Islamic Foxes Burrowed Deeply Within U.S. State Dept: Posing as “Diplomats”, As Clinton & Abedin (Others) Serve(d) As POTUS’s Helping Hands…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Rumblings from assorted contacts have been heard – ever since this blog’s inception – that Obama Inc. is Allah deep in recruiting Muslims for postings at the State Dept. And even though the head “foxette”, Huma Abedin, has been front and center herein, the rest of the saga has yet to be told at these pages, until now. Tie-ins to “this and that” had to develop.

So now that a proper investigation into Benghazigate is off and running, a long overdue public airing is coming full circle. With  Americans reeling from Boston’s jihad, it behooves outing another Islamic putsch into the American body politic – a dagger straight into its heart – which will surely blow back with another urban jihad.

Yet before we head to the core of the matter, do recall what has been cited here and there: 

The Islamist-in-Chief has been assiduously propping up the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia from the onset of his first term, and his “outreach” in Cairo (with the Brotherhood Mafia sitting front and center and Mubarak a “NO show”) must be seen as our reference point…our green bow and arrow –

In this regard, the “Arab Spring”, really an Arab Nightmare, is playing out all over the Mid East and beyond. Its tentacles reach into western interests, wherever they reside. As such, Boston was their opening shot for urban jihad – It goes without saying,  placing lipstick on an Islamic pig via State’s postings will hardly tame the Muslim beasts in far off lands. For if this is their goal, surely the first line of inquiry should be: does the applicant have ANY connection to “this and that” Islamic terror-tied group, even those who are indicted (some non-indicted) co-conspirators to the Holy Land Foundation trial, yes, THAT trial…the one in which tentacled terror hydras (mostly) operated out of 555 Grove Street, Herndon, Virginia! You know, the same jihadis who lecture FBI, local law enforcement, Pentagon employees and every official organ in between – For some much needed background and disinfectant, commence your journey herein:


  • U.S-based Islamic charity shut down by authorities in 2001 for funding the terrorist group Hamas

Established in 1988 (under the name “Occupied Land Fund”) by Shukri Abu Baker, Mohammad El-Mezain and Ghassan Elashi, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) was a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable trust headquartered in Richardson, Texas. It also maintained branch offices in New Jersey, California, and Illinois. Its name change took place in 1992.

Calling itself America’s largest Islamic charity, HLF purported to be a source of help for needy Palestinian Muslims in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority (PA). “Our mission,” stated its website, “is to find and implement practical solutions for human suffering through humanitarian programs that impact the lives of the disadvantaged, disinherited, and displaced peoples suffering from man-made and natural disasters.” In reality, however, the Foundation was a major financier of the terrorist organization Hamas.

In its earliest days, HLF received a $200,000 cash infusion from Ghassan Elashi’s brother-in-law Musa Abu Marzook, the Hamas senior political leader and Virginia resident who would be deported in 1997 for his involvement in six terror attacks in Israel that killed 47 people. By 1989, HLF had already sent nearly $1 million to Marzook and Hamas co-founder Ahmed Yassin (to the latter through an account called the Islamic Center of Gaza — another ostensibly charitable entity used by Yassin to finance Hamas activities).

HLF’s precursor, the Occupied Land Fund, was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document — titled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” — as one of the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

Also named in the Muslim Brotherhood document were:

Suspicious of its terrorist ties, U.S. federal authorities began monitoring the Holy Land Foundation in 1996. On September 5, 2001, federal anti-terrorism agents raided InfoCom Corporation, the company that ran the HLF website. According to defectors from the conspiracy, the HLF web server was used also by the American Muslims for Jerusalem. the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Society of North America, and the Muslim Students’ Association of the U.S. and Canada. As Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz writes, “All these organizations drew from the common financial and technical pool at HLF. All shared a single administrative and technical contact for the maintenance of the web server. They had been erected as political shells around the Hamas hydra-head represented by HLF.” (Support for Hamas had become illegal in 1995 as the result of an executive order by President Bill Clinton and subsequent congressional action.)

On December 4, 2001, the Bush administration seized all HLF assets and records because of its Hamas connections. Said President Bush at the time: “Hamas has obtained much of the money that it pays for murder abroad right here in the United States, money originally raised by the Holy Land Foundation. The Holy Land Foundation … raised $13 million from people in America last year. … Money raised by the Holy Land Foundation is used by Hamas to support schools and indoctrinate children to grow up into suicide bombers. [It] is also used by Hamas to recruit suicide bombers and to support their families.”

