Jewish Blood Flows In Jerusalem!Netanyahu Fails To DECLARE WAR.What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One of several butchered Jewish worshipers in Jerusalem!

A victim of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack lies wrapped in a prayer shawl and tefillin. Photo: Twitter.

Thus, Zionists in Israel are listing the following:

Job Opening 

Location: Jerusalem

Job Title: Prime Minister


Must have the heart of a Lion, 

not of a chicken!

Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, you shall pursue….צדק צדק תרדוף

If you will it, it is no dream“....אם תרצו, אין זו אגדה….Theodor Herzl

He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate – Midrash Rabba, Ecclesiastes 7:16 

ALL of the above are core components to this blog.

RESULTANT, let’s be inordinately clear: this site (which reaches millions) has OFFICIALLY DECLARED WAR on all self-identified “Palestinians” in Israel, particularly those who reside in East Jerusalem (for the most part, no less, they receive full national benefits via Israeli identity cards going back decades…ungrateful bastards) and in Judea and Samaria; the Jewish historical and biblical heartland. Yes, those territories which have been under the PA/Fatah’s occupation forces, ever since the accursed Oslo Peace (Death) Accords! 

NOW before we get to the latest (from a list of) murderous attacks on Jews in Jerusalem – the Jewish people’s eternal capital – it is imperative to remind the readers what was noted in an interview, back in April 2013, regarding the same hostile self-proclaimed “Palestinian” Arabs within Israel’s midst. Indeed, the leadership’s continuous kid glove treatment towards them was front and center!  

The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot

Wolff Bachner: The Netanyahu government seems dedicated to persecuting Israeli Jews who are Nationalists and believe in a strong Israel. Zionist patriots are prosecuted for hate speech if they say a word that is critical of Palestinians or Israeli officials and Rabbis are arrested for quoting Torah. Jewish homes in Israel proper are being destroyed by the Israeli authorities while Arabs squat and build with impunity on Jewish owned land. Israeli NGO’s accept millions of dollars of foreign money from nations and organizations that are openly hostile to Israel and use the money to defame Israel in the eyes of the world and endanger the lives of Israelis.

No other nation on the planet would tolerate hostile foreign governments undermining their national sovereignty and allow their citizens to accept money from those governments to attack the policies of their own country. Has the government of Israel lost its mind and its Jewish soul?

Is it now a crime in Israel to stand up for your country in the face of endless Muslim / Arab aggression and demand the government stop compromising with people who want to commit genocide against the Jewish people?

Adina Kutnicki: The Netanyahu government is emblematic of the disparate treatment meted out towards nationalist Jews, in contrast to kid glove treatment reserved for leftists and Arabists. It is entirely befuddling to those who are convinced that Israel has a nationalist leadership. While there are nationalists within, the overall policy is far from “right wing”. The left has a stranglehold on the justice/court system (Tzipi Livni, the current AG, is an avowed leftist), and its state prosecutors are beyond the pale. They haven’t met a Jewish nationalist who is not “guilty” and in need of “re-education”. Again, much of this lies within the scope of Israel’s broken parliamentary system of governance, whereby MK’s are not held accountable, hence, the lack of responsibility to a particular constituency.

As a matter of record, on behalf of my work with HONENU Legal Defense Organization – an Israeli non-profit designated to defend Israeli soldiers and citizens, free of charge, from legal traps which ensnare “settlers” and those who support their efforts – a series of investigations ensued. A centerpiece expose’ detailed a stunning indictment of Israel’s General Security Service (GSS), and as a reference point, its equivalent arm in the U.S. is the FBI. Instead of utilizing its frontal assault against a dangerous Arab fifth column, both inside the “green line” and in Judea and Samaria, it expends huge resources to entrap “settlers’, in the expectation that they will give up their defense of the heartland and just go “home” within Israel proper. Good luck with that. “Administrative Detention Orders Against Jewish Nationalists” (October 2011) delineates said internal struggle. Aside from its posting at HONENU, it can be found at the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies/The Freeman Blog. It is not easily digestible, so I apologize in advance for any ensuing heartburn.

I will leave it up to the readers to make their own determination, as to whether the leadership has lost its mind, its Jewish soul or both. It’s not a hard calculus to discern.

Wolff Bachner: On the matter of Jerusalem, I can not imagine a more terrible fate for the Jewish people, other than another Holocaust, than to see Jerusalem divided again. Not only would it cut the heart out of the Jewish spirit, but it would divide the tiny nation of Israel across the middle into two smaller, indefensible sections. Is it truly possible that Israel would actually give up half of Jerusalem to become the capital of Palestine?

