Seth Rich’s Murder + Obama/Clinton Cartel’s Body Count = “Mysterious” Deaths & Threats. Dropping Like Flies. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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ANY individual (over the age of majority) who happens to possess average intelligence (no, the intellect of a rocket scientist is hardly a factor), and comports themselves via a code of moral integrity, should be able to discern that a preponderance of politicians are morally bankrupt. In fact, the lack of a principled compass IS a job prerequisite, that is, if one chooses to immerse into the cesspool of power politics. Phew. Not only that, the so-called halo attached to high-level public service has long since lost its luster. For, in reality, many ‘public servants’ become overly greedy while in office. So much more so, when they ‘retire’ and enter the private sector, they head toward positions as highly paid lobbyists and ‘guns for hire.’ Whores. In reality, many would sell out their mothers!

THIS being established, there are countless politicians who are beyond the pale, and it is irrespective of their political ideology. But what remains a constant threat is: ‘power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Its author, 19th century British politician Lord Acton, pegged it. Nailed. Besides, opining otherwise is the stuff of fools or knaves. Pick your poison.

RESULTANT, let’s be even more honest: how many sentient readers didn’t get that sinking feeling, the hair-raising sensation, the knot in the pit of the stomach – or what not – upon hearing about Seth Rich’s murder on July 8, 2016, alongside all the other ‘mysteriously convenient’ dead bodies piling up at Obama’s and Clinton’s doors? And even if one isn’t privy to all the ins and outs, the fact remains that each and every ‘liability’ ends up DEAD – young, middle-aged and those who have seen better days!

NOT only that, all of the above – in one way or another – have been on this site’s radar from the get-go, to a degree in which certain quarters were getting nervous at said in-your-face exposure. Disinfectant. By the by, messages were sent (this way and that way), warning, to cease the ‘conspiracy-mongering’, as if this site just made sh-t up! Did you ever come across such gall?? 

EVEN so, whereas the captured media, as always, remains in ‘blackout mode’ (whenever the truth juts up against their pet narratives, as they spread ‘fake news’, 24/7, frothing at the mouth to indict Trump over everything and anything imaginable) over verifiable revelations re Rich’s murder via wikileaks, let’s just go back to sleep. Never mind. This investigative journalist is beholden to none in the establishment, therefore, let the following serve as backdrops, before reconnecting the dots ala the ‘new’ news:


The videos were secretly recorded for the Saudi Royale by Huma Abedin and intercepted by Anonymous while she was transferring them via a well known file sharing site. The hackers confronted Huma about the videos and she agreed to give the anonymous hacker information about the Democratic National Committee from a DNC insider, if he would agree not to expose her. The insider she introduced him to was none other than Seth Rich, the DNC employee who was recently found murdered in July.

AGAIN, how many times, how many ways, has this investigative journalist pointed to (since 2012) the same criminal and Islamic-bent conspiracy, one which ensnares both Clinton Inc. and Obama Inc.?? Rhetorical…..

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MOVING right along to the here and now….from none other than the straight shooting site of Allen West.

The untimely and mysterious death of 27-year-old Democrat National Committee staffer Seth Rich has stirred up a storm of questions and theories.

27-year-old Rich was shot in the back in Washington D.C. on July 10, the apparent victim of an attempted “robbery” despite the fact that no possessions were taken.

Earlier this week, Julian Assange appeared on Dutch television and implied that Rich was one of the sources of the DNC email link. Wikileaks then offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of his killer.

It has since emerged that Rich’s family is now being represented by Brad Bauman, whose LinkedIn page lists his roles as, “Managing a crisis communications and full service public relations firm,” and “Providing strategic communications advice to Democratic candidates and labor unions.”

>Earlier today, Wikileaks tweeted, “Seth Rich’s new “family spokesman” is Brad Bauman a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.”

The very fact that Wikileaks is still talking about Seth Rich’s murder and his family’s representation by a Democratic Party operative clearly suggests that the whistleblower organization thinks there may be a cover-up taking place.

As USA Politics Now highlights, the rhetoric coming from Rich’s parents seemed to change suddenly after Wikileaks put up the $20,000 reward. The concern seemed to immediately shift from finding Rich’s killer to shutting down “conspiracy theories” about his death.

Bauman put out a statement on behalf of the family asking for the public to, “refrain from pushing unproven and harmful theories about Seth’s murder,” accusing those who do of “attempting to politicize this horrible tragedy.”

Has Brad Bauman been tasked by the Democratic establishment with silencing uncomfortable questions about Seth Rich’s murder?

