‘U.S. Medical Research Agency Fires Dozens of Scientists with Financial Ties to China’: Adjunct to: FOLLOW THE MONEY: ‘Biden Center’ at UPenn named in complaint alleging undisclosed China funds – Again, Academia In The (Crooked) Mix! (VIDEO) By Adina Kutnicki

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In a much too little, much too late national security emergency — akin to an absurd and fruitless attempt to slam shut a multiplicity of mega barn doors across the country, that is, after an infinite number of dangerously wild horses have escaped….phew — all of a sudden, the powers that be at the highly corrupt National Institutes of Health (NIH) fired dozens of scientists with secret financial ties to foreign governments, mainly, Communist China. O RLY??

But never mind. Some of us know what’s what and remain unimpressed, to put it mildly! So, just consider the following as a foretaste — all of which, in one way or another, track-back to NIH grants given to scientific labs in academia and a myriad of corrupt adjunct-related entities, namely, the NSF and the DOE.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: ‘Biden Center’ at UPenn named in complaint alleging undisclosed China funds – Again, Academia In The (Crooked) Mix!

Along this twisted trail of corruption and deception — housed within the least deserved trusted halls of power — along comes the latest attempted cover-up through so-called round-ups! In a pig’s eye.

U.S. Medical Research Agency Fires Dozens of Scientists with Financial Ties to China


June 15, 2020

Dozens of scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. government’s handsomely funded medical research agency, have been fired over their secret financial ties to Communist China. It is not clear how long they went undetected or how much taxpayer-funded research they stole, but so far 54 scientists have been booted for failing to disclose a troubling financial arrangement with a foreign government. In the overwhelming majority of cases—93%—the cash came from China, according to an ongoing NIH investigation that started two years ago. Also, in most of the probes the targets were Asian men in their 50s. The bulk of the ousted researchers received generous grants from the NIH, a federal agency with a $41.7 billion annual budget.

The probe, launched in the summer of 2018, is being conducted by Dr. Michael S. Lauer, Deputy Director for Extramural Research at the NIH. It mainly focuses on 285 active grants distributed to institutions in 27 states and 59 cities, totaling $164 million. Investigators singled out 399 “scientists of possible concern” and found that 133 (70%) had an “undisclosed grant” from a foreign government and 102 (54%) had an “undisclosed talents award.” More than 150 committed other NIH violations. Nine percent of the researchers concealed ties to a foreign company and 4% had an undisclosed foreign patent. Around three quarters of those investigated had active NIH grants and almost half of the scientists had at least two grants funded by American taxpayers. Every year the NIH invests tens of billions of dollars in medical research by giving around 50,000 grants to more than 300,000 researchers at more than 2,500 universities, medical schools and other institutions throughout the country. Only 10% of the agency’s budget supports projects conducted by scientists in its own lab in Bethesda Maryland.

Less than a year ago, a congressional investigation found that the NIH is among the government agencies that have long permitted Communists working in the U.S. to steal billions in taxpayer-funded scientific research. Others include the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) national laboratories. For years all have been deeply impacted by Chinese infiltrators stealing valuable research, according to a scathing U.S. Senate report that describes the probe’s findings. Investigators determined that billions of dollars in scientific research funded by American taxpayers has been stolen by China right under our noses and the U.S. government has no viable plan to stop the ongoing theft of the highly valued intellectual propertyIn the meantime, the publicly funded work is helping the Communist nation meet its goal of becoming a world leader in science and technology. “This report exposes how American taxpayer funded research has contributed to China’s global rise over the last 20 years,” the document states. “During that time, China openly recruited U.S.-based researchers, scientists, and experts in the public and private sector to provide China with knowledge and intellectual capital in exchange for monetary gain and other benefits.”

While the Chinese Communists run their illicit operation on our own soil, the federal government’s grant-making and law enforcement agencies do little to stop it, which makes the NIH’s probe long overdue though it only considers a tiny portion of its multi-billion-dollar grants. Besides the FBI practically ignoring the violations, the government research agencies impacted by the costly crimes have failed to develop a coordinated response to mitigate the ongoing threat, Senate investigators found. “These failures continue to undermine the integrity of the American research enterprise and endanger our national security,” Senate investigators determined. China uses hundreds of government-funded talent recruitment plans—specifically mentioned in the new NIH probe—to incentivize individuals engaged in research and development in the U.S, transmit information in exchange for salaries, research funding, lab space and other perks. The Communists then use the American research for their own economic and military gain. An example is Chinese talent recruitment members who downloaded sensitive electronic research files before returning to China, submitted false information when applying for grant funds and willfully failed to disclose receiving money from the Chinese government on U.S. grant applications. One Chinese talent recruitment member removed 30,000 electronic files before heading back home. Another filed a patent based on U.S. government-funded research and hired other Chinese recruitment plan members to work on American national security projects. The NIH has not revealed specifics on the recently fired scientists with ties to China nor have the culprits been identified.

Chinese infiltrators have been stealing valuable research from the U.S. government for decades. In fact, more than 20 years ago Judicial Watch helped expose a Chinese Communist scientist (Wen Ho Lee), who stole nuclear secrets from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, among the world’s largest science institutions and the nation’s key nuclear weapons research facility. The Bill Clinton Justice Department refused to prosecute Lee because then Attorney General Janet Reno claimed the accusations against him were racist. Judicial Watch represented the whistleblower, Notra Trulock, responsible for launching an investigation into Lee’s actions. Trulock was the DOE’s intelligence operations chief and Clinton administration officials defamed him by accusing him of being a racist to cover up Lee’s repeated and embarrassing security violations.

Trust this address: If not for the outright collusion {emphasis placed} between the deep state and the CHI-COM regime (alongside others), there would be no there there.

Indeed, America’s security apparatus — mandated to protect and guard national secrets — have been in bed with the highest levels in officialdom for years, but not to safeguard secrets. Rather, their tasks have been to thwart any, and all, investigations into said threats, red or green aligned! 

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EXPLOSIVE: ‘The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR & Keith Ellison’s Minnesota’: The Intersection Between Rep. Omar & Her Brotherhood Mafia Donor List – Where Is The Nexus? By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}


Many find it impossible to imagine that a coordinated nexus exists between the destructive swathe metastasizing all across America with particular force multipliers; be they inside or outside the body politic. Mainly, this is so because to believe that any linkages exist, well, ipso facto, one is rendered a “conspiracy” theorist, or a facilitator thereof. Hmm. Nonsense. Hogwash. Besides, what better silencer is there, other than shaming the naysayers in the so-called public square?

But never mind. Said “Rules for Radicals” hold no sway at this end. Never did. “Lucifer”, be damned.

To wit, it is not for nothing that a volume of evidentiary tie-ins exist between several investigative reports — some of which date back several years. So, let’s commence our reality-based thinking with three clear-cut analyses at the below links. Then, and only then, the manufactured chaos will make total sense — never mind the so-called  “conspiracy” appellation!

Still yet, before the reader can square the circle, so to speak, the closer than close intersection between Islamist Rep. Omar — yes, recall, it was Minneapolis, her ‘hood, where the “spontaneous” combustion erupted — and BASIM OMAR SABRI, a key terror player, becomes mandatory reading material.

As such, beforehand, it is imperative to internalize the following excerpt from the above link (Feb. 2020) — for it hooks in Islamist Rep. Omar and SABRI to the red-green anarchy that is engulfing the nation. Inextricably, it is not for nothing that today’s “The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR & Keith Ellison’s Minnesota” is front and center.

ENTER….BASIM OMAR SABRI….a convicted felon; a jacked-up Brotherhood Mafia donor who supports and funds another well-connected Brotherhood/Sisterhood Muslima, Ilhan Omar, in their joint effort to destroy America and endanger Israel. As to the exact sum that he “gifts” her campaign, well, that’s in the process of investigation. But the scuttlebutt is: it’s a BIG haul that’s hidden under multiple umbrellas! Mind you, we haven’t gotten to terror-tied Tlaib and AOC’s donor base…..


Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s second largest donor, Basim Omar Sabri, is a convicted felon who owns millions in property that is dilapidated and unsafe, receiving over 180 regulatory violations.

One of Sabri’s properties was “the first Somali mall in the USA” and it collapsed:

Sabri and his friends also celebrate the martyrdom of Palestinian terrorists:

Sabri and his friends also are connected to major Democrat politicians:

continue exploring the terrifying truth-telling nexus here……

Alas, to this end, little could be more eye-opening and jaw-dropping, that is, than absorbing — and to the nth degree — the following prima facie trails, as discomfiting as they are. So, the expert advice within is this: Get comfy, grab some snacks, a drink or two (not the inebriating kind!), and start reading!! Once done, pay it forward….and forward….and so on and so forth….

TIERNEYREALNEWSNETWORK,com By Peggy Traeger Tierney June 2020

The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR & Keith Ellison’s Minnesota

Here’s the truth about this case they don’t want you to know. This article is a work in progress and I will update it often as I learn new information.

It only took the Communists 9 days to engineer Floyd’s death, loot & torch Minneapolis & shut down the Minneapolis police department! They pulled another Jussie & the world fell for it.

Why? So they can build a huge corridor of new public housing & tent cities on Lake Street for absentee ballot mills to control the vote in Minnesota from Hennepin County, dismantle the police & push through cheat-by-mail for the Democrats.

CAIRANTIFABlack Lives Matter, Black Bloc, the Youth Liberation FrontOccupy Wall Street & Sojourners are all front organizations for the Communist Party in the United States. They operate liberal activist groups, fake religious groups, social justice groups & mercenaries whose goal is the overthrow of America.

AG Barr just declared left-wing ANTIFA a terrorist organization. It is a militant group that was started in 1932 by the COMMUNIST Party of Germany. It has since infiltrated and overtaken many other organizations in America.

George Floyd had prior connections to Keith Ellison, Mayor Jacob FreyHollywood, CAIR, Derek Chauvin & Amy Klobuchar.

Keith Ellison is the defacto leader of ANTIFA & CAIR in Minnesota and Ilhan Omar is one of his creations. Keith Ellison & Ilhan Omar use the same “campaign manager” known for his expertise in “foreign money” handling, Tim Mynett.

Ilhan Omar even married Tim Mynett for spousal privilege after she married her gay brother for immigration fraud.

Ellison’s son, Jeremiah, who runs the Minneapolis City Council, just pledged his allegiance to ANTIFA & his plan to shut down the police department & replace it with “community out-reach.”

Keith Ellison is good friends with the LEADER of Portland’s Rose City ANTIFA, Luis Enrique Marquez, which flies the Communist flag.

Ellison converted to Islam in law school, was a student of Farrakhan, once defended cop killers, called for reparations & a separate country for black people within America, and wrote many racist articles under the name of Keith Hakim Mohammad X. He changed his name when he ran for office in Minnesota.

George Floyd & Derek Chauvin KNEW each other & worked security together at a Latino restaurant, called El Nuevo Rodeo, on Lake Street & 27th in Minneapolis.

The face of that restaurant, Maya Santamariawith a history of problems, ran the business for the Sabri family who want to develop Lake Street for the refugee community as an extension of Cedar Riverside. Santamaria & Frey are good friends.

Sabri, from Jordan, is the developer behind the Somali mall on East Lake Street – and wants to build ANOTHER Somali mall on East Lake Street. His projects are backed by Ellison, Omar & Frey. Sabri has long wanted to build condominiums on Lake Street and been turned down.

Sundance reports that the El Nuevo Rodeo restaurant is likely a money-laundering & counterfeit money front for the Sabri family that was forced to close during COVID. El Nuevo was looted during the riots.

Omar Investments Inc. has owned El Nuevo Rodeo Cantina and night club since 1996.  The principle of Omar Investments Inc. is Muna Sabri. In 2001, Basim Sabri was captured by the FBI in a sting operation. The Sabris are a wealthy family with a history of bribing Minneapolis city officials.

