The Thug-in-Chief, Hell-Bent On Disarming Christian Patriots Ordered His Racialist AG To Turn Up The Heat…Addendum To: Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘Brave New World’…Second Amendment…Pro-Life Supporters Bear Watching/Labeling…Islamists-Not So Much…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The twin devils of the left centers around religion and guns.

This is no accident.

Obsessing like jilted lovers, they continually rail against Christianity and gun owners. (Jews – for once – don’t enter into the equation…they are too minute a percentage of the US population…and let’s face it…how many American Jews “cling to their guns”? Exactly. )

NEVER mind that the “religion of peace” is treated as a protected American interest/species, necessary to prove America’s tolerance. Besides, as is often repeated at this blog, the RED/GREEN alliance works in concert to destroy American values. The enemy of my enemy is my friend….until they go for each other’s throats.


However, the left’s witch hunt is primarily targeted at those who believe there is a higher power than the leadership at hand. Free will and personal responsibility must be destroyed – for the collective ‘good’.

And what flows from the above necessitates – as many hammer blows as it takes – prying loose those who stubbornly cling to the embrace of the traditional family, whereby a man and woman are its anchor.

Now suppose those who hold the reins of power – elected and non-elected functionaries – view the exact same things as obstacles to their overall reshaping of America (and beyond)?

What’s a devoted disciple of leftism to do? First and foremost, eviscerating the construct of the traditional family must be a chief rallying cry on their deconstruction list.


Is it an accident that the “gayness” of America has been an official poster child/barometer of “tolerance” for decades? Alas, the most intolerant of all are those who foist their purposeful and insidiously misnamed tolerance upon “non-believers”, demanding the rest of us fall into line…or else.

What can one further conclude, as conservative parents look on in horror, as the public school system is reshaped into indoctrination camps for gayness, offering up this new paradigm as a viable family option?

Really now? Are two mommies and two daddies supposed to procreate the next generation?

I think not.

Most significantly, those who capture the hearts and minds of the kiddies are the ones who control generations to come. Communists/Marxists/socialists control their societies by indoctrinating children from the get go –

And, those who cling to Judeo-Christian moorings are more than likely to “cling to their guns”, holding fast to  the Constitution and the values it imparts. Therefore, the Second Amendment has been a bane of the left, and its chief bugaboo.

NEVER mind that mass shootings are rarely executed by those who hold to Christian traditional values, regardless of the media hype, and the stirring of the pot via DHS. In fact, Islamists running amok, killing American citizens, are deemed “workplace crimes”, hardly worthy of religious overtones.

Extrapolating further, separating family oriented Americans from their guns IS an imperative for the ruling left. For since their penultimate goal is total control of the citizens, then the guns have got to go – Constitution be damned.

As such, this blog has been ringing many blaring bells regarding the above, for it is very alarming. See –

Exhibit Number 1 –,

Exhibit Number 2 –,

Exhibit Number 3 –,

Exhibit Number 4 –,

Exhibit Number 5 –, plus more.

Northeast Intelligence Network’s Director, Douglas Hagmann, reports via Canada Free Press a highly chilling read, but hardly an unexpected one. I implore fellow Americans, and all those who cherish liberty over collective slavery, to imbibe his report in full. Passing it on will save many American lives too.

‘Christianity & Gun Owners in the Crosshairs : Chilling Tactics Exposed’ 

“If you are an outspoken Christian in America, you need to be concerned. If you are an outspoken Christian in America who happens to be a gun owner, you need to be very concerned.  And if you are a Christian gun owner who disagrees with the Progressive anti-Christian agenda in America and have a platform to inform others, you better believe that you are under intense scrutiny. Sound like paranoid propaganda? Read on.”

“It’s one thing to say that there is a war against Christianity and an active agenda to disarm Americans, but it’s another thing altogether to watch it unfold, up close and personal.  And yet another to actually document an insidious but effective tactic that is presently being used to silence and disarm Christians right here in America. In this report, I will expose a new tactic being used by the atheistic communist supporters of the Obama regime to silence Christian critics and to disarm them at the same time.”

