harbor any hostility towards the Israeli people and the Jews. Their friendship is of a selfless and brotherly nature, just as it was back in 1492. Occasional disagreements over certain issues can never permanently hurt this kind of love.

And, just in case Ynetnews believes it is preferable to ignore the evidence within, they would do well to rethink their calculus. Post haste. Pray tell, what’s the hurry? Well, they may want to query the Jewish Press (and other heretofore referenced miscreants), as to how toxic certain writers/editors become when they fail to conduct their due diligence. This is the case, even when publishers swing leftward and reflexively lean towards an Arabist tilt. If for nothing else, their (fiscal) bottom line is in play. Up for grabs.

In this regard, a repeated target featured at this site (linked above) is no longer at his editorial perch at the Jewish Press’s online site. Coincidence…oh yeah…yippee too.

Yet, surprise, surprise, here’s the tall tale offered: said editor of interest, Yori Yanover, was cut loose due to an insult perceived by their Haredi readership, when he criticized them for demonstrating en mass over Israel’s (long overdue) decision to draft their community into the IDF. (Full Disclosure: this is a political decision which is righteous, and its ramifications are cited in another interview) Yet, it is a balderdash excuse, in relation to the firing. The aforementioned editor has committed far worse, which has offended the Jewish community. 

Now, Ynetnews (and others, similarly inclined), put on your thinking caps and consider the facts at hand, and do trust this American-Israeli re said backlash: major pressure was brought to bear upon the Jewish Press, as a piggyback to this blogger’s outing of Yori Yanover’s cozy, tendentious relationship (ala his tap dance) with the same Adnan Oktar and his “Oktarettes”.

Along this trajectory, over the past several months, this and that “advertising” sources were alerted (from several directions) to said “non-kosher”, anti-Jewish/Israel hook ups. Rocky times naturally ensued. In fact, the nonsense spun, the so-called narrative, as to why Yori Yanover was fired requires a flight from fancy, especially since the Haredi community are NOT the Jewish Press’s majority readership. Far from it. As a matter of record, their majority readership are mainstream Torah observant Jews. Christian Zionists are dedicated readers too. Both are a far cry from the ultra Orthodox Haredi community! Moreover, Haredi readership relies on another main newspaper, Hamodia. It is an online news daily with a print counterpart; it is slick, well done and news-centered. It includes a glossy magazine insert, one which caters to the female persuasion. This is an extra selling point. 

DESPITE the above truths, the publisher at the Jewish Press would never admit – nor issue requisite mea culpas to their devoted readership – that they allowed Yori Yanover to pursue his very strange “relationship” with a Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operative (and his counterparts, “the show girls”) for several years, as well as his affinity for coddling Missionaries and pedophiles. However, let’s leave the latter tales for another time. Regardless, it was time to throw him overboard, but the actual shove originated due to the above related kerfuffle and outrage, via his bizarre, fawning attachment to Adnan Oktar & his cult members. Nevertheless, the following bogus excuse was cooked up for public consumption: 

March 10, 2014

Jewish Press Fires Web Editor Over Haredi “Slur”

Yori YanoverThe Jewish Press fired its web editor Yori Yanover, a defender of child sex abusers and a known cyber bully, for an anti-haredi headline that is arguably true – not for his litany of previous bad behavior. The headline: “50 Thousand Haredim March So Only Other Jews Die in War.”

Oh, really now, has the Jewish Press decided to sell ice to Eskimos too?

MEMO TO Ynetnews: while your financial house is reportedly a fiscal basket case – yes, this is the scuttlebutt – do you want to sink down further into the morass, but due to a corrosive, collusive association with the Brotherhood’s Adnan Oktar? Have you no shame, no moral compass? 

 PONDER the (foreseeable) outcome.


