CAIR’s DEEP PENETRATION Into U.S. Law Enforcement: FBI In Their (Islamic) Pockets…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One cannot pierce the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, and its infiltration/penetration into America, sans a KEY requisite knowledge base. Thus, CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations, a most innocuous sounding name…used as bait to reel unsuspecting Americans into their web) deceptive veil must be ripped off, hence, unmasked. NO time to lose!

For a quick primer, please peer within this blogger’s recent interview: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.

It is incumbent upon Americans/westerners to recognize and internalize their modus operandi, regardless of their Allah-wash, and those who jive talk alongside them. Don’t dare be fooled, for the unvarnished facts attest to out-sized dangers, both for America and the west in toto.

IF CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s mouthpiece, its propaganda arm, has a historical parallel, look to communist models of dissemination and deception. Communist regimes could not survive without them, nor could Nazi socialism – Pravda-like.

It is also a well known secret, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is deeply, incontestably aligned with the Brotherhood, so much so that his White House is its revolving door. No exaggeration. And with each passing day, the romance between Obama Inc. and the Brotherhood Mafia swells and tightens. Ties that bind. Open sesame.

Nevertheless, the Brothers have a knife at the POTUS’s throat, and this is an incontrovertible disaster for American interests. Moreover, the fact that the FBI is subservient to their dictates, well this too is, tragically, hardly shocking.

Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact

IPT News
September 2013