DICTATORSHIP 101 teaches that the nation’s media MUST be controlled, whatever the costs. In fact, how many heard about the recent shut down of twitter (and it is not even, technically speaking, an offshoot of any nation’s official media apparatus) via Islamist-controlled Turkey, now under the Shariah-laden boot of PM Erdogan? Can you believe it? You better.

And, before we get into the nuts and bolts of today’s commentary, please recall the following: both dream of the return of the Ottoman Empire: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a BFF of Turkey’s Erdogan!

That being said, while Obama Inc. rules from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one can be forgiven for querying:how can one rationally compare American media to Islamist-ruled Turkey? One can.

Travel here and there and your rat-line detector will lead the way, as the stench is overwhelming. Now, what does this have to do with Sheriff Arpaio’s full-throttle posse investigation? Everything.

As detailed within these pages, the pejoratively named “birther” kerfuffle actually led Obama Inc. to commit fraud after fraud, crime after crime, all in order to cover The One’s tracks! Unfathomable.

“Detail” Extraordinaire:

So, while the Frauster-in-Chief is now well into his second-term of deconstruction, a “perfect storm” is brewing:BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE (VIA ALABAMA’S SUPREME COURT) INTERSECTS WITH ARPAIO’S (IN DUE COURSE) BOMBSHELLS!

All of the above is still in play, even though Alabama’s Supreme Court punted and decided not to deal with the most egregious violation to the nation to date, making a mockery of the Constitution and rule of law. However, its chief justice’s dissenting opinion told it as it is.

The Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that the state does not hold a legal obligation to vet a presidential candidate before including him or her on a ballot. Representing the majority in the 7 to 2 decision, Justice Mike Bolin responded to the plaintiff’s assertion that Alabama’s secretary of state should inherently have the authority to confirm a candidate’s legal standing to run…….

The high court’s chief justice, however, took a decidedly different position. Roy Moore, in his dissenting opinion, not only upheld the opinion that the secretary of state should vet presidential candidates; he also indicated that Obama’s background was worthy of such an investigation…..

Therefore, as the truth gets closer to the general public’s ears (Sheriff Joe Arpaio: New Criminal Evidence About To Be Released –

why should it shock anyone that threats are being made, even after several high profile reporters were threatened with punitive action, all for the “crime” of reporting on the breaking news of the day. As a result, even the ever subservient media felt the wrath of Obama Inc.’s criminal bent:GOV’T OBTAINS WIDE AP PHONE RECORDS IN PROBE!

Here they blow again….

Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

Individuals and member organizations of the American media were threatened with FTC and FCC investigation if information gathered by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse concerning the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate were passed on to the American public.

And Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the birth certificate,” the book whose imminent publication was responsible for forcing Barack Obama to quickly create and place the fraudulent long form birth certificate on the White House web site, has said that “Testimony is being developed that the White House is intimidating, in a systematic way, the mainstream media and if any broadcasters dare go into this birther story, they’re going to risk FCC investigations… people are going to have careers ruined… thrown off the air.”

Zullo went on to say the threats actually caused some individuals to “…quit their positions over safety concerns for their families.”

Those who tuned in to the web-cast of the Cold Case Posse report will recall that the scant few media members in attendance made it their business to represent the President rather than report on the information presented about the fraudulent birth certificate. Each “reporter” in his turn questioned the motives of Sheriff Arpaio and the political leanings of Mike Zullo, clearly far more interested in developing a tale of “right-wing conspiracy” than in the facts reported by Posse investigators.

And as only the internet would make the American people aware of what is arguably the most extraordinary crime committed against the American public in the past century, Zullo and Corsi teamed up to create an e-book which would make known all of the pertinent facts and findings of the investigation–facts which had of course been blacked out by the legacy media.

Naturally, the writing of the e-book has led to accusations of profiteering by Zullo and Corsi. In fact an AP article accuses the pair of using the Arpaio investigation “…as a promotional tool to sell [their] books and theories.” And although nowhere in the short article does the author present any of the facts supporting the claims of the Arpaio-led group, the AP hack does offer an Obama spokesman ample opportunity to ridicule the Posse’s work by comparing it to “the TV series ‘The X-Files.”

The entire episode of media and White House corruption has been summed up by on-line newsman Jeff Crouere as he writes, “Such a bombshell should have led the national news coverage throughout the country. Instead, it was completely ignored by a corrupt network of media elites who are decidedly liberal and wholeheartedly support Obama’s re-election.” “The vast majority of the American people have been denied the truth by a media who want to shield Obama.”

