Terror Hunter, Tom Trento – Once Again – Enters The Fray Via Trento Vision: Is Israel Smart Enough To Attack Iran? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Only those living in a cave, or in their own alternate universe, aren’t aware that the nuclear clock is ticking via Iran’s genocidal regime. In this regard, PM Netanyahu’s infamous ‘red line’ has been explored ad infinitum. Contained within the embedded link can be found the gravity of the situation, aka, the ‘matzav’. 

That being said, ‘to strike or not’ has never been about the ability to do so, as Israel possesses the requisite ‘tools’ without any back up needed from the Islamist-in-Chief. But it has always been, and tragically so, the case that Jerusalem’s joined-at-the-hip dependency on Washington has hampered effective action, and not just in the Iranian orbit. True, booms here and there exploded as required, but they were only tactical delays, albeit momentarily (mentally) uplifting. A false sense of security. ‘Permission slips’ are the usual ‘norm’.

Into the fray enters Tom Trento from The United WestSome readers are familiar with the connection herein, but for those who aren’t it is time to jump on board. His info/intel/insights are priceless. Seal Team Six seems to agree too, otherwise they would not have aired on Trentovision.
Is Israel smart enough to attack
Many people think that a preemptive attack by one country against another is
unacceptable in today’s enlightened world. HA! First of all, we are fighting an enemy,
Jihadi Muslims, who reject the “enlightened” elements of the 21st century and secondly,
we are dealing with actionable threats that can bring about apocalyptic results.
Watch this show as we sift through some very touchy areas related to the
USA and Israel destroying Iran’s nuclear capability.
Join us on Thursday at 5pm eastern, as we talk with Major General Paul Vallely
Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of SEAL team Six warrior, Aaron,
who was killed in action on August 6, 2011.
This disturbing story of Extortion 17 (call sign of the helicopter that went down)
is a graphic example of how the US government is betraying it’s war fighters
and it’s citizens in prosecuting a convoluted doctrine of modern warfare.
As to the question of pre-emption and its legal legitimacy, look no further than to the world’s expert, Professor Louis Rene Beres (my mentor). Most significantly, Project Daniel was presented to PM Ariel Sharon back in 2003, regarding Israel’s legal right to pre-empting Iran’s genocidal program.
Yes, oftentimes it takes those outside the established leadership to get to the heart of the matter. As a matter of record, if not for alternative media as well as stalwart hunters and diggers, the dangers within – purposefully fueled by Obama Inc. – would be exponentially worse.
In effect, those who are tasked to serve and protect American citizens are doing no such thing. In fact, the citizens need protection from them! But it is not as if it is a bed of roses in Israel either. Hell no. IF not for the leftist machinations from Israel’s civil society elites – who really run the country – its strategic situation would not be in a noose, duly evinced by peering through the enemy’s binoculars!

Halting A Death Cult In Its Tracks…….The Fissures Between Washington’s & Jerusalem’s Iranian Timeline……Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The civilized world’s most urgent task is to assure that the Iranian regime does not attain nuclear weapons. This issue is NO longer up for debate.

The fault-lines lie in how to go about stopping their bloody march, and herein the POTUS and PM Netanyahu (his Israeli counterpart) part company. Whereas Obama and his advisers place their eggs in the jaw-jaw basket, Jerusalem knows better. The fact of the matter is that Israelis (and Sunni regimes too, but to a lesser degree) are living-or dying-in their cross hairs, and Israel’s leaders also understand what animates the Iranian Hitler and his leadership, in their unstoppable/unquenchable quest for the penultimate arsenal-nuclear weapons.

Whereas, the poohbahs in Washington dismiss Mahdi-driven eschatology, (see here-http://www.wnd.com/2012/07/israel-shall-burn-to-ashes-says-iran/) consigning it to the babblings of 7th century lunatics, these rantings are the driving force of Iran’s fanatical, death cult driven leadership, as well as their followers! This is a fact. Therefore, so called, Washington ‘realists’ must immediately catch up to (Middle East) speed, and finally get real !  What Washington elitists (mis)understand from the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and K Street, the mad mullahs view from an entirely different prism, centuries older. It is their vision that decides which tack Washington and Israel must take. Sorry.

The point being, Obama has surrounded himself with people who truly believe that diplomacy holds sway with those who adhere to dreams of a world awash with blood, all in order to ‘purify’ the planet towards a future of peace and harmony. Holy smokes. Hallucinations of the advent of the 12th Imam run rampant, and there is nothing, nada, zippo that western leaders can do about it.

Thus, the penultimate question before us is – will Jerusalem pre-empt, or will Washington? Having been immersed in this issue for over a decade, I am strongly convinced that Israel has the requisite tools to do the job (to at least set them back for several yrs, a lifetime in Middle East politics), having prepared for this mission for decades. Not only that, but the motivation to succeed is existential in nature. When a leadership vows to wipe us off the map, our forces take this very seriously.

Additionally, I have been in close contact, for over a decade, with one of the world’s experts on nuclear war doctrine,  Professor Louis Beres, the author of ‘Project Daniel’. This is the main policy paper given to President Bush and PM Sharon, regarding this very issue-pre-empting Iran’s nuclear project. I urge everyone to read these two links, it is that important. Firstly, here is his background-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Ren%C3%A9_Beres. Secondly, I refer you to his earth shattering policy paper –http://www.acpr.org.il/ENGLISH-NATIV/03-issue/daniel-3.htm.

In summation, the fly in the ointment is not Jerusalem, nor is it the Iranian leadership, they will do what they will do, regardless of the west’s pressure. This too is a fact. The wild card is Obama and his political calculations. Obama will decide his course based on how it will affect his chances for re-election. Over the course of his Presidency we have witnessed-to our collective horror-a wealth of evidence demonstrating that all his policies (domestic or foreign) are calibrated in perpetual campaign mode. Obama is not a patriot, and that is that.

Israelis and Americans must hope and pray that the options are quickly taken out of Obama’s hands, allowing Jerusalem to do what it must, via the entirely lawful doctrine of  anticipatory self-defense via pre-emption. Once the heavy lifing is accomplished Washington’s duty will be one of ‘mop up’, in all its permutations. It is in America’s interest to do so, as well as the rest of the civilized world.

In a perfect world the US would take the lead, but such is not the case, as half the electorate tragically installed a self serving, wholly unqualified, anti-American, Islamist sympathizing, socialist, Marxist as POTUS. We are all reaping the whirlwind of this electoral disaster.

The clock is ticking. The countdown is upon us. It is what it is.