Adina Kutnicki: As to Jerusalem, the heart and soul of Zion (in the same realm as Judea and Samaria), whither it goes, so too does the fate of Israel, as well as the Jewish people. It is inconceivable that Israel would survive without Jerusalem intact, and dare I suggest, there would be little reason left for its existence, sans an intact eternal capital. It is one tragedy if enemies capture it from Jewish hands, but it is a wholly different paradigm if Israel’s leaders surrender it on their own. So the question still hangs: Are Israel’s leaders capable of dividing holy Zion? One would hope and pray this is not the case, but the jury is still out. Personally, I would put nothing past some of the leadership and they bear close scrutiny. Very close…..{read the whole thing}

IN this regard, a traitorous, murderous and burgeoning fifth column is rearing its head all over Israel, worsening with each and every appeasement measure utilized to tame the jihadi beasts. This applies to internal and external Arabs/Muslims alike.

SPECIFICALLY, the mushrooming dangers have been best described by Dr. Martin Sherman (one of this site’s close contacts) via his Jerusalem Post columns. “On the Cusp of Carnage?” is emblematic, as is “The Arabs’ War Against Against The Jews & What Must Be Done”:

In my column of December 2, 2011, I wrote: “By adopting a policy of continually trying to avoid confrontations in which it can prevail, Israel may eventually find itself forced to engage in a confrontation in which it cannot.”

Precisely such a perilous predicament is now beginning to develop before our eyes.

Across every border Israel shares with its Arab neighbors, within its own borders, and far removed from them, a formidable range of threats – from damaging economic sanctions and international isolation, through murderous terrorist attacks, jihadi insurgency and domestic insurrection, to the specter of weapons of mass destruction and a nuclear Iran – is coalescing with disturbing speed into a multi-faceted menace that jeopardizes the survival of the Jewish nation-state to a degree arguably unprecedented since its inception…..

As daunting as the preceding catalogue of dangers is, it is hardly an exhaustive list of the perils facing the Jewish state today. Not a word has been mentioned about the possibility of a third intifada on the part of the Palestinians in Judea-Samaria or a renewed conflagration in Gaza. Perhaps the gravest threat of all is the prospect of insurrection and revolt by the Arab citizens of Israel – if they sense weakness and vacillation on the part of the Jews……{read the whole thing}.

(“IF I Forget Thee O Jerusalem”, , an IDF linked rendition)

BACK to the latest murderous carnage in Jerusalem, made that much easier by the oft-described “hands-in-the-pockets” political orders handed down to Israel’s security forces, in relation to East Jerusalem’s hotbeds of terror and elsewhere. Indeed, Jerusalem, Israel, is on fire!

EGREGIOUSLY, despite the security forces having knowledge of who’s who in the PA/Fatah/Hamas et al. terror juntas within E Jerusalem…. 

Cousins Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal murdered four Jews praying at the synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood and a police officer with hatchets, knives and guns before being killed in a gunfight with police.

“This family is very linked to terror and it didn’t surprise anyone,” reported King. “They live no more than 200 meters from the same lowly terrorist who committed the massacre at Merkaz Harav (yeshiva). This is a family connected to its very core and in its blood to terror, it isn’t the first generation but rather the third generation of terrorists….

and throughout Israel, these enemies of the State have free reign to crisscross throughout all of Israel, and live in spitting distance to Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem to commit murder and mayhem! Can you imagine allowing such a powder keg to develop, yet still dare to represent oneself as the leadership of the Jewish national homeland?

AT  least 4 people were killed Tuesday morning in a terror attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Magen David Adom confirmed that eight other people were reported wounded, including four in serious condition, two in moderate condition and two who sustained light wounds.

Two police officers were among the wounded.

“We are viewing this as a terrorist attack,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. {blogger’s note: no shit Sherlock(s)!}

According to police, the two suspected Palestinian terrorists, armed with a gun and axes, attacked worshipers after entering a synagogue on Agasi Street in the capital’s Har Nof neighborhood. Two police officers quickly arrived to the scene and exchanged fire with the suspects, killing them.

Both suspects were from east Jerusalem.

Large numbers of police and emergency teams were at the site.

Medical workers evacuated three seriously injured people and one lightly wounded to Hadassah University Medical Center – Ein Kerem, MDA said. Meanwhile, Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the capital was treating one seriously wounded person and one moderately hurt.

There were roughly 30 people in the synagogue and the terrorists attacked then with axes, knives and pistols,” said Rosenfeld.