UPDATE: then read below for today’s commentary…

Satirical Turkish site on trial for insulting religion

Feb 7, 2014 


This is yet another sign of the erosion of Turkish secularism and its galloping re-Islamization, but what is noteworthy here is that the complaint was brought by Adnan Oktar (pictured above). Under the name Harun Yahya, Oktar has published a huge amount of Islamic apologetics material, including some “moderate” Muslim explanations of why jihad violence and suicide attacks aren’t justified in Islamic teaching, and so non-Muslims need not be concerned about them. But he seems to have no problem with the Sharia denial of the freedom of speech and enforcement of the prohibition on any criticism of Islam.

“Satirical Turkish site on trial for insulting religion,” from Al-Monitor, February 5 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

One of Turkey’s most popular websites, the satirical Sour Dictionary (Eksi Sozluk), is on trial for insulting religion. Forty contributing writers have been charged following a complaint by popular Islamic figure Adnan Oktar. The trial kıcked off Jan. 14 with 27 of the defendants in attendance.

Oktar, in his complaint to the prosecutor, claimed that some entries in the dictionary included comments that amounted to insults of religion and prophets. The entries he cited and for which the prosecutor eventually pressed charges include jokes that the Prophet Muhammad and Allah had “sent money” to Turkey’s Housing Development Administration and that Jesus Christ and religious people were of low intelligence. Other examples include an entry on suggestions for a 100th name for Allah in addition to the 99 names Muslims have for their god and another titled “Allah’s official sponsors.”

The prosecutor is seeking jail terms of six to 12 months for the Eksi Sozluk writers. The defendants disputed the charges against them at their first hearing, arguing that they had no intention of insulting religion and that their comments fell within the scope of freedom of expression. A second hearing was scheduled for Feb. 17.

A string of similar legal cases in recent years indicate that accusations of insulting religion, especially Islam, is being used with increasing ease and frequency to press criminal charges. Emma Sinclair-Webb, a Turkey researcher for Human Rights Watch, says that the trials point to a new trend. What was once an epidemic of cases of “insulting Turkishness” are now being replaced by those of “insulting religion.”

Al-Monitor readers will recall that world-famous Turkish pianist Fazil Say was sentenced to 10 months in jail for insulting Islam and its prophet on Twitter. His sentence was eventually suspended but remains, dangling over Say’s head.

Another prominent figure convicted of the same charges is the Turkish-Armenian intellectual Sevan Nisanyan, for making the following remarks in a television program: “I don’t believe that Muhammad was a prophet. I don’t believe in the existence of a prophethood institution. I find it absurd that anyone could claim receiving special revelations from god. To me, that’s impertinence. Muhammad must have either lied or had hallucinations.”

Nisanyan was given 13 months in jail. Although he is yet to begin serving his sentence, Nisanyan was sent to prison in January to serve a two-year term over a small structure he built in violation of construction laws on his own land in the village of Sirince, in Izmir province. As explained in Al-Monitor, many in Turkey are convinced that construction regulations were used as a pretext to punish Nisanyan for his outspoken views on the Armenian genocide and critical opinion of religion.

Other cases demonstrate that even people who refer to religious figures in a critical context can end up in court on charges of insulting religion. Take, for instance, Canan Arin, a lawyer from Antalya who was charged after she said that the Prophet Muhammad had married an underage girl. Her trial was suspended conditionally, but she will find herself back in court if similar charges are brought against her over a period of three years.

Cartoonist Bahadir Baruter was also charged and faced a year in jail over a cartoon he drew of a mosque wall with the inscription “There is no Allah, religion is a lie.”

The zealous pursuit of “insults to religion” extends beyond the courts, with media outlets facing administrative sanctions. The Turkish CNBC-e channel, for instance, was fined by the Higher Board of Radio and Television over an episode of “The Simpsons” deemed offensive to religion.

Even though no one ended up behind bars in the above cases, the mere fact that people stand trial and risk jail sentences no doubt seriously intimidates the defendants as well as anyone with critical views on religion. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has come under fire for promoting “religious chauvinism.” It appears that prosecutors who endorse the AKP’s views or vie to win the government’s favor are working hard to come up with such cases.