In July 2004, federal authorities arrested five former HLF leaders: Mufid Abdulqader (the half-brother of Hamas’s supreme political leader, Khaled Mashal); Shukri Abu Baker (HLF’s co-founder and former President and Chief Executive); Ghassan Elashi (HLF’s co-founder and former Board Chairman and Treasurer); Mohammed El-Mezain (HLF’s co-founder and former Board Chairman); and Abdulraham Odeh (HLF’s former New Jersey representative). In a 42-count indictment, these individuals were charged with providing material support for Hamas terrorists to the tune of $12.4 million over a six-year period, and more than $57 million since the late 1988. Two more ex-officials of HLF, Haitham Maghawri and Akram Mishal, managed to escape U.S. jurisdiction and are considered to be fugitives.

According to the indictment, HLF tried to hide its terrorist-financing activities from American law-enforcement by making a few small contributions to innocuous, non-Palestinian entities while reserving the vast majority of its funds for terrorists. As Shukri Abu Baker told his underlings: “We can give $100,000 to the Islamists and $5,000 to the others.” Another HLF program, masquerading as charitable support for needy families and orphans in Palestinian territories, is said to have channeled money to families whose relatives had been killed or captured while waging jihad; some of them were suicide bombers.

In December 2006, two openly pro-Castro organizations — the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Humanitarian Law Project — jointly petitioned a federal judge to dismiss many of the charges brought against HLF.

On July 23, 2007, HLF’s leaders went on trial. Seven principal individuals were charged with twelve counts of providing “material support and resources” to a foreign terrorist organization. Additionally, they faced thirteen counts of money laundering and thirteen counts of breaching the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which prohibits transactions that threaten American national security. Along with the seven named defendants, the government released a list of approximately 300 “unindicted co-conspirators” and “joint venturers.”

Among the unindicted co-conspirators were groups such as the Council on American-Islamic RelationsHamas, INFOCOM, theIslamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the North American Islamic Trust, and the United Association for Studies and Research. The list also included many individuals affiliated with theMuslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas. Among these were Mousa Abu MarzookOmar AhmadAbdurahman AlamoudiYousef al-Qaradawi, Abdallah AzzamJamal BadawiMohammad JaghlitAbdel Aziz Rantisi, and Ahmed Yassin. Thirty-nine directors, employees and representatives of HLF were also named.

On October 22, 2007, after a two-month trial and nineteen days of jury deliberation, Judge A. Joe Fish declared a mistrial because the jury had been unable to deliver unanimous verdicts and had failed to convict on a single count brought against the defendants.

When the government retried the case a year later, prosecutors made several key adjustments. Most notably, they dropped somecounts against particular defendants; they called several new witnesses; and they displayed three exhibits which Israeli military officials had seized from the Palestinian Authority (PA). Those exhibits demonstrated that the PA, like the U.S. government, clearly considered HLF to be a Hamas funder; that an HLF-supported charity committee was fully controlled by Hamas; and that the defendants were well aware that whatever money they were raising in the U.S. was earmarked for Hamas.

On November 24, 2008, the jury convicted five former HLF officials — Mufid Abdulqader, Shukri Abu-Baker, Ghassan Elashi, Mohamed El-Mezain, and Abdelrahman Odeh — of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.

STILL, if State needs any assists, they can ask this blogger for help in ferreting out “this one and that one”. Have a treasure trove of listings of the “who’s who” in Islamic terror activities. 

Onto the meat…

‘Report: Obama ‘covertly recruiting’ Muslims as diplomats’

Special to

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is said to have been quietly
recruiting Muslims to serve as U.S. diplomats.

Judicial Watch said the Obama administration was hiring Muslims at the
State Department. The fiscal watchdog said the recruitment
was part of the administration’s outreach to Muslims to work for the federal

“The Obama administration is covertly recruiting Muslims to work at the
State Department as Foreign Service officers representing the United States in one of 265 American embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide,” Judicial Watch said.

In a report on Jan. 31, Judicial Watch said the administration sought to
use the new Muslim recruits to bolster Washington’s relations with the rest of the world. The organization said the recruitment was headed by Mark Ward, deputy special coordinator in the State Department’s Office of Middle East Transition.

