America’s (N.J.) Islamic Jizya:Courts In Forefront of Final Submission! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki






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ABOVE all else, Americans/westerners must keep a laser-eyed focus on where the most pressing dangers are amassing. Indeed, there are so many it is increasingly hard to keep up, but there is little choice. Buck up. Regardless, juxtapose the top ones against what, if anything, America’s system of justice is doing to mitigate said threat levels.

NOW, many are already aware of the illegal parts played by Obama Inc. and his radical provocateurs, and this is the case whether the dangers hail from leftist or Islamist origins. In the forefront stands the Dept. of (in)Justice, even if Holder doesn’t sit at the helm. Know this: all of the Anti-American-in-Chief’s appointments/surrogates are part of the same red/green milieu. They are in lockstep to a tee.

SO consider who the leaders are, when placing into perspective the political roles played by too many justices, as a result of said toxic environment. As such, a pox on all the so-called gatekeepers; those who have sworn to guard America’s front lines of liberty and freedom, but continuously fail to execute their due diligence.

AGREED, in point of fact, judicial activism is a no-no within America’s court system. Yes, interpreting the law is their only mandate via the separation of powers directive. While U.S. judges (Israel’s too, but that’s a whole other cesspool!) veer from one ideological spectrum to another, many have overstepped all legal boundaries, since the ascension of the Dictator-in-Chief. Concomitantly, the fact that ObamaCare was deemed Constitutional by Supreme Court Justice Roberts – even though countless legal concepts had to be vitiated – tells the derelict tale. But if you are a masochist and require additional agita, take a peek at how DHS’s head, Jeh Johnson, responded to questions at a recent Homeland Security hearing, as to whether illegal immigrants will have to comply – or not – with ObamaCare. Beyond the (judicious) pale.

INTO the mix, the upending of America’s founding principles, along comes U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shipp via his recent legal rendering concerning a N.J. mosque. His ruling brings the danger(s) full circle. Yet before this site renders its own verdict, consider the fact that Shipp is a die-hard (Black) liberal and Obama hearts with his leftist leanings. You get the picture. 

Reid, D-Nev., took the step after Rand Paul, R-Ky., threatened to block the nomination of Michael A. Shipp to the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey unless Reid allows a floor vote on a measure to cut off U.S. aid to Pakistan until an incarcerated informant who helped American forces find and kill Osama bin Laden last year is released.

By threatening to block Shipp’s nomination, Paul has stirred fear among liberals that the increasingly bitter fight over judicial nominees — previously confined to appellate judges — now may be shifting to noncontroversial, lower-court judges, who traditionally do not face filibuster threats….

THUS, in light of the encirclement cited above, Islamic thrusts into America have become all too commonplace. To wit, their “hiding” in plain sight is accomplished through stealth jihad. This Shariah law mandate is utilized to impose Islam’s will on community after community, and with no end in sight. The (nation’s) fate; sealed. Once again, Islamists burrow and bore within, but under the guise of freedom of religion! 

NOW, we all know that America’s mosques have been proven, time and again, to be a clear and present danger. The epicenter of a national cancer. And the fact that one of America’s founding principles, religious freedom, is used as their grip hold, is even more egregious and requires hyper vigilance, despite the stamp of approval from complicit leaders. 

ALAS, dear readers, please bear in mind who the front arms of the Al-Falah Islamic Center are, and this is the case whether the mosque is based in N.J., any other state, or in Canada. Unarguably, its sponsor, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is one of the major hydras of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia! 

FOR further edification, the laundry list of Islamic front groups are too numerous to cite, yet their main umbrellas are: 

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

American Muslim Council (AMC)

Muslim American Society (MAS)

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)…and so on….

INTRODUCING, Judge Michael Shipp, via the gravely dangerous precedent he set through his bastardized and twisted ruling. Consequentially, those of us who have a background in law also understand what America’s (legal) future portends; the opening of a pandora’s box through Shipp’s verdict. Yes, he paved the way for the building of MANY more Brotherhood mosques throughout America, despite the growing opposition from an increasingly informed public about the exponential dangers from Islam! Simply put, the weight given to stare decisis (let the decision stand), a grounding (and foreshadowing) legal principle, enjoys a firm basis in U.S. jurisprudence. 

The Al Falah case is being watched closely across the nation, as mosques from New York to Tennessee face opposition. In the decade after the September 11th attack, the Justice Department opened more than 28 investigations into efforts to interfere with the construction of mosques and Islamic centers.