Wikileaks, which yesterday published tweets suggesting that Assange himself might be a target of assassination, clearly thinks that something sinister is afoot, otherwise it wouldn’t keep drawing attention to the issue.

Why did Seth Rich’s family apparently hire someone who, according to his own LinkedIn page, specializes in crafting messages to manipulate media coverage? The family seemed to be communicating with the media perfectly adequately before Bauman arrived on the scene…

But of course, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

YES, “what difference, at this point, does it make”, as crooked Hill infamously intoned after the catastrophe of Benghazigate. Dead is dead!  

AS per the death toll from the Bonnie & Clyde of American politics, who can count so high?

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POTENTIALLY, those who (mis)lead from the tippy top of the American helm are capable of turning the world upside down. Concomitantly, they must always remain suspect – guilty until proven innocent, as opposed to the opposite rule of American justice. Incontestably, it is an absolute fact that none wield as much power at their fingertips. Alas, this has its (potentially) positive benefits alike. 

SO for all of the leadership’s dangerous flaws, the nation is still the greatest force for good, that is, if liberty is deemed sine qua non. To wit, whither it goes, so too does western civilization. No doubt.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, shouldn’t the media (whichever nation they are a part of) be held to account, if they dare to cover up the leadership’s crimes, accomplice-like?

BUT for the fact that the Clinton Cartel (as the predecessor of Obama Inc.) tipped the scales toward the ‘standard for depravity’ to the bowels of hell, this site (alongside others in alternative media) would hardly need to execute so much heavy-lifting. Exhausting. Sigh, nappy time will have to wait. Still yet, and not to digress, please realize that behind many dogged ‘hunters and diggers’ stand ‘significant others’ who may – or may not – support such a brutal (often, thankless) reporting load. Alas, to the one who stands behind yours truly, oh man, couldn’t do it without your (moral) support and patience of a saint! Thanks for that, and so much more. Much gratitude.

SO, fellow patriots, how about lending a helping hand (a finger….even a toe will do) by taking a page out of Obama’s and Clinton’s machine-like cookbook, starting with studying ‘Lesson Plan 101’: “HUSSEIN’s (Clinton’s) ‘Shadow Government’ Via OFA Shock Troops: Leftist Thugs Prep, Islamists Align. Yes, Patriots, This Is War!”

KNOW that ‘taking the high road’ won’t cut it, as comforting as it would be. But, if in doubt, just think about this calculus: in the midst of a ‘do or die’ battle, who would you rather be beside you to guard your back – the one holding the knife, or the other with a load of ammunition? It is not even a close call. In other words, where are patriotic counter-forces on the streets, raising counter hell?? 

HIDE nor hair!

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Islamic Jihad Rears In Texas:Saudi Rams Explosive-Laden Vehicle Into 502nd Air Base…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


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TRAGICALLY, the more one witnesses Islamic barbarism the more one becomes immune to its effects. As time marches onward their monstrous behavior feels like “business as usual”, and with its ability to shock less and less. Yes, the above descriptor is akin to the battered wife syndrome but on a macro scale, whereby the Muslim ummah terrorizes the entire west on steroids! 

SIMILARLY, leftist revolutionaries implant threats in every sphere they seek to dominate. Bogeymen-like. While a big portion of their intimidation invariably materializes, some of it is basically designed as strong-arm tactics – do this, or else. Inherently, both leftist/reds and Islamist/greens count on a trait within human nature; one which deconstructs mental defenses via constant pressure points, be it of the physical or verbal variety. In fact, radical reds have their own bible of sorts, their guiding force, Rules For Radicals:

* RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist. (Perception is reality. Large organizations always prepare a worst-case scenario, something that may be furthest from the activists’ minds. The upshot is that the organization will expend enormous time and energy, creating in its own collective mind the direst of conclusions. The possibilities can easily poison the mind and result in demoralization.)

SO too Islamic jihadists depend upon similar tactics. While swathing wreckage wherever they implant their feet, they are also mindful that westerners are as afraid of what “may” happen, as much as they are of what has already happened. The fear of the unknown is a leverage like none other. 

IN this regard, even their fellow Muslims – those who prefer a more secular outlook, actually non-religious Muslims – who refuse to toe the line are targeted. To wit, no one is safe from their clutches:

A prominent Egyptian-German author has gone into hiding after Islamist hardliners in Egypt called for his death, accusing the writer of insulting Islam.

