This blog asserted, time and time again, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been working “hand-in-glove” with Iranian aspirations. Assuredly, these actions do NOT obviate his kinship, fealty and dealings with the other side of the bloody Islamic equation – the Sunni-led Brotherhood Mafia. Significantly, just as long as America is knocked down from its super power status and Islamists are elevated, it becomes a win-win for Obama Inc. NO kidding around!


Knock Down One: From the onset of the day of infamy – via the (s)election of the most anti-American POTUS in U.S. history – America’s stature and its worldwide interests have leaped from one disaster to another:The Islamist-in-Chief Lit A Fuse & His Embrace Of The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Set Egypt (Mid East) Alight!


Knock Down Two: What better way to destroy Israel and simultaneously leave its western vanguard in existential peril – thus, dealing a mortal blow to the west – than to empower Iran’s mullahs? At the same time that he sends Kerry, his hatchet man, to threaten Israel with boycotts (even though it is against U.S. law  – to incite others – to boycott an ally…yes, this is what Obama Inc.’s rhetoric entails!), his regime seeks to empower the rise of a PA/Fatah/Hamas Sunni terror state! BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S IRANIAN TREACHERY: ISRAEL, GO TO HELL!
YES, knocking down Israel is a mortal blow to western interests in the Mid East and beyond. Make no mistake about this connection.
Knock Down Three: And when the U.S. Sec of State, America’s negotiating overseer, himself has dual loyalties, what more can go wrong? Everything. SEC KERRY’S DUAL LOYALTY: HIS CLOSE IRANIAN FAMILIAL CONNECTION & CONFLICT OF INTEREST. ILLEGAL. Mandatory due diligence is ignored! Where is the outrage?
Knock Down Four: But it is not enough to “just” tell a most trusted ally to go to hell, you have to back it up with deceit and the ultimate betrayal:OBAMA’S SELL OUT TO IRAN & ITS KEY INTERSECTION WITH THE RED/GREEN ALLIANCE: BOXING IN ISRAEL CORE!
Knock Down Five: And who better to assign, other than communist-driven, Iranian-born, mullah-connected, anti-American Valerie Jarrett, to take care of the American/western hit job? VALERIE JARRETT is Iran’s “deal maker”; her main mission, as Obama’s consigliere, is America’s downfall. Israel’s too.
Knock Down Six: Alas, to fulfill the Islamist-in-Chief’s aspirations, and that of his consigliere, they jaw-jawed Iran to the WMD finish line via Syria: A Side ‘Deal’ With Syria: Allah’s/Devil’s Bargain With America’s Foes!
Knock Down Seven: As posited in Nov. 2013, and as supportive evidence for Caroline Glick’s assessment (demonstrated within Iran’s Bomb In The Basement, cited below),  Iran, for all intents & purposes, a nuclear power: Obama’s LONGSTANDING quest to arm Iran.The jig is up!
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DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 5, 2014
James Clapper, US Intelligence Director

James Clapper, US Intelligence Director

The second round of the Geneva II conference on the Syrian conflict opens Monday, Feb. 10 – this time with a seat at the table for the Iranian delegation provided by Washington, DEBKAfile reports exclusively. Washington relayed this abrupt turnabout from its ban last week on Iranian representatives to the Tehran delegates quietly attending the secret alternative conference taking place unannounced in Bern.
This event has proceeded in parallel to the public gathering in Montreux with the participation of Assad regime and opposition delegates, as well as senior US, Iranian and Russian officials. It was there that the real business was contracted behind closed doors – not in Montreux, where rigid official positions were presented for public consumption as a decoy from the Bern meeting, for which the Swiss government rather than the UN had provided the necessary technical and logistic facilities.

The Bern channel was first revealed in the last DEBKA Weekly issue, No. 621 of Jan. 31.
Permission to admit Iran to the Bern parley marked another major Obama administration concession to Tehran. For the first time, Iran delegates took their seats around an international conference table alongside the major powers with a say on political and strategic decisions for a critical Mid East conflict.

This basic shift was evinced, according to our sources, Tuesday, Feb. 4 in Washington and in Moscow.

Appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, Director of Intelligence James Clapper admitted that the agreement to dismantle the Syrian chemical weapons, reached last year in Geneva by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, had “actually strengthened Bashar Assad’s position… by virtue of his agreement to remove the chemical weapons.”
In the space of a week, Washington has gone back on the forceful statement Kerry made at the opening of the Geneva conference on Jan. 16, when he said “as we get into this process, it will become clear there is no political solution whatsoever if Assad is not discussing a transition and if he thinks he is going to be part of that future. It is not going to happen”
The Obama administration is now forced to act on the presumption of a stronger Bashar Assad – as registered by Clapper, meaning that in order to be realistic, there is no option but to accept the Syrian ruler’s strong standing in Damascus and Tehran and the unavoidable conclusion that Iran is vitally instrumental to any resolution of the Syrian conflict.

Few people even in Israel noticed the telling comment made last week by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s special emissary to Tehran, Jibril Rajoub. He said after talking to Iranian officials that Tehran must be part of the negotiating process ongoing between the Palestinians and Israel, clearly speaking under the influence of Iran’s enhanced position in the conference on Syria’s future.

In Moscow Tuesday, Lavrov, standing with Ahmad Jarba, leader of the oppsoition Syrian National Coalition, said “there was no doubt that Syrian opposition would attend” the second round of Geneva 2 next week.

This was after he had told Jarba privately, DEBKAfile’s sources report, that Iran must participate henceforth in the talks for there to be any chance of progress toward a resolution of the Syrian conflict.
None of this, or the admitted “roll-down” in the deal for eliminating Assad’s chemical arsenal, deterred Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, the head of the US team at the nuclear negotiations with Iran,  from explaining to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the interim nuclear agreement signed with Iran is “full of holes” because it is not a final agreement. “This is not perfect but this does freeze and roll back their program in significant ways and give us time on the clock to in fact negotiate that comprehensive agreement,” Sherman said.

The problem with this is that no one in Moscow, Tehran or Damascus has any doubt that the nuclear deals with the big powers will not turn out much differently from the agreement for destroying Syria’s chemical weapons.

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, Iran’s elevation to world power status – its newly arrived seat at “the table” – could not have happened without two main ingredients: the imprimatur of the leader of the (heretofore) free world, and its impending (or already) nuclear power status:Iran’s bomb in the basement.

INDEED, Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand!!

SEC KERRY’S DUAL LOYALTY: HIS CLOSE IRANIAN FAMILIAL CONNECTION. Conflict of Interest & ILLEGAL, As MANDATORY Due Diligence Thrown Overboard! Where Is The Outrage? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Apparently,“dual loyalty” is only dragged to the fore – within U.S. power centers and beyond – when American Jews voice concern and support for Israel. Not only that, but the case against Jonathan Pollard (as one egregious example, yet there are enumerable others) bespeaks of more than a double standard, and many of America’s top leaders have admitted as much. How so? Well, consider the following analysis from the esteemed Caroline Glick:

According to a new history of the CIA’s involvement in the Middle East, America’s Great Game, reviewed this week in The Wall Street Journal, in 1951 Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA’s operations chief in the Middle East set up a fake anti-Israel lobby in Washington called American Friends of the Middle East. Its job was to weaken popular support for the Jewish state. The CIA’s anti-Israel front group operated for 16 years, until the fact that it was a CIA front group was exposed in 1967 by the far-left Ramparts magazine.

And this brings us to Jonathan Pollard, the American Jewish naval intelligence analyst who is now serving the 29th year of his life sentence for transferring classified materials to Israel.

Snowden’s revelations and the story of the CIA’s anti-Israel front group in Washington make clear that US indignation over Israel’s fielding of an agent in Washington was equal parts self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

There was nothing extraordinary in Israel’s efforts to gain information that its American ally didn’t wish to share with it. Allies spy on each other. And they use sympathetic locals to achieve their ends. South Korean Americans have been caught spying for South Korea. Taiwanese Americans have been caught spying for Taiwan, and so on.

US prosecutors prosecuted, and US judges convicted these agents of friendly countries for their criminal activities. The average prison term meted out to such agents of friendly governments runs from four to seven years. Their average time served in prison is two to four years.

Pollard was different not because of what he did, nor even, necessarily because he transferred classified information to Israel rather than to Britain.

Pollard was unique because he was an American Jew transferring classified information to Israel. And the discriminatory treatment he has received from the US government owes entirely to the same institutional anti-Jewish bias that caused the CIA to form the first anti-Israel lobby in Washington, just three years after Israel gained independence.

As former CIA director R. James Woolsey explained to National Public Radio in March, “I really take the view now that if someone says [Pollard] should not be released after 28 years, just pretend that he’s a Filipino American or a Greek American and pardon him. I see no reason why people should treat a Jewish American who spied for Israel on those grounds more harshly than they treat a Filipino American who spied for the Philippines or a South Korean American who spied for South Korea.”

