By Dave Gaubatz 
Dar Al Hijrah Mosque, Falls Church, VA
‘Wahhabi HQ in America’

FEW can state that this site tolerates spinmeisters. What an understatement. A given.

That being said, it is a fact that American media is no longer a place to gather reliable information. Tragically, it is also the engine which drives the western narrative. Thus, the notion of truth-telling straddles between a rock and a hard place. Pincer-like.

Much evidence attests to this harsh charge. You just have to be willing to digest said treachery, without veering your eyes away in denial or disgust.

Evidence One:

Just go back to the Oklahoma City bombing (1995), and the sad truth emerges:What Happens When A Compliant Media Ceases Their Due Diligence,Thus Parroting Officialdom’s Narratives? Yet, the situation has become exponentially worse, since the abusive reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Evidence Two:
Significantly, even when it comes to racial matters, Obama’s captured media drives the agenda:Extracting “Justice” For “Tray”: Whites Beaten To A Pulp, Yet Obama’s Goons/Media Stone Cold Silent. Will Obama Inc. Get A Free Pass?
Evidence Three:
Really now, what else can citizens expect, when a radical left media is in the service of revolutionaries atop the American helm:U.S. Leftist Media In The Service Of A Radical Revolutionary Obama Administration:What Can Go Wrong?
Evidence Four:
Here is where spin upon spin becomes becomes the narrative, even though a high schooler can discern it is blatant lie:BENGHAZIGATE’s CRIMINAL Cover Up: Hiding Witnesses, Changing Identities & Repeatedly Polygraphing CIA Survivors! Where is the damnable media in all this? Deadly silent.

Evidence Five:

Aside for alternative media, has ANY main media outlet offered reasonable queries (the who, what, when, where and whys) as to the strange and “timely” deaths of Breitbart, Hastings and Fuddy? Mind you, 2 could have buried Obama Inc. with their explosive reporting, the other, if called as a witness in any future “birther” blow up, could have sunk him and his cohorts. 

Before you absorb the latest truth-telling, it would be worthwhile to reread the initial analysis re the “disappearing” plane:THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF A MALAYSIAN AIRLINER:POSSIBLE INTERSECTION WITH LIBYA’s “MISSING” MANPADS. WHAT IF “R2P’s/OBAMA’S” BENGHAZIGATE BEARS THE ONUS?

NOW, the hard truths…

The Truth About Malyasian Airlines 370

By: Dave Gaubatz

24 Mar 2014

For many years I worked counter-terrorism for the American government. I was often asked to conduct analysis on terrorism intelligence Federal Agents had obtained. I had a Top Secret plus clearance. This should be no surprise to most people, but often our government puts out disinformation so as to slow the process of pending and serious issues.

Since day one our government has known where the aircraft is. They also know the disappearance is somehow related to Islamic based terrorism. Either the pilots or passengers, but most likely the pilots. Both with Islamic backgrounds.

Our government in cooperation with other governments want the people around the world to believe this airliner has been located and for the questions about it’s dissapearance to cease. In other words the U.S. doesn’t want a backlash against anyone or any organization representing Islam.

History will show that this incident was Islamic based terrorism, but by the time this happens we will be focusing on other national security matters.

I will not waste your time by recounting all of the airline hijackings, murders, and other such violence commited by Islamic based people, and in the name of Islam, and after the example for all Muslims (Mohammed).  There have been dozens of such autrocities in the name of Islam.  So what do we do as a country and on behalf of innocent people worldwide?

I will suggest a solution, but you will not hear discussions about my solution because we have few journalists or politicians who will publically discuss it.

Due to the increasing number of murders around the world involving Islamic based terrorist groups and their sponsors, we have to conduct more scrutiny on every person who is associated with Islam.  We need more undercover operations inside the mosques, specifically in America.

We must consider the alliances any Muslim has toward Islam and Sharia law.  Islam comes first, and any alligence to a business (airlines) or to any government takes a backseat to the allegiance of non Muslims and Non Islamic based countries.  All Muslims place Allah above all else.  Being that this is true, then we must come to terms with ourselves and understand any practicing Muslim has the potential to commit a terrorist act if it will better the Muslim community.

