Obama’s Second Term Plans For Israel If Re-Elected: Going For Broke…Addendum To: Stunning Video Exposing Islamist-in-Chief’s Mendacity Re Israel…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

In the backdrop of the most fateful election in U.S.history – not only for Americans, but for the entire free world – Americans who vote for Obama are voting for Israel’s destruction. This is not hyperbole. It is the damn truth.

And the facts are on this blogger’s side, irrespective of the oft-repeated assertions – the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief “has Israel’s back”. Well, if a knife shoved into it is considered friendship, then its essence is true. 

Need proof? Here’s just a small sampling. Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s mischief making in the Middle East is not for nothing, and his plans are partly revealed herein – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/20/is-any-more-evidence-required-to-demonstrate-the-pernicious-effects-of-the-islamist-in-chiefs-middle-east-mischief-making-adina-kutnicki/.

And for those who prefer video viewing, the following contains some relevant nuggets – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/30/stunning-video-exposing-the-mendacity-of-the-islamist-in-chief-in-relation-to-israels-security-adina-kutnicki/.

As always, DEBKAfile Intelligence strips to the core…exposing mendacity…here and there –  https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/15/debkafile-intelligence-bares-all-the-potus-his-band-of-mischief-makers-israel-in-their-sights-adina-kutnicki/ YET, what will it take for Jewish leftists to recognize the dangers?  https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/07/what-will-it-take-for-american-jews-to-finally-understand-what-barack-hussein-obama-has-in-store-for-america-as-well-as-for-israel-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/The jury is still out.

But do not despair. There are those who not only know the truth, but seek it out. Aaron Klein is one such truth seeker, as he reveals – in devastating detail – what the second term plans of an Obama Presidency really entails – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/02/revealed-the-second-term-plans-of-an-obama-presidency-nothing-short-of-a-national-nightmare-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ . Heed the following well.



‘Official says White House pledged to blame Israeli leader for collapse of peace talks’

JERUSALEM – “A senior Palestinian Authority negotiator has told WND that if President Obama secures another four years in office, he will use his second term to target Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the main party to blame for the collapse of Mideast peace talks. The negotiator further claimed that Obama quietly pledged to the Palestinians a campaign at the United Nations to renew U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, which calls for a Palestinian state to be established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem. The PA negotiator said the White House had asked the Palestinians to slow their drive for the unilateral declaration of a state at the U.N. General Assembly. The negotiator further said Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term. “We were told that the negotiations for a Palestinian state will be a main goal for Obama,” said the negotiator. “Netanyahu will be declared the main person responsible for the collapse of the peace process.”

The claims come as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was blasted by the rival Hamas group yesterday for his statements to the Israeli media last week calling for a Palestinian state in what is known as the 1967 borders – the West Bank, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem. Hamas has stated the “liberation” of the entire land of Israel is their goal. Senior Hamas figure Ismail Haniyeh called Abbas’ remarks “extremely dangerous,” alleging they contradict longstanding Palestinian territorial goals.

While discussions about a Palestinian state seem to take for granted that such an entity will be led by Abbas and his Fatah party, WND reported last month on Hamas’s growing strength in the West Bank. Hamas, allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, already controls the Gaza Strip.

WND quoted Palestinian security sources revealing Abbas’ Fatah party had launched a quiet campaign targeting Hamas military installations in the strategic West Bank, as well as the alleged infiltration by Hamas of Fatah security forces. In the Fatah stronghold of Nablus, PA forces last month dismantled a cell of Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigades, the so-called military wing of Hamas, the security sources said. Two of the six arrested in that raid were members of Fatah’s own Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, paid by Hamas to collaborate. The Al Aqsa members were accused of providing Hamas with inside information on the movement of Fatah security forces. The PA also discovered and dismantled an underground jail built by Hamas near the city of Ramallah, purportedly as a place to house an Israeli soldier or Jewish resident of the West Bank that Hamas was planning to kidnap as a show of strength.

The sources said the PA in last month launched a campaign against elements of Fatah’s Al Aqsa Brigades suspected of being bribed by Hamas, including Fatah militia members accused of serving as sleeping cells for Hamas. Hamas infiltration of Fatah was said to be the Achilles heel that ultimately caused Fatah forces to fold with little resistance when Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2007. The strategic position of Hamas has been greatly enhanced by the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, including in neighboring Egypt.”

http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/claim-obama-to-target-netanyahu-in-2nd-term/?cat_orig=world – http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/obama-spies-monitor-jewish-growth-in-jerusalem/

In short order, we will know who will be leading the world’s super power for the next four years. Know this. IF Barack HUSSEIN Obama is (heaven forbid) re-elected, Americans will feel pain like never before. They are in for a whirlwind of punishment. Devastatingly so.

As to Israel – it will take a herculean effort, on the part of its leaders, to not only hold him back from his treacherous plans, but to actively thwart his efforts. The open question remains: are Israel’s leaders up to the challenge?

IF past is prologue, this blog leans towards a negative prognosis – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/15/israels-ship-of-fools-led-by-delusional-leadership-caroline-glick-skewers-them-barack-hussein-obama-too-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki-11/.

NEVERTHELESS, want to be proven decisively off target. Being wrong has its own rewards.