Leftist Dogma The Same World Over; Freedom Loving People Beware…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Leftist bullying (usually mental, but it crosses into the physical realm too) knows no bounds.(see- http://mail.aol.com/36515-112/aol-6/en-us/Suite.aspx). Their leaders and their shock troops are relentless, merciless and unparalleled in their shamelessness (see here too- http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=275826). Thereby, the ends always justifies the means, regardless of the cost to human capital.

Their tactics have been honed to an art form, and have evolved over many decades throughout the US, but most especially since the early 1960’s. Israeli leftists are very eager pupils -ape-like- they mimic their US mentors. They also understand the intrinsic value of infiltrating every sphere of public discourse and opinion. In general, leftists leave little to chance, operating faithfully to certain prescribed guidelines, but also ready to pounce when a crisis emerges, whether of the spontaneous, or manufactured variety. Never let a good crisis go to waste, where have we heard that before?

Is it any wonder that “occupy Wall Street” is being played out in Israel, tents and all? The notion that citizens (and even illegals ! ) are entitled to “cradle to the grave” goodies is a centerpiece within the US “social justice” movement, as well as its Israeli cousin. A preposterous notion. How can this be?

Simply put, leftist dogma can leap tall buildings, swim across oceans, and implant its poisonous seeds on the other side of the world. This is a result of the “religious” and fixed component to their ideology. Of course, without the generous assistance of George Soros’s maze-like pyramids-radical revolutionary entities – much less damage would accrue, at least on a global scale. While it is an open secret that his above tentacles are spread out all over the US, so too are they embedded within the Israeli leftist scene – domestic interference, from foreign funded entities, at the highest levels.

Specifically, Stanley Greenberg (a highly paid Democratic operative), in tandem with the radical New Israel Fund, is busy as a beaver, creating mayhem wherever he can, hoping to upend Israel’s economic viability to effectuate leftist political ends. A chief suspect in Israel, within the radical left movement, is Daphne Leef, a paid operative (pretending to be a nobody, someone just outraged over the cost of cottage cheese and apartment rentals. If only….) of New Israel Fund, one of Soros’s many pet projects. Leef’s machinations are best described here – http://mail.aol.com/36515-112/aol-6/en-us/Suite.aspx. Though much younger, she would be proud to be a Van Jones clone when she reaches the pinnacle of her revolutionary career.

Most perniciously (and of intrinsic importance), the left’s tentacles are burrowed deep within the education system, the media, legal venues, cultural forums, and policy making spheres of government, both in the US and Israel. At the same time, they pretend to take the high road, and insist it is the only moral road to tread. They brook no dissent, yet feign the mantle of liberalism.

Nonetheless, due to the advent of alternative media, their hegemony is slowly coming to a halt. Educating the public on the arsenal utilized by the left, (via emotive, clique-driven propaganda, see -http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/06/review_the_tyranny_of_cliches_how_liberals_cheat_in_the_war_of_ideas.html) has never been more urgent. Freedom loving people must avail themselves of the “new media”, to better discern when smoke is being blown in their face. The left is becoming desperate, but make no mistake, desperate people often become very dangerous. Cornered like rats, they will likely attack anything/anyone standing in their way, as they attempt to grasp onto the levers of various power centers. The unbridled takeover of the US Federal government by committed socialists, Marxists, communists, who behave as if freedom of choice is yesterday’s news, intend to control as much as they can (while they still can), regardless of the people they have to mow down in the process.

The only way to viably organize an effective push back, against committed opponents, is to understand the method to their madness. Doing so requires much more than showing up at a rally; it requires being able to speak their language, knowing how to counter punch effectively, to deconstruct their subliminal messaging and their laser focused precision.

Thus, I can offer no better primer than Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”It is the left’s playbook, their bible of record. Heck, Hillary Clinton wrote her senior college thesis on Alinsky, deifying him in the process! In fact, Obama is so in tune with Alinskyite tactics he uses them chapter and verse. The trick is, you have to understand them (the tactics and ideas) to challenge them.