Obama, Israel’s Enemy, Islam’s Best Friend;Committed To Israel’s Destruction.PM Netanyahu’s Failure Of Leadership…The Guideposts…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

President Barack Obama

REPEATEDLY, ad nauseum…ad infinitum…this site has warned: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a clear and present danger, not only to America and Israel but to western civilization. That’s a mouthful.

AGREED, in general, such a sweeping statement sounds so over the top it is easy to dismiss it as hyperbole. Crazy-talk. Alas, have no fear, this blogger remains in good company. A stalwart American patriot, ex Rep. Colonel Allen West, has publicly stated the same thesis.

On Wednesday, former GOP Rep. Allen West minced no words,calling Barack Obama an “Islamist” whose administration is “working counter to the security of the United States of America.” And, he added, “all” of the evidence points to that conclusion.

According to West, that is the only way one can rationalize Obama’s actions regarding foreign policy, especially on matters pertaining to the Middle East. He cited six specific examples:

  1. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
  2. Providing weapons of support to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government — F-16s and M1A1 Abrams tanks — but not to the Egyptian government after the Islamist group has been removed.
  3. Negotiations with Qatar and Turkey, two Islamist-supporting countries.
  4. Negotiations with Hamas, a terrorist group.
  5. Returning sanction money, to the tune of billions of dollars, back to the theocratic regime led by Iran’s ayatollahs and allowing them to march on towards nuclear capability.
  6. Obama’s evident support of Islamists in Libya.
MANY others are finally jumping on board. Better late than never. Welcome to “Adina’s world”. Heartburn.
YET, even when the proofs are so overwhelming and manifest, countless still equivocate, preferring to deny the obvious by burying the evidence in the sand. On the other side of the spectrum, the verily malignant agree with said anti-western outcome! Damn them…
FOR the absolute record, being that this site’s inception coincided with the campaign for 2012, several high decibel shout outs came from this quarter.  
Shout Out One:
WITHOUT mincing words, this blogger predicted: ushering in Barack HUSSEIN Obama for a second-term would be nothing short of a national disaster. To wit, how’s that for a prognosis, as America keeps sinking further down the abyss since his re-election?
Shout Out Two:
Shout Out Three:
TRAGICALLY, three weeks after his re-election it was mandatory to recap, once again, the awaiting western disaster: treason by any other dressage is still treason; the POTUS and his Brotherhood Mafia! As prognosticated in Nov. 2012, the level of treachery, in a little less than 2 years, has come to pass. How could it not?
NOW, exposing the Muslim Brotherhood is a top priority for this investigative journalist and ground zero is always the best place to begin the hunt. Resultant, in relation to the Islamist-in-Chief, even if one attempts to ignore his childhood Wahhabi roots, his adult alliances are more than resonant.
CONSIDER his close relationship with (the late, non-lamented) Edward Said, an Islamist and close collaborator with the godfather of suicide terror, “Chairman” Arafat! Yes, having connections with some who “watched” Said’s reign of terror from his perch at Columbia U., it should be understood: what is written about him, re his anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-western activities, is merely the tip. Let us leave said “birdies” out of the mix. Nevertheless, the following speaks volumes but just scratches the surface:
IT is within said association(s) and mental prism that one must view the Islamist-in-Chief’s latest treachery. Visceral hatred. Obama’s, for lack of a more accurate descriptor, fu-k you to Israel.

A new report reveals that US President Barack Obama’s administration stopped a shipment of missiles to Israel late last month and tightened weapons shipment procedures to Israel, as tensions between the two nations grow amid Operation Protective Edge.

The report in the Wall Street Journal, released Wednesday night, cites US officials in Obama’s administration, who say they discovered Israel had requested a large number of Hellfire missiles directly through military-to-military channels. An initial batch of the missiles was about to be shipped, according to sources in Israel and the US Congress.

At that point, the Pentagon stepped in and put the transfer on hold. Further, top White House officials instructed various US military agencies to consult with the US State Department before approving any additional requests from Israel.

A senior Obama administration official was quoted in the report as saying the transfer shouldn’t have been a routine “check-the-box approval,” given Israel’s defensive operation in Gaza against Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US.

The decision to clamp down on future transfers was the equivalent of “the United States saying ‘the buck stops here. Wait a second…It’s not OK anymore,'” said the official.

A Israeli defense official confirmed the reports to Walla! on Thursday, saying “the US delayed a shipment of Hellfire missiles to the Israeli airforce.” He added “apparently it was (done) on the background of national tension” with Israel.

