HUSSEIN Obama Prepped The Ground For ISIS’s Rise In Syria, Thwarted (2012) Ops To Derail Civil War. Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY year that passes allows HUSSEIN Obama to distance himself between his many Middle East wildfires, all of which were – in one way or another – purposefully designed to blow apart the Middle East.

AS this investigative journalist reported through an excerpted analysis in Nov. 2014, ISIS Catapulted Via Libya’s Theater of War; Caliphate Implanted, and on multiple occasions alike:

LEST there be any misunderstandings, if not for the consequences generated from Benghazigate, Sunni Brotherhood jihadists – of which ISIS are part and parcel of, on whose behalf Barack HUSSEIN Obama ordered the largest weapons-running operation in Mid East history – would not be knocking on America’s door, nor Israel’s. Others as well. Nevertheless, as an American-Israeli, both nations are my top priorities. Hands down.

OMINOUSLY, a major outgrowth to Obama’s illegal war in Libya (the main goal of the weapons running was to destabilize Syria for the benefit of Syria’s Brotherhood Mafia) allowed countless man-pads to awash Syria and beyond. In this regard, this is how ISIS got their hands on said weapons and then some.

Islamic State militants stormed a Syrian airbase over the weekend, routing the remaining elements of the country’s army from northern Raqqah province and reportedly seizing a cache of shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.

The seizure of Tabqa air base, while not the first installation of its type to fall to militants, highlights the Islamic State’s gains in the region and the group’s continued pilfering of advanced military equipment, particularly the surface-to-air missile systems known as MANPADS, short for Man Portable Air Defense Systems.

Matt Schroeder, a senior researcher at the Switzerland-based research group Small Arms Survey and author of a recent report on MANPADS in Syria, believes that the takeover of Tabqa airbase could mark a “significant proliferation” of the weapons across the region.….continue reading….

BASICALLY, HUSSEIN Obama’s goal is (through setting one fire after another) to rearrange the chess board F/B/O the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia (and its global dominance), the parent which underpins ISIS and the rest of the splintered Sunni front groups! And this is precisely why – despite any “limited” operations against ISIS – he never gave the orders – as Commander-in-Chief – to wipe them out. Period. 

AND as a matter of record, similarly, this site noted:

'The Great War Of Our Time'

A former deputy and acting CIA director told lawmakers on Tuesday that Islamic State group’s recruitment has exploded under President Obama’s watch.

Michael Morell told the House Armed Services Committee that ISIS ”has gained affiliates faster than al-Qaida ever did.” He said 20 countries now have terror affiliates that pledged allegiance to ISIS since last year, up from almost “nothing” last year.

“Let me start with the bottom line. I believe ISIS poses a significant strategic and lethal threat to the United States of America,” said Morell, Fox News reported. “The nature and the significance of the threat posed by ISIS flows from the fact that ISIS is at the same time a terrorist group, a quasi-state, and a revolutionary political movement. We have not faced the likes of it before.”

The former White House official warned:

  • Thousands of ISIS sympathizers are now in the U.S.
  • The FBI has over 900 open investigations into homegrown extremists.
  • ISIS is “almost certainly” planning mass-casualty attacks in the U.S.
  • ISIS now earns “more in taxes than oil sales.”
  • ISIS affiliates are changing focus from local grievances to the pursuit of a global caliphate.

Morell said he “would not be surprised if we woke up one morning and ISIS in Libya had grabbed a large part of Libyan territory – the same kind of blitzkieg, on a smaller scale, than we saw in Iraq.”

The grim assessment came just weeks after Obama blamed concern over ISIS attacks on media coverage…..continue reading….

AS we say in Israel in Hebrew: זה ברור….is it clear?

BESIDES, few can seriously argue that the U.S. military, the most fearsome army in the world, doesn’t possess the ability to lay ISIS to waste, and many times over. Come on…nonsense. After all, how could it be that the Nazis were subdued, yet, ISIS is left standing by a military machine which has become much more lethal? The point being, it all comes down to who the perceived enemy is. Hint: It’s not ISIS in particular, nor militant Islamic jihad in general!

