NYC ISIS Jihadi Caught Red-Handed. Outgrowth Of Free Rein Given By DHS/FEDS. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is not by accident that pressure cookers are becoming chosen methods for jihadi recipes, in so far as they have proven to be quick-fire components for Islamists addicted to explosions. 

AND while many view committed Islamists as little more than wild-eyed fanatics, the fact remains that they are quick studies, capable of gauging what works and what doesn’t. Adaptable.

IN other words, few can argue with “success”, and a repeat performance ala Boston’s marathon is very appealing, regardless that the Tsarnaev brothers got caught. Effectively, it’s less about getting away with it, but more about taking down as many “infidels” as possible with the limited amount of resources available at the time. And this is where pressure cookers come in.

NOW, it is an open secret that the FEDS played possum with intel (given to them) from Russia, relative to Tsarnaev and his radical Islamic connections. Hmm. In fact, after Boston exploded in April 2013, this site reported on said grave dereliction of duty. So too it was repeated in Sept. 2014. Its relevance cannot be overstated.

COUPLE the above knowledge base with another undeniable fact and nexus: egregious malfeasance had a DIRECT hand in Boston’s terror attack. The bloody outcome resulted in a straight path back to Obama’s/Holder’s pro-Islam directives! 

“However, of all the issues on which he’s battled with Holder, Rep. Gohmert said one stands out from all the others.

“One that is very troubling to me is his lack of investigation and enforcement of the laws of the land as it pertains to radical Islam,” he said, asserting, among other things, that the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing could and should have been prevented.

The FBI under his watch got a heads-up from Russia that (bomber Tamerlan) Tsarnaev had been radicalized. As best I can tell, they didn’t do anything but talk to Tsarnaev and talk to his mom and said, ‘Well, they say he’s not radical so we’re OK.’ If Holder’s department had done a proper job, the Boston bombings would not have had to have occurred,” said Gohmert.

While his criticism of Holder on the issue of radical Islam started with the Boston Marathon bombings, it certainly doesn’t end there.

“Rather than investigate (radical Islam), they partnered with them. They had community outreach programs with them. They still have those programs. They have been responsive to CAIR’s [Council on American-Islamic Relations] and ISNA’s [Islamic Society of North America] demands. Federal courts have found that those two organizations are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam,” he said.

“[Holder]‘s been helping to lead the charge to support and be sensitive to what these supporters of radical Islam want him to do,” Gohmert said. “I think that is going to reap benefits for radical Islam for the future, until we have a president that’s serious about going after them and not just bombing some empty buildings when nobody’s there.”

SO as we segue from April 15, 2013’s jihad in Boston – an attack which could have been prevented – Americans are now faced with the growing ISIS fall out due to grave dereliction of duty and “hands off” directives: do not touch Islam’s hubs of terror!

ONTO ISIS and its deep connection to Boston and elsewhere in America…read on….

MOVING right along the jihadi-laden eastern seaboard, let’s segue to NYC, approximately a four and a half hour car ride from Boston. But why are we heading to NYC? Well, aside from the fact that 9/11/01 put it on the worldwide jihadi map, its neighborhoods are rife with Islamic foot soldiers. Assuredly, it is only a matter of timing before multiple attacks explode within its landscape. A powder keg.

AS previously warned:


IN Feb. 2015 the following was assessed:

MANY of this site’s readership are aware that NYC is this investigative journalist’s hometown, though now living in Israel. Yes, born and bred. A native. In fact, there are few neighborhoods – within its five boroughs – which are unfamiliar. Indeed, like the back of one’s hand, Brooklyn is a singular stomping ground, as is Manhattan. 

IN this regard, when trying to comprehend the “news” that several Brooklyn-based jihadists aimed to join ISIS, please keep in mind several intrinsic factors. Don’t get distracted by the fact that they are Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan nationals. Yada…yada…Said locales/nationalities are neither here nor there.  In other words, the fact that they are of Central Asian descent has zip to do with their desire to destroy the west, America being “ground zero”…..

AND it is under the “proverbial” wings of the ummah, aka the worldwide commonwealth, that jihad is waged. It defies locale, whether one is in the Mid East, Africa, Asia, Europe, America…and so on. Incontrovertibly, Islam’s mandated barbarism spans the globe! This is precisely why screams of Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest) are heard all over the world, whenever infidels are slaughtered, thus, raising the banner of Islam even further. Striking fear in their hearts, again, is key: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Believe it.

BACK to NYC…Brooklyn, as a “test” case….

