Egyptian Media Backs Up This Site’s Charge Sheet: McCain AIDED & ABETTED The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia! Why Does This Matter, Now That He Is Dead? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

LET’S place the following truth-telling, non-PC cards on the table: there is a tendency to idealize and glorify those who pass on – deservedly so, or not. All of a sudden, the biggest bastard becomes holier than thou, thus, transmorphing into the nicest, kindest, and most loving person to walk the face of earth. Voilà, “it be” true.

EVEN more so, when one is a powerful politician, public personality, or Hollyweird type – have mercy – the hagiographies know no bounds. Unbounded. Unrestrained. Unchained.


BUT to add some visual perspective to the non-flattering, feet on the ground truths, imagine, if you dare, what paeans will be penned when the “Bonnie and Clyde” of America’s political hierarchy pass on, Hill & Bill – be it separately, or together?

READERS, you get the (sordid and lying) picture.

IN this respect, let’s jump back to McCain and his Muslim Brotherhood Mafia treachery, thus, demanding an answer: why are halos being placed around his (anti-American) memory?

STILL yet, before we get to the truth-telling via Egypt’s media (did you ever dream…even in your worst nightmares….that they would be more forthcoming than America’s lying, fascist-left media), it is intrinsic to recall the revelations within (from 2012 until his death) re McCain (and “deep state” crew) here, here, here, here, and on and on.


Egyptian media: John McCain is real Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian media has accused the late US senator and presidential nominee John McCain of being the ‘Godfather’, ‘leader’, and ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

In remarks, he made during a talk show aired on Sada El-Balad TV, the Egyptian media personality and TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed that McCain, recognised in the US as a national war hero and longtime senator, was, in fact, the ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“John McCain is the real Supreme Guide of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, not Badee and not Akef,” Moussa said.

“Today was John McCain’s funeral, which the leaders of the criminal Brotherhood in America have taken part in,” he continued, “ and they performed the Absentee funeral prayer for John McCain in Qatar, Turkey, USA, and Britain. ”

[McCain] was the main supporter for the terrorist Brotherhood,” he added.Senator McCain was the one who opened up the Congress to the Brotherhood. He was the one arranging the meetings and appointments and providing them with protection.”

The American politician and Vietnam veteran died on 25 August, aged 81, from the effects of brain cancer and was buried at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland after a small private ceremony.

US President Donald Trump ordered the White House flag to be re-lowered in recognition of McCain’s record and service to the country, following outrage at the raising of the flag for only two days of national mourning.

Moussa said that McCain was “a stronger ally” to the Muslim Brotherhood than Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Tamim is just for the money, they have no problem getting rid of him in the morning if they found another financial backer. Erdogan just to strengthen them, nothing much, but John McCain was the one raising them above. He had opened doors for them.

EVEN more so, it is inordinately revealing: while Egypt upholds the death sentences of Muslim Brotherhood Mafia leaders, “deep state” actors in Washington’s bowels have yet to declare it a terrorist organization, thus, signing into law Congressional Bill S.68! How can this be?


MOST significantly, it is no longer up for debate: the “deep state” works 24/7 to thwart any and all who operate in the pro-America sphere. Indeed, this has been ongoing for years, most hyper-actively during HUSSEIN Obama’s two-term reign of dismantlement (a/k/a “transformation”) of U.S. exceptionalism.

On September 18, 2014, on the Ground Zero radio program, a whistle blower named Greg Ford of the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion claimed that Brennan, as chief of the CIA station in Jeda [sic], overrode concerns and ordered that the visas of the 19 plane-hijackers be stamped. At 1:32:47 into the interview, Ford talked about ISIS and how it was created. Someone called in with a question about 9/11. Ford said:

“All 19 high jackers? Where did they get their visas stamped before they came to this country to launch 9/11? They got their visas stamped in the CIA station in Jeda [sic]. And the second in command said ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’ And the fellow who was in charge, his name was John Brennan. He was the person who overrode those concerns and cautions and ordered those visas stamped in Jeda [sic]”….continue to the explosive, “deep state” revelations at this interview; the portion of interest begins at the 1:32:47 mark.

{Patriots, pay special heed to Brennan’s “side comment” at the 2:24 marker…his anti-American, anti-western intent couldn’t be any clearer, yet, he was the Director of the CIA, and, beforehand, a CIA Station Chief! Again, how can this be? Moreover, he is hardly a lone actor in said “deep state” treachery!!}

IN real terms, while some stage-manage behind the (political) scenes (read: Soros’s tentacled front groups, and others similarly predisposed), mendaciously, a burgeoning amount of political power brokers thump their chests, all the while feigning so-called patriotism, even as they slit the nation’s throat.

EFFECTIVELY, since the traitors within represent the highest levels – up and down the chain of command – the damage they wreck through their anti-American associations and heavy-lifting couldn’t be more acute. Dire.

IPSO facto, time and again, irrefutable evidence has proven that John McCain was in support of (in collusion with) the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – both in the U.S. and throughout the Middle East, most perniciously, in the heart of the Arab world.

TO wit, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: since the Brotherhood Mafia’s N. American tentacled, hydra-based front groups have already been designated “unindicted” co-conspirators in the (2008-2009) “largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history“; whereas leaders of Hamas stand in the forefront of said indictment, there is nary spitting distance between McCain (and his anti-American crew, with HUSSEIN Obama, Hill & Bill, and surrogates in lock-step) and those whose goal has never wavered, that is, “their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” Mind you, Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. It was co-founded by Islamic terrorists, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi – both of whom, blessedly, were dispatched to pagan Allah’s hell-hole by Israel’s righteous “hit squads.” Way to go, boychiks….a blessing on your (courageous) heads!

INEXTRICABLY, The Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Goal ” for North America is crystal clear. So, when one lends American hyper-muscle to the largest Islamic global terror entity – effectively, as it targets the nation’s destruction – should said perpetrator be granted “heroic” send-offs by countless in officialdom (never mind the captured media, the “fourth estate”), or should they have been led away in handcuffs, while still among the living for justice to be served?  

OH, to save some the trouble (just in case they are inclined to tsk, tsk in this direction….don’t bother, like water off a duck’s back) from opining, “but McCain was a war hero”, well, not so fast!  His authentic “war hero” record must be set straight – PC hogwash aside.

Eighteen months ago, TAC publisher Ron Unz discovered an astonishing account of the role the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, had played in suppressing information about what happened to American soldiers missing in action in Vietnam. Below, we present in full Sydney Schanberg’s explosive story. Read its full-on basis here.

INCONTESTABLY, John McCain was not only a lying opportunist, but he colluded with America’s enemies throughout Islamdom. Hence, by glorifying him in death, the cycle of historical deception continues apace. In turn, this lends aid to the enemy, in so far that revising one’s (treacherous) political record has real-world consequences. Knock-on effects. In point of fact, is such revisionism good for the national interest, or not? By extrapolation, should such a spectacle be repeated, each and every time, after another of his ilk expires? You decide.

BTW, this acknowledged Muslim Brotherhood expert places considerable heft behind each and every trail within, to the degree that this site’s most important sources (Israeli/Middle Eastern “boots on the ground“, some of whom jump back and forth between both nations), in one way or another, are in the operational fray.


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