“Police responded quickly and killed the terrorists in a gun fight that left both officers injured, one critically. We have a forensics team in the synagogue now,” the police spokesman said.

Rosenfeld added that heightened security has been implemented throughout the capital.

MDA paramedic Betzalel Ben Hemo arrived at the scene of the attack and began treating the victims. “We found a man outside, fully conscious, with three gunshot wounds, he told The Jerusalem Post. “We evacuated him from the scene, and asked him to breath slowly,” he said.

The gunshot wound victim managed to tell Ben Hemo that there are no more terrorists active in the area. “We rushed him to the Sha’arei Tzedek Medical Center,” the paramedic said.

“Unfortunately, we have recently been getting used to these scenes, which remind us of past terror attacks. They are returning with full force,” he added. {blogger’s note: and why would any normal leadership get USED to terror in their midst??}

The attack marks the latest incident in a flare of violence that has surged over the past few weeks in Jerusalem.

MIND you, other than the requisite bullshit and machismo threats to “get tough” with terrorists, nothing will change, unless the majority Zionist public forces them to conduct a volte-face. 

We will take all actions necessary,” Aharonovich said. “We’ll be in all the villages and we will do everything to provide security to residents. If we have to, we will add more security forces to the city.”

HERE’S another blah, blah knee jerk leadership response:

Harrowing images from the scene show men still wrapped in bloodied prayer shawls, their tefillin (phylacteries) scattered on the floor.

In a BBC news interview following the attack, responding to a Palestinian spokesperson who railed about “Jewish murderers” in Jerusalem, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) sought to put the record straight.

Echoing other Israeli leaders, he blamed Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas for inciting attacks such as the one this morning.

“Abu Mazen himself incites and tells the Arab ‘take arms, fight the Jews’,”Bennett said, in a reference to several statements in recent weeks in which Abbas called on Palestinians to use violence.

Bennett then produced a picture of one of the victim’s murdered in this morning’s attack, in an attempt to make his point.

“This individual came this morning to pray just like many Muslims and many Jews went to pray this morning. The Muslims went home safe but four Jews will never come home again.”

His interviewer was less than pleased with the visual aid – despite it being no more graphic than countless other images of injured Palestinians regularly given airtime. “Sorry we don’t want to actually see that picture, could you take that down,” she said.

Taking to Facebook after the interview, Bennett said his actions during the interview were a response to the previous interviewees’ provocative remarks.

“Yes, I will show this, Mrs. British interviewer,” read the statement.

“Now in an interview with the BBC I went on after a Palestinian spokesperson, who told of Jewish murderers in Jerusalem (!)

“In response I showed the interviewer who is murdering whom. She requested I stop showing the picture. I will never stop.”

TAKE a peek at what happened to a Jewish nationalist leader who was protesting the murderous attacks…he got arrested!!

WHILE it is inherently the case that it is impossible to stop all terror attacks from taking place, it is also absolutely a fact that failing to impose the harshest of consequences on those (as to their immediate families, expulsion from Israel as an effective punishment) who commit, materially support and otherwise aid said barbarism amounts to GRAVE dereliction of duty.

IT is entirely within the leadership’s ability to LOCK DOWN E. Jerusalem, and to go house to house to uproot each and every Arab terrorist, killing them, if it comes to it. In fact, the entire capital is barely 49 square miles. Come on…whom are the leadership kidding!

BESIDES, said proactive approach would not only save Jewish lives, but serve as a clear warning (after all, they are always blowing smoke about their ability to achieve deterrence) to the increasingly belligerent Arab population throughout Israel, duly delineated by Prof Louis Rene Beres, another close contact. Not only that, but PM Netanyahu knows this can be done, as a successful uprooting of terror was ultimately accrued in 2002. Recall, ex PM Sharon was finally forced to move his rear end into high gear after murderous terror reigned non-stop under his watch. Belatedly, Operation Defensive Shield was initiated and it was wildly successful in taming the PA Arab beasts!

IN this regard, each and every Jewish death lands at PM Netanyahu’s door (and his compliant ministers, despite their shrill outrage after each and every terror attack), for it is only he who could declare: WAR on murderous E Jerusalem Arabs, and others within Israel who identify with the enemy, is declared! And if this means total expulsion, they should consider themselves lucky. This investigative journalist can think of other punishments.

Evil: Arabs in Jerusalem wield axes and guns in a macabre ceremony celebrating the attacks

REST assured, rivers of Jewish blood will be avenged. Their innocent deaths SCREAM to the heavens for justice and this will ultimately be the outcome, one way or another, even if the leadership has to be brought on board kicking and screaming.

