A Political DISSIDENTS LIST: DHS INSIDER Confirms The TRUE Intent Of NSA’s Spying…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

REPORTING on Obama Inc’s totalitarian encroachment is priority number one. Not only do their actions directly affect America’s citizens, but also that of the free world. Moreover, Israel is decidedly more imperiled with each and every anti-American move they design. The stakes are potentially catastrophic. There is no other way to describe it. We just all have to suck it up and internalize the dangers.

Therefore, this American-Israeli decided to reach out to a highly valued Washington, DC  contact (known for over a decade, initially from deep inside NYC political circles, but that’s all the readers need to know…) to “feel out” the contents of the following commentary. In no uncertain terms he said, “post it, while you still can.” WOW… Now, not being the sort to generally ask permission for anything, this posting felt like it required it. Read (or re-read, whatever the case) the following few links and then decide for yourselves how “hot” this is.

Indeed, an enemies list is not only an apt description, but the ONLY one – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/08/the-potuss-enemies-list-stalwart-patriots-snagged-by-nsadhsirsdoj-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/…. and piggy back onto its conclusive essence – a police state is in the offing – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/07/america-police-state-in-the-making-the-muzzling-of-citizen-journalistsbloggers-nsa-spying-on-millions-too-what-say-you-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

HANG on for a wild ride…

‘DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly’

Northeast Intelligence Network, June 7, 2013

Something quite unexpected happened just hours ago, in the dark of night, during a two-day layover in Washington, DC. My son and I are scheduled to take part in a seminar outside of Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend, so we combined our travels to include a side-trip to DC for a business meeting we had previously arranged. It was during this layover that something seemingly ripped from the pages of a spy novel took place.

While I was in the middle of a perfectly good and well needed sleep in the very early hours of this morning, I received a message. I cannot disclose how I received this message, at least not now. The discerning reader will understand why, which, by the way, would make a very interesting story alone. The message was extremely clear and precise. I was to meet my high level DHS insider at a very specific location in Washington, DC at a time when most “normal” people, except third-shift workers are still asleep. And, I was to come alone and make certain that I was not being followed, and I was to leave any cell phone or electronic device behind.

Seriously? I thought, as I was still trying to make sense of it all. Is all this really necessary? Is this really happening? I considered waking my son to accompany me, but opted to follow the instructions to the letter. Besides, I thought, he’s not the most affable middle-of-the-night person. I left a hastily written but detailed note in my hotel room before my departure in the event something happened. I looked at the digital clock on my rental car (my personal car would never survive our long distance trip). It was 3:20 a.m.

The meeting

I felt like I was part of a spy movie set in our nation’s capital. A chill rose up my spine as I waited in the dark of a chilly, misty and foggy pre-dawn morning. I was to meet with my DHS insider source at a time when most of the nation is asleep, at a place I could swear was featured in the movie All the President’s Men. No one and I mean no one knows I’m here, I thought, as I could see one of the most recognizable national landmarks in the distance.

My source appeared out of nowhere, or so it seemed, and handed me a cup of coffee with the astute observation that I looked like I needed it. So tell me, I asked impatiently, why do we have to meet at this time, at this location, and under such specific circumstances? “Because this might be our last meeting,” he stated.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, the time, the place, or the chill of the misty rain that caused my sense of foreboding. “Explain,” I asked in an almost demanding tone. So he did, without mincing words.

The details

“If anyone thinks that what’s going on right now with all of this surveillance of American citizens is to fight some sort of foreign enemy, they’re delusional. If people think that this ‘scandal’ can’t get any worse, it will, hour by hour, day by day. This has the ability to bring down our national leadership, the administration and other senior elected officials working in collusion with this administration, both Republican and Democrats. People within the NSA, the Department of Justice, and others, they know who they are, need to come forth with the documentation of ‘policy and practice’ in their possession, disclose what they know, fight what’s going on, and just do their job. I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ‘betrayal.” That’s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,’” he said.

“We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.

“What’s that exactly mean, being on that list, that is,” I asked, trying to make sense of it all.

“It means that there will be censorship under the color of authority of anyone in the U.S. who is attempting to expose what’s going on in our name. It’s about controlling any damning information from reaching epidemic proportions. It’s damage control to the extreme. It’s about the upcoming censorship of the internet in the name of national security. The plans are already in place. These latest reports about “spying eyes” have turned this administration and others connected to it into something very, very dangerous. They feel cornered and threatened, and I’m hearing about some plans they have to shut down the flow of information that is implicating them of wrongdoing. Time is short,” he stated.

“How are they going to do this? How is it even possible?” I asked.

“First, they intend to use the Justice Department to silence journalists like in the Rosen case, but they won’t stop there. They will use a host of national security policies, laws, letters, whatever to take out the bigger threats,” he stated.

Next, they will use some sort of excuse, an external threat, and I believe it will be a combination of the economic collapse and a Mid-East war that will begin in Syria to throttle the information that is accessible on the Internet. And you know what? People will believe it!”