BUT to gain a better grip relative to the ins and outs of the outlined treachery, it is mandatory to absorb particular timelines. They are cited below.

  • From the onset, the so-called “Arab Spring” ignited the Mid East in February 11, 2011. This was no accident. Incontestably “Directive 11” reveals the dastardly betrayal.
  • Within the same (almost) exact time frame, Syria’s civil war and HUSSEIN Obama’s illegal invasion of Libya took place, March 15 and March 19, 2011 respectively. Say whaaat??

TO wit, the questions become: What are the chances that three MAIN fires in the region – catapulting from Egypt, to Libya, to Syria and beyond – weren’t deliberately set? and to whose benefit did said upending(s) accrue? 

ALAS, fast forward to DEBKAfile Intelligence’s April 3, 2016 report, and the smoke and mirrors show begins to lift – at least for those who are unfamiliar with this site!

Report: Obama ignored 2012 CIA plan for Assad ouster before ISIS rise

Former CIA officer, Doug Laux revealed in an NBC interview that in 2012, senior CIA officials were pushing a multi-tiered plan to engineer Bashar Assad’s’s ouster.  As the eyes and ears on the ground for the CIA’s Syria task force, he says he spent a year in the Middle East interviewing Syrian rebels and intelligence officers and then wrote an “ops plan.” He was not allowed to describe the plan, but he said that his program “had gained traction” in Washington. “We had come up with 50 good options to facilitate that. But political leadership…hadn’t given us the go-ahead to implement a single one,” said the former CIA officer.

TAKE a minute, and let the CIA officer’s words sink in. Okay.

AGAIN, HUSSEIN Obama’s treachery was revealed this week for public consumption in an NBC interview on April 3, 2016, as to a positive confirmation that not even one out of 50 good options were approved (in 2012) to crush ISIS before it exploded throughout the region and beyond. Now, it bears repeating, as noted in this site’s Nov. 2014 analysis cited above: 

LEST there be any misunderstandings, if not for the consequences generated from Benghazigate, Sunni Brotherhood jihadists – of which ISIS are part and parcel of, on whose behalf Barack HUSSEIN Obama ordered the largest weapons-running operation in Mid East history – would not be knocking on America’s door, nor Israel’s. Others as well. Nevertheless, as an American-Israeli, both nations are my top priorities. Hands down.

IN other words, if NOT for HUSSEIN Obama’s purposeful neglect (“hadn’t given us the go-ahead to implement a single one,” said the former CIA officer”), ISIS would be DOA in 2016!!

READERS, it is abundantly clear that the leader of the free world (and surrogates) is responsible for the rise of ISIS, as this investigative journalist established over several years. Yes, on July 7, 2015, he admitted (for whatever reason) as much in the following video link, however, the White House immediately attempted to “walk it back”: Hmm.

REGARDLESS, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to the fast-paced fires in the Middle East, most are at a loss re the (seemingly) bizarre chess moves made by HUSSEIN Obama, all his jive-talk notwithstanding. 

ON the one hand, it would appear counter intuitive to support ISIS (a Sunni Brotherhood outgrowth of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) yet, refuse to dislodge Syria’s Assad (as outlined and requested by Washington’s security heads in 2012) who is propped up by their main rival, Iran’s Shia Hitlerite regime who are fighting them to the death! Indeed, centuries-long enmity will continue for time immemorial, and it is just the way it is. So don’t bother yourselves over their internal bloodletting. 

EVEN so, as evidenced within House of Bribes, HUSSEIN Obama is ensuring that Shia Iran attains nuclear-armed status under his protective umbrella. Thus, how can such a world-class, game-changing move jive with leaving ISIS intact, as they gain even more territory and control and go from strength to strength in the dirty bomb arena too?

SIMPLY put, committed Islamists, like their Marxist/communist/socialist counterparts, have one goal uppermost in mind: The total destruction of the west, that which necessitates America’s complete downfall. As is known, HUSSEIN Obama is both a committed Marxist and an Islamist. Absolutely, one does not cancel out the other.