The prosecutors use the seemingly general wording of “insulting religion,” but all the cases pursued thus far have concerned comments deemed to be offensive to Muslims. Insults and hate speech against Jews or Christians clearly do not merit similar vigilance.

In this charged context, the case against Eksi Sozluk is likely to produce a serious bullying effect on social media. It is an alarming trial that calls for close monitoring.

Linked at Islam Exposed –  http://islamexposed.org/  

EVERY investigation worth its merit must be premised upon solid building blocks, but they must fit into the puzzle – on their own – without being squeezed into place. Not only would a hinky investigation be non kosher, but it would be decidedly uncool. This address is anything but.

That being said and out of the way – before we get to the latest “connect the (Islamist) dots” – it is imperative to understand certain geo-political dynamics, even as traditional Sunni/Shia divides are seemingly (and momentarily) trashed aside.

As a historical backgrounder, Turkey and Iran are Occasional Allies, Enduring Rivals: Turkey’s Relations With Iran:

Building Block One:

“In reality, the motivation behind Turkey’s willingness to confront its Western allies over Iran’s nuclear program was never as simple as a desire to exchange membership of one alliance with membership of another. It was rather the product of a number of different factors, the most important of which was the desire to establish Turkey as the preeminent arbiter of power in its region: not a country which attached itself to others but a center to which others would gravitate…..

Economic relations between Turkey and Iran have developed rapidly over the last ten years. The two countries have signed numerous agreements and memoranda of understanding committing themselves to a closer economic relationship and bilateral trade has grown more than ten-fold. However, the main element underpinning the boom – the pipeline carrying Iranian natural gas to Turkey – dates to well before the AKP first came to power in November 2002; and the expansion in trade with Iran has taken place within the context of an attempt by the AKP to increase Turkey’s economic ties with all of its Muslim neighbors….

Indeed, one of the most striking features of the economic relationship between Turkey and Iran is that the gap between rhetoric and reality appears considerably greater than in Turkey’s economic relations with any other country. There is no questioning the appetite of Turkish and Iranian private companies for closer ties, particularly in the provinces on either side of their shared border. But, in practice, the two governments have displayed considerably more fervor for political posturing than for implementing the policies needed to strengthen economic cooperation…..

In speeches and public statements, in an indirect reference to Islam, politicians from both countries have repeatedly cited their “shared values” as forming the foundation for closer economic ties; often with the implication that religion makes Turkey and Iran natural partners for each other in a way that non-Muslim countries could never be. Over the last ten years, Turkish and Iranian officials have enthusiastically announced plans for a string of grandiose joint projects.
None has been realized….

There is no doubt that Iran has benefited much more than Turkey from the growth in economic ties. Iranian sales of hydrocarbons have ensured that the balance of trade is heavily in Tehran’s favor. By 2011, Iran had become Turkey’s largest supplier of crude oil and its second largest supplier of Occasional Allies, Enduring Rivals: Turkey’s Relations with Iran 51 natural gas. Yet, in early 2012, Turkish companies exporting to Iran continued to be faced with steep Customs duties, a huge fuel levy on transportation by Turkish trucks and an opaque and frequently xenophobic bureaucracy and legal system. While Iranians who have established companies in Turkey enjoy considerably more rights and a much more stable operating environment than their Turkish counterparts who have done likewise in Iran….”

MOST intrinsically, when it comes to Israel and regional dynamics, Erdogan’s Turkey and Iran’s Hitlerite regime are “kissing cousins”, sort of like a blended family that is often feuding but makes up when it suits everyone’s interests. As such, Turkey, whose Muslims are Sunnis form about 72%; Alevis of the Shia form about 25% of the Muslim population; and a Twelver Shia community form about 3% of the Muslim population, all should be considered Islamic twins separated at birth. Concomitantly, both want Israel gone (America buried too), whatever it takes. Methodology is “negotiable”.