Based on what I’ve seen, most of which I should not have seen, the DHS is co-ordinating efforts with other federal agencies to begin to threaten American citizens with incarceration for non-compliance. You know the old talk of color coded lists? Well, this is what they will be using. People exposing the truth about Benghazi, killing the U.S. Dollar, even those questioning Obama’s legal status and eligibility to be President are the current targets. And they’ve had five long years to get to this point. The ugly truth is that these policies and practices did not start under Obama, but long before. This is about the killing of our Constitutional Republic. The murder of our country and the stripping of our rights. While many have been preoccupied with one issue, few have seen the bigger issue. This is the ‘end game,’ for all the marbles,” he stated.

More to come

“Please,” pleaded my source, “get this information out while you can. Tell people what I’m saying, that we don’t have much time, that after the latest exposure of spying, Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod, and others, including members of Congress, have put their plans into high gear. This is about the Marxist takeover of America. This is about our country being able to survive another July 4th holiday. This is about a world war about to break out that will kill millions of people, all because of the agenda of this administration.”

“They are very dangerous and will do anything and everything to stop the onslaught of negative information that’s being reported by the main stream media. But only about one quarter of the real information is being reported. The other three quarters will be the game changer. But first, tell people what I’ve said. Let them know that more will follow but get this information out right now while the internet is still relatively free. Do it today.”

My source provided additional information, but I am abiding by his wish to get this much out. I am writing now to let people know that we are in for seriously dangerous times ahead.  Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of of national security. It’s about to get a lot uglier. Stay tuned.


Listen carefully…“political dissident” watch lists 

  1. dissidents – a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state  – Merriam Webster, the free dictionary

are straight out of Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba, to name a few. The point being, each and every totalitarian leadership employs this kind of list! In other words, the “red” side, oft written about at this site, is now coming full circle. IF it looks like a socialist, Marxist, communist plan, it is…peeling back into Obama’s looking glass – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/05/if-it-looks-like-a-socialistmarxistcommunist-plan-it-is-peekingpeeling-back-into-obamas-looking-glass-his-surrogates-too-their-bomblets-waiting-to-explode-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/… was written as a warning to Americans, back in October 2012, as to what was at stake if the Radical-in-Chief gained a second term. It was never about merely a general/visceral dislike and distrust of the POTUS, but about the fate of America, as we know it. Moreover, even though RINO’s are also in bed with Obama Inc’s plans – designs set in place decades ago – the fact of the matter is that a Romney Presidency would have kept them at bay. And a 4 yr grace period, to set things rightfully back on course, may have made the difference. 

As mentioned previously, the upcoming regional war on Israel’s borders is of piece with all of the above, and it is revealed in stark detail – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/30/war-drums-blaring-the-commander-in-chief-is-awol-russia-in-charge-irans-axis-ascendant-israel-left-dangling-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – and leads straight back to the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief’s door.  

This blog apologizes for bringing such depressing news, once again. But burying ones head in the sand will only catch those of us who treasure liberty and freedom unawares. And that, dear readers, is unthinkable. Unforgivable. 


Listen up to Glenn Beck’s audio of said thesis posited above – http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/06/10/dhs-insider-it%E2%80%99s-about-to-get-ugly/

The Ultimate Betrayal From Barack HUSSEIN Obama Towards Israel: The Poison Pill…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are certain actions which are so egregious that the perpetrator truly bears the onus, irrespective of the requisite whining and attendant protestations. Yet at times, as heartbreaking as an outcome may be, the tragedy may very well be unintentional, even if in hindsight highly avoidable. And when the dust settles there are choices to be made, and certainly learning ones requisite lessons should be a top priority. Thus, staying clear of said offender should be at the apex of one’s list. However, if actionable within a court of law, redress can emanate via an appropriate lawsuit, or something along those lines.

BUT what actions can a nation smaller in size than many U.S. counties initiate, when a Commander-in-Chief is Allah-bent on sticking the sword of Islam into its back? This and that…And if one requires indictment after indictment to prove said charge sheet, peer within – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/30/war-drums-blaring-the-commander-in-chief-is-awol-russia-in-charge-irans-axis-ascendant-israel-left-dangling-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. No sense reworking the wheel.

‘US Blows Cover off Top-Secret Israeli Base’

Image: US Blows Cover off Top-Secret Israeli Base

Israeli Arrow anti-missile system batteries.

