LIVING in Israel and listening to its talking heads, be it on tv or radio (atop the jive-talk from assorted political and chattering classes), one feels akin to being in a parallel universe. Orwellian. Maddening. Blood boiling.

ON the one hand, it is gratifying, as an immigrant, to understand Hebrew fluently. On the other – not so much. Bleeding ears. Yes, there are times when ignorance is bliss.

REGARDLESS of the day in and day out attacks from internal-based militant jihadists, one can expect said “reportage” to reflect the same tired mantra via this or that nauseous and obfuscating refrain: It has yet to be determined if the latest (emphasis placed) attack was “criminal” in nature or terror related! Whom do they think they are fooling?


“Police officials decline at this point to determine whether the gunman was a Palestinian or Islamic terrorist or a criminal murderer.”


(מִשׁטָרָה = Israeli police)

Vin Ienco's photo.

(Nashat Melhem, aged 29, is from the Israeli Arab village of Ar’arah in the eastern Wadi Ara district in the north….a bullseye on his head!!)

Behind the News - Stand with Israel -'s photo.


MIND you, despite the jibber-jabber from PM Netanyahu that Israel’s Arabs are “distressed” by the attack in Tel Aviv, the real story is in a myriad of pictures, of which the above tells the tale: A fully functioning Arab village, Arara, in Wadi Ara in northern Israel outside Haifa, is CELEBRATING the massacre by handing out sweets! 

More than three hours after a gunman opened fire on cafes and bars in and around Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street, killing at least two people, the gunman is still on the loose, and the police are still not saying what they believe was his motivation. It could be an act of terrorism, a criminal killing, or the action of a disturbed gunman, police sources said.

Channel 2 reports that police do not consider this to be a claim of responsibility.

Even though a Koran was found in the gunman’s backpack, the police say this is not conclusive proof of the killer’s motivation.

Open questions, hours after the attack

Hours after the attack, a highly unusual number of open questions about it remain.

Extremely strangely, even though police and security forces are searching building by building in central and north Tel Aviv for the gunman, they did not issue orders to Tel Aviv residents to stay indoors.

Commentators note that Hamas and Hezbollah have both threatened attacks against Israelis in recent days. But they also highlight a handful of incidents in recent years of shooting attacks that were not Palestinian terrorism.”

THE point being, Israeli talking heads (and their back-benching leftist/Arabist camp) are heavily invested in NOT wagging their crooked fingers at their internal Arab pets, inside and outside the so-called “green line.” So much so, they are akin to addicts (not unlike inveterate gamblers and alcoholics who wreck untold damage, but continue along their destructive paths), despite all the rivers of Jewish blood! Concomitantly, they grasp at any twisted straws, lest anyone believes that their longed-for “peace dreams” with the Arab fifth column were just that – hallucinatory in nature! These pages are full of evidence attesting to the same. Ripe for the picking.

EVEN more so, by not issuing orders to stay indoors, that too has its own “logic and message”: Go about your business, the Arab sector is NOT a danger to Jewish citizens!! Not only that, to admit what is really at stake, well, that would be tantamount to stating the truth: Zionists must declare war against the fifth column! Folks, that’s the subtext. Believe it.

NOT only that, more often than not, Army Radio, aka גלי צהל, chimes in with the same “we shall see” balderdash. Yes, their “marching orders” come from the tippy top to report this, but not that! Now, readers are surely scratching their heads, wondering: W T F is there to “think” about vis-à-vis non-remitting Arab/Muslim terror? Moreover, the fifth column has made themselves abundantly clear: We will kill the Jews and that is that!

(In Arabic: For Palestinians, Conflict With Jews Is Existential in Nature)

(Teacher’s FB page inciting to murder Jews, a UNRWA paid agitator within Abbas’s PA terror enclave!)

ALAS, let’s turn our rapt attention to what has been predicted at this site for well over a year: ISIS’S “opening shot!!”