“Ward held a 90-minute seminar at a recent convention sponsored by two
groups — Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America — with known ties to radical Islam,” Judicial Watch said.

The two Muslim groups have been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The
Investigative Project on Terrorism identified the Muslim American Society as the U.S. chapter of the Brotherhood, with headquarters in Egypt.

“Besides being a citizenship duty, there are benefits that Muslims can
add to the American Muslim community and the global Muslim world by joining the U.S. Foreign Services,” a statement by the Muslim American Society said in late December 2012. “This session will shed light on the different career opportunities for Muslim youth in the U.S. Foreign Services Department. It will also clear any concerns that many people have feared about pursuing in this career.”

It remains to be seen wherein lies the tipping point, and how much longer their infiltration/penetration will be tolerated. But this much appears to be on the horizon: future urban jihads will not go down as tepidly as Boston’s. In an overall sense, the jihadi tactics may very well be similar, but the response from some Americans more than likely very different. In effect, the jihadists within Washington’s underbelly might be as shocked by “Middle America’s” response, as will Muslim American Islamists “hiding in plain sight” – at least this is what plugged in types have been intimating.

Time will tell.

The Outgrowth & Symbiosis of Obama Inc’s (Washington’s) Embrace Of The Brotherhood Mafia: Al-Aqsa (Terror) TV Garners “Newseum” Accolade…Cause & Effect…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s western propaganda arm, chiefly ensconced in America to prep the ground for submission to Allah via Sharia Law. But in order to do so it must inculcate its message via stealth jihad and concomitant subliminal messaging, but only until they become strong enough to impose their will in a frontal manner. All in due time.

Their operational methods are incontrovertibly similar to the Nazi Party’s use of “doublespeak” (not to be lost in this discussion, Muslim/Arab regimes learned to utilize the “art of propaganda” from Hitler’s state organs), and few are unfamiliar with the Nazi’s fealty to its usage, described herein: 

“Propaganda is the art of persuasion – persuading others that your ‘side of the story’ is correct. Propaganda might take the form of persuading others that your military might is too great to be challenged; that your political might within a nation is too great or popular to challenge etc. In Nazi Germany, Dr Joseph Goebbels was in charge of propaganda.Goebbels official title was Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment….

As Minister of Enlightenment, Goebbels  had two main tasks:

to ensure nobody in Germany could read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party.

to ensure that the views of the Nazis were put across in the most persuasive manner possible.

To ensure success, Goebbels had to work with the SS and Gestapo and Albert Speer. The former hunted out those who might produce articles defamatory to the Nazis and Hitler while Speer helped Goebbels with public displays of propaganda.

To ensure that everybody thought in the correct manner, Goebbels set up the Reich Chamber of Commerce in 1933. This organisation dealt with literature, art, music, radio, film, newspapers etc. To produce anything that was in these groups, you had to be a member of the Reich Chamber. The Nazi Party decided if you had the right credentials to be a member. Any person who was not admitted was not allowed to have any work published or performed. Disobedience brought with it severe punishments. As a result of this policy, Nazi Germany introduced a system of censorship. You could only read, see and hear what the Nazis wanted you to read, see and hear. In this way, if you believed what you were told, the Nazi leaders logically assumed that opposition to their rule would be very small and practiced only by those on the very extreme who would be easy to catch.”

In this regard, read the following report, but do internalize how the U.S. came from there to here, with special emphasis placed upon Obama Inc’s march toward a red & green tyranny – . Its contents will (hopefully) bring fast swirling events into sharp relief.

DEBKAfile Intelligence – May 11, 2013

Washington’s Newseum in its annual tribute to journalists who died reporting the news plans to honor  Mahmoud Al-Kumi and Hussam Salama, who were killed by an Israeli air strike Nov. 20, 2012. They were employed by Al-Aqsa TV, an outlet designated by the US Treasury in 2010 a terrorist organization “financed and controlled by Hamas,” whose content is “designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.” Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said Americans should be outraged over the recognition of Al-Kumi and Salama as journalists. “Hamas is a designated terrorist organization responsible for the murders of at least 26 American citizens, including children,” Kirk said. “I would urge the Newseum to reconsider this decision.”

