The Uncomfortable, Yet Possible (Military) Parallels Between Egypt and America: Where Is The Intersection? What Are The Possibilities? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

It would have been hard to fathom, only a few years back, the following imponderable, at least in the United States of America. Alas, these are NOT ordinary moments in time. As such, dangerous periods call for far reaching analysis, even if the mere thought makes one acutely uncomfortable. In fact, more than somewhat queasy. We all need to buck up.

Rest assured, if a patriot was at the helm, none of the following would be in the forefront, let alone up for ‘debate’. But it is what it is, and the evidence is piling up in the affirmative, thus, giving one considerable pause to posit: Could there be a military coup in America against the Obama dictatorship? But before your jaw drops, even reading about such a possibility, consider the following as prima facie proofs: 

Back in Aug. 2012, in anticipation of the election, this site warned against re-electing the most anti-American POTUS in U.S. historyYes, I know, a preponderance of fellow Jews re-elected this miscreant, and they too were taken to the wood shed. However, let’s be honest, their paltry numbers, in relation to the overall population, certainly didn’t push him to victory. So, while their behavior is patently bizarre – definitely in need of a collective psychiatric couch – Barack HUSSEIN Obama did not sail to victory on their shoulders. He got there many different ways, some of which were illegal.

That being said, radical revolutionaries travel in packs, as a result, Obama Inc. is stacked with their malfeasance. But what really is their end game? After we pile evidence upon evidence we are led to NO other conclusion, and its essence is incontrovertible: This is a regime gone wild ! What are the alternatives, unthinkable as they would (otherwise) seem?

ARTICLE 23 July 2013
“Could There Be A Military Coup in America Against the Obama Dictatorship”??
  1. military coup (ˈmɪlɪtərɪ kuː)

    1. a coup organized and carried out by members of the armed forces
    The definition seems simple enough to understand, then why can’t the Obama administration understand that what happened in Egypt was a ‘military coup’?
The answer is they do understand, but are hoping U.S. Military Commanders are not paying attention and listening.
Could a military coup happen in America, during the reign of Dictator Obama?  This would lead to extreme violence in America and I hope it never comes to this, but there are without a doubt U.S. military Generals who are not happy with the Communist run style he is running our government.
Obama is leading our country in the wrong direction.  For those who are keeping up with current times and issues, it is no secret Obama and his flunkies do not like America, and I would go as far as saying Obama hates this beautiful country.
What would it be like if U.S. military leaders decided to oust Dictator Obama.  Many people believe it would take an enormous amount of money, personnel, and time. In reality it would happen just as fast as it did in Egypt.
Are there U.S. Generals who would take this drastic step to save America.  At this time I do not believe there are military leaders who would risk their careers to save America.  I do believe there are U.S. Generals who despise Obama and his anti-American leadership methods.
If martial law were ever declared by Dictator Obama, I believe this would be the turning point in the decision making process of American Generals.  U.S. military leaders have always acted on what is in the best interest of our country.  They would not allow it to be destroyed by self interest mongers such as the Obama administration, the liberal media, and Islamic based terrorist supporters in America.
During a military coup it would take the public opinion of the public to push American Generals forward.  This happened in Egypt.  A military coup would lead to violence in America as we have not seen since the civil war.
Do readers think Dictator Obama and his crew have not thought about the possibility his own military could attempt a coup?  There is little doubt they have.  This is the only reason Obama attempts to placate U.S. military personnel. He needs them on his side if he is to succeed in destroying America.
The big question is, would military leaders in America have enough public support to carry out such an operation?  Publicly most Americans would say no, but I believe behind the scenes at least 50% of the population would.
Islam and their supporting liberals are doing their very best to destroy America.  Will it can? Will U.S. military leaders allow it to happen?
For our children I hope military leaders do not have to engage in a military coup in America.  The only true victims in any war are the children. Dave G.

So, just as Egypt’s military understood that to get rid of Morsi’s Brotherhood Mafia the only way forward was through a coup, it is entirely possible that the same conclusion will result with the U.S. chain of command. Yet, if not for the Brotherhood’s treason committed against Egypt this would hardly, at this volatile point, have come to pass. At the same time, Egypt’s leaders rightfully ignored Obama Inc. as they attempted to keep Morsi in power through threats of this and that.

Concomitantly, America is in very grave peril, and from its leadership too. Indeed, those who are familiar with these pages know full well that wishing doesn’t make it so, therefore, pretending that what is isn’t is a non-starter. Not only that, but magical thinking is NOT a substitute for concrete strategic policy making, certainly not in tiny besieged Israel, nor in the U. S., the (heretofore) greatest democracy in the world. Therefore, though it would be a shock – despite the co-option of many in the Pentagon – others along the chain of command may conclude that they have no other choice, but to grab the reins. It may become the only option to save the nation. But please heed this GRAVE warning from a retired U.S. Army Captain and pass it along, as if your (American) lives depend on it!

Nevertheless, a dark, dark prospect. Bone chilling.