So, with the above firmly placed in geo-political and Islamic context – in tandem with many facts on the ground – let’s hop over to today’s thesis and view it for what it is: IRAN’S ISLAMIC INTERSECTION ALIGNS WITH ADNAN OKTAR’S TURKISH/BROTHERHOOD CULT: VONGO HOSTS CEYLAN ÖZBUDAK & (IRANIAN-AMERICAN/IRANIAN-SYRIAN)DR. MAJID RAFIZADEH.

For a brief overview – as well as a primer – for the newly initiated, Ceylan Özbudak is not a newcomer to this site. Nor is she a newbie to other related venues. Pay special heed to the following via its truth telling:

Building Block Two:

“Ceylan Ozbudak works with the controversial Islamic leader Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya. One of Oktar’s announcements has been his desire to build a temple for all religions on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Ozbudak suggested that Turkey can mediate between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and other surrounding countries for peace. She added that Turkey could protect the Jewish people’s right to live in Israel as well as manage the region. But will this grandiose plan work and does Israel want to give up much of its sovereignty to be protected by the former Ottoman Empire?

Ozbudak hosts a television show called, ‘Building Bridges’, with a variety of other young Turkish women. They have stated on the program that in order to ensure peace, “we believe that this can only be done through a Turkish Islamic Union, where all the countries will be independent in their states, but they will be under one roof and Turkey will be the spiritual leader of this Turkish Islamic Union”

The show airs on A9TV, which states on its website that it “has been set up to build up love, justice and solidarity among people and our main aim is being pioneer for peace all over the world by using the unifying policy of Turkish Islamic Union. In every show youwatch you will feel this policy clearly.”

It is now time to segue over to a recent explosive interview, whereby the aforementioned “hottie” and her “Oktarette’s”(a pet moniker for those who pimp for Adnan Oktar’s “Building Bridges”) are all duly exposed:

Building Block Three:

But let’s start with Aylin Kocaman, one of the buxom “Oktarettes”, and her CLEAR threat to Lisa Michelle; a Zionist activist, who happens to be an administrator at several well-trafficked Facebook sites. The aforementioned Aylin does more than just purr. The threatening message-rant was lobbed in a supposedly pro-Israel Facebook group. Sickening.

Word for word, Lisa Michelle was sent the following threat (now offline) from Aylin Kocaman, in a post dated 5/25/2013. But no matter, we screen captured it.

Aylin Kocaman voices her threats:

“Lisa, you are so naive my dear. You probably thought that our silence towards your insults will not be responded at all. You are wrong. We made a pretty good research about you and something about your personal life amazed us. I am sure it will amaze many people around you. Don’t worry I will share it in public soon just like you did the biggest lies about us. The difference is I will be announcing the facts about you while you are spreading lies about us. I want you to taste this. You might have underestimated us. Apparently if you did your research sufficient enough you would find out that we have great possibility and power to reach every information in the world. I think, you thought insulting Muslims would be easy. Maybe for you it is easy to insult Muslims in Afghanistan, since you think they are powerless, but we are powerful my dear. You made a grave mistake.”

Lisa Michelle responds:

“Are you threatening me, Aylin? I have nothing to hide, and I am not insulting Muslims. I’m raising awareness about the truth. Larry [an adminstrator at the Facebook site], do you see that I was just threatened?”

Building Block Four:

To drive the Islamist nail even further, please internalize Adnan Oktar’s (the “Oktarette’s” cult leader) true Brotherhood allegiance, in as much as it has already been established – from a multiplicity of directions – that PM Erdogan is a Muslim Brotherhood leader. Interesting.

And for a little more Turkish suberterfuge, Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) exhorted this recent pronouncement:

Adnan Oktar’dan yolsuzluk yorumu

Adnan Oktar, canlı yayında Erdoğan’a destek vererek, ‘şamata’ yapıldığını söyleyip sitem etti. Bırakın çalışsın Tayyip Hocam diyen Adnan Oktar, devamında “Ya çaldıklarını farzeledim, geri verirler. Bir o kadar da üstüne biz para verelim. Ne uzatıyorsunuz?” dedi.