And despite all the tangible evidence linking said terror-journalists to “martyrdom”, Museum poohbahs are sticking to their story, yes, they too must be deemed “journalists” –

Alas, every cultural center necessitates an outstretched hand when fundraising season comes due, even if partially gov’t funded. Patriots, it may be time to start a “BDS”-type movement of our own: let us call it the “AASL”, the Anti-American Shit List”; a list of all those who come knocking for donations, yet in spite of hard evidence refuse to protect American/western interests. To wit, slam your checkbooks!

Bear this in mind: Hamasnicks, on whose behalf the so called journalists “martyred” themselves, should be atop the readership’s list of concerns. Don’t become lulled into a false sense of security, thinking they’re just Israel’s headache. Their parent, Egypt’s Brotherhood Mafia, is deeply connected to Boston’s jihad (the Brotherhood is “all for one, one for all”, regardless of place of origin, whether Sunni or Shia when it comes to slaughtering non-Muslims) and will also be part of the next urban jihad, even if less than six degrees separated – Recall, Al Qaeda is a progenitor of the Brotherhood. In effect, all Islamic jihad is subordinate to the Brotherhood. They are the Godfathers. Period.

Indeed, supping with the (Islamic) devil takes on ever more prescient meaning, as Washington’s news museum negates/erases all boundaries between good vs evil. It is entirely befitting that America’s corrupt media is now revealing itself (through its dedicated museum) as the immoral bankrupt force that it has become.

In fact, it matters not a whit to their denizens that the gov’t mandated said entity a terror organ, though bereft of any substantial heft. Most significantly, they also realize that said designation doesn’t amount to squat. Why? They are fully cognizant of the front and center placemark held by Al-Aqsa TV’s patrons, the Brotherhood Mafia, within all of Washington’s power corridors and beyond. Can even hear (in the mind’s eye) the Brotherhood’s laughter resonating through many of Washington’s corridors, even ringing throughout the People’s House.

And this is where the rubber meets the road; the cause and effect of said infiltration/penetration by Islamic overlords, deeply enabled by leftists at their service – surprise is that it only took a little over a decade, since 9/11/01, for the submission to become (near) complete. Dare this blog assert: even CAIR and its terror offshoots are shocked by the shortened timeline, in as much as they are prepared to wait as long as it takes, even a hundred plus yrs. How fast time flies…and in the direction of Allah’s soldiers!

UPDATE: and no one should think that financial pressures, duly applied against them, didn’t have an impact…but no matter, they are bereft of any moral campus, therefore, this blog’s recommendations still stands, despite their opportunisitc volte face –

The Opening Of A Pandora’s Box: Martial Law Via Jihad In Boston…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blog differs in almost every conceivable way with the views expressed by ex Rep Ron Paul, and it serves no purpose to detail said listing. Nevertheless, suffice it to say, the main construct of “limited government” offers one intersection of the “meeting of the minds”. Besides, even a broken clock is right once…or twice…so let us just chalk up Paul’s most recent alarm bell, regarding the advent of “martial law”, as another such commonality.

That being said, the underlying subtext of Boston’s jihad is so much more than hunting down Islamic jihadists; a task which Obama Inc. is absolutely ill suited for, simply by dint of their allegiance with said offenders – It is akin to tasking rogue cops to secure law and order…more than a fool’s (dangerous) errand.

And so Americans are not only confronting urban jihad in all its fiery effects, but the tangible back-hand of “mama Janet’s” re-vamped security forces to a readied “martial law” mega force  ( But even those who have yet to be fully readied – the “civilian force” in-the-making – are part of the same preps –…and you may want to see them priming for action –!!

IF you can still keep your head upright, you will want to see what else DHS is up to, as ANOTHER training video puts gun owners and assorted “bitter clingers” in the regime’s cross hairs –

‘Martial Law Comes to America?’

by PETER FARMER May 2, 2013

Given the grim casualty figures – some 280 wounded and three dead – of the April 15th Boston Marathon terrorist bombing attacks, it is appropriate that our thoughts are with those most-affected by this cruel atrocity. However, even as we feel compassion for the victims and attempt to help the survivors rebuild their lives, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture and the issues at stake in the aftermath of the attack. The Boston terrorist attacks should trouble every thoughtful American – and not only because of the innocent casualties.