And apparently those select few members of the media actually interested in reporting the truth were intimidated out of doing so by minions of the Manchurian Candidate.

WHILE some may pooh, pooh the notion that Obama Inc. has any reason to threaten an already captured, leftist media, the fact of the matter is that like all gangster entities, threats are as natural as breathing – until the last breath.  

As such, just ask those who went up against Obama Inc., and find out what happened to them:What Constitutes “Mysterious” Deaths Under The Obama Regime, Whether Sexually Related Or Otherwise?Addendum To: Mysterious Deaths Never Far Behind From Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Oops, you can’t ask them. They are no longer counted among the living. 


Predicating Israel’s “Survival” On the Establishment Of A PA (Terror) State: Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Bludgeon…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

DESPITE all the wild fires consuming the Mid East, Barack HUSSEIN Obama hasn’t paused a beat in his laser-focused charge to “rearrange” the Mid East. And those who still insist that his missteps are happenstance are whistling past countless graveyards to stand by their assertions. They too will bear the onus as willing accomplices, even if only by their silent assent. As is said, “to be silent is to agree.”

IN the midst of the above ravages, along comes the heretofore leader of the free world warning the world body: 

“Friends of Israel, including the United States,” President Obama said in hisspeech to the UN on Tuesday, “must recognize that Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state depends upon the realization of a Palestinian state….”

Particularly because of its timing, the statement left most Israelis rubbing their eyes.

Imagine carving out about one-fourth of the U.S. and making it a separate country bordering Washington and a few miles from New York. This country is populated by people who systematically teach their children that the United States has no right to exist and must be destroyed, and name schools, public squares, and summer camps after terrorists who have inflicted mass-casualty attacks on the U.S.

No one in his right mind would call that a way to ensure America’s security……. 

Yet, this site is ahead of the curve in citing the Islamist-in-Chief as an ultimate weapon of destruction towards the Jewish State, so much so that too many commentaries prove said charge. For instance, a most recent analysis wraps the foreseen perils in a bow, thus, little more is necessary to state the case: Update: Nuclear  Iran A Foregone Outcome: A Merging Of The Islamist-in-Chief’s Intentions & Iran’s Hitlerite Regime.

ATOP said purposeful nuclear sword lies the implantation of a PA terror state into the Jewish State’s heartland, as Israel’s demented left helps wield the (deadly) forceps. Both sides are equally culpable. Nevertheless, Washington is indeed violating basic precepts in international law, as well as its own domestic anti-terrorism laws. Israel’s leadership is guilty of said violations as well, ignoring its own Basic Laws.To wit, Professor Louis Rene Beres, a preeminent scholar of international law and nuclear warfare doctrine, gifts this site with his wisdom and is featured prominently herein. Imbibe his lessons well.

But unlike others who claim superior insights, he is indeed head and shoulders above the legal pack. In this regard, read his ‘foreshadowing’ back in 1998 in one of his many policy papers, and then juxtapose it against what is taking place right before our horrified eyes. It is almost as if he is a soothsayer.



Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR) – full paper embedded below

The Oslo Accords exhibit a chilling irony. Not only are these non-treaty agreements inherently illegal, they also weaken Israel in the Jewish state’s protracted struggle for survival. From this starting point, the policy paper that follows identifies the overwhelming jurisprudential fallacies contained in Israel’s pro-Oslo stance (a stance that is not even acknowledged in the Islamic world) and the substantially injurious effects of Oslo on Israel’s security. This paper ends with the informed recommendation that Israel terminate its self-imposed and unreciprocated Oslo obligations immediately, a suggestion that may appear markedly naive and dangerous, but which is, in fact, considerably less risky than maintaining the present collision course. In reaching this conclusion, the paper examines such specific issues as Palestinian “demilitarization”, the requirements of Israeli nuclear deterrence, the question of Israel’s “bomb in the basement” and certain possible preemption expectations. Also included is an extensive/intensive examination of the effects of a nuclear war upon Israel and the region. This sobering examination, which draws upon the author’s more than quarter-century acquaintance with this subject (Professor Beres is the author of Apocalypse: Nuclear Catastrophe in World Politics, one of the first major books on nuclear strategy and nuclear war), advances three primary models: (1) exclusively counterforce attacks against Israeli hard targets; (2) exclusively countervalue attacks against Israeli civilian populations; and (3) mixed counterforce/countervalue attacks. Here the author’s hope is that such heuristic models will assist Israeli strategists in fashioning a pertinent “master plan”, a body of generalized and interrelated propositions from which precise policy options could be derived.