(Security camera still of the suspect in January 1, 2016 Tel Aviv shooting attack….the suspect is a 29-year-old resident of Arara, a village in Wadi Ara in northern Israel outside Haifa…oh, and it is reported that he has “mental issues!”)


Closed-circuit TV clip showed the gunman, shortly before he sprayed bullets on the crowded Tel Aviv Dizengoff Street, Friday, Jan. 1, putting nuts and dried fruit in a bag at a natural products shop, walking out and then calmly pulling out his rifle and shooting. After injuring 10 people, two of whom died, the bespectacled young man in black fled. The anonymous shooter is the subject of a massive Tel Aviv police manhunt. The only clue to his identity was a copy of the Koran found in the backpack he dropped.
Police spokesman admitted Friday night that their investigation was still wide open.

ISIS Thursday posted a Twitter message in fractured Hebrew warning “Tomorrow there will be an attack on Dizengoff St.”


INHERENTLY, anyone who is at all familiar with the “signature” hallmarks of militant jihadists could not help but draw one very salient conclusion: The massacre in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff street enclave (for the most part, a mecca for high-end shopping, deal-making and partying, but also a central locale for meeting this and that contact…been there and done that many times) was a “mirror image” of the shootings in Paris, in particular the Bataclan theater!

AMERICANS, mark these words…you are next!

WHILE this acknowledged expert in Islamic jihad (and all its permutations) hardly takes pleasure in “I told you so”, one would be hard pressed to deny the truckloads of evidence housed within this site and related interviews.

MOST significantly, back in Dec. 2014 (and even before that, but let’s catch up to speed) this site warned: “Israel Encircled By ISIS: Obama’s “Rebels”, Al-Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, Backed Up By IDF & U.S./CIA Fronts. The Knock-On Effects” was a foreshadowing to the massacre in Tel Aviv, that which was executed by an Israeli Arab on behalf of ISIS!

SO grave were the assessed dangers, several follow-up reports ensued: In Jan. 2015, “Obama’s Mideast Sunni “Rebels” Catapulted ISIS Inside Israel: How Did This Happen? was penned. In other words, aside from many Israeli Arabs who are “in sympathy” with ISIS and aligned militant jihad, the fact remains that “marching orders” are easier to execute, that is, when an actual foothold is implanted. No doubt.

BUT there’s more. Still yet, due to time constraints, this commentary will close with the following piggyback, and bear in mind that it was written in Feb. 2015. “Israel’s ISIS Blow Back, Readying To Pounce: PM Netanyahu’s Grave Miscalculation!” Full circle.


INTRINSICALLY, the real shock would have been if they hadn’t pounced! The fact remains that Israel’s Arab/Muslim fifth column is increasingly aligned with militant jihad, regardless of this or that jihadi banner. However, with ISIS ascendant, coupled with their actual foothold within Israel proper, well, it made TOTAL strategic sense to hit under their banner and orders!

MOREOVER, striking Tel Aviv was imperative for their “opening shot.” Strategically-speaking, while attacking in Jerusalem has its “allure”, the fact remains that Tel Aviv remains the “spiritual” center of those who really rule Israel; leftist politicians, media elitists, academics, legal denizens and cultural poohbahs, in tandem with their assorted non-elected branja brat packs. Effectively, the calculus is such: If ISIS can hit deep inside their playground(s) and epicenter, the message is that much clearer: There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! 

RESOLUTELY, from a strategic perspective, consider this latest attack as their POSTER and HALLMARK attack; A “signature” within Israel.

TO reiterate, the above analysis brings full circle the central warnings from this site: Inherent and acute dangers are encircling Israel’s Jewish epicenter from the Arab/Muslim fifth column! Yes, while ISIS still has an operational need to “lay low”, their foot soldiers within the Israeli Arab community have already stepped out of the shadows with the onset of the third intifada.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, as analyzed in Oct. 2015, isn’t Israel on fire? If not, why not?

A + B.

A fighter of the Islamic State (ISIS)

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