Those with their faculties intact (this mental health assessment – by definition – excludes blind-as-a-bat leftists, who, by their fealty, worship “The One”) realize that the left’s reflexive “shut the hell up” tactic is a tried and true mechanism to avoid any criticism of “perpetually aggrieved” minorities. Blacks are up on top of their verbally restricted zone. PC on steroids.

Adding to the (silencing) mix are indelicate truths re Muslims/Islam via another weapon:“Islamophobia” & Their Propagandists: Western Enablers Who Shield Islamic Supremacists.

Par for their bludgeoning, every “alternative lifestyle” grouping is, as expected, thrown in for good measure:The Gay Agenda & Its Dangerous Militancy VIA The COMPLETE Stripping Of Judeo/Christian Moorings.

Yes, few “merit” criticizing, unless talking about the “Joos”: The Canard Of “Dual Loyalty” & Its Intended Target…Prof Paul Eidelberg Enlightens.

After all, who doesn’t know that the SMALLEST minority in the world “rules the world”? Oh joy. Hand this blogger her magic (ruling) wand….

WHILE the above sounds tongue-in-cheek it is decidedly serious. Deadly so.

As to this commentary’s focus, the untouchables, Blacks in America, it has become more than a double-edged sword. On the one hand, Americans (and those who care about the fate of the free world) are strangled with the most racist regime in U.S. history. This is a fact. 

Fact One:

Birds of a feather do flock together, as evidenced herein:On Behalf Of “Tray”, Race Wars (soon to) Ignite In America’s Cities, Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’: White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots.

Fact Two:

And when the leadership decries extracting “justice” for Tray (and others of similar political fodder) as their marching orders, well, what else do we need as proof? To be sure, garnering “justice” for “Tray” is core. Whites are beaten to a pulp, yet Obama’s goons/media are stone cold silent. So, will Obama Inc. get a free pass?

On the other hand, in this regard, let’s give a thumbs up, high-fives and general kudos to Black leaders who have the stones to state the truth, but let us not forget Dr. Carson, Allen West and a (paltry) few others!

Black Leader to GOP: ‘Get over your fears of a black President’


On Friday, Speaker of the U.S. House, John Boehner and Republicans in both chambers should have shown their disapproval for President Barack Obama’s big government agenda by boycotting the State of the Union address, said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of the South Central L.A. Tea Party and BOND Action.

Peterson released his statements on Wednesday but notified select media outlets, including the Paulding County Republican Examiner on Friday.

“Barack Obama has shown over the past 6 years that he gives lip service to working with Republicans, but is unwilling to compromise. Obama is running roughshod over Senate and House Republicans. They should have sent a loud and clear message to the president by boycotting the STOTU. This principled stance would have delivered a powerful message to the nation and reminded Obama that he is president and not a king,” Peterson said.

After the President’s State of the Union address, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R- WA), the House GOP’s highest-ranking woman, gave the official Republican rebuttal to Obama’s address who affirmed that Obama was making it tougher for many Americans.

Rogers said, “The President talks a lot about income inequality. But the real gap we face today is one of opportunity inequality… and with this Administration’s policies, that gap has become far too wide and we see this gap growing every single day.”

Most Congressional Republicans addressed and spoke in the same tone although Tea-Party Republicans such as Senator’s Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) had different views of the President’s speech.

Nevertheless, Peterson said that the GOP missed a chance to show President Obama that his policies are not working and they should have boycotted the address to show their dissatisfaction and to show Obama that he is only the president, not a dictator, and that only Congress makes laws.

“The GOP missed a golden opportunity to change the focus of the debate in Washington and spotlight real solutions for America. Instead, John Boehner allowed himself to be used as a prop,” Peterson said.

“The president presented the same old re-hashed tax-and-spend agenda, yet he was applauded 85 times, mostly by Democrats. The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, but for blacks, its 14 percent. There are more than 90 million Americans out of the labor force, rates not seen since 1978, but Obama’s centralized government solutions to “fix” the ailing economy would only cripple it.”

“Republicans know that Obama’s plans won’t work,” Peterson said. “The U.S. Constitution gives them the power to stop his massive overreach, but they’re too cowardly to oppose him. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the GOP leadership are so terrified of being labeled “racists” that they keep letting Obama have his way.”

“We need bold men and women to step in and fill this leadership vacuum,” Peterson continued.”

“Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Mike Lee laid out clear and solution oriented rebuttals promoting plans to empower individuals rather than the government. Empowering the American people is the right prescription for fixing our nation.”

HEATING matters to the max, well, along comes this kerfuffle….

Black Republican Defends Call To Hang Obama

JANUARY 24, 2014 BY  


With the overwhelming majority of black Americans supportive of leftist causes and candidates, it is increasingly difficult for conservatives within that community to openly express their views. Prominent blacks such as former presidential candidate Herman Cain have endured harsh criticism and unfounded accusations from members of their own race for merely embracing anything other than the prevailing ideology.

When a black Republican makes a legitimately controversial statement, however, the response is even more acrimonious.

Joshua Black, a GOP candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, recently witnessed this phenomenon firsthand after a one-word post on the social media site Twitter.

In response to a user who believes Barack Obama is guilty of treason and should be hanged for his crimes, Black simply wrote, “Agreed.”

This resulted in major backlash not only from leftists but some in the GOP. Fellow Republican House candidate Chris Latvala, for example, took to his Twitter account to trash Black.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott also responded, calling Black’s statements “outrageous.”

Black, however, did not back down from his position. In fact, he responded with additional tweets and a lengthy explanation on Facebook.

ANYONE who believes the nonsense, the canard, that Obama’s detractors are racist might as well be chucked aside. Liars and reprobates. For if their spurious, divisive, inciting claims entail a grain of truth, why would this WHITE blogger – along with countless others – find it worthy to support Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson (wish he would enter the ring) or Rep Black, being that they have proven to be patriotic Americans and are CLEARLY not WHITE? Yes, ex pats still (politically) matter and can throw their (alternative media) weight around!

Case closed, racist bugaboos beside the point!