The Al-Falah Islamic Center has agreed not to build a mosque on Mountaintop Road, a residential area in Bridgewater, and will instead build one on a $2.75 million 15-acre lot the township will buy for it under the terms of a settlement,

The township’s insurance carrier will also pay the center $5 million for alleged damages, costs and attorney fees to end the years-long lawsuit, according to the report. The township will be given the Mountaintop Road property in exchange for the 15-acre site between Routes 202-206 and Route 287 it will purchase for the mosque.


According to the report, the settlement was approved Monday by the township council, ending a federal court fight that has cost the township hundreds of thousands of dollars n legal fees so far.The township planning board dismissed the mosque proposal in 2011, citing an ordinance that limited houses of worship to major roads. Township officials said they didn’t mind the mosque — only its proposed location.

But a decision by U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp last year, overruling the application of the ordinance, said after the center applied to build a mosque at the former Redwood Inn site, the project faced “anti-Muslim prejudice within the community, including Internet postings and e-mail correspondence.” In one instance, center members were accused of being terrorists, the decision states.

Large crowds against the mosque turned out for every meeting

Municipal officials argued that the purpose of the ordinance was to “preserve the residential character of its various neighborhoods,” last year’s decision states. But the judge found the township had “rendered it nearly impossible for Al Falah and its individual members to adhere to the tenets of their religion.” The judge sent the matter back to the planning board for further review, which has continued up until the settlement.

MOST significantly, aside from Judge Shipp’s Islamic imprint upon American communities, he has also ensured that jizya is paid to the Brotherhood mosque’s umbrella.

Simply put, conquered non-Muslims were to purchase their lives, which were otherwise forfeit to their Muslim conquerors, with money. Instead of taking their lives, they took their money.  As one medieval jurist succinctly puts it, “their lives and their possessions are only protected by reason of payment of jizya” (Crucified Again, p. 22).

Interestingly, just as the mafia rationalizes its collection of “protection money” by portraying it as money paid to buy mafia protection against “outsiders”—when, as mentioned, the money/tribute serves only to protect the client from the mafia itself—so too do Islam’s apologists portray the collection of jizya as money meant to buy Muslim protection from outsiders, when in fact the money/jizya buys protection from Muslims themselves.

YES, Bill Maher correctly noted (and this was indeed shocking, coming from leftist Hollywood) Islam is the only religion that acts like the mafia, that will f***ing kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book.”

IN this regard, lo and behold, unlike in most cases – whereby legal fees and court costs are paid by the loser of the suit – Al-Falah made sure to extract “protection money”, and this was why the Township’s insurer was forced to agree to pay the mosque $5 million to drop the suit! Unholy jihad….

NEVERTHELESS, on the upside, the fact of the matter is that Americans/westerners are increasingly becoming fed up with Islamic infiltration. Not only that, but suffering the humiliation of being treated as second class citizens within their own home turf is starting to awaken many from their slumbers! 

RESULTANT, this investigative journalist has this to say to the following “uprising”: what took them so long?

Western’s longest-serving chaplain, along with four of his colleagues, has resigned in protest over the recently announced move of the Chaplains’ Services offices and a dedicated Muslim prayer space in the University Community Centre.

Rev. Michael Bechard, Western’s Roman Catholic chaplain, submitted his resignation and those of Janet Loo, Annette Donovan Panchaud, Melissa Page Nichols and Maija Wilson from the UWO Chaplains’ Association, to University President Amit Chakma on Friday.

The University announced last week that the current Muslim prayer room in University College would be moved along with the Chaplains’ Services offices to one space in the basement of the UCC. In addition, the current multi-faith space in the UCC will no longer be used.

“I am uneasy with the fact that the university is providing a dedicated space to the Muslim community when such privileges are not being granted to any other body,” he said.

Rev. Karen Low, United Church Chaplain, said in an email that the chaplains were concerned with the allocation of space that was available for the entire community.

“With the current situation — a designated Muslim prayer space and no space available for the prayer and reflection needs of others — we are presented with an issue of justice and equality.”

Equality is against the Islamic religion. So is justice.

The whole point of Islam is to impose inferiority on other religions. That affirms the specialness of Muslims or Muslim privilege. So no they aren’t willing to share.


CONCLUSIVELY, the following report serves as a “special” bonus for this site’s readers, and for a few reasons.

Police authorities, in collaboration with the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Taif have uncovered over fifty copies of the Holy Quran discarded in the street drainage system in Al-Salama district of Taif.

The service of a company that specializes in opening grated drainage inlets was availed, and dozens of copies of the Holy Scripture were retrieved from the drain water.

Akhbaar24 reported that close to several copies of the scared book were found from within different storm water inlets in the area. While authorities are conducting further search and recovery, Taif police has launched an investigation into the incident.

INHERENTLY, do take note of its locale (Saudi Arabia…oh me, oh my…) and its food for (western) thought; its proactive message. 

ENOUGH said!