“I might have never known about this had it not been for our nightly radio program, the Hagmann & Hagmann Report. In fact, our show played a minor role in the events that transpired. Jason Ergoff, a 28-year old web designer and graphics artist from Scranton, Pennsylvania, called in to our show last week to comment on current events, including how Christianity seems to be under attack in America and across the globe. From the statements made by the CEO of Chick Fil-A regarding traditional families as defined by the Bible to the resurgence of attacks on Christians across the Middle East as a result of the “Arab Spring,” we conversed about how Christians are in the crosshairs now more than any other time in recent history. We talked about Barack Hussein Obama’s role in what seems to be overt antagonism toward Christianity and Biblical principles. Mr. Ergoff’s input to our show was a rational and welcome discourse about the events we see unfolding.”

“Mr. Ergoff called our program before and has always been articulate and well informed. His call last week was equally articulate and without unnecessary emotion or hype, just like his previous calls. He made his points in a very well-reasoned, rational and non-threatening manner and said nothing with which we could disagree.”

“Through our dialogue that included off air correspondence, we were delighted to learn that Mr. Egroff himself is hosting his own weekly radio program called Revelation News Radio, a show that provides his analysis of current events through the prism of the Holy Bible. As he is just getting started, he did a few shows leading up his weekly slot, including a show on August 7, 2012, a day after he called our program as a guest. After his call to our program, we moved on, and our program concluded without incident. This is when events began to get very interesting, and go very wrong for Mr. Egroff.”

“As Mr. Egroff was seated at his computer preparing to listen to our program that began at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, he received a telephone call from a man who identified himself as “Officer Steve” from the city of Scranton Police Department, who told Jason that he was calling just to check on him, to see if he was “alright.” Jason, who never heard of “Officer Steve,” or really understood the nature of the call, responded that he was fine and had no problems where he might need the police. He was taken off guard by the call and became uneasy, especially since the officer was elusive in providing a legitimate reason for the call.”

“While our broadcast was playing on Jason’s computer, he received another telephone call from a “restricted” number. It was “Officer Steve” again, although this time he was calling from the front porch of Mr. Ergoff’s house. The officer reintroduced himself, and asked Jason to turn on the porch light and step outside as he wanted to speak to him. Knowing that he had done nothing wrong, Jason complied with the officer’s request. As he stepped onto the porch, “Officer Steve” was there to meet him, accompanied by another law enforcement officer.”

“I should note that Jason Ergoff is not stupid or naive, and sensed that had he not complied with the officer’s request, things might have gotten ugly. “It was a matter of choosing my battles,” he told me, but he was still not quite ready for what happened next.”

“The officer told Jason that the Scranton Police Department received a telephone call from a “friend” living in New York City who claimed to be concerned about Jason’s mental health. This friend works as a physical therapy assistant at a large New York City hospital.  It is important to note his “friend’s” professional position is well outside of the mental health practice.”

“According to the officer, Jason’s friend contacted his department, and claimed that he was “worried” about him, citing his recent talk about the Bible in general, Biblical prophecy in particular, and the role of the Obama regime in the larger picture detailed by prophecy. This “friend” has been listening to Jason’s calls to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report as well as Jason’s own recently started BTR radio show.”

“Additionally, Jason’s friend knew that he owns a couple of guns, none that are of much monetary value or the type people intent on doing harm would possess. Despite this, his friend expressed concern that Jason could possibly use the weapons in some nefarious manner. Based on Jason’s own admission, he rarely uses the guns to target practice and has little attachment to them. During my interview with Jason, he said that he did not care if he had a gun or not, they are simply not that important to him.”

“You need to come with us”

“The officer told Jason that he had to go with them based on a mental health complaint that originated solely from his friend, the physical therapist assistant in New York, who claimed that he was worried for Jason’s safety. At this point, Jason was under the control of the officers, and was not permitted to be alone as he entered his house to shut things down for the trip he was about to take.”