The threats against Hamed Abdel-Samad came afterhe told a conference in Cairo earlier this month that “religious fascism” can be traced back to the origins of Islam, when the Prophet Mohammed’s followers were urged to destroy pagan idols. 

That provoked a sharp reaction from Islamist hardliners on television and social media. Assem Abdel-Maged, a prominent member of the ultra-conservative Gamaa Islamiya party, described Mr. Abdel-Samad as an infidel.

“He has blatantly taken a stab at Islam, he must be punished by death,” Mr. Abdel-Maged said during an appearance last week on Al-Hafez, a privately-owned religious channel.

THUS, it should hardly shock that jihad against “infidel” America is up-ticking, especially with one of their own implanted in the People’s House. Yes, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Islam’s best friend.

BESIDES, how many acts of domestic Islamic terror will it take for the threat to be identified by western leaders and poohbahs? But never mind. Regardless, the following is a select rendering out of innumerable:

DESPITE all of the horrific information cited above, the attendant dangers are much worse, if you dare imagine. They include “hidden cells” operating out of plain sight and waiting for the orders to strike, when least expected. This is not hooey and phooey talk. It is America’s dire reality…burrowed in its heartland and in all points in between!

AND aside from all the known jihadi compounds/cells (detailed in the aforementioned links), how about the newly discovered ones:

The depositions revealed that MOA has a previously unknown property outside of Anchorage, Alaska. They also confirmed the existence of an additional New York property, as well as California and Michigan locations.

The Deputy Director of MOA, Hussein Adams, is the son of terrorist Barry Adams. During questioning he was unable to provide evidence which would indicate a lack of reasonable basis for the defendants’ claims.

While MOA officials denied assertions that they are a terrorist organization, they refused to provide basic information regarding the group and their activities.

They contended that the group kept no records, with director Adams asserting that he did not know the names of those on the town council at their flagship location, Islamberg. The identity of the person entrusted to issue checks to pay the organization’s bills was also unknown, according to director Adams.

MOA is the umbrella organization operating 22 “Islamic villages” nationwide, including “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas

YES, Texas, once again….keep reading…

ALAS, every time it rears its head the Jihadi-in-Chief’s official mantra is one or the other, or a combination of both: Islamic mandated jihad is coined “workplace violence” , but certainly NOT related to Islam. Period. Case closed.

Israel Defense Forces's photo.

HMM…self explanatory…

SO how surprising was it that another “peaceful” follower of Islam woke up one morning, loaded his car with explosives, got behind the wheel and decided to ram into a Texas air base? Do pig’s fly? Is Islam capable of reforming?


CBS  Officials at Fort Sam Houston say they’ve taken into custody the driver of a vehicle that military officials say contained explosive materials, and which sparked a lockdown at the San Antonio Army base. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that the lockdown was being handled by military police, and the sheriff’s department had no units assigned to the case.

Alex Delgado, spokesman for the 502nd Air Base Wing, says in a statement that the lockdown was lifted Sunday night after officials decided it was safe to return to normal operations. It wasn’t clear how long the person taken into custody would be held or if charges would be filed. Nobody else was in the vehicle.

Military officials told KCEN-TV that the man that drove through the gate at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio was a Saudi National and that explosive materials were found in the vehicle. The unidentified man was taken into custody and officials are still trying to determine his motive. Military officials are not yet calling this an attempted terrorist attack.


According to the city of San Antonio’s website, the base was established in 1910 — the ninth-oldest Army installation in the country. Fort Sam Houston now encompasses 3,000 acres and is home of military medicine and part of Joint Base San Antonio

WE all know that Obama Inc. is busy stirring up race riots related to Ferguson, we get that. But one would think that explosive jihadi threats should be front and center on the national burner. Agreed?

LET’S be very clear here: Obama Inc.’s spinmeisters will make sure that doubt is sowed, as to whether or not there were even explosives in his car to begin with. Allah washing. Guess what? This site assures there were, in so far as trusted investigative contacts have affirmed as much.

Now, whom are you gonna believe: the lying and captured media or this site?


DeClassified-Dozens of Vessels Surrounded Benghazi When Clinton Ordered Stand-Down

WHATEVER lies the POTUS and Hillary Clinton (in tandem with others) attempt to weave, re culpability for the American blood spilled in Benghazi, well, plug your ears and feign dumb and blind. 

From the get go, there has been no doubt where the onus lies. And, if Benghazigate appears like “yesterday’s news”, there is a damn good reason for it. In fact, the captured media has ensured that little coverage, or any grains of truth, spills forth. No matter. This is where alternative media comes in and why this site is operating to begin with; to pull back the curtain and reveal what authentic Conservative and Zionist underpinnings demand. Free of charge.

