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Obama’s Assassination Team(s):Taliban Trade, Bowe Bergdahl, “Necessitated” Eliminating Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

HUMAN nature is such that an overload of horrific news works to the advantage of the dangerously malignant, particularly those who wield the levers of world power.

IT is as if a (mental) survival switch kicks in and echoes: enough…maspik…מספיק…NO more bad news! Let’s close our ears. Understandable. In fact, this blogger and investigative journalist has every good reason (on a personal and professional level) to play deaf, dumb and blind, perhaps more so than most. Walk a mile….But there are times when not listening to said inner silencers, by stepping outside ones cocoon and comfort zone, can be life-saving. This is one (out of countless) of those times.

AND while only the comatose or willfully blind are unaware of political assassinations – yes, as an American-Israeli, am fully aware that Israel has its share too, but let’s not go there, at least for now – the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc. follows in the less than illustrious footsteps of those before him, particularly the bloody footprints of the Clinton machine. Hit team par extraordinaire.

IN this regard, several reports were written about the “mysterious” deaths of investigative journalists and other “liabilities”; those who came too close for Obama Inc’s comfort. Indeed, few are unfamiliar with the strange circumstances surrounding Andrew Breitbart’s death, its timing. This does not include Loretta Fuddy’s demise, the only one to perish from a stranger than strange plane crash. Huh.

IN a court of law, a prima facie case can be made to bind Barack HUSSEIN Obama – and henchpeople – over for trial, six degrees separated, or not, from said deaths.

BACK to the political assassination of Michael Hastings…

AS demonstrated at this site, Hastings had to be eliminated. Devious as that. Unreservedly, several commentaries were necessary to build the case.

Case One: 

SPECIFICALLY, in July 2013, many questions surfaced, regarding the “mysterious” car crash which took the life of Michael Hastings. The uncovered anomalies had no relationship to the sad fact that countless die in automobile accidents. However, this was NOT an accident, as demonstrated within.

Case Two:

ALMOST immediately, a follow on report ensued. It was not for nothing. Yes, at this juncture it became clear that a hit was taken out on Hastings. Resultant, it was obligatory to point out all of its “strangeness”.

ENTER: CIA’s John Brennan via a targeted assassination. To an absolute certainty, Hastings was in the midst of building a case against the head spook! In tandem, he was knee deep in exposing the NSA’s out of control “techniques” too. All of it traced back to Obama Inc.!

CURIOUS and curiouser. A head scratcher.

Case Three:

There’s more. Do readers recall this “mysterious” death? 


Major probe tied to agent suspected of sanitizing president’s passport records

WHO can keep up….

REGARDLESS, as promised, an absolute tie-in existed between the Traitor-in-Chief’s release of top Taliban terrorists (held by U.S. forces) and the “sanitizing” of an anti-American soldier, Bowie Bergdahl. This traitorous road backtracks to the assassination of Hastings.

CONCOMITANTLY, Hastings was working on providing tangible linkage behind the terror trade. Admittedly, VERY dangerous terrain.

Tie-In One:

ON a very basic level, the Islamist-in-Chief collaborated with the Taliban to release stone cold TOP terror leaders. There is no doubt about this aspect, as reported at this site.


OMINOUSLY, CIA’s John Brennan, himself a Muslim convert, would never allow Hastings to continue his investigation. He reached a critical juncture in his findings, whereby Brennan’s murderous role – as contract killer – would become clear to all, once reported. This was a “bridge too far”, the “fourth estate” be damned. Demonstrably, he was chosen as CIA head for a multiplicity of reasons. Put on your thinking caps…

BEFORE you read any further, click on the following video. Resonant.


At the time Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was killed under suspicious circumstances, he had recently written a huge exposé on Bowe Bergdahl, revealing that he had deserted his unit and actively sought out the Taliban. Hastings had also revealed Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments, publishing the emails to his father that so shocked America: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is America is disgusting.”
This revelation actually came in July of 2012, when Hastings published a ten-thousand word article on Bergdahl, in which he had traveled to Afghanistan to speak to his former platoon mates, the soldiers violating their gag order to speak to Hastings anonymously. Hastings had also visited Bergdahl’s parents in Idaho, where he presumably obtained the emails.
When we saw Obama pawing Bowe Bergdahl’s mother and hugging his father last week in the White House Rose Garden, this wasn’t how he was treating them in 2012. The Obama administration in 2012 had “encouraged” his parents to keep their mouths shut. The father, Robert Bergdahl, had gone on a very public crusade, criticizing the Obama administration for killing Afghanistan civilians, and had even said that one of the Taliban captors of his son had his child murdered by a CIA drone—mirroring events in the popular Showtime series “Homeland”.

