THE element of “intent” in criminal law is not for nothing. It is as basic as it is primary. And alongside said spectrum of criminality, mens rea, the mental component, is part and parcel thereof. Yes, while this commentary is not the place for a full-on discourse re this arena of criminal law, suffice to suggest that the following will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that HUSSEIN Obama meets said burden of proof. Mind you, even though his modus operandi is that of a lying contortionist, he still won’t be able to jive-talk his way out of said charge. Simply put, he IS guilty via malice aforethought. 

GRANTED, it is not enough to expect others to believe this and that just because this investigative journalist asserts as much. Hardly. However, it will be proven through multi-tier “action plans” that HUSSEIN Obama not only facilitated the rise of ISIS (aka ISIL…he is known to apply said moniker and it is purposeful, but it is directed at Israel, another indicator of his ill intent) ala DIRECT facilitation “set-ups”, but he ripened the conditions for ISIS to explode all over the Mideast and beyond. In effect, he created the conditions, prepped the groundwork, and then let loose – with malice aforethought – those he knew would rise to the jihadi group’s top-tier! Mind you, the above is neither hyperbole nor smack-talk. It is the G-d’s honest truth.

MOST significantly, on July 7, 2015, the Jihadi-in-Chief admitted that he ordered the training of ISIL forces! You got that??

PATRIOTS, let there be no doubt: The above linked video clip is akin to a “straight out of the horse’s mouth” admission…slip of the tongue….Freudian utterance….whatever. Regardless, what matters is that this is a slam dunk case, at least in a non-captured regime it would be. Even so, this site amassed so many elements pointing to his guilt, it seems a shame not to tie up any so-called loose ends.

IN this regard, before we segue to the treacherous Taliban trade, let’s recap the building blocks.


IN Aug. 2015, it became crystal clear that the devil was in HUSSEIN Obama’s handiwork, so to speak. The following was assessed:

IT is always gratifying to find out that straight shooting and high level security professionals have arrived at the same general conclusions as this Muslim Brotherhood expert and investigative journalist.

INTRINSICALLY, the aforementioned is in reference to the part played by Obama Inc. in “setting the stage” for the rise of ISIS, and its eventual declaration as the Islamic Caliphate. Well, said assessment may have appeared a tad “conspiratorial” in certain quarters, when first expounded at this site. No matter. No longer.

EFFECTIVELY, let’s hark back to particular dots which were previously connected, going as far back as 2013.

LET’S be clear: HUSSEIN Obama’s State Department, in tandem with the CIA, created ISIS. For the stated record, soon after Benghazigate blew up, this investigative journalist analyzed the following knock-on effects throughout several commentaries but summed up its basis in a recent report:

AS the world stares transfixed by the speed in which ISIS captured Ramadi and Palmyra, it must be internalized where the hydra-like monsters spawned from. This knowledge base will explain how they catapulted into top-dog status. Forthwith, let’s begin connecting the dots. It is only by taking the time to do so that we can properly extrapolate what HUSSEIN Obama’s game plan really is.


ALAS, it was previously asserted (Oct. 2013), while assessing the illegal war into Libya – with Benghazigate as its outgrowth – that the main objective was a weapons-running operation F/B/O Syrian Sunni jihadists and the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Caliphate-driven. Concomitantly, the Brotherhood is the parent of al-Qaeda and ISIS is its offshoot.


MOREOVER, as the region started to melt down after Obama Inc’s. adventure into Libya, requisite players realized that Iraq’s forces were in no position to stand up to ISIS without multiplying its force power. Therefore, what else did they expect the knock-on effects of said quasi-intervention in Iraq would be, other than a complete mowing down by ISIS? Huh and duh…continue reading

SO as repeatedly proven, ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq, andal-Qaeda is a product of the Brotherhood Mafia. Simple as that….

RESULTANT, why wouldn’t the very same “benefactors” of ISIS (al-Qaeda/MB alike) train a so-called Islamist “police commander” – plus countless others – rather than deny them elite training on U.S. soil too? Rhetorical.