MIND you, on a related geo-political note, does anyone really believe that Putin re-gained a foothold into the Middle East – after decades of being left out in the cold after WW 2 – through “poor” missteps made by HUSSEIN Obama? Of course not. Moreover, who recalls the open hot mic between HUSSEIN Obama and Russia’s former President Dmitri Medvedev re “flexibility”? Well, said communication took place in March 2012 and the timing couldn’t be more relevant. Nor, as reported, was it exclusive to missile defense. Indubitably, it was precisely hot on the heels of HUSSEIN Obama’s Middle East wildfires. Hmm. 

INTRINSICALLY, to make “sense” of the Middle East’s wildfires and chessboard, westerners must cease viewing events through a rational and logic-based prism. Rather, militant Islamic jihad’s catapult must be evaluated through a double-edged lens: Its own internal dynamics, coupled with the mischief created by “interested” parties. Most importantly, Islamic jihad’s (Sunni and Shia) swathe inside the Middle East must be considered its primary laboratory, all the seemingly inexplicable twists and turns notwithstanding. Resultant, the blow back onto Israel, Africa, Europe, and the rest of the west is ultimately aimed towards America. Once she falls, the rest is easy peasy.


MOST significantly, from HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic and anti-American perspective, ISIS’s supremacy in the Middle East in no way obviates Iran’s ability to secure itself as a nuclear power to assert its hegemony. As always, Sunni and Shia will band together as “brothers-in-jihad”, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

NEVERTHELESS, ISIS – part and parcel of the Brotherhood Mafia – has already implanted into Washington’s power centers, unbeknownst to the general public. Never mind their dressage in fancy suits and ties, this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. 

EFFECTIVELY, wiping out ISIS in the Mid East’s operational theater (whereby Syria is its primary base of operations) would be counter productive, relative to HUSSEIN Obama’s plans to bring down “Amerika.” After all, where is it easier to freely plot, plan, test and devise modes of take-down, other than in open territory under ones grip and control?  

AS stated, they are embedded under HUSSEIN Obama’s protective wings within Washington (and outside its immediate confines), however, that doesn’t mean that they are free to execute this and that at will. Just view the multitude of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists (be they acknowledged as ISIS, or a variation thereof) presence on U.S. soil akin to “hiding in plain sight” – for now. 


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Obama’s Brotherhood Plans Revealed: “Directive 11” To Overturn Mid East! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVER since this site’s inception, one of its main goals has been to connect the insidious effects of the red/green alliance, as attested to within the last paragraph of the aforementioned “About” link. Concomitantly, it became mandatory to put in place building blocks which would prove that HUSSEIN Obama is working on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. By any yardstick, this has not been an easy task, albeit more than necessary. Nevertheless, the ultimate collaboration of the reds and greens must be seen for what it is, despite a total blackout by the so-called mainstream media.

RESULTANT, let’s start with the “spontaneous” eruption of the “Arab Spring”, more aptly, the Arab Nightmare. Without any doubt, it absolutely had to “erupt”, to take root, to usher in the main objective: the installation of Islamist regimes (as opposed to nationalist) which would fully adhere to Shariah Law, and without any exceptions. Know this: busting apart Libya was key. Wait and see.

INDEED, the overarching goal – HUSSEIN Obama’s and the Brotherhood Mafia’s – is to sweep the region with one “successful” overturn after another, thus, giving a tailwind across the globe.  End point: the Islamic Caliphate خَليفة .

THE proofs are manifest:


LET’S hark back to what was prognosticated when HUSSEIN Obama shrieked to Egypt’s Mubarak: GO NOW! Alas, this should have been the general public’s first warning of the “winds of change” to sweep across the region.

SPECIFICALLY, Aug. 2012, it was noted: “Coming Full Circle: The Planned Empowerment of The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Under Obama’s Guiding Hands.”


SO due to the alarming nature of the region’s (purposeful) shifting, a piggyback commentary was blared two weeks later: “Every Alarm Bell Is Ringing, Tying Obama’s Hands To The Brotherhood Mafia.”


YET, in between several other postings, the one cited in Nov. 2012 summed up the cataclysm gripping the Mid East: “The Islamist-in-Chief Helped Install Morsi, The Brotherhood’s Point Man For Egypt.”