In the end, the so-called “Peace Process” – never anything more than an enemy Trojan Horse – must be stopped before it is too late. The obligation to rescue Israel from this process of attrition (terrorism) and annihilation (war) stems from both a legal and a strategic imperative. This policy paper clarifies the essential arguments that underlie these closely related imperatives.

For the complete text of this article, click here.

Yes, to fully internalize what drives Islamic jihad, under which a PA terror state will be “birthed”, one must also absorb their unquenchable blood lust, as well as their desire for ‘martyrdom’ which lies above all else. Regardless of time and place, look no further than the non-unique case of Fort Hood’s ‘soldier for Allah’, as he describes his only ‘regret’.

So, once the above is absorbed, the following is just more fuel to indict those who have thrown in their lot with Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his ‘prescriptions for Israel’s security’: Richard Falk’s Case Against Israel: Professor Louis Rene Beres Sets The Legal Record Straight, topped by Looking Back At Constant Error: Understanding The Tangled Narrative Of Middle East Peace, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs are manifestly judicious. Injurious.

The legal case is CLOSED…SETTLED…against the PA/Fatah terror junta’s “statehood”, as well as those who push for its implementation!


PHASE TWO To ‘Deconstructing The U.S. Economy’: Gold Plunges 66%, Two Days Later JP Morgan’s MAIN Gold Warehouse Catches Fire. Coincidence? What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Many of us who have been paying attention, especially those who ‘dig’ for the truth, have been raising alarms over the current financial chicanery (as well as the erupting scandals) exacerbated by Obama Inc., in tandem with worldwide players. In particular, the in-bed manipulation, via politicians and banksters, is coming to a head. However, its effects will absolutely explode under the reign of Obama, and it is not for nothing. 

As leader of the (heretofore) free world, whatever the Radical-in-Chief sets in motion reverberates worldwide. As such, a centerpiece expose’ set this particular blog discussion on course, back in August 2012. Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Deconstruction Plans: Green-Wise Via The Economy & Disarming The Citizens Via Gun Control was a warning shot. It was followed up, in rapid succession, by Shoring Up The POTUS’s Second Term PlansBoth were the foundations for future commentaries, based upon highly suspicious information leaking out (from trusted investigative contacts) re ‘mama Janet’s’ DHS, duly described herehereherehereherehereand so on, until its cumulative warning evinced at The Killing Of The Dollar & Obama Inc’s Erupting Scandals: Where Is The Nexus?

Most significantly, before reaching the thrust of the fire – literally – pay heed to the following, warned about at Killing The Dollar

Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America’s economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit[i].The economic agenda: In plain sight

Among the questions he asked was about U.S. exports and wages, but the question itself was not nearly as important as the response he received from this senior administration official. In fact, this single, seven word response clarifies everything, explains everything, and leaves little else to discuss: “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”

Now, onto the ‘deconstruction of the economy’ referenced above, and it includes both currencies – the dollar AND gold.

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot – False Flag? (Video)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What better way to make sure there is no longer any gold than to ‘destroy the lack of evidence’? A massive fire has struck JPMorgan’s gold depot. Does the FACT that JPMorgan’s gold inventory plunged 66% on Friday have ANYTHING at all to do with this fire? When will American’s learn the bankers have looted us all? At least all of us still doing business with the bankers….something I gave up long ago…

A journalist on scene on Wall Street this evening has just sent us footage of a massive fleet of Firetrucks and ambulances in front of JP Morgan’s former headquarters at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, with fire-fighters stating they are responding to a COMMERCIAL VAULT FIRE IN THE BASEMENT of JPM’s headquarters at 15 Broad St!
With JPM’s gold inventory plunging 66% Friday to an all-time low of 46,000 ounces, and with reportedly over 502,000 ounces still standing against JPM for the JUNE gold contract, is the long anticipated force-majeure event in progress?

*UPDATE: FDNY tweet confirms fire is in a commercial vault!…herein as well – reports on massive fire in the basement at JP Morgan gold warehouse on Wall Street.

Make no mistake, gold’s plunge 66%, this past Friday, set the actual fire in motion! Coincidence?  

Due to all of the above a decision was made, in April 2013, to agree to review Bringing Down America: An FBI Informant With The WeathermenThis was not undertaken lightly, with the forethought that it could serve as another lightening rod for those seeking – at all costs – to protect this dangerous regime. Nevertheless, this blog stands by every charge presented at American Thinker.