Basim Sabri claimed that Abdi Warsame, who sits on Ellison’s Minneapolis City Council, took bribes from him.

Born in SomaliaWarsame was brought to Minnesota from London by Soros to master the absentee ballot vote in Minnesota and FLIP it blue. He began by running Cedar Riverside & turning it into a ballot making machine – which elected Ilhan Omar & Keith Ellison. He’s succeeded in controlling the vote in Minnesota through voter fraud & 3rd party ringers.

Derek Chauvin worked at El Nuevo Rodeo for 17 years. That puts Derek Chauvin showing up to work security at El Neuvo Rodeo right after the FBI busted Basim SabriChauvin received a COMMENDATION medal after he arrested violent gang members outside El Nuevo Rodeo in 2008.

Cup Foods owner, Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, a Black Lives Matter activist from the Middle East, whose employee called the cops on George Floyd for passing a wet $20 counterfeit bill, knew George Floyd – who was a regular at the store. Who else did Mahmoud know? Cup Foods has a checkered past.

It was Mahmoud’s Facebook post that announced George’s death and called it a racist murder. The day after George’s death, Mahmoud went on every major network to tell his story and called for the immediate arrest of all 4 officers. His partners at CAIR did the same thing.

Within 6 hours after George died, a “community journalist” associated with Mahmoud and BLM had sent the “video” to the media & the family hired Ben Crumb, the attorney behind Trayvon Martin, and Shaun King of Black Lives Matters was ratcheting up the noise. Within 12 hours, Frey held a press conference with the MPD. Within 18 hours, all 4 officers were fired. An hour later, Frey led a Town Hall on the case. It’s like it was all planned ahead of time.

Members of CAIR “filmed” George Floyd’s death outside Cup Foods in Minneapolis and erected a large portrait of Floyd on the street. They wore Black Lives Matter shirts and handed out sambusas, or stuffed pastries, to mourners in Elliot Park in Minneapolis.

It took Frey 4 days to respond to the riots, after the entire city had been looted & burned, but within 6 hours he planned a press conference on the Floyd death? PLANNED.

There is body cam footage from all 4 officers which we’ve NEVER seen, only the cell phone video from a stranger and the Cup Foods surveillance video from a man who is anti-American, anti-police and works for Black Lives Matters. Why?

The first two officers on the scene, when called from Cup Foods about George Floyd passing a counterfeit $20 bill, were rookies, each with less than 4 shifts as police officers.

It was his FOURTH day as a police officer when Thomas Lane, 37, pulled his weapon on George Floyd and asked him to put his hands on the steering wheel of his car. Lane asked Floyd if he was ON something due to the foam coming out of his mouth. Floyd mumbled “I can’t breathe.”

J Alexander Kueng, 26, is a rookie cop who was working his THIRD SHIFT EVER as a police officer when he encountered George Floyd. He stood on the passenger side of Floyd’s car, while Lane held a gun on him. Kueng, who identifies as an African-American, now faces 40 years in prison for the so-called “racist murder” of a fellow African-American.

Chauvin and his partner showed up late to the scene and helped the two rookies try to maneuver Floyd into the patrol car. They failed. Chauvin pulled him to the ground and kneeled on him.

Many believe the man who kneeled on Floyd was NOT really Chauvin but a stand-inLook at this photo of Chauvin 2 years ago with his wife, a Laos refugee, who ran for Mrs Minnesota in 2018And this photo of the original mug shot compared to the kneeler. You decide.

Not only was Chauvin employed by El Nuevo Rodeo for 17 years, he and he wife are real estate agents, own a home in Minnesota AND Florida, are residents of Florida and run an AirBNB there. Up until last week, Chauvin’s wife said he was the “most gentle” man she’s ever known. Now she filed for divorce and said he’s a murderer. Quite a shift in a short period.

Even more confusing, the media is now claiming Chauvin is a Republican who committed voter fraud while being a Florida resident. Think about that latest spin to tie Trump & Republicans to his actions.

George Floyd had sickle cell anemia & heart disease & lethal levels of fentanyl & heroin in his body as well as meth, speed & marijuana in his body at the time of death. No one mentions this at all. Why?

Sickle cell anemia reduces oxygen to your brain & tissues and lowers life expectancy by over 20 years in a HEALTHY individual. Fentanyl slows oxygen to your brain & both meth & speed can cause cardiac arrest.

The autopsy was performed on May 26th but the actual report was not released to the public until days later, AFTER cities were torched & burned. The toxicology report was complete on May 31st but the results were quietly released to the public on June 4th. Why?

Floyd tested positive for COVID two months ago, so he DID NOT die from that. He had recovered & had anti-bodies. Fake narrative to cover the drugs.

Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach, while ransacking her home for money & drugs in Texas in 2007, & served 5 years in prison for armed robbery. He came to Minnesota in 2014 when he got out. How did he get a job working security with Chauvin? Who did his background check?

George Floyd was a porn star – his screen name was BIG FLOYD – and his “work” appeared on a Middle-Eastern porn site called Habib

Klobuchar declined to prosecute Derek Chauvin for a police shooting that took place in 2006 that went to a grand jury. He was later cleared. So she knew who he was.

If people think Communists wouldn’t drug, murder or pay someone to be a patsy to start a race riot to get rid of the police, and engineer a murder for the cameras, you need to get out in the real world!

Within 24 hours of Floyd’s death, thousands of rioters looted & torched Minneapolis while the police stood down and let it burn. It didn’t JUST happen. Engineered by Communists!

On the day the riots started, Mayor Frey had just mandated masks for everyone & the first looting happened at a Target store right near Cedar Riverside. It was looted, not torched. How convenient. All rioters wearing masks!

Target Stores, a retail operation founded by the liberal Dayton family, the same family of Minnesota’s previous Democrat Governor Mark Dayton, immediately donated to Black Lives Matter and shut down ALL their stores to escape further damage. Coincidence? I think not. CAIR organized the looters. ANTIFA organized the arsonists.

When asked why he allowed rioters to loot in large groups but banned churches from worshipping in large groups, Walz had no answer.

How do Communists overthrow a city? A country? They engineer a murder, start a race war, loot it & burn it down and then get YOU to blame yourself so you’ll turn over your guns, kiss their feet and beg to be taken care of. Got it? Don’t be suckered.

George Floyd JUST HAPPENED to die on Memorial Day? One of the Communist Party’s main goals is to REPLACE all American traditions. Valentine’s Day is now known as the day of the Parkland school massacre. Easter Sunday is now known as the day churches closed to honor the Day of the Dead for COVID-19. D-Day is now known as the day Black Lives Matters marched on Washington DC. What do they have planned for the 4th of July?

Communists want you to think America is divided by race. We are not. There is ONLY one DIVIDE: COMMUNIST vs FREE PEOPLE.

CNN, MSNBC & every Democrat leader in America has been shaming beach goers for not “social distancing” and telling the faithful they’ll DIE if they go to church but they have no problem with mobs of thousands rioting, burning & looting!

The Minneapolis Police Department has a RULE that if one officer sees another officer using excessive force, they MUST intervene to STOP it, or report it. The Minneapolis City Council is pretending that RULE never existed.

3rd precinct in Minneapolis was taken over by rioters & set on fire after AG Keith Ellison & his son Jeremiah of the Minneapolis City Council told Mayor Frey to stand down and let it burn. Police were told to pack up and leave two days earlier.

Trump ordered the military to get ready to deploy to Minneapolis without discussing it with Walz or Frey. Prudent move. They BOTH refused to call in the Guard for 4 days and ONLY did so because the FBI warned them the Minnesota State Capitol was the next target. A US Department of Justice plane with DOJ/FBI personnel just landed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The National Guard has been released in Minneapolis to do the job that the Democrat Mayor couldn’t do. Should have been used 2 days ago & there would not have been damage & Police Headquarters would not have been taken over & ruined.

Great job by the National Guard. No games!”

President Trump brought in 10,800 Minnesota National Guard to bring peace to the Twin Cities. Walz & Frey used 350.

Mayor Frey said Minneapolis didn’t need the police or the National Guard to stop the looting & torching. He said the “community” could stop the riots!

Mayor Frey said he told police to let the 3rd precinct burn because “buildings” just aren’t that important! Then he started crying. Then he lashed out at President Trump. Trump mocked his weakness.

GINGRICH: Mayor Frey didn’t want to arrest anyone. If rioters believe they won’t be arrested, they’ll come back again & again.

Officer Chauvin was arrested IMMEDIATELY yet rioters CONTINUED to loot & torch Minneapolis. See? This is NOT about race or George Floyd.

Everyone is so worried about being called a racist they’ll ACCEPT anything. George Floyd’s death had NOTHING to do with RACE. Same people who say all 4 cops are racist killers said Jussie was lynched, Yanez was guilty & the Covington boys were evil. STOP!

Taylor Swift just tweeted that George Floyd’s death is proof President Trump is “stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism.”

Mayor Frey immediately transferred the George Floyd case to AG Keith Ellisonthe Communist leader of ANTIFA & CAIR in Minnesota. He said he’s lost confidence in Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. Why? He didn’t do as he was TOLD & bypass DUE PROCESS.

Right after the video surfaced, Freeman said he had evidence Chauvin could be exonerated. The next day he was forced to charge Chauvin and hand over the case to Ellison REWROTE THE COMPLAINT & charged ALL FOUR OFFICERS with felony 2nd degree murder.

Felony murder means that ANY officer going forward who restrains a fleeing criminal in ANY manner can be charged with murder. Perfect timing for the next round of riots, huh?

The neck restraint that Chauvin used is LEGAL in the MPD and is often used to render violent drug addicts unconscious. Why? Because people on heavy drugs FEEL NO PAIN and are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The neck restraint has been used 44 times in the past 5 years on suspects of every race. They don’t want you to know that.

By the way, public housing complexes, like Cedar Riverside, are HUGE voter fraud mills for the Democrats; where they create & fill out absentee ballots!

Remember last year when a career felon was RELEASED to throw a 5-year-old boy off the 3rd floor balcony of Minnesota’s Mall of AmericaHow many rioted because of a horrendous crime by a black male against a white child? NONE.

How do I know this is about building a corridor on Lake Street for public housing ballot mills? Last year, CAIR’s soldiers torched the iconic Pavilion on Lake Calhoun on the west end of Lake Street. I could see the plan begin to unfold with that event.

It was declared an “accident” and the Pavilion was NOT rebuiltImmediately after, the Minneapolis Parks Board, in the pocket of CAIR, BLM & ANTIFA, began entertaining plans to build public housing AND a mosque on that spot. That was right after Black Lives Matter called Calhoun a racist and lobbied to rename the Lake Calhoun to Bde Maka Ska.

TRUMP: These ORGANIZED GROUPS have NOTHING to do with George Floyd. It’s ANTIFA & the Radical Left. Don’t lay blame on others!

ANTIFA Communists teach recruits to race-bait, heckle & mock Trump supporters, shame them & make them feel ridiculous, weak & outnumbered, in order to destroy them.

New ANTIFA recruits meet their handlers at local Starbucks and receive HOURS of lectures and combat training at Black Lives Matter front “bookstores.”

BARR: “It’s a federal crime to cross state lines or use interstates to incite or participate in violent rioting. The violence is planned, organized & driven by anarchtic, left-wing extremist groups using Antifa-like tactics.”

In 2017, Minneapolis Officer Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond in the stomach in her pajamas & it took 8 months for the Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman, to charge him. Noor was NEVER fired. He was given PAID LEAVE for 8 months until he was charged.

All 4 officers were FIRED the day after George Floyd’s death and all 4 cops were called racist murderers before anyone saw their faces. They were all charged with murder within 9 days. NO DUE PROCESS.

The riots are a test run for November. Ellison overcharged all four officers so they will get off and the riots can start again. To force us to stay home so we can’t vote for Trump on election day.

