Israel’s “Second-Class” Jewish Citizens, The Southern Front – Rocketed, Fire-Bombed, & Blitzed For Decades, With No Relief In Sight. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IN a rational universe, regardless of any and all political calculi, it would be unthinkable for self-proclaimed democratic (and civilized) leaders to allow a portion of their citizens to be continuously subjected to rocket fire, missile blitzes, and/or sundry incendiary firings. After all, one’s legitimacy to lead is wholly tied into one’s ability to keep (to a reasonable degree) the citizens safe  – even the less chichi, those who, for the most part, reside in the battered and beleaguered south. Agreed? Besides, within Israel’s “in the know” circles, it is an unspoken secret that they are not considered by the political and media elites, AKA the chattering classes, as “equals” to the branja pack; who happen to reside (and play) within the likes of upscale North Tel Aviv and its outer burbs. Trust, these ears are more than clued into this and that within certain cliques.

BACK to the irrefutable facts on the ground within rocket range of the terrorized south….

WITH a population of thousands upon thousands (depending upon various variables) in rocket range of Gazastan (a subsidiary of Iran and its proxy pawns, namely, Hezbollah), how can it be – and for decades on end – that every manner of terror is inflicted upon southern Israel, and with no relief in sight? Yes, it’s more than a fair assessment and question alike. Btw, as analyzed ad infinitum, this is a prima facie example of Sunni terrorists (Hamas, et al.) cooperating/collaborating with Shia terrorists (Iran/Hezbollah, et al.), in order to bring down a mutual foe.

AS reported in July 2016:

CONSEQUENTIALLYwhen it comes to bringing down the twin pillars of western civilization, America and Israel, Shia and Sunni jihadists cooperate and collaborate. Effectively, as is said, this is where the rubber meets the road. And it is into this vortex of anti-American (and anti-Israel) hell that Iran’s proxy arms co-join with Sunni monsters, their counterparts, wrapping around each other, despite their centuries-long bloodletting…..continue the bullet-proof trails here…..

WHICH begs the question: since this Orwellian situation dovetails with the reality at hand, how can it be that Hamas’s terror masters are allowed to breathe, even for one more day – with the bizarre excuse that Iran’s (northern) proxies are “more” dangerous, when, in fact, they are one and the same, at least, when it comes to killing Jews/Zionists, separately, or co-joined?

(May 30, 2019) Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Thursday thanked Iran for providing his terror group the rockets it used to strike deep into Israel and warned the Jewish state that Tel Aviv would be struck again in response to any offensive against the Gaza Strip.

“Iran provided us with rockets, and we surprised the world when our resistance targeted Beersheba,” Sinwar said in a live TV address, referring to the weekend of violence at the beginning of the month, during which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired nearly 700 rockets at Israel.

The Hamas leader then went on to warn that if Israel “resumes its aggression,” his group would strike Tel Aviv and other cities with twice as many rockets.

Israel has long charged Iran with trying to arm Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and maintains a blockade of the Strip to try and stop the import of sophisticated weapons systems.

Iran has also supplied tens of thousands of rockets to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon…..continue reading the rest of the blasted report here.

BUT before we delve into (more of) the unvarnished truth, know this: year after year, Bibi and his mouthpieces have been jibber-jabbering via ready-made mantras – in an effort to create a smoke and mirrors show for their unconscionable inaction against Hamas & assorted terror arms operating in Gazastan! In reality, with the ever-present “ceasefire” in hand, the main balderdash, as mentioned, is that the northern front is the number one priority – never mind that it was the same lack of political will to crush Hezbollah in its infancy that has led to Iran’s cat’s paw becoming a strategic and mega menace in Lebanon and Syria! Credo quia absurdum.

NOT only that, the continuous and horrific terror inflicted upon Jewish communities in the south has been analyzed at this end for years – even prior to the crimes, yes, crimes against several thousand Jewish souls whose lives (even their loved ones were dug up from their resting places!) were uprooted and torn asunder in 2005 to execute the so-called “Disengagement” from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron! Know this too: promise after promise was made by the late PM Ariel Sharon and his back-benchers (AKA “the bulldozer”, ironically) to the majority Zionist public that the uprooting of their brothers and sisters would end the terror. And, if not, Hamas would be crushed. Stone-cold lies, 14 years onward.

