This blog asserted, time and time again, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been working “hand-in-glove” with Iranian aspirations. Assuredly, these actions do NOT obviate his kinship, fealty and dealings with the other side of the bloody Islamic equation – the Sunni-led Brotherhood Mafia. Significantly, just as long as America is knocked down from its super power status and Islamists are elevated, it becomes a win-win for Obama Inc. NO kidding around!


Knock Down One: From the onset of the day of infamy – via the (s)election of the most anti-American POTUS in U.S. history – America’s stature and its worldwide interests have leaped from one disaster to another:The Islamist-in-Chief Lit A Fuse & His Embrace Of The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Set Egypt (Mid East) Alight!


Knock Down Two: What better way to destroy Israel and simultaneously leave its western vanguard in existential peril – thus, dealing a mortal blow to the west – than to empower Iran’s mullahs? At the same time that he sends Kerry, his hatchet man, to threaten Israel with boycotts (even though it is against U.S. law  – to incite others – to boycott an ally…yes, this is what Obama Inc.’s rhetoric entails!), his regime seeks to empower the rise of a PA/Fatah/Hamas Sunni terror state! BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S IRANIAN TREACHERY: ISRAEL, GO TO HELL!
YES, knocking down Israel is a mortal blow to western interests in the Mid East and beyond. Make no mistake about this connection.
Knock Down Three: And when the U.S. Sec of State, America’s negotiating overseer, himself has dual loyalties, what more can go wrong? Everything. SEC KERRY’S DUAL LOYALTY: HIS CLOSE IRANIAN FAMILIAL CONNECTION & CONFLICT OF INTEREST. ILLEGAL. Mandatory due diligence is ignored! Where is the outrage?
Knock Down Four: But it is not enough to “just” tell a most trusted ally to go to hell, you have to back it up with deceit and the ultimate betrayal:OBAMA’S SELL OUT TO IRAN & ITS KEY INTERSECTION WITH THE RED/GREEN ALLIANCE: BOXING IN ISRAEL CORE!
Knock Down Five: And who better to assign, other than communist-driven, Iranian-born, mullah-connected, anti-American Valerie Jarrett, to take care of the American/western hit job? VALERIE JARRETT is Iran’s “deal maker”; her main mission, as Obama’s consigliere, is America’s downfall. Israel’s too.
Knock Down Six: Alas, to fulfill the Islamist-in-Chief’s aspirations, and that of his consigliere, they jaw-jawed Iran to the WMD finish line via Syria: A Side ‘Deal’ With Syria: Allah’s/Devil’s Bargain With America’s Foes!
Knock Down Seven: As posited in Nov. 2013, and as supportive evidence for Caroline Glick’s assessment (demonstrated within Iran’s Bomb In The Basement, cited below),  Iran, for all intents & purposes, a nuclear power: Obama’s LONGSTANDING quest to arm Iran.The jig is up!
A + B….1 + 1….
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 5, 2014
James Clapper, US Intelligence Director

James Clapper, US Intelligence Director

The second round of the Geneva II conference on the Syrian conflict opens Monday, Feb. 10 – this time with a seat at the table for the Iranian delegation provided by Washington, DEBKAfile reports exclusively. Washington relayed this abrupt turnabout from its ban last week on Iranian representatives to the Tehran delegates quietly attending the secret alternative conference taking place unannounced in Bern.
This event has proceeded in parallel to the public gathering in Montreux with the participation of Assad regime and opposition delegates, as well as senior US, Iranian and Russian officials. It was there that the real business was contracted behind closed doors – not in Montreux, where rigid official positions were presented for public consumption as a decoy from the Bern meeting, for which the Swiss government rather than the UN had provided the necessary technical and logistic facilities.

The Bern channel was first revealed in the last DEBKA Weekly issue, No. 621 of Jan. 31.
Permission to admit Iran to the Bern parley marked another major Obama administration concession to Tehran. For the first time, Iran delegates took their seats around an international conference table alongside the major powers with a say on political and strategic decisions for a critical Mid East conflict.