Pollard’s prolonged imprisonment, and the fact that the criminal justice system has been used against him in such a profoundly discriminatory manner have brought about a situation where his only chance of early release is through a Presidential grant of clemency.

On Tuesday, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson – a close supporter of President Barack Obama – became the latest in a long line of senior US officials from both parties who have called for Obama to commute Pollard’s sentence.

In his letter to the president, Richardson wrote, “In my view, there is no longer a need for a discussion today. Virtually everyone who was in a high position of government – and dealt with the ramifications of what Pollard did at the time – now support his release.”

Never mind that Israel is the ONLY staunch, reliable ally in the fiery cauldron of the Mid East and always in the cross hairs of those seeking to annihilate half of world Jewry – promising to wipe Israel off the map! 


Such obvious truth is completely two sheets to the wind, with nigh as much attention paid to it as an unwanted child, even as a Sec of State is as compromised as a two bit whore. Perhaps even more so, as prostitutes depend on their pimps for their livelihoods, hardly in positions to two-time them.

Back in March 2013, but buried beneath the radar, came forth a situation so explosive, that it’s underexposing smacks of more than a grave dereliction of duty. The media, as well as many power brokers inside the Beltway, surely knew. A pox on their heads. And now that Obama Inc.’s fingerprints are all over an “accommodation” with Iran’s genocidal regime, well, the truth (and its outing) couldn’t be more acute.

Similarly, Huma Abedin’s terror background has always been stamped with Hill’s “kosher” seal of approval and powerful poohbahs – with the media in tow – acceded to an omerta. Why is this germane? Well, a current Sec of State is compromised on the Shia side, just as Hill, the former Sec, was (still is) duly disloyal on the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood side, in conjunction with her mobbed up (former) Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin.

America (west) and Israel; between a Shia/Sunni rock and a hard place!

Secretary of State John Kerry demonstrates why Huma Abedin’s background mattered

When folks like Andrew McCarthy articulated why our findings about then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s close adviser Huma Abedin were important, his camp was smeared as being discriminatory. His argument had nothing to do with discrimination or Islamophobia. It had everything to do with Abedin’s familial ties compromising her judgment and allegiances to the U.S. Constitution.Here we have an example that demonstrates this reality further and it comes via Kenneth Timmerman, who has picked up on the fact that the new Secretary of State – John Kerry – has a son-in-law with family still living in Iran. This reality could conceivably affect how Kerry deals with the Iranians.Via the Daily Caller:

In a greeting to the Iranian people on the occasion of the traditional New Year (Nowruz) holiday last week, Secretary of State John Kerry exposed a secret that journalists and academics have been agonizing over for the past six weeks: the fact that his daughter has married an Iranian-American who has extensive family ties to Iran. “I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family, and grateful for how they have enriched my life,” Kerry said in the official statement. Kerry also said he was “strongly committed to resolving” the differences between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, “to the mutual benefit of both of our people.” Politicians like to keep their families off-limits to the press, a decorum enforced vigorously when it comes to politicians who are in favor with the national media but ruthlessly discarded for others. But in Kerry’s case, there could be larger ramifications. Since its inception, the FBI has vetted U.S. government officials involved in national security issues, and it generally won’t grant clearances to individuals who are married to nationals of an enemy nation or have family members living in that country, for fear of divided loyalties or, more simply, blackmail.

There it is. Certainly, even leftists can comprehend this concept without inserting race into their thought processes (oh, wait). Imagine a scenario in which a representative of Iran’s mullahs approaches the State Department with a list of demands that, if not met, could have serious consequences for Kerry’s in-laws living in Iran. In the current political construct, such demands could conceivably involve the U.S. withholding money, weapons, or aid earmarked for a country like Egypt as tensions in the Middle East escalate. While that may not sound like a bad idea to those of us who understand the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, shouldn’t our Secretary of State’s sole interest be in lockstep with the interests of the United States? Last year, Abedin’s familial ties to the Brotherhood prompted calls to see her Form 86, which she would have had to fill out in order to gain a security clearance. If she did not, we have a problem. Similarly, if Kerry did not, we also have a problem. Who would have thought that two consecutive Secretaries of State would have to deal with such controversy? Then again, enough people have to care in order for it to actually be a controversy. What time is ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on?

