RED ALERT ! Issued via Lee Kaplan’s Northeast Intelligence Network…..Little Commentary Required…Speaks for Itself

Lee Kaplan’s Northeast Intelligence Network, mentioned in a previous commentary – – outlines the network’s intelligence credentials via one of my links. Click it on. Solid as a rock.

That being said, it is incumbent upon me to immediately share with my American readers-as well as others, who well understand what America’s downfall precipitates for the free world – this explosive alert which was posted at Canada Free Press, in and of itself, a brilliant strategic move. Now, make sure to follow the link to the first installment of the investigation on May 8, 2012, when it was still evolving. It appears to have come very close to full circle. Stay tuned…. just in case.

Here it is  –

Additional commentary isn’t necessary….self explanatory. 

Forewarned IS forearmed!