As a massive manhunt to catch the perpetrators of the attack got under way, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick – in cooperation with Mayor Thomas Menino and local, state and federal authorities – imposed an involuntary lockdown upon the city of Boston, home to more than 625,000 people and the metro region of greater Boston, home to 4.5 million people.

As detailed in a story [1] by recently-retired Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., the citizens of the region were subjected to armored vehicles in the streets, heavily-armed paramilitary police, warrantless door-to-door searches, and families forcibly evicted at gunpoint from their homes without probable cause.  Businesses were forced to close and regional transportation effectively halted. Electronic road signs over area expressways cautioned motorists to go inside and “shelter in place.”

What is “shelter in place,” you ask? The short answer is that it is the police state telling you to go inside and remain there until you are given permission to come out. “Shelter in place” is a catchy little euphemism crafted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to obscure the fact that martial law had just been declared – and that you, dear citizen, had been placed under house arrest.

In due course, suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a shoot-out with police in Watertown, MA, and his brother, Dzhokhar, was wounded and later taken into custody. These two men, both natives of the Chechnya, were the reason d’être and rationale for shutting down an entire city.  

In short order, Governor Patrick and other statists were bragging about the effectiveness of “shelter in place” – only to proven emphatically wrong. Those formations of heavily-armed shock troops were not responsible for locating the suspects. It was after the lock-down was lifted that a private citizen went outside to check his property and discovered the suspect – whereupon he called the police and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apprehended. It is possible, even highly-likely, that the suspect would have eluded the authorities entirely, if not for the efforts of one private citizen. An ordinary person accomplished what thousands of heavily-armed paramilitaries were unable to do.

As Dr. Paul reminds us, it is not the job of government to keep us safe but to protect our liberties. Once we subscribe to the notion that assuring our safety is the central task of government, we place all of our liberties in grave danger – for then the authorities can and will demand restriction after restriction upon our freedoms in the name of safety. The oft-quoted passage by Benjamin Franklin bears repeating, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty no Safety.”

For obvious reasons, the government does not widely advertise its poor performance and lack of success in predicting and preventing terrorist attacks. However, the fact remains that – despite the trillions of dollars in direct and indirect costs spent on domestic and foreign intelligence, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations – the government has been unable to significantly reduce, let alone eradicate terrorism. The failure of the police state in the Boston manhunt is not an atypical event; it is – in many respects – the status quo for government counter-terrorist efforts. Recall that the CIA, FBI and other domestic/foreign intelligence services were caught flat-footed by the September 11th terrorist attacks – despite having the benefit of the advance warning given in the first World Trade Center Towers attacks in 1993 and much-other intelligence besides. The foregoing is not an indictment of those dedicated and diligent professionals (and there are some) working to protect this nation and its citizens, while remaining within the bounds of the constitution; it is simply an acknowledgement of a painful yet necessary truth about the nature of what we face. Just as local police are powerless to prevent all crimes, the authorities are likewise just as powerless to prevent all acts of terrorism.

There is an apt term for many of the security efforts we see about us, such as those in Boston after the April 15th bombings. Some years ago, computer security expert and author Bruce Schneier coined the term “security theater” in his novel “Beyond Fear” to describe the practice of investing in countermeasures intended to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to actually achieve it. Security Theater serves the ends of government; since terrorism directly challenges (and thereby threatens) the perceived legitimacy of the existing political regime and its leaders, even a pro forma show of force serves to strengthen the often-illusory perception that our leaders are in charge and have the situation under control.

In reality, Security Theater does little to improve our safety and much to erode our rights as free citizens. 

If we make the Faustian bargain of trading liberty for safety, we are in effect forging our own chains. Statistically-speaking, one is more likely to die of a bee sting or a lightning strike (to say nothing of a car accident) than by an act of terrorism. The government – federal, state and local – is incapable of stopping these attacks, yet we persist in surrendering our liberties and tax dollars to the authorities in the vain hope that attacks like the one at the Boston Marathon can be prevented. That road ends in only one place – in an all-powerful state in which we are no longer citizens, but subjects ordered about at the whims of our masters. To the extent that safety and security exist in this world, they are found in the exercise of our rights and responsibilities as free citizens. The price of liberty and its benefits is that each of us must assume a degree of risk in an uncertain and sometimes-dangerous world.

