Countering the heretofore inexplicable…. there are remedies…..Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

To further illustrate the absurd paradox, whereby a ruling national leadership allows its citizens to literally become hostages in their own homes, scurrying back and forth like rats to their shelters (if they are fortunate enough to have one ! ) attempting to avoid the next missile/rocket attacks, I humbly refer the readers to one of my recent op-eds (out of several others on this heretofore inexplicable topic, they can be found further down my ‘HOME’  section) .

Therefore, as the reader comes across many head spinning, infuriating articles, enraging to the degree where the person feels as if their head is exploding, ( my prescription is not to clench ones hands and feel hopeless, but to get involved on any level possible to change the calculus. There are ways to do this, some of which I expect to delineate throughout my blog. For now, a good place to start is to assist Dr Martin Sherman in his efforts. He can be contacted through his site –

I truly believe our very lives, our ability to live freely as Jews in our homeland, depends on taking concrete actions, as opposed to wringing our hands in despair and disgust.

8 thoughts on “Countering the heretofore inexplicable…. there are remedies…..Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

    • I only have one blog, and I expect to post as often as events warrant. The dizzying pace of events in Israel, as well as the US, can cause ones head to (almost) fly off.
      I will try my best. Thanks for your support!

    • It is very important to explore what needs fixing, as well as to offer strategic remedies. The subject at hand requires much public airing. I am attempting to do just that, and with the assistance of some very experienced strategic hands.

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