Obama has been at odds with Israel over the defensive operation in Gaza, making various attempts to press Israel into accepting a truce with the adamant terrorist organization of Hamas. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly responded to the pressure by telling the administration “not to ever second guess me again,” after Hamas committed one of its many ceasefire violations.

Currently a new five-day ceasefire has come into effect as of Wednesday at midnight, with Obama calling Netanyahu shortly thereafter to push for a“sustainable” ceasefire.

According to US officials cited in the Wall Street Journal report, the Wednesday night phone call between Obama and Netanyahu was “particularly combative.”

“Discovering” military-to-military arms transfers

The report noted that on July 20, ahead of the Hellfire missile cancellation, the IDF asked the US military for various munitions such as 120-mm mortar shells and 40-mm illuminating rounds, without the knowledge of Obama’s administration.

Three days later the request was approved by the military, without Obama or US Secretary of State John Kerry being approached for approval, given that their approval was not required for such a transfer.

A US defense official added that the standard review process in such requests was properly followed.

The transfer without Obama’s unnecessary approval was followed by asimilar incident ahead of the Hellfire cancellation, which occurred the same day as the July 30 IDF strike on terrorists adjacent to a UN school, which the US slammed as “disgraceful.

In response, the IDF confirmed it targeted Islamic Jihad terrorists in the vicinity of the school. Previously the IDF provided video evidence that Hamas fires rockets from inside schools; further, UNRWA schools have been used in at least three cases to store Hamas rockets, after which UNRWA repeatedly returned the rockets to Hamas.

On the same day as the UN school strike, US reports said the 120-mm and 40-mm rounds had been released by the US army to the IDF, with one Obama administration official saying “we were blindsided.”

A US defense official responded, saying “there was no intent to blindside anyone. The process for this transfer was followed precisely along the lines that it should have.”

Demonstrating the tense ties between Obama’s administration and Israel, a senior official of the administration told the Wall Street Journal “we have many, many friends around the world. The United States is their (Israel’s) strongest friend.”

“The notion that they are playing the United States, or that they’re manipulating us publicly, completely miscalculates their place in the world,” added the official.

The US decision to tighten down on arms transfers to Israel comes as the UK is threatening similar actions. On Tuesday, the British government threatened to suspend 12 arms export licenses to Israel if fighting resumed in Gaza.

Lessons Learned:

THE fact of the matter is that if one truly subscribes to professional (and personal) integrity and honesty as ones barometer, one cannot, one dare not, let PM Netanyahu (other top Israeli leaders too) off the hook, in relation to “taking care of urgent business”. How so? For if “Bibi” had any inclination to finally end Hamas’s reign of terror – their decade-long missile attacks upon Israel’s population centers – destroying Hamas’s top leadership, their command and control center, is a prerequisite to said victory. In effect, such an operation, according to top Israeli military experts, should have taken place the first week of Israel’s latest – out of numerous such “campaigns” – smoke and mirrors show. This site’s high level defense-related contacts concur. Understood? 

INHERENTLY, the heavy-duty ordinances needed for such an operation have always been at the ready, current re-supply needs notwithstanding. Yes, hell fire missile “hold ups” by the Islamist-in-Chief are the mark of an avowed enemy. Let there be NO doubt. 

The Obama administration has tightened its control of arms transfers to Israel, requiring White House and State Department approval for even routine munitions requests by Israel, according to the piece.

“Instead of being handled as a military-to-military matter, each case is now subject to review – slowing the approval process and signaling to Israel that military assistance once taken for granted is now under closer scrutiny,” the story said.

The report came out on the same day that the Istanbul-basedHurriyet Daily News reported that the US cleared a potential $320 million advanced medium-range airto- air missiles sale to Turkey “amid increasing security risks in the region.”

STILL, the question begs: why wait until supplies run low, if, in fact, the goal is to put an end to the attacks? Common sense dictates that enough missiles be reserved for the coup de grace, not for the “tit for tat” responses, or the bizarre, counter-intuitive, mantra “quiet will be met with quiet”. Truly, when operating against a genocidal foe, what kind of rational leadership would ever adopt such an Orwellian “strategy”?  Indeed, as a result, Israel’s missile supplies are wasted on attacking empty buildings via the smoke and mirrors show, all the unintended, yet unavoidable, collateral damage beside the point.

REGARDLESS, in reality, Israel’s PM (for a host of reasons, best left for another discussion) has decided in the negative to remove the threat in its entirety, and will accede to as many “case-fires” as it takes to keep from toppling the top terror leadership. Believe it – or not. 

NEVERTHELESS, the above Israeli malfeasance towards its majority Zionist public does not obviate Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s palpable hatred. It just gives “Bibi” a tailor-made excuse for not FULLY vanquishing an admittedly genocidal foe. History will be the judge….this American-Israeli is just stating things as they are. Period.

