Israel’s “Right-Wing” Leadership & Its Discrimination (& Endangerment) Against Jews: Jerusalem, A Prime Exhibit! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

INTRINSICALLY, those who are fully awake understand how endangered Jews are all over the world. But what continually surprises many is that it is also the case in Israel too, the supposed sanctuary for the Jewish people. Hmm.

INDEED, Israel has been the Jewish homeland from time immemorial, but militant jihad has been waged against its Jewish inhabitants on a continuous and endless basis. And even if ones mental perspective is in the “here and now” – whereby a historical memory is nowhere to be found – the facts on the ground attest to the same.

EFFECTIVELY, all one has to do is to “go back in time” – to the last 5 months or thereabouts – and the evidence is overwhelming. So just consider the following as a foretaste of the proofs: 

BEFORE assorted enemies of Israel pounce on this site’s insinuation that the country is not a (normative) democracy, it must be clarified: When compared to its jungle-like neighbors, yes, Israel is a democratic entity. Not only that, its top leaders bend over ass backwards to ensure that unbridled multiculturalism – an anything goes mentality akin to the “wild west” – is their calling card.

CONCOMITANTLY and paradoxically, an increasingly hostile and dangerous Arab/Muslim minority holds the whip over the majority Jewish public as a result of said obsession. Jewish leftists alike hold sway, even as they receive much fuel for their anti-Zionist campaigns through EU funded NGO’s. Foreign agents. In other words, since the leaders are hell bent on proving their liberal bonafides, resultant, they continuously trample on the rights of the majority (secular and religious) Zionist public! Credo quia absurdum. Traitors too.

MORE specifically, countless conflate (and confuse) Israel’s liberalism – for granting unfettered civil and human rights to the gay community and its minority citizens – with the sine qua non of Israel’s democratic veneer. Mind you, as if THAT, in itself, qualifies for its hallowed mantle. Nonsense. In fact, while many (other than those who despise Israel just for surviving, regardless of all else) prefer to believe in this fairy tale, few dare ask the most salient question: Since the majority Zionist public ushered PM Netanyahu – a supposed “right-wing” leader, having won 3 elections since 1996 via said creds – into power, how can it be that this same majority’s wishes are ignored, time and again?

MOST tellingly, it is the right-wing public which stands behind a muscular response to domestic Arab/Muslim militant jihad, but PM Netanyahu holds back from said decisive and victorious tactics!

NOW, while Israel fields the strongest and most technologically advanced army in the Middle East, it is also the case that it has yet to win a real victory, at least since the “surprise” Yom Kippur War in 1973. This too is a fact. The question becomes: How could this be?

WELL, its basis was duly described within “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State?”. This interview debuted on March 17, 2015, non-incidentally, it happened to be on the most recent election day in Israel. And in furtherance of this site’s analysis as to what’s what, this week’s security report re the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s Hamas’s Gazastan – published in several Israeli media outlets, regarding Hamas’s MASSIVE rebuild up of its war machine – is happening right under the very noses and “watchful” eyes of Netanyahu’s gov’t. It tells the derelict tale.

NOT only that, it confirms the head-on assessment this investigative journalist has been making for years – as well as in the aforementioned March 17, 2015 interview – relative to PM Netanyahu’s grave dereliction of duty through his failure to give the order to TOTALLY destroy Hamas’s war machine and its TOP leadership! Instead, he allowed them to hide out in their fully equipped bunkers and escape unscathed. Yes, as the strongest military power in the region, after a 2014 summer-long missile blitz covering all of Israel, how could he have left them standing to fight another day? And if said “strategy” isn’t considered gravely derelict, then what exactly qualifies?

Gaza Belt residents record ‘intensive’ Hamas training just over the border, as Netanyahu tries to placate regional heads who demand answers.

Residents of the Gaza Belt region have reported and even recorded the sounds of Hamas terrorists conducting a massive training drill just over the border, in apparent preparation for the organization’s fourth terror war against Israel.