LET those who disagree fall on their faces and twist in the wind. This American-Israeli Jewish Zionist doesn’t care what they approve of, or disapprove. 

SIGNIFICANTLY, right wing national Zionists are increasingly up in arms. They can only be pushed so far. Yes, they will “take care of business”.

E. Jerusalem’s monstrous murderers: Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal.

Jerusalem synagogue attackers: Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal. Photo: Hatzolah EMS.

Bloodied Jewish prayer books in Har Nof attack.

Bloodied prayer book in Har Nof attack

AN important analysis from another close contact, Tom Trento, via The United West…

ISIS’s March & Hamas’s War “Strategies”:Vaunted Mossad, Infected With Leftist Group-Think, Missed The Mark.Strategic-Thinking Cast Aside.Where Are The Tie-Ins? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Mossad chief Tamir Pardo
Tamir Pardo (Director of Mossad) and his left-ward tilt: his obsession with “solving” the PA “peace” process influenced operational decisions. Ex post facto his agency recognized ISIS as a strategic threat, but his (and Dagan’s) refusal to reinstate strategic operatives caused grave damage. DON’T underestimate this contributory calculus!
ONE needn’t be a military genius, nor a clandestine operative, to understand certain underpinnings: wherever leftist group-think embeds itself (within the upper echelons), strategic-thinking is no longer a priori. In fact, under said paradigm shift, strategic calculi no longer rate as a focal point. They are generally tossed aside for immediate action plans, as intrinsic as they are. And the rest is, as is said, history.
NOW, to understand what this means in national (practical life and death) terms, one also has to appreciate the value of strategic-thinking. Its essence is not akin to a “hit and run” operation (that’s the job description for stealthy tacticians, almost cat-like…have known more than a few who operated as such…), but one which develops and evolves over time. Its inherent value lies within the operational agent’s ability to piece together rapidly moving and seemingly disparate pieces within any regional or global theater. This job descriptor involves explicit skill-sets, one which combines prized attributes, especially critical thinking – aka logical and analytical. Deductive and inductive reasoning top the list. However, a highly well-rounded understanding of history, specific cultures/religious underpinnings, current events – and a combination thereof – are keenly requisite. All of these skills, at their base, are necessary ingredients to be able to outmaneuver any enemy. Inherently, the top political and military echelons must be able to rely upon the deeply intrinsic linkages found through said strategic moving parts, involving fast-paced regional and global dynamics.
PRE OSLO, covering Israel’s strategic (overarching) picture went from being an asset – which is ABSOLUTELY critical – to being chucked out the window.  Instead, the Mossad (yes, they “wag the dog” of the rest of Israel’s intelligence agencies) now relies upon “tacticians” to get the job done. Incredibly dangerous and short-sighted. How did this happen? what are the immediate consequences? and what does this (mistaken) calculus portend?
The How: 
WITH the infection of the Oslo “Peace” Death Accords into the political and diplo arena in 1993 (whereby powerful leftists in Israel & America bestowed statesman-like status upon Arafat, the godfather of suicide terrorism), it is no wonder that Israel’s attendant security agencies, with Mossad as its headliner, became duly compromised.
IT took a decade, to be exact, before a volte-face policy shift took place under Meir Dagan, Mossad’s previous Director. While known for putting together many daring feats (many more are surely buried, as they should be), it is also the case that he tilts (politically) left.
IN this regard, like night follows day, closing down operational desks – which specialized in incisive strategic research of international events – effectively shut down any associated “taint” which smacked of criticizing Islamists and their leftist champions. By doing so, it allowed the Mossad  (הַמוֹסָד) to distance itself from any “moral” judgments which naturally surface to the fore, when cultural differences are deeply examined. It is these otherwise underlying directional and operational markers which cause grave angst among cultural relativists. Resultant, timely shifting dynamics are missed, therefore, said agencies are incapable of warning the leadership of encroaching dangers. Shifting winds are no longer caught. In other words, though malignant intent is not a factor, the fact of the matter is that leftist prisms are an outgrowth of said leadership. Indeed, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

When Israeli troops entered Gaza in July, 2014, they were armed with superb tactical intelligence as well as superior weaponry and training. The soldiers on the ground were supplied at every level with astonishing detail which saved lives.

