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WHEN it comes to haughtier-than-thou Gav, well, it ain’t too shocking that San Fran Nan has/had (who can keep up with the comings and goings of said in-laws and out-laws) a familial relationship with the pretty boy Guv!

BUT that’s not the crux of the (anti-American) matter. Far from it.

INDEED, whereas the thrust of the JAG’s indictment revolves around Gav’s morally grievous and financially injurious crimes against the people of California — never mind his countless fellow travelers, that is, like-minded limousine, Hollyweird liberals who, for decades on end, continuously pollute the God-given natural beauty of the once thriving state — there is much more than meets the eye.

IN other words, even if the venal Guv hadn’t bankrupted, decimated, and gutted the once thriving state, the following crimes are more than enough to seal his fate … ten times over!

INEXORABLY, how many are aware of the highly deep nexus between the power-hungry tyrant — currently, sitting astride the carcass of the left coast’s throne — and the CHI-COM’s, yes, in more ways than one? Well …

…. We have bombshell new intel to share with you today that connects some recent dots on the emerging violence (and civil war attempt) from Black Lives Matter, the militant terrorism wing of the Democrat party.

Summary of what you’ll find in this article:

  • Communist China is supplying full auto AR-15 “mods” to Black Lives Matter militants in America, and a shipment was recently interdicted by Customer and Border Protection (CBP).
  • California Gov. Newsom is involved in a trillion-dollar money laundering operation with communist China to keep him in power. He’s funneling taxpayer money to China, and they are laundering it and funneling money back to him. (See Los Angeles Times link below.)
  • Using the laundered money, Gov. Newsom is stockpiling automatic weapons, ammunition and gold in the underground storage complex at 1616 Capitol Ave. in Sacramento, the East End Complex building – block 174. (Sourced from a former employee who worked there.)
  • Gov. Newsom is plotting with China to have communist troops invade America (via California and other states) and to overrun and occupy the United States, turning it over to communist Chinese rule.
  • China’s EMP weapons, developed using technology stolen from the USA, are planned to be the first wave “Pearl Harbor” event that sets it all off. (Official report to the White House, see link below, or visit ).
  • Obama helped set up a civilian military force using Operation Fast and Furious gun smuggling to arm the narcos. (Full timeline link below.)
  • Those same narcos are now trained by communist Chinese military instructors and are prepared to invade America with the aid of heavy weapons. (DHS sources via Hodges, link below.)
  • The civil war America is facing won’t be lightly-armed “soy boys,” but rather heavily armed, full-auto wielding Black Lives Matter militants, Mexican narco gangs and communist Chinese troops operating under the protection of Gov. Newsom.
  • Hundreds of companies across corporate America are now directly funding or overtly supporting Black Lives Matter terrorists as part of this civil war effort to destroy America. See the full list of 269 companies here….

IN this regard, at the very least, now that Gav’s greedy grasp on the power levers is in jeopardy, does anyone believe that he won’t flee?? If not, why not?

BUT regardless of the recall outcome, his righteous arrest is a done deal. A fait accompli …

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | July 20, 2021

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has indicted California Governor Gavin Newsom amid concerns that the embattled, corrupt politician might flee the country if California voters successfully oust him on September 14.

The recall effort, started by voters furious at Newsom’s draconian lockdown measures, has continued to gain traction as Newsom flouts his own restrictions and continues to bankrupt thousands of the very people who voted him into office. Although he claims rightwing political extremists started the recall movement, the U.S. military has obtained irrefutable evidence that he betrayed his oath of office by imposing needless mask mandates and profiting massively by shuttering the state’s principal economic sector, the motion picture industry, in exchange for bribes and kickbacks.

California has long been an anti-business, pro-arson, pro-homeless, and reverse racism policy driven state pandering to woke ideology and Class Marxism (as the old communist Chinese- or French Laundry – adage goes “everyone is equal, except some are more equal than others).

As such, there is little shocking about the recent deluge of accusations against Newsom and Netflix, whose executive has poured seven figure donations into the Governor’s personal coffer and anti-recall campaign, purporting a “quid pro quo” wherein Newsom kept the movie theaters, theme parks and productions locked down while Netflix profited from the “quarantine economy”.

As theatres and theme parks went broke, streaming services added tens of millions of subscribers.

A source at the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told RRN that JAG has obtained phone conversations and verified documents illustrating Newsom’s criminality.  For example: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings contributed $30,000,000 to Newsom’s anti-recall campaign, the finances of which he personally controls. Moreover, Hastings and his wife, philanthropist Patty Quillin, gave $1 million to Future Forward super PAC, which spent tens of millions of dollars in attack ads against President Trump in battle ground states. Netflix currently has a production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Newsom also received a $10,000,000 ‘contribution’ from Hulu CEOs Randy Freer and Jeffrey Katzenberg, a move aimed at suppressing the will of the voters who delivered nearly 1,750,000 petition signatures to recall the much maligned governor. The Golden State Governor’s venality mandated a comprehensive military investigation, our source said.

“The evidence against Newsom is compelling, was compelling enough to issue the indictment, which it has the authority to do under the powers granted in the Insurrection Act.  In addition, JAG has obtained copies of very disturbing telephone calls between Newsom and governors of other Democratic states,” our source said.

One such call allegedly captured Newsom and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer congratulating each other on pushing their respective states closer to Socialist ideology. “When they’re all broke, they’ll have no choice but to rely on us,” Newsom said, to which Whitmer replied, “Barack Obama will be proud.”

“They discussed at length transfiguring the nation into a population of Serfs and laughed about making people wear masks for life, indoors and out. This is treason of the highest form,” our source said.

In closing, he said an indictment does not mean an immediate arrest, but the military is making plans to grab Newsom regardless of the recall outcome.

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