Military Arrests Bedridden Gavin Newsom; Child Porn Dungeon Found in Newsom’s Basement! 

By Adina Kutnicki

THOUGH kept on the down-low, Guv Newsom was indicted (not to be confused with arrested) by JAG in July. Several overarching crimes stand at the forefront, much of which are duly cited within the below report, July 20, 2021

BUT, as always, patience is a virtue. Similarly, timing is everything. Regardless, many of us have been anticipating the venal Guv’s arrest, never mind his so-called recall win; a bought and paid for put-up CHI-COM job!

AND another “curiosity” ….

Governor White Teeth was last seen eight days ago getting his Covid booster shot.

He was supposed to go to Scotland for the “how do we get heating oil to $10 a gallon to show the peasants who’s in charge?” conference, I mean the United Nations climate summit. (No points for guessing if he planned to fly private.)

But he didn’t go to Scotland. Something about “family obligations.”

Dude hasn’t been seen since.

Those are some serious obligations!

I’m sure he’s fine. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the booster.


ALAS, three and a half months down the road, along comes the celebratory news: yes, the Marines took the lead and they hit pay-dirt — even more than they bargained for!

BEYOND the pale….

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REAL RAW NEWS (Part 1) + REAL RAW NEWS (Part 2) | By Michael Baxter | November 8, 2021

U.S. Marines arrested disgraced California Governor Gavin Newsom on 1 November, delivering another major blow to the Deep State hegemony’s plans to impose permanent lockdowns and enslave law-abiding American citizens.

The arrest, Real Raw News can now report, took place at Newsom’s lavish $4m estate in Fair Oaks, California, days after he received a Covid-19 booster shot and fell violently ill. His last public appearance on October 27 was a public relations stunt that showed him getting his 3rd vaccination, and on October 31, his Twitter account, which may be controlled by persons other than Newsom, tweeted a photo of his family adorned in Halloween costumes. Even MSM publications such as the Daily Mail have raised concerns over Newsom’s inexplicable silence.

A military source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Newsom became “seriously ill” 36-hours following the shot but opted to try to recuperate at home rather than admitting himself into a hospital.

“When the Office of Military Commissions learned Newsom was weakened and without much protection, it decided to act,” our source said.

During early morning on 1 November, an unknown number of Marines sent by United States Marine Forces Special Command infiltrated the Newsom estate and engaged two California State police officers who had been assigned to guard the Deep State governor. The Marines, our source said, offered state police a chance to surrender, but the officers drew sidearms and forced the Marines to respond with lethal force. Both officers took multiple hits, killing them, and no Marines were wounded in the brief firefight.

Having dispatched Newsom’s security, the Marines navigated the residence and spotted Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, and their four children dashing down a hallway that ended in a false wall leading to a “Safe Room,” a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat.

Mrs. Newsom and the children entered the panic room before the Marines were able to catch and interrogate them, our source said.

“The soldiers cleared the rest of the place and they found Gavin Newsom and his private physician in the master bedroom. The doc threw his hands in the air immediately and said he was just there to care for Newsom and didn’t want any trouble,” our source said.

A bedridden Newsom lie on his back with an intubation tube stuck down his throat and a nasal cannula jammed up his nostrils. Beside the bed stood an array of portable patient monitors.

“When the Marines said they were taking Newsom, the doctor warned them that he’d die if disconnected from the life support equipment. A Corpsman in the team radioed for aid, and a military ambulance soon arrived. They took Newsom and the doctor, presumably to question, from the home. They didn’t try to get his wife or kids, though,” our source said.

Newsome was taken to an unknown medical facility for treatment and, when medically fit, will be processed by JAG and sent to Guantanamo Bay to face a military tribunal.

Asked why the Marines didn’t simply “pull the plug” if the military intends to seek capitol punishment, our source said, “That wasn’t their job. Newsom may have answers we need. If he survives, he will face the same charges Cuomo did.”

Meanwhile, the MSM has blamed Newsome’s lengthy silence on “family obligations,” an obvious lie.


Shamed California Governor Gavin Newsom had ulterior motives for living at his luxurious $4m estate instead of at the Governor’s Mansion, as is customary for governors of all 50 states, for the Marines who arrested him on 1 November returned to his Fair Oaks home and made a shocking discovery: a child pornography dungeon in the basement of the 7,500 sq-foot home.

A JAG source told RRN that a Marine reconnaissance team visited the estate on 2 November to “gather evidence” and ascertain whether Mrs. Newsom and the couple’s four children were still secreted in the panic room to which they had fled the morning of Newsom’s arrest.

“The house appeared empty, and Marines couldn’t tell if the family was still locked in the safe room. They used thermal imaging and acoustic gear, but they still weren’t sure. And they didn’t want to breach the room with explosives and wound or kill the kids,” our source said.

Then they hit pay dirt. While examining Newsome’s office, the Marines found a concealed door beneath Newsom’s $8,000 Jason Scott Castillo Desk, and the secret door opened into the unthinkable, a chamber with a king bed covered in stuffed animals and surrounded by video cameras. Several pair of children’s pajamas were strewn about the room. Also, the Marines recovered numerous SD and Compact Flash cards from a locked strongbox under the bed. They reportedly viewed a snippet that sickened their stomachs. It showed a young girl—not one of Newsome’s kids—performing oral sex on the tarnished governor.

What makes the heinous crime even more vile is that Newsom has four pre-teen children: Montana Tessa, 12; Brooklynn Stacia, 8; Dutch William, 5; and Hunter, 10, whom Gavin and his wife Jennifer named in honor of Hunter Biden, according to friends of the couple.

“The find will add to the charges against Gavin Newsom–if he survives. We have a lot on him, but he wasn’t on our pedophile radar until now” our source said.

Newsom remains unconscious and intubated at a military medical center loyal to the “White Hat” movement.

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