Hidden Factors Within Obamacare’s Passage… Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Thursday’s long anticipated Supreme Court ruling, regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare, was unexpected due to the fact that legal scholars, from various sides of the spectrum, viewed it as a violation of the Commerce Clause. Hence, most were shocked at its passing, as were all of this blogger’s (high level) legal contacts.

Not surprisingly, as a matter of judicial record, they were proven correct. In fact, Justice Roberts, in rendering the majority opinion, said as much. However, the Court concluded that Obamacare was not unconstitutional, under the Congress’s purview to levy taxes. And tax they will. Herein lies the rub. While Obama, and his water carriers, insisted (he was caught on video stating as much, emphatically wagging his finger in the process, plus this stellar analysis, by a brilliant federal prosecutor, is a must read – http://pjmedia.com/andrewmccarthy/2012/06/28/obamacare-ruling-pure-fraud-and-no-due-process/) that Obamacare was NOT a tax, the Court upheld it under its banner. Another intriguing interpretation can be found here – http://pjmedia.com/blog/justice-roberts%E2%80%99-reckless-restraint/. Adding to the mix is this worthwhile analysis – http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/supreme_court_sophistry_MHq3Zk0DOzwsMCFoGUOhFK.

Therefore, with four months to go before the most important election of our time, the Republicans (and especially Tea Party activists) have been handed a backwards gift, a silver lining of sorts. They will be able to prove, beyond any legal doubt, two things. Firstly, that Obama outright lied when he vehemently insisted it was not a tax. Secondly, with Obamacare in place, those who can least afford more taxes will now be taxed to the hilt, despite the health care goodies promised.

To make matters even more glaring, with the economy as the number one issue, small business owners, plus others, will have a mega platform to hammer the POTUS. They will opine, and rightfully so, that the insertion of Obamacare will kill business growth, thus killing job growth! Ipso facto, the only way to save the economy-which no one believes is on anything, but life support-is to repeal Obamacare (which the next POTUS can) through voting for Romney.

Most interestingly, no one (yet) other than syndicated radio host Michage Savage (himself a physician) offered this gem to seriously ponder. Justice Roberts suffers from epilepsy, as such, he is on medication to avoid seizures. Why is this important? Medical professionals understand the deleterious side effects of such powerful anti-seizure drugs. Savage further noted that  Roberts has written several opinions which appear muddled.

Perhaps it is time for Romney’s team to look into this area of thinking. Consider: There was never any doubt that the 4 justices to the left of the spectrum were going to grab onto anything, however tenuous, to pass Obamacare, all they needed was their 5th vote. Who is most likely to fit the bill, those whose thinking is not taxed by anti-seizure medications, or the one who is slightly off kilter? Most understand, despite the ideological divisions in the Court-often reported as outright acrimonious – they ultimately protect each other. Their “club” is similar to those who belong to law enforcement. The “blue wall of silence” ensures that secrets within their closed circle stay secret. Same here.

Here is Michael Savage’s analysis for your collective consideration – http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/michael-savage-roberts-affected-by-medication/?cat_orig=us.

You decide if there is possibly a “black robe of silence”…..perhaps, some skeletons rattling under Justice Robert’s robes, yet to be uncovered!

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