Every RIOT is happening in Democrat-run cities with budget problems & they’ve ALL declared national emergencies for Federal funds. Coincidence?

Now you know why Democrats emptied the jails & mandated masks. The invisible enemy was the trojan horse for the visible enemy.

These riots accomplished one good thing. They made people understand the TERROR that GOOD cops face everyday & why we need them.

Most disturbing part to me of the riots, looting & torching are bystanders hanging out partying as if destruction is entertaining. 3rd world mentality.

Huge studies by Harvard & the Washington Post found that police officers in America are NOT racist & are often VICTIMS of violence!

Not only is there NO evidence that cops are racist in America, the data shows they actually bend over backwards NOT to be racist!

Do you guys realize George Floyd encountered over 100 cops with no fatal issues before 2020? I pray for his family but the Black Lives Matter war against ALL COPS is DANGEROUS.

Ignorant liberals are kneeling before the ATHEIST Communists of Black Lives Matter, kissing their feetshaving their headspledging allegiance to BLM and holding up their hands in praise while washing the streets of their terror.

This is the same maneuver the National SOCIALIST Germany Worker’s party (NAZI) used to dehumanize the Jewish people before they sent them to the gas chambers.

DeRay McKesson, the head of Black Lives Matter, and his boyfriend, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, groomed Colin Kaepernick in the ways of the alphabet people & taught him how to KNEEL on the NFL field.

Why does Colin Kaepernick kneel? Because he is praying to ALLAH. When you kneel, you do the same and the DEVIL laughs.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitterjust donated $3 Million to Colin Kaepernick’s new George Floyd initiative designed to REPLACE the police with BLM community organizers. Coincidence? I think not. All the COMMUNISTS are working together.

The Mayor of DC, another Communist Black Lives Matter activist, ordered the city to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on the streets in front of the White House and renamed it Black Lives Matter Blvd. Then she instructed the National Guard to leave the city and leave the White House undefended. See where this is going?

The website of Black Lives Matter states their purpose is to protect transgender, queer & black women against oppression and DEFUND the police. How could BLM support George Floyd who held a GUN to the stomach of a PREGNANT woman and demeaned women in pornographic videos? Total hypocrisy. BLM started in 2016 to take down Trump & overthrow America.

Today, Black Lives Matter ADDED “Black Lives Matter = DEFUND THE POLICE” to their graffiti outside the White House. THERE. Clear as day what this is all about.

George Floyd did NOT deserve to die but his death was NOT caused by racism. Ellison/Frey withheld evidence from the public for 9 days in order to race-bait & fuel massive destruction in America on behalf of the Communist Party. George Floyd deserves our love & compassion but he did not die a hero or a martyr. He should not be glorified as another Martin Luther King.

And just like that, the VIRUS is gone! The invisible enemy was sent to strike fear into the hearts of the American people so they would be ripe for an invasion by the VISIBLE enemy

Another Communist HOAX and we fell for it again. After Stormy, Jussie, Russia Russia, Covington, Kavanaugh, Impeachment, virus & RIOTS, what’s their next scheme? Are you tired of all the left-wing BS yet?

UPDATES 6/8/20: Minnesota Attorney General Keith “X” Ellison refused to publicly release the video footage from the body cams of all 4 cops. Why? Here’s just a snippet of video from the scene that clearly shows Floyd resisting arrest.

Derek Chauvin appeared in Hennepin County court today by remote camera from prison and the Judge set bail at $1.25 Million with no conditions. His attorney made no statements and entered NO plea.

I kept asking reporters on the scene which one of these five guys showed up. Nobody knows. Chauvin was unidentifiable, handcuffed and wearing a surgical mask. Why would he be wearing a surgical mask while alone in a room from jail? More red flags.

7 Sigma, a manufacturer on East Lake Street & 26th Avenue in Minneapolis, near the Cedar Riverside public housing complex, plans to leave the city after the police & fire department were ordered to stand down and let their building burn.

Black Lives Matter & Hollywood organized FOUR funerals for George Floyd: Minneapolis, North Carolina & two in Houston.

George Floyd’s family asked the United Nations to REMOVE all police departments in AmericaWho does that while they’re freshly grieving for their loved one unless they have an agenda? I guess they can afford a personal security force now with a GoFundMe account of $14 Million.

UPDATES 6/9/20: Thomas Lane’s attorney said the public would have a different opinion on the Officers’ actions if they saw the body cams of George Floyd resisting arrest.

Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo now says he can’t release footage from the 4 police body cams because the FBI is investigating them.

Ben Crump, the Black Lives Matter lawyer representing the Floyd family, “predicts” another George Floyd will happen within 30 days.

Communists of ANTIFA, CAIR & BLM are leaking online the home addresses & personal contact information of America’s police officers. All those who took a knee and pandered to BLM put targets on our police officers.

7 Sigma, the business near Cedar Riverside public housing on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, that was COMPLETELY torched and will NOT rebuild, fabricates plastic life-like MANNEQUINS to be used by first responders training in triageIs this how they pulled it off?

George Floyd had four televised funerals, a gold coffin, a procession with white horses & a white carriage, and his photo was enhanced with a halo & angel’s wings. Scripted.

Funeral organizers for George Floyd’s memorial service confused him with a living Jets star and used this photo as the final slide to close out his eulogy. Not kidding. They’ve already rewritten history. Communism 101.

The Hennepin County & US Attorneys were trying to negotiate a PLEA deal with Chauvin on May 28th, the day BEFORE he was arrested and charged with murder. Nobody is saying what the PLEA deal was or who backed out of the deal.

It sounds to me like the prosecutors were pushed by Ellison & Frey to drop any PLEA deal discussion and arrest Chauvin for murder to sensationalize the case and continue mass riots. ON purpose. They knew they didn’t have a case and didn’t care.

UPDATES 6/11: A 32-year-old white male was restrained by three Dallas Officers for 13 minutes in 2016 in the same manner as George Floyd. He was rendered unconscious and he died.

He begged to be let go, said he was dying and called for his mom. Just like George Floyd. Charges were dropped. Precedent.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & Ben Crumb are using George Floyd’s son, Quincy Mason, as a prop. He hasn’t seen his father since he was 5, didn’t know him and didn’t recognize his photo when he died.

Within hours, the Chicago branch of BLM & CAIR launched a $500,000 GoFundMe for the “teen” behind the George Floyd video. ODD.

UPDATES 6/12: GEORGE FLOYD’S NIECE SAID THIS AT HIS FUNERAL: “Someone said ‘Make America Great Again’ but when has America ever been great?!”

After comparing George Floyd to Jesus at Floyd’s funeral, Reverend William Lawson said: “The next thing we need to do is clean out the White House.”

An El Nuevo Rodeo employee said not only did Floyd & Chauvin work security together but they knew each other well and argued about how to handle agitators! Then he was forced to quickly retract the statement.

Black Lives Matter is an international money laundering scheme that routes global donations to the DNC through the ActBlue PAC. Communists of Black Lives Matter are extorting donations from businesses on behalf of George Floyd, or else, and funds are routed through ActBlue to the DNC.

Biden said George Floyd’s death had a greater “worldwide impact” than the death of Reverend Martin Luther King did. What a jerk. Funny how Biden all of a sudden got dementia after he was accused of rape & Ukraine leaked tapes showing he committed treason!

Ellison’s cabal is now trying to get the Hennepin County Medical Examiner removed for saying Floyd DID NOT die of asphyxiation and had lethal levels of drugs in his system.

MOST SIGNIFICANTLY: If one is inclined to believe that all of the above — beginning with this investigative journalist’s trails in 2015 — are mere “coincidences”, “happenstances”, if you will, well, pigs fly, too. So, there is nothing left to say other than: Go back to sleep and await your fate!! Oh, sweet dreams. Night, night. Lights out.

‘NYPD disbands anti-crime unit after ‘disproportionate’ number of shootings’ – Commish Shea, De Blasio’s “Hit-Man”, BOWS to BLM, a COMMUNIST Org. (VIDEOS) – By Adina Kutnicki

[Pic of Commish Shea, in all his ignominy!]

[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]


A most staunch supporter (and the list within officialdom is, tragically, endless) behind the howling, braying, raging, and criminal elements that are now the full-throttle front-arm(s) of the DNC — namely, BLM and Antifa, communist front groups — is the Mayor of the largest city in the nation, Comrade De Blasio. Birds of a revolutionary feather.

As it happens, NYC (this investigative journalist’s birthplace, hometown, and personal/professional stomping grounds, that is, until 2008) used to be considered the financial and cultural epicenter of America. No longer. Stick a fork in it. Take this well-informed assessment to the bank.

Indeed, ever since a revolutionary Marxist/communist took over the helm, it has been in steady decline. More specifically, a swift exodus of higher-income taxpayers is in process, as they flee a continuously lawless and over-taxed city. Sound decision-making.

But little is more dangerous and revealing than De Blasio’s (and fellow totalitarian, Guv Cuomo) utter contempt towards law enforcement in general and the NYPD in particular. Animus. And it is precisely why, all of a sudden, “social distancing” is no longer a “health and welfare” issue for both of New York’s dictatorial leaders — as long as the mega-sized crowds bring down the city’s law and order apparatus!

To said end, New York City’s Comrade ordered the “NYPD Blue” to “stand down!” Mind you, this very grave dereliction of duty is of piece with letting loose scores of criminals to prey on the hapless public, too. Alas, to level the playing field, so to speak, wouldn’t it be justified to remove the Mayor’s NYPD crack security detail and see how long he lasts, most especially, in the face of the abdication of his sworn duty to protect the citizens? Fair is fair. Right?

But never mind. For average folks, the urgent question becomes: Could it get any worse? You bet. The knock-on effects will be measured in the shedding of much innocent {emphasis placed} blood and (looted) treasure. Not only that, the castration of the NYPD — unarguably, the gold-standard in policing in America and well beyond its borders — and its capitulation via De Blasio and his “strong-man”, Commish Shea, must now be deemed the “bar” that is set for “defunding the police”, unit by unit.

In reality, the NYPD’s “clipped wings” style of policing will be the more likely template in big cities, at least, those who are Demster-run, as well as RINO-headed. Shiver the nation timbers.

Know this, too: The lies, spin, and conflated stats surrounding the so-called “justification” for disbanding the 600-strong anti-crime unit has nothing to do with “bad” policing. Rather, it has everything to do with the fact that said plainclothes officers caught countless blacks in the act of criminal activities — and that truth doesn’t sit well with the far-left’s narrative and Marxist-style “policing”, that is, where the outlaws are in charge! You got that?


NYPOST.com By Tina Moore & Craig McCarthy June 15, 2020

The NYPD is disbanding its undercover anti-crime unit — nearly six years after one of its plainclothes cops killed Eric Garner with a chokehold, sparking the rallying cry of “I can’t breathe” for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced the change Monday afternoon at police headquarters, describing ending the unit as “seismic” shift culturally in the NYPD.

The roughly 600 cops — spread out at precinct and public housing patrols across the city — will be reassigned into other posts, including the detective bureau and neighborhood policing efforts.

“I would consider this in the realm of closing on one of the last chapters on stop, question and frisk,” Shea said — while praising the squad members for getting guns off the streets.

The department, however, will still deploy plain-clothes cops in Gotham. The NYPD would not say how many cops would continue to patrol in plainclothes.

“This is a policy shift coming from me, personally, and the men and women in the police department we’re doing what I asked… they have done an exceptional job, but again I think it’s time to move forward and change how we police in this city,” Shea said.

“When you look at the number of anti-crime officers that operate within New York City, and you look at a disproportionate, quite frankly, percentage of complaints and shootings — and they are doing exactly what was asked of them,” Shea said.

The unit has had a history of high-profile shootings and deaths and, year-over-year, the cops in the patrol account for more than half of police-involved shootings, according to NYPD’s annual discharge reports.