MORE specifically, how many times have the citizens heard: Israel will not negotiate under fire! O RLY? Are we sensing a pattern, yet?

ALL of which circles back to PM Netanyahu’s faux persona as a right-wing, nationalist leader, juxtaposed against what the real situation, AKA matzav / מצב, is on the ground – even as he bloviates that he is the only one capable of keeping Israel’s encircling enemies at bay! Claptrap. Moreover, for added heft and facts at large – as to what really has transpired under his decade-long governance – see here, hereherehereherehere, and so on. Trust, “Mr. Security”, he is not.

IN this regard, the fact that a rocket from Gazastan struck a synagogue and a school (by the grace of G-d, no one was killed or maimed) on June 13, 2019, and  Hamas’ terror chiefs are still standing, well, that onus stands atop Bibi’s head. Indubitably.

Palestinian terrorists fired a rocket from Gaza into southern Israel late Thursday, striking a Chabad building housing a synagogue and school but causing no injuries, Israeli authorities said.

The rockets – fired from the town of Beit Hanoun, according to Channel 13 – set the stage for a likely Israeli reprisal and raised the possibility of a new round of fighting, weeks after a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Israeli police said the rocket struck a building in the Israeli border town of Sderot, a frequent target of rocket fire.

The ceasefire, reached in early May, has begun to unravel in recent days. Overnight on Wednesday, Israeli fighter jets struck an underground terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. The attack was in response to rocket fire from Gaza earlier that night, the IDF reported.

“The IDF will continue to act against attempts to harm Israeli civilians and considers the terrorist organization Hamas responsible for everything that is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip,” the Army spokesperson’s office said in a statement.

“Netanyahu is only strong with words,” Benny Gantz, former IDF Chief of Staff head of Blue and White, the main opposition party, said in a statement Thursday morning, the Hebrew-language daily Hamodia reported. “The continued rocket fire by Hamas is evidence that we have lost our deterrence.”

“Only exacting an immediate heavy price from Hamas will clarify that Israel doesn’t only talk, but also uses force,” Gantz said.

‘This situation cannot continue. As I have said in the past, only a military operation will bring quiet to our area,” Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi stated in response to the rocket attack, TPS reported.

“[Hamas leaders Ismail] Haniyeh and [Yahya] Sinwar are ‘sons of death’ and we should hit them first,” he continued. “The dear residents of Sderot and the Gaza perimeter deserve to raise their children in peace and quiet, as are all residents of the country……

DEAR reader, take note: the mighty IDF is one of the strongest armies in the world, but it has been reduced to a reactive/defensive force, instead of an offensive one – and therein underlies the thrust.
NOT only that, Bibi can be considered a “legal outlaw!” How so? As this writer analyzed in an op-ed at Israel National News, many moons ago (July 26, 2007) via “No Crime Without Punishment: Nullum Crimen Sine Poena” : 

…….In essence, Israel’s leadership has become legal outlaws. World-recognized, international criminal law expert Professor Louis Beres states, “Terrorism is a crime under international law, and incontestably one of the most serious. The precise offenses that comprise this crime can be found at the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism…. [Every] state has an obligation under international law to prosecute and punish terrorists…. [Any] person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible and liable to punishment….”….continue reading the truth-telling here…..

SO, you decide if a 2015 global interview was on target – or not.

STILL yet, if more intellectual and strategic heft is required, so be it. To wit, pay special heed to the following analysis by Dr. Martin Sherman, unarguably Israel’s foremost strategic analyst. (Full Disclosure: he was acknowledged in this author’s book, “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad”, and it was not for nothing).