Tuesday, 04 Jun 2013 12:25 PM

By Melanie Batley

  •  The U.S. government has revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation under construction by publishing its specifications for contractor bidding.
It was treated as though it was just any other project the Defense Department was involved in.According to McClatchy newspapers, the Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to host a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3, designed amid Israel’s fears of Iran’s nuclear intentions.Specifications released by the department include more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls. But the project had been classified, and so top secret that Israel’s military won’t officially confirm its location at Tel Shahar, between Jerusalem and Ashdod.Urgent: Is Obama Telling the Truth on IRS, Benghazi Scandals? “If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility,” an unidentified Israeli military official told McClatchy.”This is more than worrying, it is shocking,” he said.Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Wesley Miller declined to comment on the specifics of the Arrow 3 base, but he said the United States routinely published the details of its construction plans on a federal business opportunities website so that contractors could estimate the cost of jobs.He said such postings often might be revised after contracts were approved, McClatchy reported.

http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/israeli-base-secret-revealed/2013/06/04/id/507960?promo_code=F53B-1&utm_source=Debka&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1#ixzz2VK6Ry91Y .

The betrayal is stark within Israel’s Hebrew daily Hayom, ‘Obama & The Arrow Three Debacle’ – http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=4549&r=1translated into English herein, yet the angst grows deeper, especially when reading about it in a Hebrew daily and it elicits more than goose bumps. There is nothing like absorbing certain contents through the mother tongue, it just cuts to the heart.

Said devastating betrayal re Iran is hardly the Islamist-in-Chief’s first foray. Not at all .

‘Awful… Obama Administration Leaks Information on Israel’s Secret Military Alliance With Azerbaijan (Video)’

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama Administration Lifts Veil on Secret Israel-Azerbaijan Alliance’ – embedded video

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton blasted the Obama administration today for intentionally leaking information on Israel’s secret military alliance with Azerbaijan. Bolton was on FOX News today to discuss the Obama Administration’s latest attack on Israel.

 According to a Foreign Policy report based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers” Azerbaijan has given Israel permission to land planes on Azeri airfields after an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The Obama Administration leaked this information putting the alliance in jeopardy and endangering the Israeli nation.

Patrick Brennan has more on the Obama administration’s back-stabbing at The Corner.

And, the Jerusalem Post also blamed the Obama Administration for the sensitive leaks.

‘Foreign Policy’ claims Azerbaijan granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in strike.

Leaks regarding Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities continued Thursday, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action.

The first report appeared in Bloomberg and, citing a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, said that Iran would be able to recover from a military strike against its centrifuge fabrication plants within six months…

…In another report, Foreign Policy claimed that Azerbaijan had granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

“The Israelis have bought an airfield,” the report quoted an unnamed US official as saying, “and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”


The fact of the matter is that Obama’s first term laid the foundation for his administration’s ultimate betrayal of Israel. These actions must be seen as stepping stones. His first order of business necessitated running roughshod over the Mid East and overturning one anti-Islamist regime (strong arm leadership) after another, all for the benefit of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/13/coming-full-circle-the-planned-empowerment-of-the-muslim-mafia-aka-brotherhood-via-egypt-most-populous-arab-country-under-the-guidance-of-barack-hussein-obama-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ . One encirclement at a time.

NOT done with his treachery, Barack HUSSEIN Obama tasked General Dempsey to “disown” Israel, if its leaders dare to pre-empt Iran’s genocidal project – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/01/the-penultimate-betrayal-to-israel-its-chief-ally-courtesy-of-the-islamist-in-chief-addendum-to-us-general-strikes-again-dhimmifying-us-interests-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Hmm.

Most recently, “trial balloons” have been floating re “containing” the Hitlerite regime https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/26/obama-incs-trial-balloons-re-containing-iran-assorted-think-tankssurrogates-have-his-back-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ …and the more than plugged in Professor Paul Eidelberg, recently had this to add, “Pickering, former U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs, is considered by many the ultimate American career diplomat. That’s double trouble. He has held ambassadorial posts in Russia, the U.N., and Israel. He is still being called upon by the administration to lead important investigations, including one into the killing last fall of the American ambassador to Libya—the right choice for a cover-up of Obama’s post-American State Department.

Pickering, we hear, is now heading a panel of former senior U.S. officials and outside “experts” called “The Iran Project.” The creature is urging President Obama to drop sanctions and covert action against Iran, and instead negotiate more intensively with Tehran. Surprised?”

ALL of the above is operating under the same paradigm, and this is precisely why Israel’s northern border is primed for explosion – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/22/israels-northern-front-primed-for-explosion-who-lit-the-match-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ …and DEBKAfile Intelligence had this to say, just yesterday: ” The Hizballah force and Syrian units are getting ready to move in on the rural Horan and reach the Israeli border nearby through the Syrian Golan.

Their coming offensive, which could be only days away, will find Israeli face to face for the first time with Hizballah units equipped with heavy arms and missiles on the move along the Syrian-Israeli border and manning positions opposite Israel’s Golan outposts and villages.”

As such, the latest betrayal, re the purposeful gifting of Israel’s heretofore SECRET Arrow base to Israel’s enemies, should render the Betrayer-in-Chief, for time immemorial, to the likes of the Devil Incarnate… and no amount of fantastical excuses for his treachery will be tolerated at this site. IF this offends, so be it. This blog stands resolutely behind its charge sheet.