Obama & the Stalinist who mentored him

This site can hardly be described as Johnny Come Lately. To the contrary, as to its foresight, abundant evidence can attest to said claim. It is what it is. But before this blogger proves the aforementioned assertion, it is intrinsic to note: many conservative, rational thinkers – those who are otherwise ahead of the times – cannot/will not make the most salient mental leap: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not out of his depth. In fact, he is precisely WITHIN his depth, and herein belies the grave danger(s) to the west.

How so? Let’s wave all the red flags:

Red Flag One:

DO recall the emphasis placed upon the Radical-in-Chief’s red roots (May 2013):The Radical-in-Chief & His Communist Hawaiian Roots: More Than Just An Exotic Locale!

Red Flag Two:

And even in the run up to his second term – shortly after this blog’s inception – the following was warned:World Leaders OPENLY Endorsing The Radical-in-Chief Are The Most Vile Dregs In The International Arena.Why Are They Simpatico To “Dear Leader”?

Red Flag Three:

Pray tell, what are Russian, Chinese & other anti-American troops doing on U.S. soil? Better yet, what aren’t they doing:Russian/Foreign Troops Inside America; FEMA Detention Camps & Agenda 21: Training For MARTIAL LAW Against U.S. Citizens! 

Red Flag Four:


Red Flag Five:

Now that the Russian side is explained, what about the Chinese piece of the puzzle:The Sell Off Of America To China Completed: Accelerated Under The Purposeful (mis)Reign Of The Radical-in-Chief! What a conundrum.

Red Flag Six:

In light of the above, does it now seem preposterous that the Radical-in-Chief would take a dive for Putin (ala “flexibility” and all, even if designed to appear as if he has been sucker punched), as his policies mirror socialism/Marxism…and a variant of communism…as opposed to American Constitutional ethos:OBAMA’S END GOAL:ROOTED IN NATIONAL/NAZI SOCIALISM. Obamacare’s “Hidden” Nexus Reveals All!

ONTO…those who refuse to place Obama’s roots into proper context, even though they should know better…. 

Krauthammer vs. Obama: The mismatch

If Barack Obama is simply incompetent, naive, and weak when it comes to dealing with Russia, why is his administration proposing giving Russia free military equipment after announcing suspiciously pathetic sanctions in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine? Judicial Watch has linked to a press release from Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) in which the U.S. Congressman openly asks why an Obama administration budget proposal for FY15 includes providing Russia with “high level military technology”.In his latest column, Obama vs. Putin: The mismatch, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer has for some reason constructed a firewall behind his forehead that prevents him from considering that the President is acquiescing to Putin on purpose instead of out of ineptitude. The columnist continues to make an otherwise very cogent argument from an extremely flawed premise about Obama. Shoebat.com has documented his views on what he perceives to be Barack Obama’s ‘weakness’ relative to foreign policy generally, with Russia in particular.The premise that Krauthammer is starting from is that Obama wants to do the right thing when it comes to Russia and Ukraine but that he is simply incapable of doing so. If that were correct, Krauthammer’s critiques of the President would constitute political evisceration. If incorrect, Obama has Krauthammer right where he wants him.Krauthammer is beside himself as he watches from a ringside seat, two leaders of two heavyweight nations in what should be an epic fight. He’s disappointed that the guy he’s invested in isn’t putting up one. No, actually, he’s downright frustrated to the point of pulling his hair out. In his latest column, he says the following about Obama’s assertion that Putin’s behavior in Ukraine isn’t suited for the 21st century:

“Good God. Putin hasn’t transcended the Russian revolution. Did no one give Obama a copy of Putin’s speech last week upon the annexation of Crimea?”

Translation? Mr. President, that was the weakest jab I’ve ever seen. How about if you start fighting?

What the firewall behind Krauthammer’s forehead is preventing him from considering is that Obama is intentionally throwing the fight. Was not the president mentored by a pro-Soviet Stalinist for nearly a decade in the 1970′s? Is it not possible, Charles, that one of the voices in Obama’s head is that of Frank Marshall Davis, which is likely telling him to let Putin win because the United States is the bane of the earth’s existence?

One of the reasons Dr. Krauthammer is so invested in his premise very well may be his dismissal of the Davis factor for so many years. In doing so, he bet on America overcoming Obama. Those of us who understand the true gravity of any American President having such relationships weren’t so sure. For Krauthammer to admit this now would be an admission that he was wrong not to sound alarm bells about Davis in 2008.

Earlier this month, Krauthammer was nearly apoplectic in response to the “humiliating” response of the Obama administration towards Vladimir Putin’s aggression. During an appearance on the Fox News Channel, Krauthammer said of Obama’s handing out of a few sanctions to a few influential Russians, “If he thinks that sanctioning seven Russians out of a population of, what, 150 million is a sanction, he’s living in a different world”.

As for the world Krauthammer’s living in, it’s akin to Putin leaving himself exposed for a haymaker after making an aggressive mistake and Obama responding with a love tap. As Krauthammer watches the fight from the front row, those of us in the cheap seats may be seeing things a bit more clearly.

Since this post is replete with boxing metaphors, here’s a video of one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X2wPWMURJ4

WHEREAS the reign of the Radical-in-Chief has turned the Mid East (always a basket case) into a cauldron of fire, it behooves readers (especially westerners) to internalize his purposeful designs. 

But know this:it takes more than one anti-American at the helm to hand over the nation into red hands. As such, let’s give “credit” where it is due:U.S. CONGRESSIONAL COMMUNISTS HIDING IN “PLAIN SIGHT”. PELOSI ALL IN. OBAMAS’s COMRADE-IN-ARMS! 

YET, major kudos goes to the real power behind the man-child:Valerie Jarrett: Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Communist/Hidden Hand.Familial & Ideological Ties That Bind!


Obama Putin


Though one is clearly effete…the other…not so much (guess which is which) they are both ideologically in bed…herein lies the (western) danger(s)