Former officer Daniel Pantaleo was assigned to the anti-crime unit on Staten Island in July 2014 when he tried to arrest Garner for selling loose cigarettes and put him in a chokehold.

Pantaleo was found guilty of internal charges over Garner’s death and fired last year. A grand jury chose not to indict the former officer.

Slain Bronx anti-crime cop Brian Mulkeen was killed in a hail of friendly fire from fellow anti-crime officers while trying to make a gun bust in 2019. The suspect was also killed.

Shea concluded the brief press conference by raising the spectre of increased violence, adding the disbanding the unit will be noticed.

“It will be felt immediately throughout the five district attorney’s offices, it will be felt immediately in the communities that we protect,” he said.

“However, the key difference, we must do it in a manner that builds trust between the officers and the community.”

Gun violence in New York hit is at a two-year high, according to NYPD data released Monday.

Shootings have spiked almost 25 percent this year compared to last — with incident jumping to 394 from 317 as of Sunday.

While at the same time, gun arrests year-to-date were up 8 percent — even as other arrests were down one-third, the data shows.

Murders are also up 25 percent for the year, according to the numbers.

One source praised the move — saying the plainclothes unit had become too lenient in assigning younger cops to the patrol.

“Get those cops back on the street,” the source said. “It used to be you needed 10 years to get on plainclothes. Then they started bringing all these young guys in. I’m glad they’re doing that.”

The city’s largest police union, however, slammed Shea’s decision while issuing a similar but more explicit warning than the commissioner.

“Shooting and murders are both climbing steadily upward, but our city leaders have clearly decided that proactive policing isn’t a priority anymore,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said.

“They chose this strategy. They will have to reckon with the consequences.”

MEMO to Commish Shea: Your head is so far up De Blasio’s butt, it is hardly a wonder that you can’t see what is happening right under your nose! Moreover, if you had half the integrity, courage, love of country, and policing skills as former Commish Kelly, well, the NYPD would never, ever have been put on a leash from the get-go — the nanosecond that the city erupted in flames!! Bastard. And, that’s the G-d’s honest truth, like it or not.

Most significantly, Americans are now enslaved, yes, you read that right, to the most powerful political power brokers in America, that is, Black Lives Matter — again, no matter (no pun intended) its communist underpinnings and roots!

BOMBSHELL: Undercover Investigation – Minneapolis Riot Was PRE-PLANNED Via RADICAL Climate Change Movements (VIDEOS) – Piggyback To: NYPD TERROR CHIEF: Nationwide Violence Was Planned – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]


Anyone who understands the grave threat posed by communist front groups within America to its underpinnings (with ANTIFA and BLM most visible and in the forefront) via decades-long infiltration and penetration into every sphere, also realizes that the so-called “spontaneous” anarchy across the nation did not erupt due to the death of Floyd. Nonsense. Yes, while some protesters — the peaceful contingent — are exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate peaceably, they are in the minority of minorities. This is a fact.

So, in the same manner in which the below recent analysis

NYPD TERROR CHIEF: Nationwide Violence Was Planned

evidenced that the domestic terror enveloping the nation was pre-planned, so too the following will blow the lid off of the so-called “spontaneous” uprising! Mind you, the myriad of anarchist groups are neither here nor there. Know this: In one way or another, they are all inter-related through this and that “cut-out” front groups.

A side-note: Guys, don’t be distracted by “Millennial Millie”, the foxy narrator. She knows her stuff and she is (deadly) on point – and that’s where it’s at. Agreed?


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[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]


It is not for nothing that many of ANTIFA’s (for now, let’s stick to ANTIFA) top leaders are professors/instructors on college campuses across America — from the tippy-top of the (once hallowed) Ivies, and down to the community colleges. It’s a tradition thing.

After all, their predecessors, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, comrades-in-arms (from as far back as the 1960’s and 1970’s), rampaged across college campuses and terrorized innocents across the nation — by the way, many of whom escaped justice and ended up becoming professors themselves! Credo quia absurdum.

Simply put, yesteryear’s terrorists have been “kosherized” and transformed into professors — and they have been schooling, one generation after another, the tools of the revolutionary trade! Yes, academia is the main and primary boot camp for domestic terror-in-training. How many know this? Regardless, let’s move on to…..

Mike Isaacson, (former) professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice!

Alas, first, FULL DISCLOSURE: While there are countless ANTIFA profs (and their disciples/foot-soldiers) in need of tracking and tracing, hunting down, if you will, for this report the focus is on Prof Mike Isaacson; a vile creature, most deserving of some real “kick a*s” time at the hands of law enforcement! And with a dog in this fight, so to speak, wringing his scrawny neck sounds about right at this end. This is personal….here’s why….

As a former student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice — with a double major in forensic science and criminology, and a minor in political science — let’s just say that the time spent there was not only heavy-duty, but some best buds were NYPD’s finest, up and down the chain of command! Let’s just say that they looked after their so-called “sister”, ensuring that no unwanted attention came this way. So, when it came to the attention within that Isaacson had the following to say about these righteous cops — and so much more — well, blood-boiling is an apt descriptor!

‘Dead Cops’ Tweets

On August 23, 2017, Isaacson posted a controversial tweet under Vulgar Economics condoning and speaking positively about the murder of police officers. The full tweet is as follows:
Mike Isaacson’s controversial dead cop tweet Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops [5]
Additional tweets have surfaced the internet under Mike Isaacson, as well, including:
I hope somehow Assata comes up in lecture so a student defends her saying she didn’t kill a cop so I can say she probably did and it’s good [7]
What’s even the point of a cop that isn’t dead? [8]
On September 14, 2017, The Hill published an article that discussed the academic support of Antifa’s proclivity towards violence. He responded to his comments by saying:
The justification [of the use of violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means. [6]


Antifa leader hopes for ‘dead cops,’ while teaching cops for a living

We’ve all heard that fact sometimes is stranger than fiction, correct? Well, hold on to your hat, dear reader, because the following facts make strange look boring.

Meet Michael Isaacson. Isaacson has at least two claims to fame. First, he is one of the founders of Smash Racism DC, a self-styled anti-fascist (“antifa”) organization in Washington, D.C. Secondly, he is an adjunct professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which is a New York public college.

There need not be any conflict between Isaacson’s two pursuits. But, here’s the twist: John Jay College is a certified New York City Police Academy, and it trains “all newly hired and active members of [the New York Police Department.]”

And Isaacson, a John Jay faculty member, tweeted in late August: “Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”


So, Professor Isaacson is teaching students who, he hopes, will soon be killed on the job. That, I think, is a fact that is stranger than fiction.

Isaacson has some other ideas that are pretty unusual. He defends violence as a legitimate tool to be used against, for example, public demonstrations organized by neo-Nazis. He has said: “There is the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don’t think they should.”

But, as one might guess, Isaacson’s antipathy isn’t limited to neo-Nazis. He isn’t very fond of police departments, either. “I don’t have a problem with individual police officers — I mean, I teach them — but I don’t like policing as an institution. Police officers are agents of that institution.”

Isaacson also believes there is a nefarious, secret connection between neo-Nazis and the police. He has asserted that neo-Nazis have somehow infiltrated both police departments and the military. As a result, the neo-Nazis “have them kind of on their side.” He offered no evidence at all for this claim.

Last week, John Jay College learned of Isaacson’s “future dead cops” tweet, and he was placed on administrative leave. And Bill de Blasio, NYC’s mayor, tweeted his own severe condemnation of “the vile anti-police rhetoric of Michael Isaacson.”

Not surprisingly, Isaacson immediately fired back at the mayor. He claimed that, among other things, de Blasio had “taken a swipe” at both academic freedom and free speech.

First, let’s consider academic freedom. The American Association of University Professors is the flagship organization for the protection of academic freedom. But, even the AAUP recognizes limits on that freedom. Its Statement of Principles says: “When [academics] speak or write as citizens, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but their special position in the community imposes special obligations… [T]hey should remember that the public may judge their profession and their institution by their utterances.”

If people are judging John Jay College by Isaacson’s tweet, they’ve come to the conclusion that the college would like to have a dead student body. That cannot be good.

Moreover, Isaacson’s comments must necessarily detract from his effectiveness as an educator. If you were a policeman (as some of Isaacson’s students are), how eager would you be to be taught by someone who, you have learned, is hoping you’ll be killed at work?

So, I do not think a strong case can be made that academic freedom was violated when Isaacson was placed on administrative leave or the mayor condemned his tweet.

But Isaacson’s claim that his free speech rights under the First Amendment have been violated is really the one that takes the biscuit.

Just savor the irony: Isaacson, as a member of the antifa, believes that neo-Nazis and others of whom he disapproves have no rights under the First Amendment; he thinks their speech can properly be squelched by violent means. And yet Isaacson’s own free speech rights are somehow heinously violated if the mayor tweets his disapproval of his “future dead cops” comment.

If a member of antifa were to punch a neo-Nazi in the head to prevent him from publicly speaking or demonstrating: no First Amendment violation. Mayor de Blasio criticizes Isaacson’s “future dead cops” tweet: First Amendment violation. That’s Isaacson’s position.

To be fair, as a person who is lucky enough to be in the United States, Isaacson certainly does have a First Amendment right to say virtually anything he wants. If he wants to continue to express his hope that cops will be killed on the job, he is free to do that. No public institution, including John Jay College, can stop him from expressing that hope.

But, John Jay College is in the business of educating its students, and most of its students are either police officers or other public-safety professionals. John Jay of course wants to have a faculty that can educate its students effectively. In evaluating its faculty, it is reasonable and fair for John Jay to review scandalous or provocative ideas they have aired in public.

Michael Isaacson has, in effect, disqualified himself from any faculty position at a school like John Jay. In putting him on administrative leave, and ultimately (I am predicting) terminating him, the college will not have punished Isaacson for his speech. Rather, the college will have reached the obviously correct conclusion that he can no longer be an effective teacher of their student body.

I’m trying to feel sorry for Isaacson (it’s never a happy event when someone loses a job), but it’s not easy. 

David E. Weisberg is an attorney and a member of the New York State bar. His scholarly papers on constitutional law are published on the Social Science Research Network.

Inexorably, alongside whatever righteous comeuppance that Isaacson richly deserves, that is, if justice has any meaning left, those depicted at the WANTED “mug-shots” (within the opening) must not be lost in the shuffle. After all, the police have their hands full — as they chase down countless anarchist terrorists from both near and far.

So, patriots, consider it your civic duty to assist in IDENTIFYING and LOCATING all of the terrorists featured within. Once accomplished, hog-tie each and every one, and haul them down to the nearest police precinct with a message: HAVE AT IT!!

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Black Lives Matter is a COMMUNIST Organization [Video] – RED-GREEN AXIS EXPOSED – Adina Kutnicki

[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]

  1. FRSO | Freedom Road Socialist Organization@freedomroadorg

    The time is now to join a revolutionary organization!
    Join Freedom Road Socialist Organization

    Be a part of https://frso.org/statements/the-time-is-now-to-join-a-revolutionary-organization-join-freedom-road-socialist-organization/ 

    The time is now to join a revolutionary organization! Join Freedom Road Socialist Organization -…

    If you have been out in the streets this past few weeks, the odds are good that you’ve been thinking about the difference between the kind of change this


Understanding the Threat | June 12, 2020

Black Lives Matter was created as a part of the Chinese communist organization operating in the United States called Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Listen as UTT Vice President John Bennett lays it out. A combat veteran and retired Marine First Sergeant, John Bennett served for 8 years as a State Representative in Oklahoma. John explains that Black Lives Matter was founded by three female Marxist/communists: Alicia Garza, Patrise Cullors, and Opel Tometi. When we see the violent riots in the streets of America, it is important for Americans to know Antifa and Black Lives Matter are communist groups. These are not “protests” for “justice.” They are coordinated efforts to foster the overthrow of the U.S. Constitutional Republic by hostile foreign and domestic forces.

