The Coming Collapse Of The U.S. House Via Prof Paul Eidelberg, Who Foresees Its Crumbling…Addendum To: America Could Lose The FOURTH World War…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As readers of this blog well know there are only three academics who are featured – front and center – within its pages. And for good reason.

In this regard, their bonafides can be found herein, but aside from their well endowed credentials, the access they afford is immeasurable. And it is their intangibles which are as important – if not more so – than their CV’s.

But it is not as if the following is Prof Paul Eidelberg’s maiden warning to fellow Americans through these pages. Absolutely not. For this blog is rife with similar attempts, starting with how America could lose the FOURTH (yes, the 4th) World War, even though others still view it as part of World War 3 – 

‘Make Plans Before the House Collapses’ 

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

“Back in January 1940, and with Munich in mind, the discerning George Orwell said that what worried him “is the uncertainty as to whether the ordinary people in countries like England grasp the difference between democracy and despotism well enough to want to defend their liberties.” Orwell also discerned that moral relativism and pacifism flourished among the intelligentsia.

The reelection of Obama suggests that what Orwell said about England in 1940 applies today in America. Fortunately, unlike England, the United States has a federal, not a unitary, form of government. This hinders despotism. It also hinders civil war and revolution—neither of which are far-fetched scenarios, given America’s economic plight which may be exacerbated by racial and/or ethnic tensions.

Democracy is dwindling in America. Her two foundational documents, the Declaration and the Constitution have been eviscerated. Nihilism and a crude atheism are on the rise, especially in academia.

Theodore Dalrymple (“Our Culture, What’s Left of It”), and Melanie Phillips (“The World Turned Upside Down”) portray a dismal picture of England. England is undergoing dhimmitude; and America, which is becoming a nanny-state, one losing its national identity, is not far behind. (Samuel Huntington’s “Who Are We?” tells part of the story. And then there’s Lee Harris (“The Next American Civil War”).

So, as was the case with Orwell in 1940, there’s reason to be worried as we approach 2013.  When Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill to England, this did not augur well for the future of the United States. But what’s bad for America is bad for the free world. I would urge certain Americans—the few skilled in statesmanship—to make plans before the house collapses.”

NOT being the sort to follow the herd, it is verily impossible to convince this American-Israeli about anything, let alone without loads of irrefutable, logic-inducing, rational thought processes.

So, Prof Paul Eidelberg’s missive is not meant to dishearten or to disillusion. Far from it. It is a clarion call to all those who still have the will to save the Republic. But it will be up to each and every one to think of ways to make their voices heard. Not as whispers but as a tsunami of voices – don’t dare burn America down – or else!