DEBKAfile Intelligence Bares All…The POTUS & His Band of Mischief Makers…Israel In Their Sights!! Adina Kutnicki

Each day…every hour…brings the Middle East – as well as the west – closer to a global confrontation. ALL ‘credit’ must be proffered to the Islamist-in-Chief and his radical helpmates; assisted via their PURPOSEFULLY designed pressure points; tasked to rearrange the Middle East chessboard.

As such, the world is on the precipice.

The following are the most recent renditions of their political arson:

‘Why Obama’s chances of holding Israel back from Iran are fading’ –

DEBKAfile DEBKA-Net-Weekly

“The big guns the Obama administration is firing in its dogged battle to head off an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program may be hitting an impenetrable wall. The dynamic of this titanic contest is explored in the latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly out last Friday, with a rundown of the military preparations set in motion for an Israeli offensive by the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, the UAEA, Iran, Hizballah and Israel itself.
Don’t miss this and another exclusive: Which country is providing Iran with its most powerful sanctions-beating mechanism?”

In addition to – 

‘Al Zawahri personally ordered Al Qaeda to murder US Ambassador Stevens’ –

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 12, 2012, 10:04 PM

“The US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three staff members at the US consulate in Benghazi were deliberately murdered Tuesday night Sept 11 just after memorial ceremonies were held in America for the victims of the 9/11 outrage. DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report exclusively that far from being a spontaneous raid by angry Islamists, it was a professionally executed terrorist operation by a professional Al Qaeda assassination team, whose 20 members acted under the orders of their leader Ayman al Zawahri after special training. They were all Libyans, freed last year from prisons where they were serving sentences for terrorism passed during the late Muammar Qaddafi’s rule.

In a video tape released a few hours before the attack, Zawahri called on the faithful to take revenge on the United States for liquidating one of the organization’s top operatives, Libyan-born Abu Yahya al-Libi in June by a US drone in northwestern Pakistan.
Its release was the “go” signal for the hit team to attack the US diplomats in Benghazi.
To mask their mission, they stormed the consulate on the back of a violent protest by hundreds of Islamists against a film said to insult Prophet Muhammed produced by a Florida real estate agent called Sam Bacile, who has been described as of Israeli origin.

The operation is rated by terror experts as the most ambitious outrage al Qaeda has pulled off in the last decade. According to our sources, the gunmen split into two groups of 10 each and struck in two stages:

1. They first fired rockets at the consulate building on the assumption that the ambassador’s bodyguards would grab him, race him out of the building and drive him to a safe place under the protection of the US secret service;
2.  The second group was able to identify the getaway vehicle and the ambassador’s armed escort and lay in wait to ambush them. The gunmen then closed in and killed the ambassador and his bodyguards at point blank range.
DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report that the investigation launched by US counter-terror and clandestine services is focusing on finding out why no clue was picked up of the coming attack by any intelligence body and how al Qaeda’s preparations for the attack which took place inside Libya went unnoticed by any surveillance authority.”

Once again, mischief making via the Islamist-in-Chief; propped up by Valerie Jarrett ( ); Huma Abedin       ( ); and Samantha Powers, the R2P ( Responsibility to Protect – and   ) progenitor and third world devotee; who never met an Arab/Muslim faction she didn’t embrace; is setting the Middle East ablaze. At the same time, Samantha never met a Jew/Zionist she didn’t abhor, thus, championing their disintegration.

The above pyromaniacs are knee deep in current Middle East carnage.

At the end of the day, their twin goals are: the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood, AND the dismemberment/destruction of Israel.

The battle lines have been drawn. A titanic struggle will soon ensue.

And, history will indict those who helped fuel this century’s ‘mother of all wars’. Hence, exposing their bloody handed roles!

2 thoughts on “DEBKAfile Intelligence Bares All…The POTUS & His Band of Mischief Makers…Israel In Their Sights!! Adina Kutnicki

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