…….Readers will doubtless recall that I have warned incessantly that Israel’s current policy:

(a) will eventually result in the erosion of the Jewish population in the Negev;

(b) will allow the Gazan terror groups to devise methods to neutralize the efficacy of the billion dollar anti-tunnel barrier encircling the Gaza Strip—particularly the use of drones; and

(c) because of its innate reticence to engage in a large-scale decisive offensive against the Gazan terrorist entity, is causing Israel to continually back away from conflicts that it can win, risking backing itself into a conflict that it cannot win—or win only at ruinous cost……the entire analysis is jaw-droppingly on target!

INEXORABLY, the adherence to “Nullum Crimen Sine Poena” separates true statesmen from those who are merely facsimiles thereof – to the detriment of the majority of the citizens and the rule of law.

MOST significantly, since the above is the stone-cold truth, it follows that thousands upon thousands of Jews living in the cross-hairs of the southern “Gaza-Belt” are, sans a scintilla of a doubt, treated as “second-class” citizens. Truth dare be told, why they haven’t stormed the Knesset, until “equal” human rights and treatment is afforded them and their families, well, that remains a mystery at this end.

(Note: This horror was inflicted in 2012, as has been the case for many, many years…..and it is still ongoing…..with no end in sight!)

CONCLUSIVELY, with another ! round of elections slated for September 17, 2019, the pickings are slim. On the one hand, if the top-heavy slate of blowhard Generals (in the main, they are ideological/political leftists) from the Blue and White party take over the premiership, the security situation will go from very bad to much worse. Count on it. On the other, if “Mr. Security” would, finally, release his iron grip on the Likud (the only party capable of saving Israel from its foes), the facts on the ground will change in Israel’s favor.
INDEED, Israel’s saving grace lies between Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Education Minister Naftali Bennett from the New Right Party (Hayemin Hehadash), that is, if they manage to take over the helm. Guaranteed, they will steer the ship of state rightward – with all that that entails. They are the true “Lions of Zion!”
AS an aside, even Bibi’s brother-in-law agrees, albeit, more delicately – take a peek.
THIS is the G-d’s honest truth.
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The Bitter Fruits Of Disengagement…By Adina Kutnicki

Originally published in The Jewish Press, reprinted at HONENU Legal Defense Organization

By: Adina Kutnicki, Contributor: Shalom Pollack

(Aug. 19, ’11) Few events in Israel’s recent history sear the Jewish soul as did the destruction of 25 thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, as ordered by the Sharon-Olmert government. The sixth anniversary of what is referred to as the ‘disengagement’ of August 2005 now looms over Israel’s collective conscience.

In a move that set Jew against Jew, the IDF was used to engineer the expulsion of more than 8,600 people from their homes. Gush Katif residents watched in horror as the living were dragged from their homes and the burial places of the dead were desecrated. Later, 26 synagogues were burned by Arab mobs.

The destruction itself took place over 10 days, but the physical and mental preparations occupied many months beforehand. Three years later, in August 2008, a report entitledThe Mental Preparation for the Disengagement and its Aftermath in the IDF would shed light on the intense preparations that took place –

The authors call the disengagement “a precise operation” performed with seven levels of security that took 18 months to plan.

“To execute robotic responses [by IDF soldiers] in a precision-like fashion, southern military commander Dan Harel appointed a team of psychologists to ‘transform’ the soldiers’ thought processes,” write authors Ruth Eisikowitch, Dr. Gadi Eshel, Dr Amira Dor, Boaz Haetzni, Attorney Aviad Visoli, Dr. Rachel Tassa and Dr. Moshe Leibler.

The report describes a series of psychological exercises “planned to ‘release’ the soldiers from their conscience by carrying out exercises in emotional disconnect.” The psychologists’ notes on those exercises are detailed in the journal Military Psychology (No. 5, December 2006).

The report is consistent with the recollections of Rachel Saperstein, a former resident of Neve Dekalim. When soldiers arrived the night before the expulsion, she tried to engage them in conversation, she said, only to find that they refused to talk to her or even to look at her. “The IDF turned them into robots,” she said.

Army officials were not the only ones dealing with the disengagement months before it took place. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets to take part in hundreds of protests, determined to make their voices heard. Such a volume of public protest was striking, and many would suffer for it. Some 7,000 Jews were arrested for their participation.