For more information please go to UnderstandingtheThreat.com


‘BOMBSHELL: BlackLivesMatter.com Caught Money Laundering’ + DNC & Global Nexus + Takeover of Seattle PD By ANTIFA & BLM: What’s Going Down? By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}


As experienced investigators know, be they in private practice, police departments, or within the court system —  as it happens, more than a few from this or that sector are intertwined within — there are core avenues which must be explored for a full-on investigation, one of which is “dark money” trails, a.k.a. launderers. Yes, the oft-heard expression, “follow the money”, originates thereof. This is so whether the investigation involves criminal cases, terror-related tracking and tracing, or civil litigation. It just depends.

That being established, a highly experienced, well-connected private investigator — who happens to be a former (25-year) NYPD Detective Lt., whose detail included fraud and money laundering at the highest levels — contacted this investigative journalist a few days before the sh*t hit the fan with domestic/international terror orgs, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, that which was so-called “triggered” by Floyd’s death. Hmm.

In a nutshell, he wanted to ensure that certain information and backgrounders were kept in mind, that is, when the full truth is finally revealed. The point being, after forwarding a volume of evidence, he is counting on this address to bring to the public a maze-like, complex, inter-related, domestic and international (mind you, his investigation took him abroad, as well as to Canada) trail of “dark money”, all of which leads circuitously back to the DNC! Today’s posting is a precursor to said end. Setting the stage, so to speak.

More specifically, the aforementioned investigator — being very familiar with this investigative journalist’s work over the years — advised me that a particular analysis (July 2013) should be highlighted at the most opportune time. The time is now.

On The Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited – Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’ &  White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots

Still yet, know that it is not accidental nor incidental that race relations spiraled out of control during the Race-Baiter-in-Chief’s torturous two-terms at the helm. Starting with his incitement against the police in Cambridge on behalf of his pal, Harvard prof Henry Gates; piled on by race riots in Fergusion and Baltimore, it led to an all-out “war on cops.”

Truth dare be told, the grave deterioration in race relations — through BHO’s continuous (pre-orchestrated) incitement — must be judged as an inherent part of his legacy. If anything, comparatively speaking, President Trump’s uplifting of the black community — through economic empowerment, plus more — should deem him the first “Black POTUS”, as opposed to his bi-racial predecessor. Think about that.

So, with the above information firmly implanted in mind, it came as no surprise that the first hammer was finally dropped on the direct (albeit, circuitous) nexus between the DNC and Black Lives Matter; a domestic/international terror laundering front!

Donations, Including International Funding, to BlackLivesMatter.com Go Directly to ActBlue, Which Supports the DNC


BlackLivesMatter.com appears to be an international money laundering scheme used by the Democrats to raise money from an international audience.

Black Lives Matter describes itself on its “BlackLivesMatter.com” website as a global organization:

The Wikipedia website describes Black Lives Matter as:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police brutality and police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.[1]

So we know for sure that BLM is a “global” / “international” network because they admit this.

When you click on the “Donate” button on blacklivesmatter.com you are sent to an “ActBlue” donations page:

You can even read that the donations are being made to ActBlue in the fine print.

ActBlue has several entities under the overarching name ActBlue.  The terms and conditions of the charity arm of the organization mention “Campaign Finance Laws”:


When you research the expenditures of the ActBlue PAC, all of their contributions are directly going to top DNC campaigns:


While ActBlue has a charity arm, it also includes a PAC and a 501(c)4.

It appears more accurately to be a funding arm of the DNC. 

(Do all the individuals around the world know that when they donate to Black Lives Matter, they are also helping to fund an organization that supports the Democrat Party?)

This is just another corrupt wing of the Democrat Party.

In light of the initial truth-telling cited above (with more to come), is it any wonder that Demsters are firmly in lock-step with Black Lives Matter, regardless of the killings, looting, riots, and torching all across the nation — as they accrue more and more power in the process, namely, the gang of Demsters on Capitol Hill and their “dark money” benefactors?? Let’s call it like it is.

Most significantly, if not for the direct nexus between Black Lives Matter and the DNC, as well as the clear support of its twin terror org, ANTIFASeattle would not be “occupied” by an insurrection force — and with others to surely follow!!

{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


‘BREAKING: Antifa Seizes Seattle PD, Sets Up ‘Autonomous Zone’ Just Like ISIS and the Paris Commune’: The RED-GREEN Axis (EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS) UPDATE BELOW – By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}


Time and again, this investigative journalist and Islamic jihad expert has drawn a clearly defined and distinct parallel between the tactics — be they propaganda-wise or via explosive warfare devices — deployed by red-aligned terror groups and their Islamic jihadi brothers and sisters in arms. Most recently, its basis can be found here.

More pointedly, it is this accelerating nexus which is the raison d’être of this site.

America’s Civil War Rising (ACWR) educates and warns the public about the growing threat of Islamic sleeper cells in America and the unholy alliance forged between Islamic terrorist front groups and fascist communist factions. This has erupted in a violent ideological clash against those who cherish the values and ideals inherent in American exceptionalism and our Constitutional Republic. Under the guise of “resistance,” the so-called “progressive” left has called for an all-out civil war!

With the above in the forefront, it is no wonder that ANTIFA — yes, no doubt, with the support of its global arm, in tandem with BLM and associated domestic terror appendages — stepped-up, in warp speed, a highly effective guerrilla-style, takeover tactic. Mind you, not unlike the operations deployed by their torchbearers, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so too their “students” are following in their revolutionary footsteps to “Bring Down America!”

Most significantly, what this highly dangerous coup — indeed, it is — in Seattle portends couldn’t be any more transparent, that is, as per its knock-on effects to wholly-controlled Demster cities across the nation. Heed this warning: It dare not be treated as the “antics” of petulant children, hell-bent on “acting” out. Rather, it must be viewed for what it is: A staged, highly-organized, fully-funded insurrection — that which will not remain “localized.” In reality, said guerrilla takeovers spread like cancers!! Take it to the bank…..

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Attacks on the police is an old communist tactic to eliminate law enforcement. The Bolsheviks successfully unleashed widespread attacks on police in the run up to the October Revolution. -Alexander Solzhenitsyn'

Antifa Seizes Seattle PD, Sets Up ‘Autonomous Zone’ Just Like ISIS and the Paris Commune


Just as the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed territory in Iraq and Syria, antifa militants have claimed territory in Seattle, Wash. According to reports on the ground from The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo and Townhall’s Julio Rosas, protesters and antifa instigators have seized land in the Capitol Hill area around the Seattle Police East Precinct. Like ISIS, the rioters appear to have decided on setting up a government in their occupied territory, naming it “Free Capitol Hill.”

“Seattle [Mayor Jenny Durkan] is allowing a dangerous situation to fester. [Antifa] militants have taken over & created an ‘autonomous zone’ in city w/their own rules. Police precinct abandoned. Antifa set up barricades to create a border. Calling for volunteers to provide armed guard,” Ngo tweeted.

His message included tweets from rioters and pictures of the “Free Capitol Hill” poster on the side of a barricade, along with a map of the area antifa had taken over.

“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Folks in Seattle have secured six block of city [at the moment], barricaded it, and gotten local businesses and residents to agree to, well, disaffiliate from Seattle basically. It’s a flux state in the making,” Alex Humva tweeted.

“Speaker at the autonomous zones advocating folks with firearms take shifts defend the barricades. Sh*t is getting organized,” another inside the barricades tweeted.

The map Ngo tweeted claims to represent Seattle on the night of June 8. Antifa rioters claim to have taken over the “Capital Hill Free Zone (Protester Occupied Seattle)” in yellow. The zone includes the “Captured Regime East Precinct (Abandoned Police Station with doors left unlocked lol),” along with areas marked “Commune Food Stations,” “CHFZ Commune Barricades,” “Relaxation & Dining Field (food regularly handed out + coffee bar),” and a “Stoa (Informal Congregational Area).”

Racism Karen Harasses ‘White Neighbor,’ Says Dismantle Racism or ‘GET THE F**K OUT’

The map also denotes a “Regime encampment off Broadway” a “Regime Occupied Safeway (Police holed up here).”

The antifa rioters appear intent on creating an automonous state, not unlike the ISIS-run territories in the Middle East or the surrounded proto-communist experiment of the Paris Commune in 1871. (The Paris Commune was a key moment in the history of socialism and communism. It lasted between March and May 1871, after the Prussians had defeated the French in the Franco-Prussian War and were besieging Paris. Karl Marx called it an example of the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”)

The rioters’ use of the Greek term “Stoa” appears to hearken back to classical Greece while their reference to police as the “regime” sets them in contrast with a supposedly oppressive government force. The map has an undeniably bohemian theme, promising a “coffee bar” in this militant alt-Seattle.

antifa rioters take over Seattle

Julio Rosas also reported from the scene. “I’m outside of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct for [Townhall]. Police have pulled out of the area and protesters have set up barricades in the streets. They have declared it a ‘Cop Free Zone,’” he tweeted.

Rosas also shared posters with demands from the rioters. “Some of the signs posted around the area. One calls for the defunding of the Seattle PD and the dropping of all charges against protesters,” he tweeted. “Another says, ‘The cops will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.’”

Some of the signs posted around the area. One calls for the defunding of the Seattle PD and the dropping of all charges against protesters. Another says, “The cops will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.”




This Vandalism Gives the Lie to Antifa’s Anti-Fascist Claims

Meanwhile, antifa groups have celebrated the “autonomous zone.”

Ngo compared the situation to Portland in 2018 when Mayor Ted Wheeler allowed a similar antifa “zone” to exist inside that city for five weeks. “Not only did it become a biohazard site w/intravenous drug abuse, the local businesses & residents were terrorized. Tax payers had to pay for the extensive cleanup.”

Neither Mayor Durkan nor the Seattle Police Department have yet addressed the emergence of “Free Capitol Hill.”

“In an effort to proactively de-escalate interactions between protestors and law enforcement outside the East Precinct, Chief Best and [Seattle Police] officers have removed barricades surrounding the East Precinct while safely securing the facility,” Durkan reported last night. “In addition, [the Seattle Fire Department] has several vehicles stationed near the Precinct to ensure emerging medical needs and fires are addressed if necessary. Keeping this area safe is critical, as there are approximately 500 residential homes in this block.”

If keeping that area safe is “critical,” then Durkan has arguably experienced a “critical” failure.

Naturally, the mayor made tremendous concessions to the rioters even while claiming she would keep the area safe.

“As the Chief takes this operational step, we will continue to remain focused on what we can and must do to address the systemic inequities that continue to disproportionately impact our Black residents,” she tweeted. “Yesterday, we announced a commitment to invest $100 million dollars into community – in addition to existing city programs — and to work with community to create a Black Commission that will help to amplify black voices in City Hall.”

She concluded her Twitter thread by expressing hope that “tonight, with these operational changes, our city can peacefully move forward together.”

Yet it appears the city cannot move forward together — the rioters are declaring independence from the city itself. No concessions will be enough for these instigators, who consider the police an occupying “regime” force and demand the end of the very capitalistic system that enables them to enjoy goods and services like a coffee bar. (As Bernie Sanders might say, “Why do you need more than one type of coffee?”)

Antifa is now running an insurrectionary state inside Seattle itself. This revolt is cause for State Police and arguably the National Guard to restore order to an American city. President George H.W. Bush used the Insurrection Act to quell the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and this antifa “free state” is arguably cause for Trump to do the same here and now. But don’t you dare say that within earshot of The New York Times.

MEMO to those who see the forest from the trees, as is said: Speak up, forthwith! No time to lose. No time to play possum and pretend that what is isn’t. So, raise your voices and your presence on the streets, after all, you may not get another chance, that is, if the likes of ANTIFA/BLM — now in control over major American cities — gain “official” status within the White House through the puppeteers of a Biden Presidency, heaven forfend, in November 2020!!