The testimony and recordings were published on Wednesday by Yedioth Aharonoth, ahead of a meeting by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu later in the day with the heads of regional councils in the area.

“For a quarter of an hour we heard the sounds of huge blasts and explosions, and afterwards complete silence – and then calls in Arabic, that sounded like the war calls of fighters,” said one of the Gaza Belt residents on Tuesday.

The sounds were heard and recorded by residents coming from a Hamas post over the border in northern Gaza just a few days ago.

“It was really frightening, it’s clear that it is part of their intensive training,” said the resident to the paper.

The sounds of training come in addition to the sounds of tunnel digging residents have reported hearing from underground beneath their homes, with many reporting the digging has even caused their homes to shake. The government has confirmed that Hamas is rebuilding its terror tunnel network.

The IDF estimates Hamas is focusing its efforts on one major terror tunnel breaching far under the security barrier, with roughly 1,000 terrorists said to be working on the tunnel meant to enable a surprise attack deep inside Israeli territory; the tunnel has yet to be located.

Demanding an explanation

Aside from the tunnels and the training drills, residents have recently reported seeing Hamas showing other new signs of military buildup right on the security barrier.

New antennas have been spotted by the residents at Hamas posts just over the border, located mere meters away from sovereign Israeli territory.

Cameras and various technological means that are anticipated to be used by the terrorist organization in its next war against Israel have also been spotted near the border, in an effort by Hamas to increase its technological capabilities against the IDF.

Netanyahu is to meet with regional council heads on Wednesday, with the tunnel threat set to be a key topic of discussion, as well as Hamas’ rearming and the Israeli preparations ahead of the inevitable next conflict with the terror enclave of Gaza.

The regional heads are to ask Netanyahu for an explanation of his government’s policy regarding the palpable threats from Gaza as Hamas continues to advance its terror tunnel system.

Also to be raised in the meeting is the establishment of a new security barrier along the Gaza border, which is to include technological means to detect disturbances in an effort to confront the Hamas threats. The development of the Gaza Belt region and budgets for the residents are likewise to be discussed.

Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head Yair Farjoun said Tuesday that “we will demand that the Prime Minister launch a process of removing the obstructions to the budgets and projects to advance the settlement in the Gaza Belt.”

STILL yet, what is the nexus between the above endangerment – which discriminates against the majority Jewish public’s safety as a whole, after all, Jews aren’t going around knifing, shooting, car-ramming and otherwise murdering the domestic fifth column  – and specific Jewish discrimination within Jerusalem? A whole damn lot.

INTRINSICALLY, while the oft repeated mantra is that Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, will never be divided, those in the know recognize that this is utter hogwash. 

THE point being, in so far that The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest site, is de facto off limits to Jews since the 1967 Six Day War, – having recaptured it from the enemy at great cost and human treasure what exactly does that mean in real terms? Bulls eye.

ATOP said outright anti-Jewish “status quo” – as directed by the real masters of Jerusalem, the Islamist Jordanian Wafq – what is more than striking is that under PM Netanyahu’s “right-wing” leadership there are MORE Jews leaving Jerusalem than those making the capital their home. In actuality, younger Jews and their growing families are priced out of Western Jerusalem and the gov’t refuses to allow them to build new homes to solve the housing problem. However, Arabs practically dominate all of East Jerusalem, and they pay half the price for their homes and build and build! Moreover, the East/West separation of the city is nothing less than an already divided capital, albeit, feigned as “non-existent.”

MOST significantly, why is Jerusalem left unprotected by the so-called Jewish leadership? Well, the reasons are manifest, but one is overarching: Without actually admitting to dividing the capital, Israel’s cowed and bowed leaders are creating their own “facts on the ground” to ensure that a Jewish majority will recede within due course.