Loosely translated: “reviewed by Adnan Oktar, giving support to Erdogan, ‘uproar’ has made ​​my calling…. Tayyip Adnan Oktar, the continuation of “What I farzele they stole, they give back…so we lend the money. Would you hold out?”

More pointedly, he continues, “If they (Erdogan’s AK Party) stole money, I will personally make this amount of payment to the Turkish State.” Hmm.

To wit, and extrapolating further, Oktar’s response to the increasingly incendiary charges heaped at PM Erdogan – and in non-bastardized linguistic mumbo jumbo – must elicit a major question for all rational thinkers: why in the world would Adnan Oktar offer up tens of millions in funds, reportedly, close to a billion (which his cult is in possession of, but that’s best left for another discussion), to “bail” out PM Erdogan and his cronies? Indeed.

Building Block Five:

On January 25th at 12PM EST Ceylan Özbudak will be hosting a discussion regarding Turkey’s Role in the present day Middle East. She will be joined by guest speaker Majid Rafizadeh to talk about what role Turkey should have with neighboring countries Syria and Iran. Please join us for what should be a very informative event!

Building Block Six:

This “auspicious” event is sponsored by VONVO: https://www.facebook.com/events/1456183967943790/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_invited

As luck would have it (for some, but not for others), the referenced “hostess” is also busy promoting Turkish delights, yet her FB shout out is highly revealing…forget about the regular tourist venues…she/her posse are highly familiar with “off the beaten”, male-titillating, tracks. How lovely. Oh, kudos to VONVO, for booking such a wonderful representative and “guest” for a discussion re the fiery Mid East!

Ceylan, the “hostess with the mostest”, wishes one and all: المتعة فى تركيا – have fun in Turkey  – https://www.facebook.com/AlmttFyTrkya

Building Block Seven:

Alas, the featured guest at VONVO is an integral part of the “Oktarettes”, and it is little wonder (on this end) that some of her “colleagues” have been found, by our investigative team, as headliners on Turkish porn sites and the like! But no matter,“Building Bridges”, the media platform they front for, is seen as an “integral” platform for Mid East discourse and a “go to” address. Pray tell, for what? Credo quia absurdum! 

Now, since you must have had your fill of the Turkish connection, let’s meander over to the Iranian front. Agreed, this side is presented much more circumspectly and in a very dignified package. Hats off.

Folks, at the upcoming VONVO confab, there will indeed be a distinguished guest. This site will provide some linkage, but only as foretastes. It will be up to each and every one – this site’s discerning readership – to draw their own conclusions.

The Iranian side of the equation – make no mistake, this guest bespeaks a kinship to Iran –  is adroit with American finesse and exposure, and at the highest levels of policy making in Washington. 

Building Block Eight:

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is an Iranian-American scholar, author and U.S. foreign policy specialist. Rafizadeh is the president of the International American Council. He serves on the board of Harvard International Review at Harvard University and Harvard International Relations Council. He is a member of the Gulf 2000 Project at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs. Previously he served as ambassador to the National Iranian-American Council based in Washington DC.

Listen up: key herein is the Ambassadorial connection (see bio clip directly above) to the National Iranian American Council and who they front for. You guessed it…the mullahs. Already exposed, a heads up to Reza Aslan: National Iranian American Council confirmed as front group for Iran’s bloody Islamic regime.

It gets even dicier, as said Iranian scholar has been a frequent, and fawned over, guest of the “girls”. And if the above “on and off” love-fest between Turkey and Iran (as described at the onset) is understood for what it is, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh has every reason to feel comfy, and this doesn’t even account for their bodacious loveliness.

Exhibit Number One:


Building Bridges program with WTPN, with their guests Majid Rafizadeh, Iranian-Syrian Scholar (11th June, 2012) – VIDEO


Exhibit Number Two:


Building Bridges WTPN – Majid Rafizadeh (11th June, 2012) -VIDEO


Exhibit Number Three:


A9 TV: A Talk with Majid Rafizadeh

 – VIDEO… and so many others! This linkage can go on all day…but who has the time.