“The officers took Jason to the local hospital psychiatric ward for “evaluation.” For the next 18 hours, he was subjected to some of the most humiliating searches, probes, and questions by hospital personnel. Questions included those specific to his religious faith and what he thought about the government and Obama. Questions that were structured in such a manner that regardless of the answer, they would result in portraying him as a dangerous, gun-owning Christian zealot. All as a result of Jason expressing his non-violent, well reasoned, and articulate views on our show as well as his own. All ostensibly from the concern of one “friend” from another state and well over 100 miles away.”

“Jason Ergoff was indeed evaluated by two medical health professionals. Despite the manner in which Mr. Ergoff was picked-up, detained, probed, prodded and interviewed (some might call it an interrogation), he remained calm and did his best to comply. He believed that the medical professionals would find him in good mental health and realize that this was all a mistake. He could then use his experience to help others.”

“Christianity: the medical diagnosis of psychosis”

“Jason was indeed released after about 20 hours of evaluation. He was given his belt and shoelaces back, and all of his personal belongings taken from him upon admission. He was released without fanfare, without apology, and without explanation. But with little additional interaction, Jason was now labeled with the medical diagnosis of “psychosis” and urged to take medication that he states he does not need and does not want. Additionally, Jason was released under the condition that he gets rid of any and all firearms he owns and report to a crisis counseling center upon discharge.”

“This gets a bit more interesting when Jason, who felt it best to accommodate the evaluating doctors, reported to the crisis counseling center as instructed. Mr. Ergoff furnished the handful of paperwork to the crisis center worker who spent a few minutes looking over the documents. After a lengthy pause, she looked at Jason and made the following chilling observation as if it was a matter of routine: “So, you’re here because of your religious beliefs.” As Jason tells it, this was not a question, but a statement of fact.”

“As a career investigator, I’ve been exposed to people with mental health issues, and interviewed many. I know that it’s easy to be fooled, and that a person might appear normal, say the correct things, but then turn out to be a complete lunatic. I’ll admit that in Jason’s case, I expected to find just that scenario. I conducted a lengthy interview with Jason, asked him some very personal questions, and demanded to see documentation related to this incident. I was not about to get fooled by Jason or anyone else. To his credit, Mr. Ergoff complied with my every request and provided me with the hospital documentation I requested.”

“Watching the watchers who are watching the ‘watchmen’

“After spending two days of constant research and investigation into his case alone, I must report here that there is something very wrong about this case, and it’s not Jason Ergoff. Despite the diagnosis of “psychosis,” he was permitted to keep his guns, at least for now. As for his “friend” who was so worried about his welfare, I’ve got his “number.” You see, one thing I did not tell Mr. Ergoff is that I was able to learn the identity of the man who turned him in as a threat to himself and society. I’ve tracked his IP addresses and his online activity. My investigation found that this is no ordinary case of someone being concerned about a friend’s welfare, but part of a larger agenda to silence the Christian conservatives and critics of this administration. I am holding that information and documentation closely, as I feel that Jason and perhaps others might need it when they come for his guns or even him once again.”

“By the way, the concerned friend showed just where his concern actually lies, and it certainly does not appear to be with Jason. That was clearly illustrated in a 3:00 a.m. phone call made to Jason by his friend, where he screamed at Jason for daring to mention the incident on our program, sans names, of course.”

“Lest you think this is an isolated case, I have since heard from five-(5) other individuals in different parts of the U.S. that this has happened to within the last thirty-(30) days. It appears the war against freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, openly professing one’s belief in God and the right to bear arms is now sufficient to earn you a medical diagnosis of “psychosis.”

“Christian gun owners of America, be forewarned.”

First they came for the (legal) gun owners….

‘Bitter Clingers’…(another purposeful derogation) watch your backs!

BRINGING Down America never looked so viable –