Israel’s Missionary Problem: Its Nexus To Pedophilia – By Adina Kutnicki

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A long-held silent and forbidden topic within Israeli/Jewish discourse entails the knock-on effects and ramifications of Missionary work in Israel. Few realize that it is a two-tier danger. 
ON the first level, so-called garden variety Missionaries operate (for the most part) out in the open, outrageously, right under the unsuspecting eyes and ears of a too trusting community. As per the authorities, the onus is much higher. For even though Missionary activities are deemed illegal under Israeli law, since when does illegality stop evildoers who are emboldened by this and that lack of oversight? 
STILL yet, it is the second tier of criminal activity which is the central focus of today’s expose’. This is so because it encompasses what is (rightfully) termed ‘fake Jews’ and its nexus to crimes against children, plus so much more. Though an admittedly uncomfortable topic, it doesn’t justify sweeping it under the rug. To the contrary. Shout it from the rooftops.
AS such, it was back in 2014 that a thunderous shout-out for journalistic assistance came this way. Not only that, its basis emitted from two separate corners. While their approaches couldn’t have been any more divergent, its underbelly surrounded the same taboo topic. 
BE that as it may, much to this writer’s shock and horror, it was after many weeks of ‘hunting and digging’ that a main nexus emerged within the developed information and the intelligence gleaned: the (once) hidden crime of pedophilia in Israel is immeasurably and inextricably linked to Missionary activities – most tellingly, within Jerusalem! 
BUT for a comprehensive and wide-ranging understanding of the stakes at hand  (painstakingly, outlined and analyzed within the aforementioned 2014 investigation, that is, via a two-part expose’ developed during said time-frame), Part One is linked and featured at Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog. It laid out, in plain view, every aspect and stripped its essence bare. 

MOST trenchantly, it is the following excerpts (via concrete warnings from 2014) which bear repeating. Said alarms should be deemed just as timely today, as they were seven years ago. Incontestably, if they are not heeded, the results must be considered a foregone conclusion.

…..Indeed, within Israel’s system of ‘justice’ said crimes often become mired under an increasingly dirty carpet. Powerfully connected ‘fake Rabbis’ – who do not even have the requisite Rabbinic ordination of S’micha סמיכה – engage in pedophilia, all the while they pose as Rabbis within the community! They threaten/bribe those who are in a position to expose the most treacherous acts imaginable. In this regard, ‘malleable’ police are ‘advised’ (via this and that pressure tactic) to take a step back – and they do.
Inextricably, the most heinous crimes against children (boys and girls, alike) and sexual assaults against women are, generally, not prosecuted. Mind you, many of those raping the kiddies are the same criminals assaulting women. 
That being established, the following is not a typical expose’, as certain names will not be provided, for now – other than those linked below, and already within the public domain. This ‘omerta’ of sorts is necessary due diligence for evidence still being accumulated for possible trials, as well as related to other ‘delicate’ matters. 
Though many of the newly initiated into this arena will cringe and shake their heads in disbelief, the core question still remains: where do the corrupt so-called ‘Rabbis’ and the ‘former/reformed’ Missionaries come into play? In other words: what/where is their (seemingly, inexplicable) filth-ridden nexus to pedophilia?
It is this core question which is not only relevant, but key to unlocking a pedophile ring plaguing Jerusalem and, by extension, other areas in Israel. Moreover, it is the most dangerous one to explore/expose – literally. 
Apart from a barely spoken about Missionary crisis within Israelthere are deeply hidden secrets within several ‘schools’, and they are plagued with sexual abuse. In fact, one ‘conversion’ program – reportedly, no longer open – enabled the pedophile rings to thrive! Not only that, but those who ran the program are themselves ‘former’ Missionaries, supposedly, living as Jews in Israel. A straight-line nexus.
More specifically, the female head of the (now defunct) ‘conversion’ program is a so-called ‘convert’ to Judaism and a ‘former’ Missionary from Mississippi, Mrs Sarah Vorst. In league with her are several Jerusalem associates who have CONFIRMED TIE-INS to the school (they are also ‘former’ Missionaries), as well as to the CIA. Even more connective, two ‘mysterious‘ deaths surfaced. Both of the deceased worked in tandem with the school as so-called ‘consultants’; one of whom had a confirmed CIA background!
Moreover, a particular witness – a previous (traumatized) student at the aforementioned school – put into these hands testimonial evidence to the above linkage(s). This individual was in an absolute position to see/hear things which affirm the criminal charge(s). 
As a matter of testimonial record, the amount of sheer terror instilled in many of the victimized children and women – even some students were threatened at a related conversion program, having stumbled upon information – to keep their mouths shut became the stuff of nightmares. Getting them to talk was akin to prying gold loose from Fort Knox. But when they did open up….