But thanks to the a radical shift in Israel’s intelligence focus, initiated 10 years ago and followed through since,  those calling the shots in the IDF’s war on Hamas were short of a deeper picture and insights into the enemy’s mindset and guiding motives, data that transcends tactical knowledge

This revision of Israel’s operational intelligence orientation began in 2003 under Meir Dagan, with the approval of the late prime minister Ariel Sharon. It refocused the work of Israel’s clandestine agencies on collecting tactical intelligence and giving up on digging for strategic data on the dynamics of the region and world and their key players. This revolution affected the short and long term operations of of Israel’s external and internal security and counterterrorism arms, the Mossad and Shin Bet, as well as military intelligence AMAN.

The Mossad shut down stations world wide, sacking or sidelining agents who disputed the Dagan overhaul.. The desks specializing in the strategic research of international events were streamlined out of the organization. The new entity began to resemble the US Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Operations Division (SAD), a covert paramilitary unit that focuses on gathering tactical intelligence for the use of operatives serving on foreign soil, especially in the Mid East….

SIGNIFICANTLY, those of us who operate in the strategic-analysis realm are not shocked by the outcome described above. Heck, it would have been a surprise had they got it right! Agreed, pinpointed strikes take care of immediate and impending threats. NO doubt. Consequently, few champion their liquidation as heartily as this American-Israeli. However, this does not obviate the other “messiness” delineated above; one which “offends” leftist and Islamist-driven sensibilities. Moreover, if ones post Mossad career goals include currying favor from leftist heavy hitters, the strategic-analysis arena is fraught with land-mines. Don’t believe this was not an influence on purging this and that operational desk!
SO, just like with Mossad’s previous Director Meir Dagan, Tamir Pardo (current Director) is similarly inclined. 
READERS, please connect the leftist-driven, political/business dots from the above link…leading us from there to here!
 The What/The Outcome:
ISIS in Iraq with flag (file)
WITH ISIS decapitating scores all across the region, one would believe that Israel’s vaunted Mossad (and auxiliary security agencies) would have anticipated their march into Israel. Consequentially, had they connected the dots, they would have warned Israel’s leaders of their infiltration, stopping them in their deadly tracks. Yet, if one assumed as much, one would be proven wrong. It wasn’t pieced together, at least until AFTER the fact! Ditto…Hamas’s “strategic” calculus was TOTALLY lost on Israel’s war-planners, and they were left with gaping holes in the strategic analysis domain.

IN no way incidental, but as a DIRECT consequence thereof – re the above clearly defined lack of strategic calculi – the following is more than enough (dastardly) proof:

Community leaders of 40,000 dwellers of the dozens of kibbutzim, moshavim and small towns adjoining the Gaza Strip spoke out Monday, Aug 25: “It is no longer possible to hide what is going on and the country must hear the truth,” they said: “The populated front line facing the Gaza Strip is no more.” Some bluntly blamed this fiasco on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and their management of the operation against Hamas.

The collapse of the Israeli line outside Gaza is analogous in strategic terms to the fall of the Bar Lev line 41 years ago which permitted the Egyptian artillery and tank assault across the Suez Canal, some veteran reservists said.

Others pointed out that, whereas the IDF should have carved out a sterile security zone inside the Gaza Strip, Hamas had managed to depopulate a strip of territory on the Israeli side of the border by relentless cross-border short-range rockets and mortar fire, and was now dictating events in southern Israel.
On the 50th day of Operation Defense Edge, people living in the south were outspokenly critical of Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkott, in contrast to the early days of the operation. They are now blamed for failing to present the security cabinet with “creative military solutions” for combating Hamas tactics.

SIGNIFICANTLY, Israel, for all its techno-prowess (a behemoth, by any global yardstick), has surrendered the strategic initiative to Hamas, and it will eventually do the same with ISIS, if Pardo and Co. do not recognize their grave miscalculations. Post haste. As a result, Hamas is running circles around Israel’s top political leaders and war-planners.

IN the main, Islamic enemies understand Israel’s echelon on a base strategic level, whereas the opposite isn’t the case. Essentially, Hamas has no qualms about making “value” judgments, whereas Israel’s security heads have decided to chuck strategy for quick-fire tactics. This is precisely why KEY regional assessments were TOTALLY missed by Israel’s spy agencies. After all, “tactics”, per se, have little to do with UNDERLYING regional and global events, plus their burgeoning alliances.

YES, there is absolutely no doubt that the Mossad, during the years between 2003 to date, have accomplished some outstanding targeted hits. Their agents are the best of the best. 

ADMITTEDLY, this investigative journalist is not arrogant enough to tell Israel’s clandestine agencies how to tactically eliminate terrorists. This is their domain. However, this site stands by the strategic analysis misfiring(s) detailed above, and then some. That’s just the way it is. Whoever doesn’t like it, well…

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