BENGHAZIGATE’S “Femme Fatales” NOT Just Smokin’ Hot Chicks…Addendum To : Covering Up Benghazigate: Exquisite Political Timing…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

It is not as if this blogger isn’t fully cognizant of the (al)lure which comely females have over their male counterparts, especially by those who are smokin’ hot.

And if a dollar was earned (though with its precipitous downfall…who knows…) every time highly intelligent, wealthy, powerful men made complete asses of themselves, this American-Israeli would be exceedingly rich.

“Making time” is not just for hormonal teenage boys (but that is a lot more understandable!), but for middle-aged men, the likes of which has to be seen to be believed. Whether their wives are by their side or not, it makes no difference. What’s up with these wifey doormats….Just for the record, am forever blessed (and grateful to G-d) to have had a husband, whose eyes were only in one direction. A diamond in the rough.

Be that as it may, add in a social, often politically-based affair (here and there) with free flowing top shelf liquor, and the stuff which takes place – among movers and shakers – is off the hook. One doesn’t operate business-wise (which leads to the social part) within the confines of wealthy New York City clients – particularly, hailing from the salons of the upper east & west sides – and not come face to face with the naughtiness. Have seen plenty, mostly courtesy of some high flying clients.

Which leads to Benghazigate ( summed up succinctly here –, in a way not brought to the fore – until now. Read closely…you won’t miss the drift.

Canada Free Press – re Paula Broadwell….

‘The Spy Who Came Into (the Obama regime) Fold’

The Obama regime’s star witness on Benghazi would be better tagged as an alleged mistress than a “military expert”.

Speaking to her alma mater, the University of Denver, on October 26, the author of the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,published January 2012, Paula Broadwell, acknowledged that “there was a failure in the system”. (Israel National News, Nov., 11, 2012)

There were, of course, three other and not “two other” government officials who lost their lives in Benghazi. But ‘The Spy Who Came Into The (Obama regime) Fold’ got her number of Benghazi deaths wrong…”As a former intel officer it’s frustrating to me because it reveals our sources and methods, I don’t think the public necessarily needs to know all of that. It is a tragedy that we lost an ambassador and two other government officials, and (…) there was a failure in the system because there was additional securityrequested, but it’s frustrating to see the sort of political aspect of what’s going on with this whole investigation.”

Was Broadwell unintentionally writing off the death of State Department computer expert Sean Smith?

And if she got the number of Benghazi deaths wrong from the get-to,  what else did she get wrong?

Now that she’s doing all the talking, the chain of events has already moved from Ambassador Chris Stevens requesting and being denied help to “the ground forces there at the CIA annex” who were requesting reinforcements.It is was Broadwell’s alleged improper involvement with resigned CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus that cancelled out his testimony at the Congressional hearings on Benghazi.

While there is no proof, Broadwell also claims that the CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner, and they think that the attack on the consulate was an attempt to get these prisoners back.  It’s still being vetted.

Readers of Canada Free Press (CFP) were given specific insight and clarification of this statement in an article dated October 29, 2012 written by Doug Hagmann under the title Obama’s October surprise – exposed by Benghazi? According to an intelligence source interviewed by Mr. Hagmann, there was indeed a “kidnapping” in Benghazi, but not of Libyan militia members. As fully documented by international press reports, seven members of the Iranian Red Crescent were grabbed on July 31, 2012. The Iranian Red Crescent members were snatched while in the vicinity of the CIA operations center in Benghazi after a mortar round was fired into the compound.

According to Hagmann, his intelligence source stressed the importance of not only this “snatch and grab” operation, but the timing of their release. It is not about a secret prison in Libya, but about the nation-state actors involved in the September 11, 2012 attack. These were Iranians who were taken captive, and they were milling about to inspect the CIA compound for a future attack.

It is extremely important to understand the context and timing of their release as it directly relates to the talks between Valerie Jarrett and top Iranian officials in Qatar. The talks were being secretly conducted to hammer out an “October surprise” by Obama that would announce an agreement between Iran and the U.S. that would suspend Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Exposing this single fact helps people to understand the global implications of the attack in Benghazi, identify the nation-state actors and what this attack was all about. Furthermore, it explains the reason that the Obama regime had stuck to the nonsensical story about an obscure video as the reason for the attack.

This is the chain of events leading to Gen. Petraeus as a witness at upcoming Benghazi hearings.

In August of this year, Broadwell was promoted to the rank of Lt. Col. in the USA Army Reserve.

Gen. Petraeus, allegedly having been caught red handed in an extra-marital affair with his biographer, does the honorable thing by stepping down.  The FBI reportedly had the information about the affair in September.

Broadwell, who is allegedly Part Two of the ‘Affair of the Century’, keeps her promotion and becomes a self-proclaimed ‘military expert’ mouthpiece in the Benghazi affair.

Broadwell is also now accused of sending threatening and harassing emails to Jill Kelley, a social liaison to MacDill Air Force base in Tampa.

The link to the Broadwell story on the Drudge Report today should have Americans, who care about the Benghazi coverup, asking two important questions: Is Paula Broadwell a credible witness or is she merely an Obama Regime ‘Spy Who Was Brought Into the Fold?”

Moving right along… to the hottie from Tampa….Jill Kelley…a woman with no seemingly cache of her own…other than a hot bod and a come hither look. No matter. She manages to reign supreme at MacDill Air Force base, a base which is known for its high flying brass, and tighter than tight controls. No problemo.

Well, the insights (and accessible connections) within this blog have proven to be more right than wrong, so steering the readers into Lebanese territory is the right course to take. Sounds like a far road to travel, especially since this femme fatale struts her stuff in Tampa! But don’t let a little thing like geography obscure your vision…and to the male readership…look past her assets too. Just this time.

Thus, concentrate on her familial Lebanese roots, but do NOT focus on her Christian part.  Much evidence has been amassed, proving that Christian Arabs (most especially Lebanese) are often in service of their Muslim counterparts, especially under the tutelage of Hezbollah. 

At the forefront, it must be clearly understood – as much as they despise Israel, they are gunning for America, the ‘Big Satan’. And it is not for nothing, that this blogger started her digging – re operatives in plain sight – here, and its importance lies in: do you know who your neighbors are?

And said trail led here –, none too shocked to find Hezbollah’s Latin American forward bases burrowed inside all major American cities, and in rural America too.

Still digging.