STILL, underpinning the above necessitated a core action plan; the blowing up of Libya. Yes, it required certain “delicate” arrangements. In this regard, Samantha Powers was a featured poster girl at this site, but not due to any physical attributes. Rather, it was her cooked up scheme via “R2P” (Responsibility To Protect, an oxymoron, since said “protection” led to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands!) that drew this investigative journalist’s attention: “Benghazigate Leads Straight Back To Obama’s Door.”


EFFECTIVELY, the above knowledge base left no doubt as to what led to “Benghazigate’s Stink Bombs Creeping To The Fore”, without which the (“regular”) fiery Mid East would have remained “manageable.” No longer.

IN other words, while others will be oh, so shocked – by the revelation that Obama Inc. fielded a secret Islamist plan to “transform” the Mid East – it was understood, at this end, that this was the case, even in the beginning of 2011.

ONTO “Directive 11”… and its “revelations” from Frontpage Magazine this week … 

Behind the rise of ISIS, the Libyan Civil War, the unrest in Egypt, Yemen and across the region may be a single classified document.

That document is Presidential Study Directive 11.

You can download Presidential Study Directive 10 on “Preventing Mass Atrocities” from the White House website, but as of yet no one has been able to properly pry number 11 out of Obama Inc.

Presidential Study Directive 10, in which Obama asked for non-military options for stopping genocide, proved to be a miserable failure. The Atrocities Prevention Board’s only use was as a fig leaf for a policy that had caused the atrocities. And the cause of those atrocities is buried inside Directive 11.

With Obama’s typical use of technicalities to avoid transparency, Directive 11 was used to guide policy in the Middle East without being officially submitted. It is possible that it will never be submitted. And yet the Directive 11 group was described as “just finishing its work” when the Arab Spring began.

That is certainly one way of looking at it.

Directive 11 brought together activists and operatives at multiple agencies to come up with a “tailored” approach for regime change in each country. The goal was to “manage” the political transitions. It tossed aside American national security interests by insisting that Islamist regimes would be equally committed to fighting terrorism and cooperating with Israel. Its greatest gymnastic feat may have been arguing that the best way to achieve political stability in the region was through regime change.

What little we know about the resulting classified 18-page report is that it used euphemisms to call for aiding Islamist takeovers in parts of the Middle East. Four countries were targeted. Of those four, we only know for certain that Egypt and Yemen were on the list. But we do know for certain the outcome.

Egypt fell to the Muslim Brotherhood, which collaborated with Al Qaeda, Hamas and Iran, before being undone by a counterrevolution. Yemen is currently controlled by Iran’s Houthi terrorists and Al Qaeda.

According to a New York Times story, Obama’s Directive 11 agenda appeared to resemble Che or Castro as he “pressed his advisers to study popular uprisings in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia to determine which ones worked and which did not.”

The story also noted that he “is drawn to Indonesia, where he spent several years as a child, which ousted its longtime leader, Suharto, in 1998.”

The coup against Mubarak with its coordination of liberals, Islamists and the military did strongly resemble what happened in Indonesia. The most ominous similarity may be that the Muslim mobs in Indonesia targeted the Chinese, many of whom are Christians, while the Muslim mobs in Egypt targeted Coptic Christians.

Both were talented groups that were disproportionately successful because they lacked the traditional Islamic hostility to education, integrity and achievement. Islamist demagogues had succeeded in associating them with the regime and promoted attacks on them as part of the anti-regime protests.

Chinese stores were looted and thousands of Chinese women were raped by rampaging Muslims. Just as in Egypt, the protesters and their media allies spread the claim that these atrocities committed by Muslim protesters were the work of the regime’s secret police. That remains the official story today.

Suharto’s fall paved the way for the rise of the Prosperous Justice Party, which was founded a few months after his resignation and has become one of the largest parties in the Indonesian parliament. PJP was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood’s local arm in Indonesia.

His successor, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, was more explicitly Islamist than Suharto and his Association of Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) conducted a campaign against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. It helped purge non-Muslims from government while Islamizing the government and Indonesia’s key institutions.

