Obama Acts As ARSONIST & FIREFIGHTER: Doing “Business” With Rogue Regimes & Covering Tracks Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Geo-politics, as stated enumerable times, is akin to a hotter than hot chessboard of rapidly moving and evolving puzzle parts. Getting burnt is not unusual, but being scorched from ones trusted allies, well, that rises to a stratospheric level of betrayal. Never to be forgiven or forgotten. Caroline Glick says it best in her weekly column at the Jerusalem Post, and this should elicit more than deliberate pause: COLUMN ONE: The demise of Pax Americana, 11/14/2013. Heed her warnings well.

So at the same time that Obama and gang sold America’s assets to China (and others); implanted Russian troops on U.S. soil and Chinese forces too; plus aided Iran to the WMD finish line, they still ! have the audacity to become hysterical about Snowden’s revelations. In actuality, he is merely outing their machinations. Pot…kettle.

In reality, it was Snowden’s cache which demonstrated the many methods in which Obama Inc. betrayed its allies and its own citizens, as opposed to where their focus should have been, to wit, on enemy states. Thereby, it was through their own actions that shrill “shout outs” and alerts to foreign intelligence services were necessitated from the get go. Cause and effect. Topsy turvy too.

This criminal regime’s authentic goals are succinctly summed up within NSA Caught Dead to RightsBut, it still begs the specific question: The Snowden Affair and NSA’s Outing – What Is Obama Inc. Really Afraid Of? 

Even more so, Aside From Obama’s Goons Domestic Spying, why are they after the kiddies? To Bring Down America, that’s why. Yet, not content with leaving any semblance of America intact, they jump to another ! betrayal via The Purging Of Islam + Terror And Its Evisceration Of NSA’s Spying. If your head isn’t already spinning, what the hell else are they up to? Ahh…a dissident’s list !

Leading straight to their oh so concerned missives…

US alerts foreign intelligence services on Snowden’s disclosures

DEBKAfile October 2013

The 30,000 documents taken by whistleblower Edward Snowden contains secret data about foreign agencies’ cooperation with the US in collection programs against targets, including Iran, Russia and China. Those documents if disclosed could compromise operations and agents.The Washington Post reports that US officials are sending out alerts to some foreign intelligence services. This process is delicate at a time that Washington is scrambling to placate allies, after disclosures by Snowden that the NSA spied on foreign leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
DEBKAfile: The US alerts are warning allied agencies to immediately recall secret agents from current intelligence operations because their cover may be blown.

Par for the course, when inveterate, unrepentant liars and reprobates are caught with their pants down, any and all cover ups become “legitimate” tools. One only has to dig through Benghazigate’s mountain of falsehoods and tall tales (as just one example out of too many others) to recognize what’s what. 

Even with the following Indictments making the rounds, Obama and gang refuse to ‘fess up and take responsibility for American deaths in Libya. The attendant assists they gave to jihadis, through their weapons running from Libya into Syria and beyond, has yet to reach its full peak. 

Consider: Benghazigate’s linkage/nexus to Morsi’s Mafia and Obama’s half bro’, Malik Obama, has come to the fore, so the fact of the matter is that Egypt’s Brotherhood, its proxy jihadis and the “Blind Sheik’s” release are all interconnected with Obama’s thrust into Libya! One has to wonder: aren’t they ALREADY caught with their pants down, Snowden beside the point?

Intrinsically, there is a growing, burgeoning case for Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s impeachment, as the arming of Al Qaeda and its affiliated terror groups more than rises to said indictment! And it is not as if some in Congress aren’t taking notice. They are. Indeed, impeachable offenses are reverberating on Capitol Hill. Faster…faster…

The Betrayer/Arsonist-in-Chief (and surrogates) has much to atone for. As a result, it is way “too little too late” to feign angst over allied intelligence agents. Let them save their crocodile/fake tears for those who buy their treachery.

Indeed, cozying up to enemies already extracted the blood of SEALS via many insurmountable, monumental costs. The piper is coming due. And IF the American people hold them accountable, it will be Obama and gang who will pay the ultimate price instead of America’s citizens. Hang tight.

Arsonist(s) acting as firefighter(s)….damn him/them to hell.