INDEED, it was under this school’s (out in the open) wings that much of the following sexual crimes transpired. As a matter of testimonial record, men were not the only suspects involved. A smattering of women have been implicated, too. As a result, the reader should bear in mind the following significant notation, that is, before continuing any further:


Notation One:

SEVERAL sources – independent of each other – confirmed ‘this and that’, otherwise this report would not have seen the light of day. Moreover, it is intrinsic to internalize: many of the victims are TERRIFIED to relate what they know, since they understand what their tormentors will do to them, if they dare to speak out. Time and again, our interviews had to be halted; resultant, a plan was devised to assure them of their safety. The victims must be protected. At all costs. Period.
IN effect, the fact that many of their violators are still ROAMING free denotes a double crime. It makes it impossible for their victims to obtain justice, and to spare future victims from the same plight. Monstrous…..continue reading…..
BACK to the here and now.
IN no uncertain terms, that which plagued Israeli communities in 2014 (beforehand, too) is alive and kicking in 2021. The above and below constitutes, merely, a smattering of the evidence, at least, to all those who refuse to close their eyes and ears. Resultant, its basis supports today’s thesis and charge-sheet: a two-tier danger looms overhead!
“This is apparently a much bigger problem than what we’re aware of. One of the things we want to do is not only clarify this case, but also raise the consciousness of people in Israel.”
The Orthodox Jewish community of the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem is reeling from the news that a rabbi in their midst – a friend to many of them – has been outed as a Christian missionary.
There were rumors and suspicions about him for some time, but it all came to a head when his eldest daughter, 13, who attends a haredi school, told a friend last week that Jesus still loves her, a person involved in the case told World Israel News. The friend told her parents, who in turn approached the school authorities who are now dealing with the situation.
The missionary, a graduate of Eastern University, a Christian college in Philadelphia, is fluent in Hebrew and a Talmud scholar and scribe. No one would immediately suspect that the Torah-learned man with a beard and sidelocks, dressed in ultra-Orthodox garb, was a Christian missionary. His late wife, who passed away in February after fighting cancer, dressed according to strict Jewish law, including a full head covering, and the five children all attend religious schools.
Sources say there is no indication whatsoever that the couple is Jewish, although they claimed to be. They provided no documentation.
In 2014, the man was already found to be missionizing. Confronted by an organization that works to stop missionary activity as well as the yeshiva where he had been studying, he confessed to being a missionary, claimed that he was Jewish, and said in a statement that he would drop all missionary contacts and activities, choosing to live according to Orthodox Judaism. He said he was doing teshuva – repentance. They took his word for it and never followed up.
Friends and neighbors say that since then, he has been living a very private life. Members of local synagogues say that he never attends prayer services.
His late wife, however, began taking a leadership role in Orthodox Jewish women’s Facebook groups, establishing many friendships. She, too, was a covert missionary, it was discovered.
When the story broke in recent days about the family’s missionary activity, there was shock in the community.
Not only did the “rabbi” claim to be Jewish, but he also posed as a Kohen – a member of the priestly tribe. The line of Kohanim is passed through the father, but it was discovered that his father was buried in a Christian cemetery.
On American TV’s Morningstar Ministries in 2011, the fake rabbi was seen praying to Jesus in full rabbinic garb.
Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers, who currently lives in Beit Shemesh, was the rabbi of Ezra Bessaroth, an Orthodox congregation in Seattle, Washington, before making Aliyah in 2018. At one point, messianic missionaries tried to infiltrate his synagogue, he told World Israel News.
“I think it’s safe to say that he’s been a recluse in his neighborhood in French Hill for some time now,” Rabbi Meyers said about the missionary “rabbi.” “My understanding is that when he came out with his admissions in 2014, there was no monitoring of where he would go next… It’s been unsupervised.”
