COVERING UP BENGHAZIGATE: Exquisite Political Timing…& Sacrificing A CIA Director To Boot…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Surrogate after surrogate – within the Liar-in-Chief’s regime – repeated the same bold-faced lies within every interview.

Thus sayeth the poohbahs: the revelation of Petraeus’s infidelity (as if most of them are pure as the driven snow…liars, liars…libidos on fire) was not politically timed, nor tied to Libya. And his very strange resignation was not politically motivated/encouraged either.

And pigs don’t eat their sh-t. Their pens don’t stink either.

YET, in the so called mainstream media, most stubbornly refuse to posit the most salient questions: why is his infidelity coming out now, on the hotter than hot heels Congressional probe into Libya? and whose benefit does it serve to publicly humiliate him, and at this sensitive/critical juncture in time?

INSTEAD, their focus remains fixated – anal/laser-like – on a General’s fall from grace, as if this is the story! In other words, if fidelity is such a big issue (as it is to many ordinary, moral folks, unlike those in powerful positions), then surely Billy boy, the POTUS who enjoyed extra-marital perks…couldn’t even keep it in his pants long enough to finish the People’s business, as he diddled Monica under the Oval desk…considered an ‘elder statesman’…wouldn’t trust him with a daughter if yours truly had one; Hill too, with gal pal Huma; and ‘The One’, via his body double Reggie Love, and a whole stable of others, wouldn’t last a day in office.

Obamabots, time to get real. 

NEVERTHELESS, thugs-in-suits are convinced that their lies don’t smell, nor do they matter. And they have been getting away with their crimes for so long, they truly feel invincible. Teflon-dons…the whole lying bunch. Way past time to disabuse them of their out-sized arrogance.

Unraveling a video or two has its perks – – and destroys the biggest tale of all – ‘the video made them do it!’

As IF Islamic barbarians need any excuse to shed blood –

But other pressures are still necessary, to pry loose the left’s damnable lies – . And Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Ralph Peters concurs.

And all because of a Lawbreaker-in-Chief, serviced by his willing accomplices – – innocent patriots are forced to rein them in. 

Not fair. Not nice at all.

NONETHELESS, without the collusion of the overall media, little of this would matter –– because White House goon squads would be left twisting in the wind, and without requisite safety nets.

Let us give them all a round of applause. Job well executed. Afterwards, let’s decimate their cover ups.

‘Cover-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’ – Canada Free Press/Northeast Intelligence Network

November 11, 2012

“According to two well-vetted sources with intimate knowledge of the CIA operations and events in Benghazi, the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus is directly related to the testimony he was expected to provide before a closed-door hearing next week before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sources close to the controversy, citing the need for anonymity due to their positions, stated that Barack Hussein Obama was aware of the CIA director’s indiscretions “long before” the November 6, 2012 elections, and knew about the FBI’s investigative findings weeks before the election, but “erected a firewall” to prevent any disclosure before November 6th.

A second intelligence source stated that “the announcement [of Petraeus’ resignation] was carefully timed. It was announced in a Friday afternoon news dump three days after the election, and days before the Senate Intelligence Committee was to hear his testimony, despite the President having knowledge of these events weeks ago. Friday’s announcement served two purposes; it kept controversy from emerging before the election, while allowing the administration to buy time regarding testimony by a federal official about CIA’s involvement in Benghazi.”“What I do know is that an integral part of that firewall involved having information on Petraeus that would potentially damage his career, legacy and marriage. A sort of political blackmail, if you will. What I don’t know, but suspect, is that Petraeus was placed in the unenviable but self-inflicted position of having to choose between providing truthful testimony under oath and having his professional and personal life destroyed while systematically being impeached due to this incident, or keeping quiet before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” stated one source.
Both sources agreed that it is difficult to speculate whether Petraeus decided to extract himself from the leverage that the controversy had over him by the Obama regime on his terms, or whether his resignation was conducted solely by the terms of the Obama regime. Otherwise, both sources agreed that his resignation would buy the administration some valuable time, and the change in status of Petraeus as the active CIA director would also have an effect on the manner in which he is required to provide testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The change of status, from an active CIA official and government employee, to a citizen bound by far reachingconfidentiality agreements, would change his ability to testify before the committee. “He can also lawyer-up,” added one source.The resignation of David Petraeus is merely one, albeit a very high-profile one,  of several coordinated moves to push any meaningful investigation into the events of Benghazi well into the future. “Obama and other high ranking officials learned many valuable lessons from Fast & Furious,” a fact agreed upon by both sources. Fast & Furious is the name given to the gun running operation from the U.S. into Mexico. “They understand that the longer they can delay and obstruct the truth, reassign key personnel with important information to positions and locations that hinder any meaningful investigation, the more the public interest wanes. As the public loses interest, it also takes the pressure off Congress from getting to the bottom of things.”

