WHEN most think of jihadists and the chaos surrounding the Islamic world, they fail to understand the intrinsic nexus between said behavior in relation to socialist, communist and Marxist regimes. In fact, their similarities – in ways which truly matter – outweigh their differences, even though Islamic regimes generate more visibility (emphasis placed) through their overtly barbaric behavior. Head chopping, flying body parts, burning their victims alive and such is hard to ignore! Nevertheless, there exists manifest reasons for the red/green alliance.
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Now, factor in the ideological schooling of the “video made them do it” Benghazigate brayers, most especially, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his Sec of State Hillary Clinton, and, indeed, a clearer picture emerges.
In simplistic terms, think of radical leftists and how they get their messages across – both through “the rules” and frontal assaults, when necessary….then jump over to the brainwashing techniques via stealth jihad and their frontal assaults. Same modus operandi. Yet, where is the tie-in to Benghazigate and the “video made them to it” “defense”? Everywhere.

The infamous “spontaneous” cause of combustion – the video, “Innocence of Muslims”, made them do it! hagmann051814

Everywhere One:
From the nanosecond that it became clear that Americans were sacrificed on the altar of an illegal war in Libya, Obama Inc. worked overtime to cover its tracks – both via surrogates and their Muslim Brotherhood cohorts…damn them all to hell.
Everywhere Two:
Alas, in order to blow smoke in the eyes of the American public – once it became clear that Obama Inc. did nothing to save Americans from certain death – they relied on a tried and true radical left technique: foist the blame onto others, keep elaborating on the lie, and to hell with the truth. So what better way than to opine: yes, Muslims were deeply “offended” by the release of this video, executed by a Christian no less! Their spinmeisters were subliminally excoriating the American public to keep quiet…at the very least, admonishing non-Muslim Americans to have basic decency, and to resist inflaming the situation any further. Yada, yada. What a crock. What chutzpah.  
Everywhere Three:
But no matter. EVERY lying dog has his/her day, and theirs may have (keep your fingers and toes crossed, but do pass along this info for added measure) tripped them up. Along comes Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the supposed Coptic Christian filmmaker of the “video made them do it” clap trap, admitting to Cindy Lee Garcia that he is a Muslim and not a Christian! Folks, wrap your brains around this explosive info and see what shakes out. Plain and simple, this video was DESIGNED to silence, once and for all, criticism of Islam (Shariah law), knowing full well that perpetually outraged Muslims would react – and react they did! Not only that, by stoking the flames in the region, Obama Inc. understood that a silenced American public would allow them to (ad)venture into other operations. Their target: the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia!

Benghazi’s biggest whistleblower just came forward. Her name is Cindy Lee Garcia and she has revealed that the producer of the video the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks admitted to her that he is a Muslim. This is a game changer. It means that the narrative we’ve been fed – that filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was a Coptic Christian is not only false but also a blood libel against Christians.

Cindy Lee Garcia: Benghazi's John Dodson.

Garcia’s phone call with Nakoula three weeks ago provides the key to what Benghazi was all about. It was agitprop (agitation / propaganda to push communism), a vehicle to be used by the Obama administration to launch an all out assault on the first amendment. To quote Hillary Clinton at the 2011 “Istanbul Process” meeting, it would be an example of…:

“…some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.”

When riots across the Middle East broke out in response to the video, Hillary and the bunch were able to use those “old-fashioned techniques” in an attempt to shame people into not using their freedom of expression to be critical of Islam.

The problem they did not foresee – aside from the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi – was a whistleblower coming forward that would help to peel back the curtain.

In much the same way that a brave ATF agent named John Dodson came forward to blow the lid on another Obama administration agitprop operation (Fast and Furious), Garcia has come forward with a smoking gun that exposes the administration as being complicit in an agitprop operation designed to help knock off the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Operation Fast and Furious was also agitprop. It was an assault on the second amendment. In much the same way that the Obama administration was willing to exploit the death and destruction resulting from an anti-Muhammad video, it was also willing to exploit the death and destruction resulting from the ATF mandating that gun store owners sell guns to bad guys who would use them to murder a countless number of innocent people.

Obama, Hillary and Holder didn’t count on a Border Patrol agent getting murdered and an ATF agent with a conscience blowing the whistle on the operation. It was hoping that it could levy a blood libel against innocent gun store owners.

In Benghazi, Obama, Hillary, et. al. didn’t count on four Americans getting murdered in its agitprop operation.

They also didn’t count on Benghazi’s John Dodson – Cindy Lee Garcia – coming forward.

Cindy Lee Garcia is the John Dodson of Benghazi and it’s time for conservatives to stand with her and treat her as the American patriot she is. More important, it’s time for Trey Gowdy, the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi to get an affidavit from her. While he’s at it, he might want to get the deposition of Nakoula before someone in the administration decides he needs to be shut-up before he does any more damage.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, when powerful (world class) propagandists seek to portray their “version” of events, everything is up for grabs – truth be damned. And, the fact that western civilization’s underpinnings are currently in the death-grip of those who operate from both a red and green propaganda perspective, the question is no longer: will America (by extension, the west) overcome all the damage accrued under Obama Inc.? Rather, it should be: how much time is left, before its foundations verge on collapse?

In any case, picking up the west’s, America’s, shattered pieces will uncover untold human suffering. Countless innocents (concomitantly, the video’s propaganda machine was meant to portray the “innocence of Muslims” on the one hand, on the other, to give their rampaging a “kosher” seal of approval, yes, they have reason to rampage, to be aggrieved…blah, blah…by a “Coptic Christian” who maligned Islam!) will surely die.

Hopefully, Obama Inc. will be held to account for their direct parts, duly demonstrated on numerous (inescapably) irrefutable levels. As to the whistle blower and his “confidante”, this blogger offers some well learned advice as an investigative journalist: watch your backs! Those who cross the Islamist-in-Chief (Hill too), intentionally or inadvertently, thereby ripping off their mask(s), have been known to “disappear”