YES, although Islamists are “hiding in plain sight” throughout NY (and EVERY state in America), Brooklyn should be a primary focus, although Queens is not far behind. A runner-up.

WHO recalls this investigative journalist’s op-ed from 2005 (having been less than six degrees separated from said investigative documents), re the Brooklyn-based “Blind Sheikh” and his global jihadi connected dots? Absolutely, his jihad started decades ago, but he was not only given re-entry into the U.S. (despite being on a “watch list”, yet, coddled by the CIA), he was allowed to incite, unimpeded, at two Brooklyn mosques! Rahman was housed at the al Farooq at Atlantic Avenue; the Abu Bakr on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn — a mosque his radical followers soon took over — and the Al-Salaam (Mosque of Peace), located on the third floor of a Jersey City building above a cell-phone store. Unbelievable….continue reading…


HOT on its heels, April 2015 elicited another NYC plot: ISIS’s Brotherhood is at it again, and female jihadis are caught dead to rights!


ATOP said disasters, ISIS flags wave breezily in NYC, yet, the media is stone silent. What’s going on? Well, NYC’s commie Mayor is also a supporter of guerilla terror groups, therefore, hiring Muslim cops is his TOP priority! You see where this is going….

WHICH brings us to the latest NYC terror plot, and this time via ANOTHER pressure cooker!

Downtown New York (file)

Downtown New York 

A 20-year-old New York City college student has been arrested for plotting a pressure cooker bombing attack in the city to support Islamic State (ISIS), as revealed in Brooklyn court documents published on Tuesday.

The student, Munther Omar Saleh, was arrested along with another man on Saturday morning when they got out of their car and charged at a surveillance vehicle that had been following them, reports Reuters.

Saleh, who hails from Queens, invested hours researching online how to build a lethal pressure cooker bomb stuffed with nails and other shrapnel according to federal agents.

He also read accounts from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, in which an attack with two pressure cookers at the finish line murdered three and wounded over 260 others.

The student vocally supported ISIS online, and in one Twitter post said of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization “I fear AQ could be getting too moderate.” He likewise praised terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS, as well as the lethal January attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris.

Saleh evidently began his attempts to translate his online terrorism craze into real world action back in March, when a police officer saw him on successive days walking about the George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York just looking around, apparently planning an attack.

Officers interviewed Saleh following his suspicious behavior, and he denied sympathizing with ISIS while allowing them to examine his computer.

On the computer, investigators found ISIS propaganda according to the court papers.

Saleh is enrolled at a college which specializes in aeronautics.

MIND you, recall the Queens reference from a Feb. 2015 commentary, “YES, although Islamists are “hiding in plain sight” throughout NY (and EVERY state in America), Brooklyn should be a primary focus, although Queens is not far behind. A runner-up.”

MOST significantly, if not for an alert police officer stationed nearby the George Washington Bridge – whose antenna went up re the back and forth activities of the ISIS jihadi – let there be no doubt: a repeat performance of Boston’s terror attack would have taken place. Intrinsically, the fact that he was a student at an aeronautics college, well, that about sums up what lies ahead, if not stanched.

WITHOUT question, dedicated readers of this site have come to expect that “connecting the dots” is a main specialty at these pages. Rightly so. 

AS such, another fair warning rings forth: lo and behold, it points back to Boston’s terror-laden tree! Specifically, even though this investigative journalist evidenced the inextricable links between Boston-based jihadi mosques (other cities alike) and attendant Islamic terror plots, still, one (out of countless major league terror aligned mosque leaders) of Boston’s most fiery Islamic radicals feels confident enough to “express” himself. 

(Listen to Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, of the Mosque for the Praising of Allah in Roxbury, Mass….Boston imam denies radicalizing Muslims, despite his jihad-preaching videos)

HOW could the likes of said terror inciting leader walk around free, continuing to radicalize Allah’s foot soldiers? More specifically, for every Abdullah Faaruuq there are enumerable others. And just in case you believe that dominating America, the west, is basically the preoccupation of ISIS, think again: ” ‘Palestinian’ Jihadist: We  Want The Whole World, And Will Fight All Infidels Until They Adopt Islam.” Fighting words. 

TO wit, where are Obama Inc.’s FEDS when you need them? Oh, hide nor hare. Par for their see no Islamic evil, hear no Islamic evil blinded mindset (and despite bullet proof evidence re gold/money laundering in…guess where…Massachusetts) their response, when gifted said intel, was: NO CAN DO!

SO, how safe do you feel in America, let alone in Boston or NYC? 

SHIVERING timbers…

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