This basic shift was evinced, according to our sources, Tuesday, Feb. 4 in Washington and in Moscow.

Appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, Director of Intelligence James Clapper admitted that the agreement to dismantle the Syrian chemical weapons, reached last year in Geneva by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, had “actually strengthened Bashar Assad’s position… by virtue of his agreement to remove the chemical weapons.”
In the space of a week, Washington has gone back on the forceful statement Kerry made at the opening of the Geneva conference on Jan. 16, when he said “as we get into this process, it will become clear there is no political solution whatsoever if Assad is not discussing a transition and if he thinks he is going to be part of that future. It is not going to happen”
The Obama administration is now forced to act on the presumption of a stronger Bashar Assad – as registered by Clapper, meaning that in order to be realistic, there is no option but to accept the Syrian ruler’s strong standing in Damascus and Tehran and the unavoidable conclusion that Iran is vitally instrumental to any resolution of the Syrian conflict.

Few people even in Israel noticed the telling comment made last week by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s special emissary to Tehran, Jibril Rajoub. He said after talking to Iranian officials that Tehran must be part of the negotiating process ongoing between the Palestinians and Israel, clearly speaking under the influence of Iran’s enhanced position in the conference on Syria’s future.

In Moscow Tuesday, Lavrov, standing with Ahmad Jarba, leader of the oppsoition Syrian National Coalition, said “there was no doubt that Syrian opposition would attend” the second round of Geneva 2 next week.

This was after he had told Jarba privately, DEBKAfile’s sources report, that Iran must participate henceforth in the talks for there to be any chance of progress toward a resolution of the Syrian conflict.
None of this, or the admitted “roll-down” in the deal for eliminating Assad’s chemical arsenal, deterred Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, the head of the US team at the nuclear negotiations with Iran,  from explaining to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the interim nuclear agreement signed with Iran is “full of holes” because it is not a final agreement. “This is not perfect but this does freeze and roll back their program in significant ways and give us time on the clock to in fact negotiate that comprehensive agreement,” Sherman said.

The problem with this is that no one in Moscow, Tehran or Damascus has any doubt that the nuclear deals with the big powers will not turn out much differently from the agreement for destroying Syria’s chemical weapons.

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, Iran’s elevation to world power status – its newly arrived seat at “the table” – could not have happened without two main ingredients: the imprimatur of the leader of the (heretofore) free world, and its impending (or already) nuclear power status:Iran’s bomb in the basement.

INDEED, Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand!!


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  2. Iran dispatched warships towards our borders off the coast to send the United States a message. This event could never have happened without the “sanction” of Barack Hussein Obama. Barry Soetoro sent boy toys to Sochi to send Vladimir a message. This leading from behind statement leaves a lot to the imagination. Having a swift-boat coward as Secretary of State tells the world that America is only a “smidgen” of its old self, but as messages go in foreign affairs this week, the award goes to I’ve got no secrets Victoria for giving a Nuland” to the E.U. State really knows how to “finger” a continent over the phone. But Putin missed a golden opportunity to send President Obama a message. Russia could have had Edward Snowden, the “Obamanable Snowman”, carry the torch at the opening of this year’s games.


  4. I don’t see what can be done at this point…
    I don’t even know what could have been done since Obama stole the presidency…
    The prognosis couldn’t be worse.
    Israel is in mortal danger, and from what I’ve heard, Iran is closed to having an ICBM ready for the “Big Satan”. I guess Barry will have advance notice and will be visiting the rest of his family in Kenya or his brother Malik in Sudan (is it Sudan or Somalia?).
    We had the most free, most prosperous nation on earth.
    ~ ~ ~ What the h-ll can I say at this point? ~~~
    or.. as Clinton would say, “What difference does it make?
    A HUGE difference. A complete tragedy.

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