The below video contains more evidentiary trails, as per ANTIFA and its agenda!

Updated: NYPD Investigates Terrorist who Threatens to Burn Down Diamond District During “Peaceful Protests” and Charges him with Making Terroristic Threats (Video)-ACWR.org

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

The racist, black supremacist, and Jew-hating nature of Black Lives Matter (BLM)—which not only embraces the Hamas-inspired BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement against Israel and promotes antisemitic tropes, falsely accusing Israel of genocide, but is also a “campaign” of CAIR and closely linked to Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers—has been grossly under-reported. Instead, it has been legitimized and normalized as a mainstream organization within the left-wing political and media apparatus and even within more conservative circles.

In this regard, consider the following as additional supportive evidence of the same, that is, that Black Lives Matter spawned from the “parent” of the original Black Panthers — the foremost domestic terror organization which exploded across America in the 1960’s and 1970’s, alongside the infamous and more notorious of the two, the Weathermen.

And it is not for nothing that the founder of the Weathermen, Bill Ayers, is a close friend of Barack Obama —all his denials notwithstanding. Of course, both domestic terror organizations assign “social justice” as their raison d’être. Hogwash.

The broadening of the Black Lives Matter movement and its increasing focus on community empowerment echoes the evolution of the Black Power movement of the 1960s, a former Panther leader says.

Echoes of the past?

For many, the broadening of the Black Lives Matter movement and its increasing focus on community empowerment echoes the evolution of the Black Power movement of the 1960s. The Black Panther Party was formed in 1966 with the goal of “policing the police.” They drove around Oakland, Calif., following squad cars and recording incidents of police violence.

A year later, the Panthers released their Ten Point Program, which called for employment and housing for black people along with an end to police brutality. They also began offering social services to black communities. The Panthers ran health care clinics, distributed clothing, and served free breakfast to inner city children.

Jamal Joseph, a young leader of the Black Panthers who is now a director, writer, and film professor at Columbia University in New York, says that such community programs were “vital to the Panthers’ work” because the Panthers recognized “that the community needed to be part of their own liberation.”

Professor Joseph sees Black Lives Matter organizers making the same recognition today.

“Similarly to what happened in the civil rights movement and in the Black liberation movement, [Black Lives Matter organizers] are connected nationally and also building consciousness and connecting the dots between what’s happening with mass incarceration and poverty and the lack of education,” says Joseph. “In other words, the movement is saying that we recognize that people are being killed by the cops, but also that people are being killed by neglect. And we want to address that. We want to address poverty, poor health care, poor education, and issues that are critical.”

It should come as no surprise then that yesterday Ace Burns, a “peaceful” African-American protestor seeking “justice,” introduced himself as the leader of a group he branded “FTP” and threatened to burn down New York City’s diamond district, which is mostly comprised of Jewish-owned businesses. FTP, he claimed, could mean “Free the People, “For the People,” or “Fire to Property.” As reported by Paul Sacca at The Blaze, his threat was captured live in an interview with Fox News, and he was picked up by the NYPD last night and is under investigation.

UPDATE:  Fox News has since reported that Israel “Ace” Burns has now been charged with one count of making terroristic threats, aggravated harassment and false reporting. According to Fox, he is now at central booking and has not been released.

Protest leader threatens to burn down NYC’s Diamond District on live TV

If Mayor de Blasio doesn’t meet with the protest organizer tonight, he hints at fiery repercussions, ‘Gasoline is awfully cheap’

BY PAUL SACCA  |  June 6, 2020

A protest leader delivered an ominous threat to burn down New York City’s Diamond District on Friday night if the mayor and governor refuse to meet him and his organization. The vague threat was all said during a live TV segment.

During a Fox News interview, a man who identified himself as “Ace Burns 2020,” hinted that he would burn down the Diamond District. The man said he was organizing a march from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to City Hall on Saturday night. If Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to speak with protesters at City Hall, the man hinted there would be fiery repercussions.

“I’m a leader of this FTP movement. It means a lot of things,” the protest leader said. “It could mean ‘free the people,’ it could mean ‘for the people,’ or it could also mean ‘fire to property’ and you know that’s very possible.”

“Today I’m leading a demonstration from Barclay Center at 6 p.m. to City Hall, and that’s the first stop. We’re hoping de Blasio and Cuomo come out and talk to us and give the youth some direction,” the man stated. “But if they don’t, the next stop is the Diamond District. And gasoline, thanks to Trump, is awfully cheap.”

The Diamond District is heavily populated with Orthodox and Hasidic Jews. Fox News anchor Eric Shawn immediately condemned the protester leader’s veiled threats.

“That person was, basically suggesting that they plan to go to the Diamond District, which is run by Orthodox Jews here in New York City,” Shawn said. “Certainly hope that is not the case and we do not endorse, or in fact we condemn that type of language her on the Fox News channel. Someone saying that certainly should be called out in terms of any type of potential threat of any sort that we just heard, live from someone who’s interviewed here on this channel.”

Shortly after 9 p.m. on Saturday, NYPD announced that they had taken the man into custody for questioning. “Earlier tonight, a man wearing this mask threatened, in a live @FoxNews interview, to burn Manhattan’s diamond district down,” the NYPD tweeted. “Within hours, we identified the man & took him in to be interviewed.”

Burns said that he has camped out in front of the Barclays Center since June 3. He added that he is “camped out here indefinitely,” as long as there are protests and “so long as there is black people dying in the streets.”

In a Twitter video, the man told Cuomo that he needs to speak to him. “I’m not requesting anything. You’re going to give us a seat at the table,” the man said. “My ancestors earned this right. I didn’t ask to come here.”

Ace Burns@AceBurns2020

Still Camped in front of @barclayscenter with no supplies because @uber driver stole my stuff and @tmobile phone! No matter I’m staying until @NYGovCuomo comes to talk

Embedded video

BREAKING REPORT: NYPD Find Functional Bomb at 77th Precinct Station House in Brooklyn, While Comrade De Blasio Is Busy Ordering Police To “Stand Down” – By Adina Kutnicki


{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIHigh atop the tactical techniques utilized within Marxist/communist/Islamic revolutionary guerrilla warfare hand-books, lies explosive/incendiary devices and torching cookbooks — all in order to smash to smithereens the hated symbols of capitalism.

And it is exactly into this incendiary minefield that America’s domestic terrorists — with ANTIFA and BLM leading the charge — are prepping for, expecting to cause one explosion after another all across the nation.

As a matter of fact, they have stepped into the “illustrious” shoes of their torchbearers from the 1960’s and the 1970’s, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, in reality, the latter being the “parent” of Black Lives Matter . Then as now, the never-ending goal is to bring down America. Whatever it takes. Period.

But making matters even more explosive, is the fact that NYC is led by a Comrade Mayor; who aligns himself with domestic terror groups! No doubt.

Simply put, in so doing, he is imperiling millions of citizens by ordering NYPD Police Chiefs not to enforce the law and to refrain from making arrests, in turn, ensuring the following result: Just as the Weathermen and the Black Panthers burned down police stations and placed explosives in Federal and related buildings, so too will their progeny. Guaranteed. Rest assured, all ensuing blood in NYC is on De Blasio’s hands!!]

THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.com By Jim Hoft Jume 6, 2020

The New York Police Department found a functional bomb near the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn today.

Yet New York City Officials punish the police.

Via former officer John Cardillo:

John Cardillo

This is the definition of terror, yet @BilldeBlasioand NYC DAs focus on punishing cops

John followed up his initial tweet with this: Thanks to our veterans, I’m told this is most likely an artillery simulator.

More… NYPD found a car full of weapons with Ohio plates this week.

Daily Mail US

Two arrested in Ohio car full of weapons at New York rally

Aaron Evanshine, 36, from Ohio and Brian Contreras, 24, from Queens have been charged with possession of weapons after their Ohio-registered car was found to contain a stash of arms at a protest.


Patriots, is there even a scintilla of a doubt as to why the following was written:

The Morning Briefing: Buy All the Guns Now, America – G-d Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Incontestably, if this isn’t war, what else qualifies??

{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


COMRADE De Blasio MUST GO: Rudy Giuliani: De Blasio Is Calling Individual Police Chiefs and Telling Them Not to Enforce the Law or Make Arrests (VIDEOS) – By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIThe titular head of Marxist/communist revolutionary governance within America is, hands down, Comrade De Blasio, Mayor of the largest city and the nation’s financial and cultural epicenter — never mind it being this writer’s birthplace, hometown, and professional stomping grounds, until 12 years ago! Read it….weep….afterwards, stand ready.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ‘Full-On Communist’ 2019 State of the City Speech

In line with the above knowledge base, know that much of the info at today’s updated posting has its roots within several analyses featured herehere, and throughout embedded links, too.

More specifically, the following video places a bulls-eye around the incipient dangers — as to what happens to a democratic nation when the chain of command goes rogue, akin to the SecDef who serves at the pleasure of the POTUS!

Once armed with what’s what, view the below video within Gateway Pundit with all due deliberation and seriousness — for it comes from a Mayor who not only restored law and order to a city which was off the rails when he entered office, but presided over NYC when Islamic terrorists perpetrated the largest terror attack on U.S. soil, 9/11/01! Mind you, no one could have steered the ship like Giuliani (his flaws and all), of course, with the eminently capable assistance of the most outstanding Police Commissioner to ever head the NYPD, Commissioner Kelly. NO exaggeration.

Onto Comrade De Blasio’s real marching orders, that is, as NYC burns!!]

THE GATEWAYPUNDIT.com By Jim Hoft June 2, 2020

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday night to discuss the crisis in New York City.

For days now far left protesters are destroying the city, looting businesses and attacking NY police.

Rudy says de Blasio is calling the individual police chiefs and telling them NOT to enforce the law or make arrests.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The de Blasio Cuomo problem is a special problem. And they hate each other. And frankly de Blasio is completely incompetent. And the governor really in good conscience should replace him. He is the sole reason the New York City Police Department is not acting… De Blasio over the last three or four or five nights calls individual police chiefs and tells them not to enforce the law and not to make arrests, it goes around the police commissioner and does that. It’s outrageous.. they don’t want people stealing and not interrupt them unless somebody is holding them back… The person who’s holding them back is Mayor de Blasio. I know that, Cuomo knows that, everybody in the world knows that.

Via Hannity:



{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


NYPD TERROR CHIEF: Nationwide Violence Was Planned – By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIThere is NO other law enforcement agency in the entire nation which recognizes, understands, and has its fingers on the pulse of terrorism at-large — be it green/Islamic, or red/Marxist/socialist/communist via its many moving and fluid parts — akin to the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau (CT). They live and breathe it. Period.

Now, this is not a bold assertion borne out of thin air and so-called smack-talk. Not at all. Rather, it comes from long-standing professional experience and a personal association thereof — the former as a (somewhat) knock-on effect from the latter. As such, an edifying read (among countless others attesting to the same) commences with Terrorist Cop. Extrapolate from there.

But not to be lost in this most explosive discussion, it goes without saying — at least to those who have not been in a coma — that Bill De Blasio is a cop-hater and is more in line with Marxist revolutionaries than with  average American citizens. Of this, let there be NO doubt. Ipso facto, without removing him from office — forcibly, if necessary — the NYPD will remain castrated and unable to take care of business, that is, with their hands-in-their-pockets, as dictated by their real boss, the Comrade Mayor.

NYC Mayor Demanded Cop Be Fired for Pulling Gun on Crowd in Viral Video…Then Full Video is Released


Embedded video

(Click on to view what really went down, despite De Blasio’s jive-talk and incendiary attack on the officer!)

Not only that, relying on the FBI and its highly compromised and infiltrated — red and green alike — terrorism bureau is a recipe for untold disaster. The reasons are manifest and manifold. Suffice to attest that the running indictment starts here.

