Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism Takes Center Stage In NYC Democratic Primary Race. Here’s The Results……Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Openly and increasingly anti-semitic, anti-Zionist vitriol was on full display during the recent NYC Democratic primary contest for Congress, a contest which pitted Hakeem Jeffries against Charles Barron. The fact that this is my hometown, my stomping grounds, brings it that much closer to the fore. Enraging.

What seems to be missing from the full court media discussion (especially from the New York Times, the misnamed ‘paper of record’, the leading purveyor of all things anti-semitic, anti-Zionist worldwide, as it regularly fails to adhere to any journalistic integrity) is the extensive vile background of one of the contestants, a long-time fixture in NYC Democratic politics.

How can it be, that an ex Black Panther radical/terror supporter ever got elected to party politics in the first place? It seems clear that any party leadership, with a semblance of good vs evil, would have precluded him from representing anything (smacking of public trust), other than being part of an FBI watch list!

I know, radical is chic, and anti-Israel rhetoric chicer, especially among the fringes of the Democratic party. However, it begs the question-how venomous/bigoted does a person have to be in order to preclude them from representing any party, least of all one in NYC, a city with one of the largest concentrations of Jews in all of the US?

Alas, the good people of this hard fought over district displayed much more courage, and common sense as well, than the poohbahs in charge of vetting party candidates. They handed Charles-the hater-Barron a resounding loss, smacking him down in the process. To be sure, no one should dare suggest that this was a ‘black’ issue. It certainly wasn’t. After all, the race card can not be played here, both candidates are black and THAT was never the issue.

The following is at least one good reason for the people of NYC to breathe a sigh of relief, no thanks to their wretched leadership-


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