Anti-American POTUS & The MH17 Shoot Down. Tie-Ins Galore…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

A plethora of obvious layers jump to the fore, re the Anti-American-in-Chief’s seemingly bizarre non-reaction to the shoot down of MH 17. Yes, it would take all day to delineate them and other duties await. However, this is so intrinsic that a synopsis is a must. Thus, the core issue becomes: how does one start to explain what is “normal” for Barack HUSSEIN Obama – who by most standards exhibits wholly irrational behavior – in juxtaposition to acceptable human responses? Therein lies the crux.

IN the main, his inherent character trait is ACUTE narcissism.

Narcissistic personality disorder, also known as NPD, is a personality disorder in which the individual has a distorted self image, unstable and intense emotions, is overly preoccupied with vanity, prestige, power and personal adequacy, lacks empathy, and has an exaggerated sense of superiority. NPD is closely associated with egocentrism – a personality characteristic in which people see themselves and their interests and opinions as the only ones that really matter.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are not interested in the feelings of others – they lack empathy; they are unable to feel or appreciate feelings which are not their own…..

THIS fatal personality disorder lies atop his visceral hatred for America. Explosive. It is this particular clinical pathology which obviates any normal response, one which even smacks of appropriate. His outright rage against America becomes a combustible mix, when coupled with full blown narcissism. It is always at the ready, even if he seems strangely aloof. Oh dear.

NOW, this American-Israeli does not pretend to be an expert in psychological matters, but leaves said expertise to others who understand what’s what. Basically, while others rely on this blogger’s expertise re the Muslim Brotherhood, you gotta know when to accept the analysis of those at the top of their respective fields.

ENTER, Drs. Michael Welner and Andrew G. Hodges….

While the FBI is the largest receptacle of said mental probing, there exists a smattering of private endeavors who bring, otherwise elusive, suspects to heel. One such address is The Forensic Panel (, headed by Dr. Michael Welner, featured herein –

In this regard, cogitate over the above, as you read the following, from a most reputable, highly successful criminal profiler.’OBAMA’S ‘CONFESSION’ UNCOVERED BY FORENSIC PROFILER”I am not a dictator. I’m the president’

YET, even so, to truly grasp what is what, one must also compare and contrast his actual behavior when radical, racial, otherwise divisive matters are in play; those which are inherently anti-American.

IN this respect, a backgrounder to his alliances is completely germane. As such, let’s segue over to his Islamist/Wahabbi roots and then onto his communist/Hawaiian ones. A lethal combo.

ATOP said dangers, when the non-responsive POTUS became completely outraged – simply because a fellow Black was questioned in a local police matter – opining, “the police acted stupidly”, how relevant was this? Very. Folks, do recall his press conferences ! when Prof Gates was questioned by the police. Moreover, the inquiries become: is it within any POTUS’s job description to interfere in local police matters, even if involving a friend? if not, what was Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s intent? and, was his aggressive response normal, under any circumstances? You decide.

BRINGING matters into sharper relief, what about Tray? How many remember “it could of been my son”, a crazy-seeming, but purposefully incendiary and inciting comment?

SO in light of the above disinfectant, along comes what may appear, at first blush, bizarre, but is demonstrably on target, in relation to the Anti-American-in-Chief.

Obama’s bizarre and frightening response to the shoot down of MH17

The Tunnel Wall: Obama, Crises, And The 3 am Phone Calls

… “One of Obama’s talking points in the 2012 campaign included a boast that he had “ended” the war in Iraq by bringing home every U.S. soldier that had been left to ensure the relative quiet and stability after the successful Petraeus surge. In the world of Obama, a war can be declared ended because he said so, given that no Americans were any longer directly involved. (Remind the ghosts of the recently beheaded in now al Qaeda-held Mosul that the war ended there in 2011.)
“Iraq is in flames, as is “lead from behind” Libya, as is “red line” Syria, and as are those places where an al Qaeda “on the run” has migrated. Had Obama been commander in chief in 1940, he would have assured us that the wars in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France were “over” — as they were in a sense for those who lost them, but as they were not for those next in line.”

Our Callow Commander-in-Chief;  “Why is insouciance Obama’s first response to international crises?”   “It is at times like these, when he is pushed kicking and screaming into the crucible, that Obama’s callowness shows. For his supporters, that jejune, jocular air has been a plus for almost six years. For the rest of us, it has served as a liability and an irritation. Yesterday, it became a wholesale embarrassment.”

…Instead, the president spent a grand total of 38 seconds on the downing of the plane, describing what he knew to have been an atrocity as a “tragedy” that “might” have happened, and then going back to slamming Republicans for refusing to agree with him on infrastructure spending, to joking with his adoring fans, and to suggesting that America needed to stop indulging in what the more traditional among us like to refer to as “politics.” It would, as David Freddoso observed, have been as if George W. Bush had continued to read “Why Daddy Is a Republican” after he had learned of the attacks on the Twin Towers.”

… “For the next two years, this is to be our fate. Indifference, drift, diversion, and fatigue. Hello Cleveland! Hello Brooklyn! Goodbye, yellow brick road.”

“Some of the reaction to the president’s bizarre remarks came from reporters on the scene:”

  • Traveling in Denver, this reporter heard gasps from guests watching a hotel lobby television as Obama spoke.
  • One remarked: ‘A tragedy is when you lose control and fly into a mountainside. This is mass-murder. What a disappointment.’
  • ‘His distance from reality is just bizarre,’ said another.
  • Daniel Hannan, the British member of Europe’s parliament who has rankled liberals in a series of American speaking tours, tweeted his own disgust.
  • ‘Listening to Obama’s statement [on] the airline tragedy, my mind went back to Reagan 31 years ago,’ he wrote.
  • ‘How America’s leaders have shrunk.’
  • Obama finished his speech by saying ‘Let’s build some bridges. Let’s build some roads. God bless America.’
  • Matt Viser, a Boston Globe reporter on the scene, tweeted a devastating reaction.
  • ‘Obama, in sum: A plane crashed. It may be tragic. We’re trying to see if US citizens were on board. Hey, great to be in Delaware!’ he wrote.
  • The president’s next stop after Wilmington was New York City, where he headlines a Democratic Party fundraiser Thursday evening. Tickets for the cozy event go for as much as $32,400…

… “The White House will attribute excessive caution to the president’s shocking remarks. But reporters were getting background from administration officials that the plane was shot down with a missile for several hours prior to the president’s remarks. And, of course, the fact that he then went merrily on his way to a fundraiser while what amounts to an act of war was committed against US citizens is just one more indication how out of touch this president is.” …

AS noted, this site claims zero expertise in the psychiatric/psychological arena. Nevertheless, countless markers have been placed at this site, taking the readers from there to here. In essence, those who are duly up to speed surely weren’t shocked, shocked by The One’s seemingly bizarre non-engagement re the shoot down, nor of other major arenas of American import.

BESIDES, if the total smashing of America’s borders is off the Radical-in-Chief’s radar (and a key component of his transformation strategy), in tandem with disease ridden dangers, surely little will engage him. On the other hand, issues that can be used for divisive ends are completely in his sights.

YES, the crises (manufactured or through natural phenomenon) that should NEVER go to waste, thus, utilizing them to transform America!