Critically intrinsic to the discussion at hand is the way in which Islamic-leaning, anti-Americans shift horses, at least in relation to the Sunni/Shia centuries long war for Islamic hegemony. As a matter of record, although the Islamist-in-Chief’s familial foot is categorically implanted in the Sunni side, special circumstances warranted a (temporary) shift in allegiance, as indicated herein: OBAMA’S SELL OUT TO IRAN: ITS KEY INTERSECTION WITH THE RED/GREEN ALLIANCE. BOXING IN ISRAEL CORE. But have no worries, the Brotherhood Mafia, his Sunni beneficiaries, are reaping many rewards within America’s power centers! Americans, not so much.

Thus, doesn’t the “news” from DEBKAfile Intelligence, as to the Islamist-in-Chief’s desertion of his Sunni brothers (again, temporarily, and only in relation to the Mid East’s reshuffling), as well as Israel, make infinite sense?

After a lecture captioned “Islamic Revolution against Global Arrogance,” which he delivered at the Imam Sadegh University in Tehran Wednesday, Dec. 11, a student asked the Revolutionary Guards commander whether any of the Western powers in Geneva had asked for Iran’s missiles to be reduced.

“We will never do this,” he replied.

Asked by another student to clarify his statement that Iranian missiles can reach Israel, Jafari replied: “We are still increasing the range of our missiles, but currently the Supreme Leader has commanded that we limit the range of our missiles to 2,000 km.”
The general therefore released to the public four facts already known to Israeli, Saudi and Turkish leaders,say DEBKAfile’s military sources:

1. The American and European negotiators in Geneva asked to discuss the ranges of Iranian ballistic missiles with Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, without citing the types capable of delivering nuclear warheads. Zarif refused to discuss this.
2. The Western delegations persevered, stressing that the US and Europe were concerned over the accelerated co-production by Iran and North Korea of the Shehab-6, which has a range of 3,000-5,600 km, and when operational can reach America and most parts of Europe.
3. The US and European delegates gave the Iranians to understand that they would like to extend the six-month nuclear freeze agreed in Geneva (for which no starting date has yet been set) to the apply to extra range being added to Iran’s ballistic missiles.

There was no objection, they said, to Iran retaining the Shehab missiles with a range of 1,500-2,000 km, which would be capable of striking Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They were only concerned about extending their range to cover America or Europe.
4.  Jaafari’s remarks to students’ questions, which were most probably planted beforehand, lifted a corner of the veil concealing from the public the secret provisions of the deal with Iran on its missile arsenal. According to DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources, officials in authority in Ankara, Riyadh and Jerusalem knew all about it.

Alas, those who have little understanding of the inner Muslim strife between Sunni/Shia , yet do know about Obama’s clear nexus to Sunni Islam – via his Kenyan roots and the House of Saud – can’t wrap their thoughts around him jumping ship to the Shia side! Kinship, beside the point.

HOWEVER, if one internalizes that he chose a Sec of State with DEEP Iranian connections, one has to ask: doesn’t Obama’s rush to Iran’s nuclear aspirations become that much clearer?

MOST significantly, is the following assessment from Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld’s policy center, American Center for Democracy:

“IAEA Official: ‘We’re Not Prepared’ to Verify Agreement with Iran,” for the following reasons:

 “* The IAEA was not fully consulted during the November negotiations between Iran and P5+1 nations.

* The IAEA may not have sufficient manpower to carry out required daily activities at Natanz and Fordow.

* The IAEA has very few inspectors with technical knowledge of heavy water reactors such as the one at Arak.

* The IAEA will not be able to render much substantive insight into data supplied by Iran because the agency will not be able to verify with confidence the source or reliability of the information.”

Despite these obstacles and Iran’s latest refusal to allow “inspection of its heavy water reactor in Arak,” the White House killed the amendment that could have allowed the reinforcing of the sanctions on Iran, for its guaranteed failure to stop its nuclear enrichment program. The White House dancing to the mullahs’ tune has dangerous implications.

In the end, while the Islamist-in-Chief’s MAIN consiglieri is Iranian-born Jarrett, and his Sec of State’s son-in-law is Iranian and well connected to its power brokers, what are the chances he even gave a backward glance to Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s concerns?

Indeed, there is certainly no love lost for the Saudis and Turks at this site, but they are related to his Sunni side! And even though Barack HUSSEIN Obama is religiously aiding the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Mafia in various ways, inside and outside the U.S., what makes anyone think that Israel, a nation the POTUS despises to the core of his being, is faring any better?

This is precisely why this blog warned about Obama’s second term plans for Israel and its out-sized dangers – a catastrophe in the making!