In the main, and assuredly so, VONVO  (https://www.facebook.com/max.lingelheim), as an independent media platform, is free to host whatever guests they want and to connect them worldwide. No one is disputing this. However, what cannot be disputed are the underpinnings of this event: it is absolutely and incontrovertibly Muslim Brotherhood connected, as well as to the “liking” of the Iranian mullahs. More than food for (western) thought.

In this regard, whichever media platforms host the Building Bridges Islamic crew, they must “man/woman up” and admit to the fact that they are indeed giving them a platform.

As such, many hundreds of thousands of readers at this site (and elsewhere) are no longer fooled by those whose main defenses are akin to feigned punts: blah, blah…all sides “deserve” equal time. Perhaps, but all “sides” must be identified correctly, demonstrating where their allegiances/agendas lie. After all, lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the pig’s ugly face.

Mind you, this site doesn’t hide behind its ZIONIST and CONSERVATIVE agenda, it’s out there for all to see – like it or not. Therefore, why should others be allowed to shuck and jive! Agreed?

Moreover, rational folks understand that certain media platforms are designed to air diverging positions. Fine. We get that. NEVERTHELESS, again, all sides must be properly identified (to the audience at hand) and vetted. It is a matter of due diligence and integrity. The viewership has a right to know to whom they are listening, in particular, regarding such devastatingly important matters! 

Besides, more than enough proofs – re the related program at VONVO – to choke many horses….pigs too.

DUE to all of the above – those in the know – we will be watching very closely for the related event which will debut on January 25th at 12PM EST (eastern standard time…for those of us in the Mid East, 7PM Israel time), in order to determine how truthfully the background of the guests are presented. After which, let it rip…

This site – and its investigative team – urges its readership to tune in and judge for themselves. We shall see if the media platform addresses (and properly identifies) who’s who. We shall also judge if VONVO finds it worthwhile to attach itself to the shuck and jive (conference) show – or not.

ADDENDUM:updates to above related issues…interesting tidbits-  

Subsequent to another recent commentary (within a few days of its posting), regarding the Turkish cult (intersecting with other matters), a new “follower” to my twitter emerged – DR. MAJID RAFIZADEH. What are the odds, and with millions of twitter folks in cyberspace? Mind you, this blogger is not very active on twitter, but no matter.

Adina Kutnicki, You have a new follower on Twitter. 

Majid Rafizadeh @majidrafizadeh President of International American Council. Fr Ambassador.Senior fellow:Harvard.Political scientist:CNN,Nytimes..Columnist Alarabiya Rafizadeh@fas.harvard.edu USA, Washington DC. Website: · http://www.tinyurl.com/majidrafizadeh

Next up in the “coinquidink” realm, less than 12 hrs after the above VONVO commentary emerges online, lo and behold, again, out of millions on FB, guess who “friends” this blogger? You would be right, if you said – Max Ringelheim!

Max Ringelheim wants to be friends with you on Facebook. SUNY Buffalo 179 groups Confirm Request See All Requests

Looks like two of the aforementioned players want to keep in “close contact” – or not.

It gets even stranger – or not. Tundra Tabloids , a rocking anti-jihadi website – with this site unaware of their re-posting – linked the smokin’ hot VONVO expose’.

Well, talk about SWIFT blow back!

Upon posting the following comment at their site, as a prelude to this blog’s VONVO,

Posted on 18/01/2014 by KGS

Keeping your eye on the brass ring, blinds you to whatever is happening around you.

Max Ringleheim from VONVO (of whom I’ve always had doubts) has now seriously compromised himself in his entanglement with Adnan Oktar and his creepy cult of big boobed blond bombshells. Adina Kutnicki has the full scoop on this event and the connections between the various parties.

and within “two shakes of a lambs tail”, a ferocious DDOS hack attack ensued – guess where it originated from?


Posted on 19/01/2014 by KGS
Laughing man
Thanks to all my pals out there who highlighted the problem, very much appreciated!
Tundra DDOS'ed but no surrender
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