According to another CIA source, the resignation of Christopher Kubasik, president and CEO-elect of defense and aerospace company Lockheed Martin, announced on the same day as Petraeus, might have ties to the events at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “There is a relationship between Lockheed Martin and the defense department, as well as the CIA, that ties into current events in Turkey and Syria. This is particularly relevant in the operation taking place in Benghazi and when investigation into where the ‘black-ops’ money went. Don’t forget, Congress appropriated money, at the behest of Obama, for humanitarian aid, not weapons.”

Like Petraeus, Kubasik cited an “inappropriate relationship” for his resignation. “The timing is beyond coincidental, and the operation much too big for this to be merely coincidental.”

Both intelligence sources interviewed for this report agree that there is an exceptional cover-up campaign taking place. “All roads lead to Benghazi, and this cover-up is exponentially bigger than anything we’ve seen in Watergate and the Iran-Contra Affair combined. The American people are being lied to at every turn, and the Obama administration has become emboldened by the election results and a disinterested media.”

Know this. When the FBI has been co-opted, all bets are off – ‘FBI Suppressed Patraeus Scandal To Protect The President’-–  Holy smokes. EVERY agency has been compromised by the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief.

But some are willing to expose the most lying regime in U.S. history, and that is not an easy feat to accomplish! –

Hopefully, there are still those in Congress who believe they work for the people, not the other way around.

So, ‘Petraeus Resignation Won’t Interfere with Benghazi Probe, Say Lawmakers’ is a step in the right direction. But time will tell.

“According to Rep. Issa, the Oversight Committee will expand the focus of the investigation of the attack — that left four men dead, including Amb. Chris Stevens — to include officials in the Obama White House, as well as the Hillary Clinton-led U.S. State Department.

Following the testimony of State Department staffers about the lack of diplomatic security at the Benghazi consulate, Issa sent President Obama an official letter demanding to know why the administration reduced U.S. security in Libya while the country was still emerging from a civil war. The State Department contracted a small security firm to provide untrained and ill-prepared guards recruited from the Libyan population.

Issa said a witness at the committee’s hearing testified that the decision not to call back a 16-person security team over the embassy’s objection was made as part of efforts to normalize relations with Libya, despite Democrats’ denials.

“Americans … deserve a complete explanation about your administration’s decision to accelerate a normalized presence in Libya at what now appears to be at the cost of endangering lives,” Issa wrote. “These critical foreign policy decisions are not made by low- or mid-level career officials – they are typically made through a structured and well-reasoned process that includes the National Security Council at the White House. The ultimate responsibility rests with you as the president of the United States.”

The letter to Obama was accompanied by the release of 116 pages of documents detailing the embassy’s requests for more security.

In his letter, Issa respectfully requested that President Obama provide answers to questions about the decision to remove security personnel from Libya, and how deeply the National Security Council was involved. National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon is being touted as a possible Secretary of State in a second Obama administration, but Republicans have alleged that Donilon is the official who leaked classified information regarding a cyberattack on Iran and a foiled plot by al Qaeda’s wing in Yemen to blow up a U.S.-bound flight.

Issa’s committee letter to Obama also stated that the White House “has not been straightforward with the American people in the aftermath of the attack. The issue of who knew what and when about the details of the attack has become a central source of partisan sparring on Libya, with the administration saying it simply made intelligence public as it became available.”

What has angered many of Obama’s critics was his campaign trip to Las Vegas in the middle of the Libyan violence against America. Obama supporters claim he was always in touch with his security team.

But former police chief Ronald Miller said, “Whether Obama thought it was a protest, a terrorist attack or didn’t know which, he should have called every intelligence and state department official involved into the oval office and stayed until he learned the facts and had taken action to protect all foreign service personnel.” 

Regardless, where do patriots go from here? Pressure. Like never before. Non-stop. As if your lives depend on it. It does.

4 thoughts on “COVERING UP BENGHAZIGATE: Exquisite Political Timing…& Sacrificing A CIA Director To Boot…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Petraeus lost credibility with this reader when as Obama’s puppet he did a TV commercial type message on the Rev. Jones Koran burning effort saying that burning the Koran will put at greater risk our troops in Afghanistan because it will anger them so much. This is akin to having FDR order General Eisenhower to send a message to America that making fun of Hitler will endanger our troops fighting in Europe. The laughable irrationality of that message could only have come from Obama – not even from his low-life hack, Axelrod. So Petraeus was Obama’s puppet just as Ahmadinejad is the Ayatollah’s puppet but we are supposed to live in a Democracy and should impeach our Ayatollah.

    • There is no doubt that Petraeus became the Islamist-in-Chief’s puppet. He is hardly an innocent, and is also a fool and a tool. He deserves to be personally tarred and feathered. However, it doesn’t obviate the heart of the matter, and herein lies the crux.
      Instead of the dog and pony show re the General-which is part of the regime’s game plan-patriots must skip past it, concentrating on the biggest gun/weapons running scandal in U.S. history.


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