* * *

This meant, among other things, much added strain on Honenu. As Israel’s only legal defense organization representing Jews like the arrested protesters, Honenu needed more manpower to continue its work.

As the number of volunteers grew, the group became better able to meet the growing demand for its services. Its pool of on-call lawyers swelled to 60; the 24-hour-hotlines were now manned by a full office of volunteers. It was just in time, too. Reports of new civil rights violations seemed to be coming in around the clock.

A particularly poignant Honenu case from the summer of 2005 is that of Beit El resident Chaya Belogorodsky, then 14 years old. Her drama began when she took part in a non-violent demonstration against the expulsion. After watching two friends get arrested, she walked over to the police van to see how they were faring. As she stood nearby, a police officer told her to leave. When Belogorodsky replied that she was permitted by law to stand on the sidewalk, she was arrested for insulting a police officer.

The nightmare was now in full swing. Belogorodsky was placed in solitary confinement for four days. A hole in the ground served as a toilet; there was no shower, no toilet paper, no running water. She was also not permitted visits or phone calls. On Shabbat, the guards shut off the lights, guessing correctly that, as a religious Jew, she would not turn them back on. Belogorodsky spent that Shabbat in the dark. Because of the lack of kashrut supervision, she also avoided most of the food served. The “system” tried to break the spirits of hundreds of youngsters like her, aiming to discourage others from future protests.

When the four days had ended, Belogorodsky was moved to a regular prison cell. She was now granted one hour each day outside her cell for exercise and phone calls home. Her family was permitted a 30-minute visit once a week. Older girls in prison on similar charges were strip-searched after every family visit, ostensibly so prison authorities could find hidden drugs.

Belogorodsky’s father called Honenu. The prosecution wanted her remanded until trial, which at that point could have been months away. Honenu’s lawyers took the case to the Supreme
Court, where Judge Ayala Procaccia, a strong advocate for government crackdown on dissenters, accepted the prosecution’s arguments that teenage Belogorodsky was an “ideologically motivated criminal” who could negatively influence others even in house arrest. The prosecution was willing to allow her to be released to a kibbutz, saying that it would be a “good educational experience for her.” Belogorodsky and her parents refused on religious grounds.

As Belogorodsky’s days in jail grew to 40, public pressure on the State intensified. Eventually, the justice system relented and allowed her to return home. Belogorodsky’s father credits Honenu with extricating her from the nightmare.

* * *

Akiva Vitkin’s story also began at a non-violent protest. As the 19-year old sat in the streets of Ramat Gan protesting the expulsion, three police officers sat on top of him and pretended to handcuff him. Tuvia Lerner of National News Network had stopped his car nearby and caught the incident on film.

“Another police officer approached Akiva from behind, leaned towards his head, stuck his fingers in Akiva’s nostrils and pulled violently upwards and backwards,” Lerner recalls. “Akiva was dragged to a police car while he was bleeding from his mouth, nose and eyes.”

At the Ramat Gan police station afterwards, Vitkin was taken into a room where a witness observed four policemen beating him with their fists and knocking him to the floor before the door was closed. Akiva emerged with his face swollen and bloody, barely able to walk.

Belogorodsky and Vitkin are not alone. Their stories are recorded among dozens of others in a 60-page report entitled Israeli Government Violations of Disengagement Opponents’ Civil Rights. The devastating indictment against the Israeli leadership documents 165 cases of unlawful use of pretrial detention, declared immunity for police brutality, false arrest, torture, and use of General Security Services (GSS) for cases of unarmed civil disobedience.

The report is authored by Dr. Yitzhak Klein, director of the Israel Policy Center; Shmuel Meidad, founder and director of Honenu, and attorney Itzhak Baum. It can be downloaded in full from Honenu’s home page at

* * *

Looking back six years later, we know all too well who truly benefited from the disengagement: Hamas.

The destruction of Gush Katif as a Jewish area led directly to its takeover by Hamas, a terrorist group that promises in its charter to eliminate Israel. These six years have seen countless rockets and missiles fired across the border into Israel – rockets that have killed, wounded, damaged property and instilled fear.

These are the fruits of the ‘disengagement’.