That being said, let’s refresh some of the aforementioned spin and shed some much needed spotlights…to get us from there to here:

Spotlight One:

Benghazigates’s nuggets always required thinking outside the box, in effect, leading to the missing pieces of the indictment.

Spotlight Two:

In this regard, if the Pyromaniac-in-Chief and his ex Sec of State, Hillary Clinton, didn’t require cover ups, why would they be hiding witnesses, changing their identities and polygraphing CIA survivors on a repeated basis? Indeed.

Spotlight Three:

Moreover, if the following isn’t enough to land Hill in jail (with adjoining cells for most of this criminal regime) can’t imagine what will: yes, there are direct Muslim Brotherhood links to Hill & Bill, and they lead straight back to Benghazigate! Surprise, surprise…her gal pal, Huma Abedin, is DEEPLY in the mix!

To be sure, this site weaved the threads together, not soon after the bloody jihad took place. Granted, this site’s clues had some holes, but no longer. They fit like a jigsaw puzzle – bloody hands and all!

Hillary Clinton Implicated In Benghazi Murders

The Butcher of Benghazi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has blood on her hands: the blood of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen Doherty.

This according to a scathing report entitled “Breach of Duty: Hillary Clinton and Catastrophic Failure in Benghazi,” put together by Special Ops OPSEC, the same group that produced the viral documentary Dishonorable Disclosures.

Western Center for Journalism has analyzed this groundbreaking report and found that Hillary Rodham Clinton has indeed been implicated in murder.

Watch our exclusive video for all the details about “The Butcher of Benghazi Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

PLACING a further stake through the lies from Obama Inc., along comes what some of us knew all along, yet could hardly prove it – until now!

DeClassified-Dozens of Vessels Surrounded Benghazi When Clinton Ordered Stand-Down

Thursday, February 13, 2014 – VIDEO

We have heard over and over from The Obama administration during Congressional hearings  that there wasn’t enough time to respond with our military to try and help save American lives that were involved in a firefight  during the Benghazi terrorist attack on Sept 11, 2011.  Well, it turns out that wasn’t true. Judicial watch has just released in in a new report that they have  obtained an unclassified navy map of all the naval ships positioned in the area around North Africa, and Guess what, this new map contradicts the Obama administrations claims of saying they didn’t have military assets in the area that would make it in time to help our ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff fight off a terrorist attack.

JW Gets Map of Military Fleet Positions During Benghazi Attack

Dozens of vessels were stationed in the region on that day, including two aircraft carriers (Dwight D. Eisenhower and Enterprise), four amphibious ships, 13 destroyers, three cruisers and more than a dozen other smaller Navy boats as well as a command ship. Carriers are warships, the powerhouse of the naval fleet with a full-length flight deck for aircraft operations. During the Benghazi attack, two carriers were based to the east in the Arabian Sea, the Navy map shows.

Two amphibious assault ships (Iwo Jima and Gunston Hill) were situated to the east in the Gulf of Oman and one (New York) was in the Gulf of Aden, the map shows. A fourth (Fort McHenry) was located on the west side of the African continent in the Atlantic Ocean. Amphibious ships resemble small aircraft carriers and have air-craft strips for vertical and short take-offs and landings. The destroyers are scattered throughout the region, but the closest appear to be four (Cole, Forrest Sherman, Jason Dunham and Aboon) in the Mediterranean Sea north of Libya. The rest of the fleet includes cruisers, minesweepers, patrols and a command ship.

The map was provided to Judicial Watch by retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Randall R. Schmidt, who is investigating how the military responded to the Benghazi attack. Schmidt flew jet fighters during his active duty and says there’s no reason the military could not have efficiently responded in Benghazi. Schmidt got the map after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Navy asking it to identify the location of all its assets in the region on September 11, 2012

ASIDE from the travesty of Benghazigate, the idea that this monstrous woman would ever become POTUS, well, shiver the free world timbers. Mind you, the above only matters if there is anything left of America’s carcass to put back together, especially after the reign of Obama Inc!  

Besides, how many times does one have to tie Hill to the Brotherhood Mafia to understand her inexorable nexus, both politically AND business-wise. Treasonous.

It gets worse. What kind of (ex) Sec of State turns the other cheek, when pedophilia and other risky business takes place under her domain? Rhetorical.

DUMP her as a contender…she belongs in jail, not in the People’s House!!