Naomi Chazan, Retiring President of The New Israel Fund, A Dangerous & Unrepentant Enemy of Jewish Patriots……Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

To augment a commentary from July 1, ‘Leftist Dogma The Same World Over….Freedom Loving People, Beware’ – – this gem is offered as proof positive of its efficacy –, please read the article.

In brief, Naomi Chazan, the outgoing President of the radical left ‘New Israel Fund’ could be channeling any functionary (elected or non-elected) from leftist cadres throughout the west, as attested to by her comments upon her retirement, as well as throughout her reign as its President. Her interpretation of democracy parrots the likes of Nancy Pelosi (elected by the people) and Mao swooning Anita Dunn (a non-elected “adviser” to Barack Hussein Obama, himself a dedicated revolutionary Marxist/socialist). This IS the POTUS’s real religion of choice, aside from his visceral inclinations towards Islam.

The article (viewed after my 7/1/12 commentary) supports a primary thesis, that propaganda-laden cliques, plus the twisting of facts into pretzels, is the core component of leftist doublespeak. Without its implementation the left would be deprived of its most potent weapon, thus dying a quick death (let’s help it along….). Orwell said it best, and Goebbels implemented its efficiency. Saul Alinsky, a neurotic little boy became a leftist icon, once he learned the art form outlined by Goebbels.

LESSONS LEARNED: It is a (deadly) mistake to ignore the rabble rousing of those who have the ears of powerful people, as well as the masses. Their co-opting of main power organs leaves the public as veritable hostages, albeit less so with the advent of alternative media. Never forget, words do matter! Just ask the godfather of language bastardization, linguistics Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT’s resident inciter against Israel and the US, and the west in general (adding insult to personal injury, MIT is my son’s alma mater….). As a dedicated leftist, he too understands that dogmatic group-think is the only way to push forward with ones personal career (when dependent upon the approval of leftist functionaries), regardless of the facts at hand-

In a nutshell, to die hard leftists facts are fungible.