A Fox News poll of 619 individuals selected nationally and at random – taken the day after the Boston attacks – asked respondents, “Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?” Forty-five percent answered “no,” while forty-three percent answered “yes,” with the remainder unsure or abstaining. This result represents an inversion of the past polling pattern for this question, which has held since the 9/11 attacks. A similar poll of 588 adults taken on 17-18 April, 2013  by the Washington Post, which asked “Which worries you more – that the government will not go far enough to investigate terrorism because of concerns about constitutional rights, or that it will go too far in compromising constitutional rights in order to investigate terrorism?” Forty-eight percent replied that they were worried that the government will go too-far, versus forty-one percent who believe that the government has not gone far-enough. These polling data seem to confirm that Americans fear terrorism less than they fear the loss of their constitutional rights, and that they have finally begun to notice – and to chafe under – the severe restrictions placed upon their liberties since 2001.

A right unexercised and unused is soon lost. At the very earliest opportunity, please remind your elected representatives and other government officials that reducing or abolishing individual liberties and constitutional rights in the name of safety is utterly unacceptable – and that any official – elected or appointed – who supports such efforts will face the consequences at the ballot box and in court. The declaration of martial law in Boston represents a de facto warning shot – a harbinger of things to come – if lovers of liberty do not arise as one in defense of their age-old rights as free men. 

Obama Inc. is more than prepared for the pre-designed “killing of the dollar” with all its attendant blow back, therefore, they understand the expected result – civil unrest on a massive scale –

Thus, previous alarm bells blared by Northeast Intelligence Network must be revisited in the above context…time for a re-cap –

And most tellingly, Governors of 23 states (at last count) have re-activated State Defense Forces – “As of 2010, 23 states and territories have organized State Defense Forces (SDFs) with approximately 14,000 people serving in them.  SDFs were established by federal and state law at the very beginning of our country’s history.  They have played important roles over the years in helping to defend our nation, however, due to many state budget deficits, SDFs are becoming a thing of the past…..”  however, get this, Obama Inc. is threatening to charge them with treason for utilizing enshrined law to protect their State’s interests! – Color this American-Israeli suspicious, but could it be that “mama Janet’s” ammo sprees are designed for said showdown, if it comes to that?

Pay heed, or not.

SEAL TEAM SIX Spars Off Against Obama Inc: A Ringside Seat For One & All. OMG! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just when you thought the skeletons couldn’t rattle any louder, along comes a head-on collision between Obama Inc. (mostly effete, well coiffed, over weaned, self preening pansy types, whereby the most “action” they encountered probably occurred on campus debate teams, and this just describes the male contingent…don’t get this blog started on their female counterparts)  and SEAL TEAM SIX, no less!

And for those who are unfamiliar with their prowess, their forces are warriors among warriors, considered the most hard core fighters, even among special ops – Fellow Israelis, they are comparable to Israel’s Sayeret Matkal  –

That being said, Tom Trento bares all, not unlike via previous postings, whereby Islamic jihadists are always front and center –

Of course (most) readers will recall the co-joined hands between the red/green alliance, as they attempted to muzzle Pamela Geller’s free speech rights, all the while they opined they were the victims of “Islamophobia” –, but Tom Trento smacked them broadside.

And what about the “outing” of John Brennan, you know the same goon from the Islamist-in-Chief’s first term, but now head spook – 

So it is with great pleasure to feature, once again,  a fellow “hunter and digger”, but one who actually has a growing online tv presence! Tom, not at all jealous…well, maybe a teeny bit…

Memo to my growing readership: Tom sent the following instructions…he NEVER fails to deliver the goods, so tune in….

“Adina, the LINK will be live at 9:30am, eastern time, so that you can watch and if you want to embed the code into your site, you can have your readers watch it on your site.”

Title: Extortion 17 to Benghazi to Obama. Description: Thursday 10:00 AM, National Press Club, Washington, DC: Navy SEAL Team VI Families to reveal governments culpability in death of their sons in the fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan following the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound. Live Embed Code

                                  WATCH THURSDAY’S REGULAR

Most significantly, Tom Trento, a highly reliable contact, spills all. As someone known to “take no prisoners”, this blog understands full well why the latest  “explosion”  aired on his show.
So Tom, as always, you hit it right out of the ballpark. You continually bring home trophies for the (patriot’s) home team. Take a well deserved bow!