A fighter with the Islamic State group in a new online video was trained in counterterrorism tactics in the U.S., the State Department confirmed.continue reading….


SO, yes, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that his actions on the ground led to ISIS’s (ISIL’S) emergence as a force to be reckoned with. In any case, very few understood what was really behind the Traitor-in-Chief’s insistence to swap Bergdahl, an army deserter and traitor, for high value and target-rich Guantanamo Taliban terrorists. The worst of the worst. Intrinsically, if one’s overriding goal is to assist “Brothers-in-Arms”, setting them free makes perfect sense. It rendered them available for other “services”, and this does not include teaching knitting and quilting! Indeed, their battle-hardened “skill-sets” were needed to lead ISIS! A win-win – for HUSSEIN Obama and ISIS!

ALAS, back in Feb. 2015, it became necessary to tie up the loose ends of this deadly deal at this site. As expected, HUSSEIN Obama became further entrapped in its noose. He should hang…

ENTER Allah’s White House Muslim Terrorist!

AS patriots await the official (Allah-wash) report regarding Bergdahl’s (military-related) status, there are certain facts which are indisputable. We will get to that.

BUT intertwined with the upcoming Pentagon’s evaluation – re the aforementioned deserter and traitor – underlies the “logic” behind trading him for top Taliban leaders.

IN this regard, it begs the question: why would the leader of the free world trade any soldier, let alone one with “questionable” loyalty, for high value, prized terror leaders? Well, if one’s leanings are Islamist-infused, the question becomes the logical inverse: why not? Not only that, but the kinship felt with a like-minded Islamist U.S. soldier makes the trade that much sweeter. Irresistible.

If past and present behavior patterns – of both Gitmo terrorists and the Jihadi-in-Chief – are predictors of future behavior, it goes without saying that HUSSEIN Obama will predictably release the remainder of the TOP Gitmo terrorists. Absolutely, his surrogates are working towards this end, even thoughmany already set free have re-joined Islamic jihad !

BUT never mind, let’s not quibble. Besides, keeping jihadis behind bars is a far cry from what “Allah’s (White House) Muslim Terrorist” has on tap. Not at all.

IN the meanwhile, as a matter of record, he has INCREASED the luxuries at “Camp Gitmo”, yes, luxuries, even though they are the worst of the worst. Say what?

THEREBY, what do patriots think about their renegade Commander-in-Chief providing the likes of top al Qaeda terrorists, Abu Faraj al Libi and Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, with SKYPE video conferences with their families, for starters? They are hardly the only Gitmo beneficiaries of HUSSEIN Obama’s (taxpayer-funded) bounty….read the whole thing….

TO wit, how shocked are readers that at least 3 of the “swapped” terror honchos are now TOP dogs for ISIS?

Remember when Obama committed treason by bypassing Congress and swapping five high-value detainees for one American traitor?

Remember the speech Obama gave last week telling Americans that we must take on ISIS?

Put together the two and you have a case for charges of treason against Barack Hussein Obama.

It is being reported that at least 3 of the 5 detainees involved in the swap have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq as commanders and are using that rank to usher in an “Islamic Caliphate” (a Sunni Islamic Theocracy – contrary to Obama’s claims that ISIS is not Islamic).

The “Taliban 5” who were transferred from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to custody in Doha, Qatar, are Mohammad Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Norullah Noori, and Mohammad Nabi Omari. They have largely disappeared from view since they were dropped off in Doha, but eyewitnesses place Fazi, Wasiq, and Noori in Iraq and Syria fighting with ISIS.

AS always, to file proper criminal charges and gain a solid conviction, the question always wends back to “intent.” Therefore, according to the above – and what else is known about HUSSEIN Obama’s national betrayals – did he, or did he not, INTEND to uplift the creation of the Islamic State?

NOW, this doesn’t require genius level mental acuity, for heavens sake. It is not a “problem set” akin to quantum mechanics or the like. Thus, based on the evidence presented, the answer requires a simple YES he did, or NO he didn’t. And if partisan politics gets in the way of the truth on Capitol Hill, well, said aiders and abettors should be tried as accessories – for starters!


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