1. HOT on the heels of a recent commentary, EGYPT OUTFLANKS OBAMA INC:OUTLAWS HAMAS & DEPORTS CODE PINK’S TERROR ABETTOR, KUDOS TO ‘STOP THE ISM’, OBAMA REGIME HAS YET TO STEP UP,along comes another Egyptian patriot who smacks Obama Inc – in tandem with Congress – broadside. Deservedly so.
As is said, the company one keeps is a reflection of ones worldview and ethos. And, when it comes to judging those who are hooked into worldwide terror, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. So, it is with this in mind that one must absolutely view the POTUS’s half bro’, Malik Obama, as well as the close nexus between the two blood soaked relations.
To be sure, it is easy peasy to make a case against Malik Obama. Kindergarten-play. Undoubtedly, his ability to navigate, thus circumvent America’s so called anti-terror laws, is a done deal. He is a Mafia-like “made man”.
In any event, those who believed that Malik Obama’s (terror) entity was not fast tracked, and thus approved through Washington’s power centers, well, the moon was made of green cheese all along. Sheesh.
In addition to said hogwash, yes, if Malik Obama was not given preferential treatment, then this American-Israeli can henceforth be deemed a die-hard leftist, and not a Conservative Constitutionalist, plus a right wing Zionist! Ridiculous.
Licensed Private Investigator raises Flags in Malik Obama case
by  on March 7, 2014
A licensed Private Investigator has taken notice of the issues surrounding Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF). In particular, Camilia ElDidi has zeroed in on dates, addresses, and the mysterious absence of the foundation’s current records as a tax exempt entity. We encourage you to read these explosive revelations.
By Camilia K. ElDidi
Licensed Private Investigator
1.) The name used for the foundation established by Malik Obama of “The Barack H. Obama Foundation” has been a deceitful act, meant to intentionally give a false impression, misleading, where the American public and the Internal Revenue Service were conned by it, not to mention, the main four elements of a tort existed in that act;a.) The false representation of fact of the foundation and its functionality
b.) The knowledge of the falsity of its functionality
c.) Was established with the intention of causing damage and loss of funds to the American people
d.) The American people have acted on a false statement by the foundation and sustained damage by so doing. R.F.V. Heuston, Salmond on the Law of Torts 387 (17th ed. 1977), in addition to other Federal violations of Title 18 of the United States Code.
2.) The addresses used when applying for the 501(c )(3) as a Not-for-Profit Organization, when filing the tax return 990EZ, and when listing it as a charity organization are all different addresses and at least one – if not two – addresses are Social Services facilities, another was a mail drop into box No. 401, and the third was a Planned Urban Development in Arlington, VA.
3.) June 26, 2011, the date of the approval of the 501(c )(3) tax exempt status, was a Sunday! The effective date was retroactive to April 30, 2008. I put the applicant to the strict proof of what the funds were used for and the reason to retroactive the effective date of the foundation. Otherwise, it is but a willful attempt to defeat and circumvent the tax law.
4.) The former Director for Exempt Organizations at the Internal Revenue Service, Ms. Lois G. Lerner, has twice appeared before Congress but has not been questioned about these issues. Thefoundation record disappeared from the public records. Yet, funds were paid into it by taxpayers and tax returns [form 990EZ] were published as filed, where the second page was not made available, and would be interesting to know who signed the tax return for the tax exempt foundation.ElDidi and her father.In light of the above…

  1. One shouldn’t be surprised that the administration which failed to notice that June 26, 2011 was a weekend in America, had also failed to recognize that June 30, 2013 was a Revolution in rebellion of corruption in Egypt and was not a coup.
  2. No one in the Arab world is unaware of General Omar Al-Bashir’s indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of war time crimes and crimes against humanity.
  3. Malik Obama’s public association with Omar Al-Bashir is not undisclosed; he had declared it publicly on the foundation’s website. Al-Bashir is the first president to ever endorse Osama Bin Ladin and grant him safe harbor. That is the same person who was behind the 9/11 attacks that resulted in the murder of nearly 3000 Americans and American heroes; bin Laden was then ordered to be taken down by the President of the United States.

How many in the United States knew of Malik Obama or of granting him a tax exempt status, let alone expeditiously on a Sunday and retroactive about 38 months?

This is a status that numerous, honorable Americans with noble intentions of helping their communities, Farmlands, Education, Healthcare, Assisted Living Homes, Employment and Training offices, benefits to Veterans who made this country the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, and religious beliefs to assist and comfort their fellow citizens; would be honored to be granted the same status.

Malik Obama should not have been granted tax exempt status on a Sunday or any other day of the week.

In light of the above findings, and the information submitted with Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, in our mutual letter to the Congress, Malik Obama should have been denied entry into the United States, on the same grounds rightfully used by the United States against Malik Obama’s boss General Omar Al-Bashir.

Dr. Ebeid, who has been working with me for some time, relayed his sentiment to me during the writing of this report.

He stated that if the 113th US Congress fails to act, after this additional information, that he will feel comfortable, as a medical doctor, to certify that the current US Congress is indeed clinically dead.

He further pledged to support any American voter to remove his current Congressman from all life support systems.

Ebeid feels that the great American Veterans need better and, deserve much better than a Congress that fails to fight corruption in its own backyard.

NOW, the one area which this blogger differs, in respect to Camilia K. ElDidi’s professional assessment, is found within her first charge sheet: “where the American public and the Internal Revenue Service were conned by it, not to mention, the main four elements of a tort existed in that act;….”. YES, the American people were purposely deceived, however, the IRS was in no way conned, not at all. 

In fact, in regard to the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) and its terror-linked hydra, the IRS understands the inter-related relationships between Muslim Brotherhood aligned terror fronts. As a matter of record, the IRS is completely complicit, when it comes to rewarding terror orgs with tax exempt status as demonstrated within:

While the ISM is on the IRS’s radar – due to heavy lifting by Lee Kaplan and this blogger – it is nowhere near enough, especially considering the truckloads of evidence against them, in more ways than one.

Therefore, before getting to the meat of the latest news, a recap is in order.

Firstly, a full forensic investigation was undertaken during different points between 2003-2007 by my corporate tax practice (as a co-owner had full latitude and discretion to do whatever was necessary), regarding the ISM and its tax exempt status (refer to Many hours of pro bono work were accumulated, due to the seriousness of the issue. NO (financial) stone was left without examination.

A midway point in the investigation led to a centerpiece expose’ at Frontpagemagazine – ‘Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Law?’ – At the time, it was intrinsic to keep a lower public profile, therefore, make note of the credits (via a footnote) at the end of the investigation, coupled with William Levinson, who assisted in its review.

But make no mistake, the underbelly of their inter-related terror ties became obvious throughout the investigation. In addition, there were so many 501 (c)(3) IRS violations, they became glaring to anyone with a working background in forensics accounting (and the office was duly up to speed in said techniques – well before this project was undertaken- the practice offered it as a niche specialty ). More to the point, the results from the office always turned out in favor of the client, whenever engaged in a forensics examination.

Case closed. IRS, guilty as charged! Congress, beyond derelict! Obama & bro’…jail’s too light a sentence!