Habibie had been the Chairman of ICMI and ICMI’s Islamists played a key role in moving Suharto out and moving him in. It was obvious why Obama would have considered the Islamization of Indonesia and the purge of Christians under the guise of democratic political change to be a fine example for Egypt.

While we don’t know the full contents of Directive 11 and unless a new administration decides to open the vaults of the old regime, we may never know. But we do know a good deal about the results.

In its own way, PSD-10 tells us something about PSD-11.

Obama’s insistence that human rights be made a core national security interest paved the way for political and military interventions on behalf of Islamists. Obama had never been interested in human rights; his record of pandering to the world’s worst genocide plotters and perpetrators from Iran to Turkey to Sudan made that clear. When he said “human rights”, Obama really meant “Islamist power”.

That was why Obama refused to intervene when the Muslim Brotherhood conducted real genocide in Sudan, but did interfere in Libya on behalf of the Brotherhood using a phony claim of genocide.

Positioning Samantha Power in the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the National Security Council was part of the process that made over the NSC from national security to servicing a progressive wish list of Islamist terrorist groups that were to be transformed into national governments.

Power, along with Gayle Smith and Dennis Ross, led the Directive 11 project.

Secret proceedings were used to spawn regime change infrastructure. Some of these tools had official names, such as “The Office of The Special Coordinator For Middle East Transitions” which currently reports directly to former ambassador Anne Patterson who told Coptic Christians not to protest against Morsi. After being driven out of the country by angry mobs over her support for the Muslim Brotherhood tyranny, she was promoted to Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

“The Office” is still focused on “outreach to emergent political, economic and social forces in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya” even though counterrevolutions have pushed out Islamists in Egypt and Tunisia, while Libya is in the middle of a bloody civil war in which an alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda controls the nation’s capital.

But even as Morsi’s abuses of power were driving outraged Egyptians into the streets, Gayle Smith, one of the three leaders of Directive 11, reached out to the “International Union of Muslim Scholars”, a Muslim Brotherhood group that supported terrorism against American soldiers in Iraq and which was now looking for American support for its Islamist terrorist brigades in the Syrian Civil War.

The men and women responsible for Directive 11 were making it clear that they had learned nothing.

Directive 11 ended up giving us the Islamic State through its Arab Spring. PSD-11’s twisted claim that regional stability could only be achieved through Islamist regime change tore apart the region and turned it into a playground for terrorists. ISIS is simply the biggest and toughest of the terror groups that were able to thrive in the environment of violent civil wars created by Obama’s Directive 11.

During the Arab Spring protests, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit had told Hillary Clinton that his government could not hand over power to the Muslim Brotherhood. “My daughter gets to go out at night. And, God damn it, I’m not going to turn this country over to people who will turn back the clock on her rights.”

But that was exactly what Hillary Clinton and Obama were after. And they got it. Countless women were raped in Egypt. Beyond Egypt, Hillary and Obama’s policy saw Yazidi women actually sold into slavery.

Directive 11 codified the left’s dirty alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood into our foreign policy. Its support for Islamist takeovers paved the way for riots and civil wars culminating in the violence that birthed ISIS and covered the region in blood.

And it remains secret to this day.

IN no uncertain terms (cited ad infinitum), in order for HUSSEIN Obama’s Libyan “action plan”, the illegal invasion, to take effect in March 2011, the “Arab Spring” had to serve as its catalyst. Consequentially, it “com-busted” in Dec. 2010 in Tunisia, spreading like wildfire across the Mid East and back into North Africa. As is said, the rest is history! The body count is in the many hundreds of thousands, and rising at an exponential rate. Hmm.

CONCLUSIVELY, it takes a solid grounding in geo-politics and Mid East dynamics, coupled with an understanding of the underpinnings of both political Islam and basic Koran dictates, to be able to expose the connecting dots, “the plan.”

THUS, considerable heavy-lifting is done at this site, but it is a labor of love for America and Israel. The fact that the rest of the west is aided in the process is a bonus.

MOST significantly, the findings within have yet to miss their mark. They are at your disposal. Utilize them!

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