STEP by step, edict by edict, strategy by strategy, Israel’s leaders have every intention of “gifting” half of the Jewish people’s holy capital to the Arabs/Muslims!

Responding to stats showing capital leads nation in negative Jewish migration…..

Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King explained on Tuesday night the figures published earlier in the day, according to which Jerusalem is leading the nation is negative migration as Jewish residents leave the city in far greater numbers than they are moving to it.

The figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2014, long before the current Arab terror wave that has plagued the capital, the city lost a total of 6,740 residents. Particularly troubling was the fact that the majority of those leaving were young.

Writing on Facebook on Tuesday night, King said, “if someone truly wants to understand how it happens that there is negative migration of Jews from our capital city…the answer is stuck very deep in the halls of the Prime Minister’s Office.”

According to the councilman and founder of the Israel Land Fund (ILF), those responsible for the phenomenon are “first of all the Prime Minister and his ministers in the last two terms, a Prime Minister and ministers who freeze construction for Jews/Israelis simply because of their religion and race – they are the first who are guilty for the current situation of the worsening demographic balance of Jerusalem.”

“The second factor responsible for this warped situation is the Jerusalem city council that I am a member of,” wrote King.“And in the city council, first and foremost is the Mayor who didn’t fight with the government of Israel enough for construction in Jerusalem on the one hand, and on the other didn’t fight the lack of law enforcement against the Arab building criminals in the east of the city.”

Number crunching

He began listing some figures explaining why Jews, and particularly young couples are leaving, noting “an average price for an apartment in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in north Jerusalem is 1.5 million shekels, and in the adjacent Arab neighborhood it’s only 600,000 shekels.”

“An average price of an apartment in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in south Jerusalem is around 1.4 million shekels, and in adjacent Jabel Mukaber and Sur Baher it’s only 700,000 shekels,” he added.

“Every year in recent years they demolish more housing units for Jews than they demolish for Arabs, even though there are around 42,000 illegal housing units under Arab ownership and just around 4,000 belonging to Jews.”

“In 2014 the Jerusalem municipality demolished five synagogues (out of nine total illegal ones in the entire city), but did not demolish a single mosque (out of the 57 or so illegal mosques in the entire city).”

Further demonstrating the lack of law enforcement against illegal Arab building, he added that “there was a drop of 45% in putting out demolition orders in the east of the city in 2015.”


Having presented the unfair housing situation in the capital, King wrote that “those guilty for the cost of living and housing (for Jews only!!!) in Jerusalem are the Prime Minister, government ministers (yes, also former Housing Ministers and Jerusalem Affairs Ministers and more…from Jewish Home), the Mayor (Nir Barkat – ed.), and members of the Jerusalem city council (yes, I’m included in this black list!).”

King’s comment refers to how Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett was Jerusalem Affairs Minister in the last government, and Uri Ariel, the head of Jewish Home’s Tekuma faction, was the Housing Minister.

“The time has come for the public to recognize the warped reality according to which the Likud – the ruling party in recent years – together with its partner the Jewish Home-Tekuma faction, advance the division of Jerusalem in practice.”

Using Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s nickname, he added, “against Bibi-Barkat (and Bennett) and against the policies of the Prime Minister and the Mayor, unfortunately I stand alone.”

“The day will come, and God willing it will be soon, when Bennett-Bibi-Barkat are a minority and those who love Jerusalem and build Jerusalem will be in power and will build the Holy City, as expected from a nation that aspires to build its capital and its historical and future center, as expected from a nation that the Creator of the universe chose for Himself from all nations to build for Him in the center of their capital the dwelling place of the Creator of the universe, the King of Kings.”

THE leadership’s “hidden” plan (throughout many years) for Jerusalem is very clear and defies any rational explanation or argument to the contrary. This investigative journalist has proven as much many times and dares anyone to refute otherwise!

(Mahane Yehuda Market empty in Jerusalem)

Mahane Yehuda Market empty in Jerusalem (illustration)