MOST significant of all, the heretofore leader of the free world is aiming for America’s and Israel’s jugular, whatever it takes! Concomitantly, the rest of the west will fall. That’s the plan… almost on track!

THE fact that Washington effectively owns (you read that right) Jerusalem’s decision makers (for decades) makes the Islamist-in-Chief’s task that much easier. Hmm…the ever “elusive” IDF victory, at least since 1973, understood for what it is. More succinctly, for what it isn’t!

Islamic Jihadi Sacrifice; Its Explosive Religious Origins; What It Means For Western Civilization In General & Israel In Particular…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Those who possess more than a cursory understanding of Arab/Muslim terror, also know that its genesis is rooted in Islamic fundamentalism; the underlying tenets of Sharia Law.

And while PA Arab terrorists spawn from a variety of splintered factions, a preponderance are Islamic adherents in toto. As a matter of factual record, ever since the accursed Oslo “Peace”/Death Accords – demonstrably delineated as Professor Louis Rene Beres deconstructs the tangled narrative of the “peace” process – the very same PLO/PA/Fatah “peace” partners, currently sitting across the table from Israel’s delusional leaders, were birthed from the PFLP’s Marxist roots. Their godfather, “Chairman” Arafat, received his KBG tutelage under their Marxist umbrella. You know, the very same terror leader who received the Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize, as he spoke from the halls of the UN with a schmatta on his head and a pistol holstered to his hip, proudly cursing the PA’s erstwhile partners for “peace”! Twisted insanity.

Never mind. More specifically, PA Arab terror is thoroughly documented…here, as the “peace” train chugs alongthere, even though UN thugs bestow “statehood” upon Jew-killers…and everywhere, the always elusive quest for “peace” resulting in additional Jewish graves, with the “lucky” ones escaping maimed for life!

In addition to all the above, the core construct, the inherent thesis, to Islamic jihad revolves around “religious” sacrifice, duly codified within my mentor’s analysis below. Learn its lessons well. It will pierce much of the veil.

Part I: Terrorism, “Palestine” and Religious Sacrifice

Terrorism, “Palestine” and religious sacrifice meet at a dangerous crossroads for Israel and all of mankind. An article in three parts.

Prof. Louis René Beres

Once upon a time, the Palestinian terror movement against Israel was plainly “multipolar.” With substantially more constituent centers of regional power, a frankly common Palestinian ideology was unnecessary. In those “early days,” going all the way back to 1948, what really mattered was a conspicuously expressed antipathy to “The Jews.”

In some ways, at least for Israel’s self-declared Palestinian enemies, those early days were a sort of Dickensian “best of times.” Under a broadly welcoming canopy, Palestinian “diversity” was able to emerge and reign triumphant; even certain atheistic and Marxist elements were then generally permitted to make collaborative cause with “Islamic fundamentalists.” Emphasizing operational collaboration, no particular ideology was encouraged or allowed to become a singularly dominant or hegemonic orthodoxy.

In short, regarding policy matters of the Palestinian terror movement, convenience and mutuality of interest defined both the guiding standard, and the unifying watchword.

Here, history is clear. An apparent largesse was evident even inside Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the umbrella terror group formed in 1964. Significantly, that was three years prior to the Six Day War, hence, three years before there were any so-called “Israel Occupied Territories.”

What was the PLO actually seeking to “liberate,” during those three particular years?

This is not a minor, or outdated query. It is a distinctly core question, one that should now be asked, especially of  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and U.S. President Barack Obama.

The answer, of course, was (and remains) all of Israel, all of the micro-state that is still identified on both Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas maps, as “Occupied Palestine.” But, today, despite an enduringly bitter “bipolar” schism between the two principal surviving Palestinian factions, there are compellingly new requirements for permission to join in the exterminatory battle against Israel. More precisely, all prospective Arab “liberators” must now first accept and meet a qualifying litmus test of Islamic purity.

Now, only Jihadists, only those who are properly in Ribat (religious conflict, fighting for “Islamic land”), can participate meaningfully in the divinely-mandated  “armed struggle.” The overall fight, it follows, has changed from being a preeminently secular and tactical conflict, to one that may wittingly ignore all of the more ordinary or usual strategic imperatives. This all-consuming “struggle,” expressed as terror, is founded upon certain overriding commitments to “sacred violence.”  In other words, it is, most essentially, a present-day expression of religious sacrifice
For the Palestinian terror movement against Israel, violence and the sacred remain inseparable.
Basically, the relevant “anthropology” is straightforward. For the Palestinian terror movement against Israel, violence and the sacred remain inseparable. Indeed, religious sacrifice is what Palestinian insurgency is now ultimately all about.