This was stated at a very public GOP fundraising event in 2010 hosted by former RNC head Michael Steele. Robert Bergdahl had also just posted a video on YouTube, where he appealed directly to this son’s captors, stating: “…We must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years…We have wept that God may show his beneficence, his mercy and that his peace may come upon the people of Pakistan. As-salamu alaykum [peace be upon you].”After this, the Obama administration actively sought to keep the lid on Robert Bergdahl and Michael Hastings’ reporting of Bowe Bergdahl, as secret FBI documents now reveal.A 22-page secret FBI report dated June 11, 2012, obtained by investigative reporter Jason Leopold, shows that both Hastings and former Afghanistan war veteran and co-writer Matt Farwell were under an intense FBI investigation in early 2012. The document is highly redacted; but it appears Hastings and Farwell were under direct FBI surveillance, including when they met with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents in 2012.

Keep in mind, at the time of Hastings’ death, the FBI had denied they had ever investigated Hastings, despite Hastings sending out a frantic email hours before his death with the subject line: “FBI Investigation,” stating that he was being investigated. Also included in the body of the email was a reference to a “big story” he was working on. This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an investigation of then-terrorism czar—now CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’ death, all of his notes and documents on Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared in Rolling Stone.

The Obama administration had also been successful at suppressing the fact that Bowe Bergdahl was essentially a traitor and that his father was not far behind. Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Robert Bergdahl, has been tweeting out a stream of anti-American propaganda for months. Three days before his son was released,Robert Bergdahl called for all Guantanamo Bay prisoners to be released, not just the five Taliban generals Obama ended up trading for a traitor. When social media grabbed the tail of the Bergdahl beast last week—exposing the Bergdahl father and son treachery—the Bowe Bergdahl beast could not be stopped by the Obama spin machine.

And it may be the Brennan beast may also rear its ugly head.

According to the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, John Brennan runs the secret black ops army JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)—that operates with zero oversight—outside the purview of Congress, the Courts and even the Pentagon—essentially giving Brennan more power than the President of the United States! One of JSOC’s major functions is to make sure weapons are flowing unhindered to rebel groups worldwide that are on the side of the United States—including the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria. At the time of the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012, JSOC and the CIA were housing a huge cache of weapons at the secret CIA base near the consulate, which also later came under attack. Per the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, this is the reason why Barack Obama could not send help to Americans under attack in Benghazi and later blamed a “protest turned violent” over an obscure internet video. JSOC’s transfer of weapons to the rebels in Syria at the time was illegal, and sending in the cavalry to save Americans would have exposed Brennan’s illegal operation.

IN one way or another, the fact that Hastings started to expose treacherous “black ops” (relating to Afghanistan in particular, by extension, to Brennan’s weapons running in general…with MORE to come in future explosive reads), clearly, he became too much of a liability. His fate was sealed. Six feet under. May G-d have mercy on his (and others, similarly “disposed/dispatched” ) soul.
MIND you, a preponderance of investigative journalists are linked, one way or another, with those who have deep knowledge (either as part of certain operations, or connected to those involved…let’s just leave it at that) of black ops. In this regard, risks are assumed. Indubitably.
NEVERTHELESS, said hit teams are generally attributed to Putin’s Russia and dictatorships world over.
NEVER mind the summary executions in the Islamic world. However, America’s (heretofore) status, its mantle, as leader of the free world, is in grave jeopardy.
AS mentioned from the onset, Obama Inc. is not a lone actor – within the history of the Executive branch – to utilize political assassinations. Nevertheless, he has upped the ante, in ways which are frightening for the free world. Absolutely.
IN effect, the Criminal-in-Chief has crossed the rubicon on a multitude of levels, and western civilization will pay the price. This is the case even if he – and his gang of outlaws – winds up behind bars!!
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