We must question the psychological backgrounds of airline crews who are practicing Muslims and adhere to Sharia law.  This includes airline pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel.  If they are deemed to be Sharia compliant, there should be no way we allow them to be a part of the airline industry.

Many will say this is excessive and should not be discussed or distributed in any way.

I then ask each of you (liberals, conservatives, communists, etc): If you and your family were getting ready to board any major airlines and an announcement was made that the pilots were Muslim and Sharia compliant, would you allow your family under their care, and if so, would you not be worried from the time you boarded until you departed the aircarft?  Be honest.

“CAIR has a larger and more dependable ‘Confidential Informant’ Network than our entire FBI Department.  CAIR has devoted non Muslim people within local, state, and federal government.  They have police officers in high positions, medical personnel, military personnel, and most importantly they have Pastors, Ministers, and Rabbi’s.Source:  From an Islamic Jihad Site

Know this: Jihad is the greatest deed in Islam and the salvation of the ummah is in practicing it. In times like these, when Muslim lands are occupied by the kuffar, when the jails of tyrants are full of Muslim POWs, when the rule of the law of Allah is absent from this world and when Islam is being attacked in order to uproot it, Jihad becomes obligatory on every Muslim. Jihad must be practiced by the child even if the parents refuse, by the wife even if the husband objects and by the one in debt even if the lender disagrees.

 Anwar Al Alwaki

With the above in mind, does anyone believe that the following missive from Malaysia’s PM was meant to inform, or to deflect? And, does anyone really think that the TRUE cause of the disaster will ever be revealed? Contemplate the following and extrapolate:

Malaysian PM: MH370 flight ended in Indian Ocean, all aboard lost. No word on how it happened

Monday, March 24, seventeen agonizing days after the Malaysian Flight 370 vanished en route to Beijing, Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak delivered a short statement of profound regret affirming that the missing airliner ended its flight in a corridor in the southern Indian Ocean. The 239 passengers and crew aboard the flight could not have survived, said Razak. The families have been informed that their wait is tragically over.
He revealed that satellite data analysis from the UK company Inmarsat helped conclude that MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean using technology never before used in the the search of lost aircraft.

The prime minister did not discuss the nature of the debris believed to have come from the downed Malaysian airliner; nor did he explain what caused the plane to fly seven hours massively off course in the opposite direction from its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. He only indicated that it must have come down more than two weeks ago and therefore, even if there were survivors when plane came down, they could not have survived in the freezing waters of the southern Indian Ocean.

Radar experts describe the British search technology as the analysis of “pings” picked up from debris sighted up to 2,000 miles at sea distance form the Australian town of Perth, but closer to the Antarctic than Australia..

Those emissions indicated that those pieces had been in the water for 15 days.

Prime Minister Razak promised another news conference Tuesday with more detailed information. None of the parties involved in the multinational search for the plane, Chinese, Australian or Malaysian, was yet willing to offer an explanation for how the doomed flight came to be in the place where it went down. They assume it stayed aloft until its fuel tanks were empty and then dropped into the ocean. No one has been able to establish whether the passengers and crew aboard were still alive up to the end.
While the first part of the search for flight MH370 ended Monday, March 24, the next part is about to begin to raise the plane from the sea bed in extraordinarily rough waters – hopefully with its black box still in working order.

In tandem, consider the following proposition as a “perfect storm” of collusion: again, whereas disinformation has always taken place in governmental echelons – and not just in totalitarian regimes – the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc. is TAILOR MADE for said deception, as demonstrated above.

Along this trajectory, the very fact that the aims of Islamic leaders (Shariah Law as worldwide law) are in line with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s (and his surrogates),coupled with America’s media driving the western narrative, isn’t it much more likely that the connections between Islamic jihad with the missing airliner would be muted…verboten?

NEVERTHELESS, do feel free to consider all of the above as “conspiracy-mongering”. It’s your funeral(s).



  1. Thanks Adina!

    The story that the plane was lost in the Indian Ocean is a good disinformation cover story, because it can probably never be disproved 🙂

    Until the plane is used again in some kind of terrorist attack, that is 🙂


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