Looking even more deeply, Palestinian terrorism, in the fashion of all religious sacrifice, is intended to protect the Palestinian community from its own violence. By carefully choosing victims outside itself, the terror-sacrificers are thereby able to erect a suitably protective cordon sanitaire, prevent outside “contagion,” and expectedly restore harmony to their otherwise explosive community.

In the Islamic Middle East, religion instructs Palestinians as to what must be done to stave off any insufferable intra-communal harms. The main lesson is focused on the surrogate victim, here, the “Israeli,” the “Zionist,” or the “Jew.” Sacrificed by a thoroughly primal religious dogma that merely masquerades as politics, it is inevitably this proxy victim of terrorism, and this scapegoat alone, who can presumably rescue the terrorists from themselves.

Vital foundational links between religious sacrifice and violent insurgency have had a long and potentially instructive history. To acknowledge and gain useful insight from this pertinent chronology, we may look back to ancient Greece, specifically, to Plutarch.

The first century biographer’s Sayings of Spartan Mothers, names the proper female parent as one who had deliberately reared her sons for civic sacrifice. Such a venerated Greek mother was always relieved to learn that a son had died “in a manner worthy of his self, his country and his ancestors.” On the other hand, those “unworthy” Spartan sons who had failed to live up to this enviably bold standard of sacrifice, were carefully singled out for both unqualified reprimand, and community-wide humiliation.

One woman, we may learn, whose son had been the sole survivor of a disastrous military engagement,  killed him brutally, with a tile. Culturally, it seems, this was then the only fitting punishment for his incontestable cowardice. Later, the eighteenth-century Swiss (Genevan) philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, citing to Plutarch, described another citizen-mother’s tale as follows: “A Spartan woman had five sons in the army and was awaiting news of the battle.  A Helot (slave) arrives trembling; she asks him for the news. `Your five sons were killed.’  `Base slave, did I ask you that?’ The slave responds: `We won the victory.’  The mother runs to the temple, and gives enthusiastic thanks to the gods.”

But why relate these seemingly irrelevant tales from ancient Greece? The answer is simple. There are serious lessons here for Israel, especially as U.S. President Barack Obama continues unhesitatingly to reinvigorate the “Road Map.”  Even now, it is impossible to deny that the deepest roots of Jihadist terror originate from cultures that display similar views of sacrifice.

In these largely adversarial and mostly Arab cultures, the key purpose of sacrifice always extends beyond any presumed expectations of civic necessity. This rationale goes directly to the very heart of individual human fear; that is, to the palpable and mesmerizing locus of existential dread.

Here, today, in the Arab Middle East, terrorism, as sacrificial practice, has become a sacred expression of religious obligation.

In these largely faith-based cultures, sacrifice derives, in part, from a desperately hoped-for conquest of personal death. Above all, by adopting such practice, the Jihadist terrorist expects, often desperately, to overcome or conquer his own terrifying mortality.

Even Palestinian-American terrorist, U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, actively sought the death sentence for his murder spree at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. As he explained in open court, “If I die by lethal injection, I would still be a martyr.”

What could be more clear? What earthly promise could possibly be more gratifying than a pledged conferral of immortality? What promise could possibly be easier to understand?

Although still widely unrecognized, especially in the United States, there can never be any greater power in world politics, than the power to overcome death….Part II: Terrorism, “Palestine” and Religious Sacrifice explored herein.

Louis René Beres, educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971), publishes widely on world politics, terrorism, and international law. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on August 31, 1945, he is the author of some of the earliest major books on nuclear war and nuclear terrorism, including The Management of World Power (1972); Transforming World Politics: The National Roots of World Peace (1974); Terrorism and Global Security: The Nuclear Threat (1979); Apocalypse: Nuclear Catastrophe in World Politics (1980); Security or Armageddon: Israel’s Nuclear Strategy (1986); and Israeli Security and Nuclear Weapons (Geneva, Switzerland, 1990). His recent articles have appeared in such publications as The Harvard National Security Journal (Harvard Law School); International Security (Harvard University); The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence; The Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs; The Jerusalem Post; US News & World Report; and The Atlantic.

The Islamic conception of immortality is key to understanding their obsession with blood sacrifice, be it through taking part in the explosion of infidel body parts, or “martyring” themselves directly through self explosion/immolation, with the intent to murder as many unclean/impure as possible. A win-win proposition in their Allah-infused immortality-seeking death dance.

To wit, suicide bombing is the highest form of Islamic sacrifice. That’s a (death) wrap.