“He confessed to some people in an organization concerned with missionary work and he confessed to another group that teaches Judaism online,” Rabbi Meyers said. “They were involved with him, and he’d given the impression that he was interested in Orthodox Judaism.
“I don’t know him personally, but I did have experience with several people for whom he conducted the [Jewish] marriage ceremony. Those people he married were active in missionizing.
“He currently works for an organization that identifies with messianism in the Jerusalem area,” Meyers said. He’s a martial arts expert.
In fact, he appears to be employed by Atos Jiu Jitsu in Jerusalem. “If you go onto the gym Facebook page, you’ll see that he is in the group picture with everybody…he’s clearly one of the main teachers there.
“What I understand from people who are more expert than myself in this area is that those who leave one of these [missionary] groups or cults distance themselves very far from these people,” Meyers explained. “If you have distanced yourself from Messianic Judaism, it’s not the gym you want to work at.
“Another rabbi I spoke to – he doesn’t want to go on record at this point – saw a photo of him over the last year in Jerusalem with [name withheld], who is one of the guys who tried to infiltrate my synagogue and is living in Israel now. He’s a writer of Christian children’s book and dresses as an Orthodox Jew.
“Deception is what bothers us more than anything else,” Rabbi Meyers said. “Obviously, a person is free to be Christian, and Christians have a way of living peacefully in Israel, but the deception is unbelievable.”
Furthermore, this not an isolated case, and the community needs to be aware of the danger, Meyers added.
For example, “I do know of someone who recently moved to Ramat Beit Shemesh, where I live, and he knows the accused very well…has defended him…appears in a picture at one of the messianic weddings he performed. We have no proof that this young man is a missionary. He hasn’t been caught missionizing, but he’s of great concern to us…
“We’re not trying to, God forbid, accuse someone of something that is not accurate, but I think it warrants further inquiry.”
In fact, it was announced in the Ramat Beit Shemesh community that missionary material was left in the mailboxes in the haredi neighborhoods before Shabbat two weeks ago.
“This is apparently a much bigger problem than what we’re aware of. One of the things we want to do is not only clarify this case, but also raise the consciousness of people in Israel,” Rabbi Meyers said.
World Israel News contacted the Ministry of Interior, asking how this non-Jewish missionary couple and others like them managed to make Aliyah or get visas to live in Israel. Indeed, Jews who immigrate under the Law of Return must show proof of their Jewishness in order to be approved. To date, there has been no reply.
Indeed, in 2016, a Toronto couple – child Holocaust survivors  and pillars of the Toronto Jewish community – were devastated when told they couldn’t make Aliyah because they didn’t have their original birth certificates. It was only after special intervention, assisted by the publicity, that they finally were approved.


STILL yet, what is not reported within the above well-documented tragedy is the extent of the scourge. ‘Fake Jews’ in Jerusalem, in surrounding areas, and throughout Israel, operate with impunity.  
MOST significantly, what is completely missing within the April 25, 2021 report is the absolute nexus of (some) Missionaries to the crime of pedophilia in Jerusalem, as well as its toxic spread throughout the country. As to the reason why the linkage hasn’t been made, well, it is anyone’s guess. Hmm.
EVEN so, if the above isn’t sufficiently alarming and convincing, regarding what is at stake, it is hardly incidental or accidental that a recent six-alarm warning article appeared at the online site of MAKO TV News, Channel 12. In the starkest of terms, its contents should concern all, regardless of one’s background, gender or age – as per how an increasing amount of young men in Israel view women and the issue of rape. It cries to the heavens! 
AT the end of the day, it will be through the heavy-lifting of private investigators and courageous journalists – from all ideological streams – that a serious public awareness campaign emerges, finally, putting an end to the madness. Effectively, holding officialdom’s feet to the fire, in a manner of speaking, couldn’t be more urgent. 

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