Adding the proper fuel to stamp out the national fire, American patriots must ignore the self-serving jibber-jabber spewing from (most of) the so-called leadership, as well as from the media-inciting mob. In reality, they are talking bobble-heads and completely removed from any standards of objective journalism. So much so, they are, in effect, little more than whores; bought and paid for by various players inside and outside officialdom. Simple as that. Beyond the pale.

As to the objective facts at hand re violence by police against blacks, the real statistics (from 2019) bear out an incontrovertible and uncomfortable truth — for those who are hell-bent on burning down the country, having nothing to do with “justice” for Floyd’s (or another’s) death. So, listen up:

All of which brings us straight back to the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau and their spot-on, highly-informed, targeted analysis, as to what is really going down. CT school is in session…..no pussyfooting allowed!]

FREEPRESSERS.com June 3, 2020

Anarchist groups from outside New York City used the death of George Floyd and the protests it sparked as cover to plan and carry out violent acts in the city, the New York Police Department’s terrorism commissioner said.

There is a high level of confidence within the NYPD that the anarchist groups organized scouts, medics, and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants for breakaway groups to commit vandalism and violenceNYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said, according to New York’s NBC 4.

There are strong indicators the anarchists planned for violence in advance using at times encrypted communications, Miller said.

“Before the protests began, organizers of certain anarchists groups set out to raise bail money and people who would be responsible to be raising bail money, they set out to recruit medics and medical teams with gear to deploy in anticipation of violent interactions with police,” Miller said.

Miller said the anarchists “developed a complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were and where police were not for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to places where they could commit acts of vandalism including the torching of police vehicles and Molotov cocktails where they thought officers would not be.”

Samantha Shader, 27, of Catskill in upstate New York, was accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at an NYPD vehicle that was occupied by four police officers. When she was being cuffed, federal prosecutors say that she bit one of the officer’s leg.

According to charging documents, Shader allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail at 1:12 a.m. in Brooklyn Saturday morning. The FBI says it shattered two windows of the NYPD vehicle and damaged the vehicle while officers were inside. The complaint alleges that the FBI was able to get video of the incident from a witness.

Prosecutors say that Shader “has traveled the country committing various crimes, which include acts of violence and resisting arrest” including a 2019 officer interference conviction in Waterford, Connecticut.

Antifa, one of the most visible and violent anarchist groups in the U.S., has been blamed by several officials for much of the violence taking place since this month’s riots began.

President Donald Trump has said he will declare Antifa a terrorist organization.

“It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others!” Trump tweeted.

Attorney General William Barr on Saturday identified Antifa as the main culprit in promoting the nationwide riots.

“The continued violence and destruction of property endangers the lives and livelihoods of others, and interferes with the rights of peaceful protestors, as well as all other citizens… The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Barr said.

Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough noted on June 1 that the “prime goal of far-left Antifa is to rid America of ‘whiteness’ as a race, according to a handbook written by a historian who helped organize the anarchist ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in 2011.”

Anti-capitalist author Mark Bray rejects “exterminating” whites. Instead, he proposes to remove it as a race and thus terminate its high standing while creating a “classless society” that would naturally do away with crime.

“This does not mean exterminating people who are currently categorized as white, but abolishing the classificatory scheme that renders them so,” he writes in the 2017 “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.”

In 2018, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison posted a photo of himself online holding and endorsing the “Anti-Fascist Handbook.” His son said he is a proud Antifa backer.

Portland-based independent journalist Andy Ngo has perhaps most extensively documented attacks by self-described Antifa members in recent years. Last June, Ngo himself was attacked by Antifa while covering their confrontation with the far-right Proud Boys group, and suffered a brain injury.

Ngo told Fox News that Trump’s efforts to consider Antifa a terror group “will provide a framework for local authorities and, especially, federal authorities to start investigating this criminal cartel for the street thugs that they are.”

“In addition to the street hooliganism that we see over and over on the streets of America, this movement also has a political ideology that is agitating for a violent political revolution,” Ngo added.

Left-wing academics, meanwhile, “have defended Antifa,” Fox News noted. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a professor of history at New York University, told The New York Times that Antifa’s tactics of physically assaulting political opponents tend to attract negative press only because the right-wing media is being very unfair about it.

Reports and social media posts over the weekend chronicled some of the violent acts allegedly carried out by anarchists who have hijacked the George Floyd protest movement.

• In Richmond, Police Chief Will Smith said rioters set fire to an occupied multi-family residence with a child inside, then repeatedly blocked firefighters’ access to the scene. Police were eventually able to get to the residence and clear the way for firefighters to rescue the family.
• In North Carolina, the editor of a progressive newspaper, who only hours prior had celebrated the protests-turned-riots, had to take cover from looters and vandals in the basement of Indy Week after they had broken into the newspaper’s offices.


To make matters even more incendiary, there is much evidence as to Congress’s tie-ins to ANTIFA, and their support thereof. Yes, “AOC” is full throttle as a leader for the revolutionary charge, as evidenced here. Imagine that.

But there’s more. Much more.

What do you think happened when a reporter asked a pointed investigative question, mind you, like they are supposed to?

This Reporter Just Asked The Question About Antifa-Ties In Congress That We Need To Have Answered

This week, patriots everywhere collectively cheered the announcement from President Donald Trump that the radical, far-left group Antifa would be designated as a domestic terrorist group.

This is an excellent move on the part of Trump.

Ever since he was running for office, the ironically incredibly fascist “Antifa,” which is supposed to mean “antifascist,” has been raging their own little civil war against peace, justice, and the American way.

The group operates like a terrorist group. It recruits like a terrorist group. It trains like a terrorist group. It makes threats like a terrorist group.

They openly and unapologetically denounce the rule of law in this nation and justify their violence in the name of “combating hate.”

Which is really incredibly sick and twisted, considering they attack peaceful, law-abiding people physically for merely using words.

That’s right–their philosophy is that you can use violence to combat “hate speech” because they claim that “hate speech is violence.”

Now, not only is that absolutely insane and completely morally baseless, but it also makes one wonder as to why Antifa justifies destroying private businesses in the name of George Floyd.

What did Starbucks, Target, or black-owned businesses in Minneapolis ever do to Floyd, one wonders?

Anyway, Trump’s designation that Antifda is, indeed, a terrorist group will allow the federal government to use the full weight of its intelligence and law enforcement resources to investigate and charge Antifa criminals for their crimes.

However, we must remember that several prominent Democrat politicians have openly expressed support for Antifa…which means they now have openly expressed support for a terrorist group.

Hamas is in good company.

On Monday, One America News Network’s White House reporter, Chanel Rion, posed a very important question to White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Will the White House investigate members of Congress who are funding or tied to Anfifa?

Chanel Rion: Kayleigh, is it possible that DC will be placed under Martial Law in order to protect these national monuments from further destruction? And second under the Civil Rights Act of 1968 will this administration investigate either members of Congress or political organizations who are funding or who are tied to the Antifa movement?

To reiterate: While most of the media-inciting mob are in the tank for ANTIFA and its appendages ala the full-on destruction of America, there are a handful —aside from Chanel Rion, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro — who aren’t. Yes, a paltry few.
Here is Pete Hegseth, a FOX News contributor:
Pete Hegseth

Notably, on Saturday, an Antifa activist group put out a message that encouraged people to consider Minnesota National Guard troops “easy targets,” according to two Defense Department officials.

John D.@thinkthinkthin6
View image on Twitter

The activists were encouraged to steal “kit”, or the weapons and body armor used by the soldiers.

The officials were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, reports one outlet.


Resultant, is there even a scintilla of a doubt that ANTIFA (and its offshoots) is a domestic terror organization, thus, presenting a clear and present danger to America in toto?

If not, why not?

{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:



{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIBefore we head to a running indictment of the principle facilitators and the non-mitigating factors ushering in the nation’s destruction — the BRINGING DOWN of AMERICA, that is, by burning it to the ground — let’s consider this most revealing truth of all: All of a sudden, the totalitarians ruling over Demster-run cities are no longer concerned about the spread of corona, thereby, draconian lock-downs are hardly considered a mandatory public “health” concern. You got that?? The quickest Demster-driven volte-face on record. Whiplash-like.

It is as if the nanosecond that cities across the nation became engulfed and inflamed due to so-called racial “justice” for George Floyd — not to dare to be confused and conflated with the absolute right to peacefully protest — corona and “social-distancing” went out the window and magically disappeared! How can this be?

More pointedly, why is it that citizens had to be caged in for weeks on end — and with no let up in sight, of course, for their own “safety” and that of others — thus, prevented from going to work and otherwise living normal lives? Still yet, on the other hand, lighting cities on fire became reason enough, the catalyst, to “letting the dogs loose”, in a manner of speaking! No doubt, these are fair questions, but no one in officialdom — left or right — is asking them. Why is this?

Not only that, from far-left, revolutionary profs “instructing” students how to tear down national monuments; to two, among those who were caught, revolutionary lawyers — having been taught the tools of the trade within the nation’s radical, anti-American-infested undergrad and grad schools — it is hardly surprising that they were arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail at a police car in Brooklyn!

Again, all of the aforementioned knock-on effects are laid out in BRINGING DOWN AMERICA: An FBI Informant with the Weathermen, by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan (a book review written in April 2013, penned by this hand for American Thinker). It couldn’t be more prescient.

Onto “AOC” and her “in-your-face” call for revolution for the “transforming” of America — akin to the tracks laid down by the Race-Baiter-in-Chief. And, mind you, just like an avowed hostage-taker, she barks her orders per prescribed socialist/Marxist/communist terms — or else.]

AOC helping rioters: ‘Cover identifying tattoos,’ wear heat-resistant gloves

If the above is not “dead to rights” — by acting as a criminal accomplice and facilitator — what the hell qualifies? Below, too.


AOC Says For The Violence To Stop You Must Give Up Your Property & Issues A Whole List Of Demands

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez conducted a live stream listing a series of demands that must be met for the protest to stop. During the live steam, AOC demanded “property equality,” free health care, advisory boards for police, and a whole other litany of socialist demands.

Jack Posobiec

She is positioning herself as the negotiator for her Antifa friends…click on the pic for her “list of demands!!”

Embedded video

AOC threatened that if these demands are not met things are going to get a whole lot worse. She also said that if you don’t agree with the demands you are involved in “social oppression.”

Her statement comes after another night of chaos from the George Flynn riots, Police casualties are increasing business owners trying to protect what’s left of their business after the pandemic are being beaten and having their livelihoods burned to the ground. Now this communists – AOC – is telling us that if we don’t give up our property and give everyone health care it’s about to get worse.

Well, we don’t negotiate with terrorists and President Trump has declared Antifa a terrorist organization.

“This is being driven by Antifa,” national security adviser Robert O’Brien told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “And they did it in Seattle. They have done it in Portland. They have done it in Berkeley. This is a destructive force of radical — I don’t even know if we want to call them leftists. Whatever they are, they’re — they’re militants who are coming in and burning our cities, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it.”


So, as “AOC” threatens the nation and takes millions upon millions hostage, what about the so-called law and order types? What are they thinking? Well, according to Raleigh’s Police Chief, female and black, no less: “I will not put an officer in harms way to protect the property inside of a building,” says the Raleigh Police Chief. Hmm. Another Police Chief hands over free rein to mob-rule. If you can withstand it, click on the pic and it will bring you to the disgraceful capitulation to America’s anarchists!

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Now, if America wasn’t upside down and virulently infected with domestic terrorists — inside and outside officialdom — “AOC” would be hauled into prison for so many crimes against the public, on an order of magnitude much worse than screaming FIRE in multiple crowded theaters!

But this is not the case. In fact, not a peep has been heard from the POTUS’s direction (nor from so-called conservatives in officialdom) about doing just that, aside from threatening to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terror org — and they are! Why is this?? For, in reality, “AOC” and a host of others are criminal accomplices, in the most basic interpretation of criminal law. What’s so hard about that?

In this regard, with officialdom — again, from all sides of the political spectrum, with RINOS joining in the national tear-down as they troll for the black vote — either outright inciting to violence (akin to John Brennan) and stoking the flames, or “sympathizing” with domestic terrorists by bailing them out of prison like Biden’s campaign is doing, is anyone shocked, shocked that ANTIFA terrorists sent a hit squad, yes, a hit squad, to the home of Cassanda Fairbanks, a conservative journalist, terrorizing her and her young daughter? Cause and effect.

Cassandra Fairbanks


Alas, a (mostly) lone and sane voice cries out in the wilderness, in what amounts to as little more than the carcass of a dead and buried American media; a morally bankrupt profession which passes itself off as the “fourth estate” but is nothing of the sort. Rather, each and every so-called news medium serves, in one capacity or another, as a propaganda tool and an echo chamber for the DNC and their far-left, radical appendages.

Therefore, this clarion call encourages the readers to listen up to Tucker Carlson’s analysis; one which will leave you breathless, saddened, and outraged all at once. Few have the courage to place the onus exactly where it belongs. Pay rapt heed. Pay it forward, too.

So much so, it would be entirely remiss for this investigative journalist not to call out Jared Kushner — the son-in-law who should henceforth serve as Exhibit Number One which attests to the inherent dangers in allowing nepotism to become a part of any POTUS’s inner circle. Most ominously, his mischief-making regarding “prison reform” — that which President Trump adopted as his own through this and that familial pressure — is reaping a national whirlwind. Indeed, it is.

The point being, Kushner views this incendiary issue through a doubly clouded and crooked prism. As the eldest child, the heir apparent, of Charles Kushner who was incarcerated for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering  — having spent 14 months in federal prison and ten months in a halfway house in 2005, when Jared was an impressionable young twenty-something — he never got over the stigma of his papa being a felon! His rage at a criminal justice system that locked him up, coupled with the shame of having a jail-bird father, never left him.

Atop it all, as a very liberal leftist to begin with — and when the opportunity presented itself — he sunk his teeth into “prison reform” with a vengeance.

Operating under the false leftist premise that “softening” sentencing guidelines, etc. is good for society and rectifies “imbalances”, never mind guilt or innocence, it became a win-win pet project for an aggrieved son. In his doubly-biased thinking, it somehow “atoned” for the “injustice” done to his father and resurrected his family’s good name.

As such, he doubled-down with his efforts by presenting this issue to his father-in-law (again, nepotism run amok) as a surefire winning recipe to garner more of the Black vote — never mind the stellar economic gains they reaped under his first term.  To said end, Kushner surrounded himself with a phalanx of like-minded leftists who were more than pleased to do his bidding. Yes, this is the long and short of it.

Effectively, if not for Jared’s tag-team interference, Trump’s “take-no-prisoners” mindset would have kicked in, as soon as the nation lit up. Instead, his self-obsessed son-in-law continues to have his ear, and this is why Trump allowed several days of horrific destruction to rampage across the nation, that is, before he finally warned America’s domestic terrorists that the military will be called in, if necessary. Earth to Trump: It was necessary when Minneapolis started burning down!!

Police Chief Addresses Rioters Torching Home With Children Inside Then Blocked Fire Department (Video)

Conclusively, if we are not witnessing a war against America — as the epicenter of western civilization and all that it stands for — what else qualifies? If tearing down monuments; terrorizing and attacking innocent bystanders, and burning down businesses  — and that’s for starters — isn’t meant as a blow against America as a civilized society, what more needs to be evidenced??

Shiver the west timbers.

The Race-Baiter-in-Chief Fanned The Flames For 8 Years: The Knock-On Effects – ANTIFA Stirs The Pot; Mob-Rule Takes Over U.S. Cities – By Adina Kutnicki


{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKILost in all the thuggish, criminal mayhem and fiery destruction across many U.S. cities, underlies the absolute fact that many of the top brass within law enforcement are blacks, including police chiefs — for heaven’s sake, Minneapolis’s very own Police Chief, Chief Medaria Arradondo, is black, as are many up and down the chains of command. Sheesh.

Not only that, prosecutorial teams in major U.S. cities are led by blacks and far-left legal eagles, so to speak. So much so, a recent analysis was penned at this site about this very subject, as per its dangerous knock-on effects.

Inexorably, the “anti-law and order” marching orders from within the so-called justice system — egged on by like-minded revolutionary political leaders — couldn’t be any clearer. Indeed, “social justice” has replaced criminal justice. And herein are the real fruits of their (mis)labors — De Blasio, this finger is pointing at you!! Mind you, his wholesale emptying of prisons to “protect” prisoners from corona is of piece with his disdain for law-abiding citizens. Here’s some major blow-back:

NYC ‘Buckles Down’ After Released Inmates Start Committing Crimes

Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli: 

“When someone targets a police officer or a police station with an intention to do harm and intimidate — that is an act of domestic terrorism,” Department of Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2020-05-30/federal-officer-killed-in-shooting-at-california-courthouse 

Federal Officer Killed Guarding Courthouse Near Protest – U.S. authorities say they’re seeing more acts of violence targeting law enforcement.

Meanwhile, NYPD, you rock, despite Comrade De Blasio — and this is why…..

John ‘Murder Hornet’ Cardillo

The NYPD isn’t having it any longer.

This is how you handle savage terrorists….click on pic to see how it’s done!

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As such, memo to Comrade De Blasio: Yes, for very good reason, the NYPD brass and rank and file detest you for inciting against them, in turn, causing countless cop-killings under your watch! Indeed, hang your head in shame…..stick it in the toilet, while you are at it!

More pointedly, why is it that Minneapolis didn’t burn — mind you, along with well-coordinated {emphasis placed} attacks across other cities — after Muslim Cop Mohamed Noor Shot Justine Damond (on July 15, 2017) point blank in the chest for doing nothing, other than for the “crime” of calling 911 for assistance, concerned that a woman may have been assaulted in an alley behind her house? Moreover, how dangerous was she, as she stood in her pajamas while being shot??


Even so, before we head to the Race-Baiter-in-Chief and the rise of ANTIFA under his watch, ask yourselves: Why is it that Demster-run cities are prone to police violence and riots? Is it just coincidental — or not? You decide.

Now, for eight long, torturous years under HUSSEIN Obama, race relations in America went off the rails. How can this be, even after the most powerful position on the face of the planet was in the hands of the first black POTUS? Huh and duh.

But never mind, all the evidentiary trails re the aforementioned charges of incitement can be found here, if interested. Bear this uppermost in mind, too: The link within had tens of thousands of shares, suddenly, they went down the hidey-hole. Poof-like.

To wit, if anyone thinks the utter, wanton destruction across America really has anything to do with justice for the death of George Floyd (or another black person) by rogue cops gone wild, well, think again.

If anything, this is a direct attack and challenge to law enforcement’s authority: Stop us, “pigs”, if you dare!!

Most significantly, it is hardly accidental that the current burning of Demster-run cities is mirroring a pattern of lethally-charged incitement set by radical, revolutionary leaders, inside and outside officialdom.

More specifically, their end-game can be best understood within Bringing Down America. Naturally, the Race-Baiter-in-Chief is, as always, front and center. Not to be missed, how ironic is it that masks are now ubiquitous clothing accessories, after all, how much easier can it get to hide one’s identity than behind a mask??

Which brings us to the heightened and more than dangerous escalation, as demonstrated below.

By the way, the following analysis is more than noteworthy, for it encapsulates what is really going down and where the upending of America is headed — ensuring that the flames stay lit until the run-up to Nov. 2020, at the very least.]

OUTRAGEDPATRIOT.com May 29, 2020

“Ain’t nothing left here.”

A man interviewed on camera during last night’s chaos in Minneapolis warned that rioters are planning on “coming to the suburbs” if they don’t get what they want.

The twin cities were once again rocked by a night of absolute bedlam as more stores were looted and rioters set fire to the 3rd police precinct building, prompting cops to flee the scene.

“It’s real bogus, they gotta hit it right, otherwise this is what’s gonna happen, ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?” the mask-wearing African American asks.

“We’re coming for the suburbs next.” — Catholic Groyper (@GroyperCath) May 29, 2020

“You see what I’m saying, so eh that’s just what’s gonna happen, you know – f**k the police,” he adds.

President Trump has promised to bring in the National Guard if local authorities are incapable of handling the violence, something that is pretty much self-evident at this point.

As we highlighted earlier, despite the riots spreading across the country and becoming more violent, the media is still describing the carnage as a legitimate “protest.” 

A black business owner who invested his life savings into what is now a looted and destroyed sports bar cried on camera as he lamented, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

A news report describes how the Minneapolis bar owner was attempting to clean up when thugs tried to break in again during filming and loot his safe.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I worked so hard to get here, so hard,” the owner says as he cries.

The clip once again emphasizes how rioters are burning down their own community and destroying the lives of other black people, supposedly in pursuit of justice.

In reality, they’ve trashed their own neighborhood and made it highly unlikely that any new businesses will want to set up shop to serve the community there ever again.

Some business owners placed signs that said “minority owned” in an attempt to deter looters, but that obviously didn’t work for this bar owner.


The angel of death is coming for white Americans. Be sure to signal extra hard, shitlibs, so he passes over you.

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Conclusively, if all of the above — and what awaits — is not part and parcel of America’s Civil War Rising, what else qualifies? So, the open question is: What will millions of patriots do in response, that is, not if, but when ANTIFA-type terrorists — yes, they are — black, brown, white, or a combination thereof, show up in their ‘hoods, so to speak?

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Rep. Omar’s Anti-American, Criminally-Inciting Daughter….The Apple & The Tree….RIOTS: Ilhan Omar and Her Daughter Encourage Chaos and Mayhem in the Minnesota Streets – By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIIf anyone is foolish enough to believe that (one of) the spawn of anti-American, pro-jihadi Rep. Omar “misspoke” in her overt support for the continued mayhem, chaos, arson, and total destruction of Minneapolis, one would be deadly wrong! In fact, just last week, as the nation celebrated Memorial Day, Omar’s wretched daughter called U.S. soldiers bitches, yes, bitches! Hey, devil-spawn, tell us what you really think!!

But before we go any further re the aforementioned she-devil, let’s be very clear: The officer involved in the death should be sent to prison, after all, they caught him dead to rights! But make no mistake: The burning down of a city has zero justification. Zero. For if such was the case, how many cities would be aflame for the killing of Jews just because they were Jews — by many blacks, no less?? Exactly.

So, let’s dare not exculpate those who will use any and every justification for creating riotous mayhem — let alone their accomplices who spur on more of the same. Even more so, the very same actions by Rep. Omar’s  criminally-inciting daughter must be investigated. Forthwith. Not only that, ask yourselves: What would happen if the daughter (or son) of a white, Christian (or Jewish) rep committed the same blatant incitement to violence, would they be given a (jail) pass? Think about that double standard!]
BIGLEAGUEPOLITICS.com By Shane Trejo May 28, 2020
This is Somali-style justice brought to America due to the migrant-trafficking program.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her daughter are pushing for the chaos and mayhem in the streets of Minneapolis, Minn. that has turned the streets into a Somali-style war zone.

Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted. And our priority right now must be protecting one another.

Her daughter, Isra Hirsi re-tweeted a message calling for supplies to be brought to assist the terrorist far-left rioters who are turning the streets of Minnesota into a sub-Saharan hellscape:

Minneapolis has turned into an apocalyptic scene with the help of Omar and her daughter. The scenes from tonight’s “protests” should make any decent American want to cry.

The superstore chain Target was looted by hordes of opportunistic multicultural diverse individuals as soon as the town descended into madness…………………………………………………………………………………………


As such, if justice is to prevail, haul Isra Hirsi’s ass in for questioning. NOW!

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