Israel’s Northern Front PRIMED For Explosion: Who Lit The Match?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

While it is mandatory to remain hyper vigilant regarding the ever primed jihadists at Israel’s borders, the fact of the matter is that one main antagonist has been relatively dormant, at least for over 40 years. To be sure, Syria is a puppet of the Iranian regime and also a major conduit for transfer of lethal weaponry headed for Hezbollah via its border crossings.

HOWEVER – and this was key – the reason why the northern Golan has been peaceful and tame had everything to do with Assad’s utter terror of Israel’s vaunted IAF, and the damage accrued if provoked. No longer. And it is not that the IAF/IDF is less formidable. To the contrary. But it is the case, once Assad’s inner cage became a target, the deterrent factor got chucked by the wayside. How so? Fighting to stay in power left the door open for Russia to become, once again, a key Middle East power broker, as the Islamist-in-Chief “led from behind”. In tandem, a pouring in of Iranian backed terror forces became politically feasible and absolutely necessary for Assad to cling to power.

In actuality, if one carefully follows point A to point B, then the culprit who lit the match becomes the Pyromaniac-in-Chief. Paradoxically, while his illegal war in Libya (via Samantha Powers and her “R2P” –  “Well, it turns out, hiding in plain sight under the cooked up, foreign policy dictum of Samantha Powers and her R2P – ‘Responsibility to Protect’ – is a whole lot of Islamic mischief, and a rearranging of the region’s chessboard. Mind you, this blogger knew…but never mind, the theory is heralded as a truly humane one; it is the “responsibility” of the world’s super power to save the innocents, and those who are seeking liberty. Holier than thou bull sh-t…blah…blah. Hogwash too”. –  ) was designed to empower the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood – a large contingent of the “rebels” are part and parcel of Al Qaeda front groups – the subtext had as much to do with further destabilizing Israel’s borders, even as Obama Inc. opines: yes, we have Israel’s back!

As is said, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. In this regard, a chemical alert was blared from these pages, as Al Qaeda got into the mix –… fighting for hegemony with Assad’s goons and assorted surrogates. The rattling of the (terror) cage began in earnest.

Thus, is it any wonder that the Mid East is primed to explode, starting on Israel’s northern borders, a jumping off point to kick up a firestorm? –

‘After the al Qusayr victory, Syria and Hizballah plan war on Israel’

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 20, 2013

Syria and Hizballah, flushed with the success of breaking the rebel hold on the strategic town of al Qusayr, Sunday, May 19, are making no secret of their plans for the “great confrontation,” i.e. military confrontaiton with  Israel after they win the Syrian civil war.  Israel’s military leaders are taking with the utmost seriousness the words of Ibrahim al-Amin, editor of the Hizballah organ Al Akhbar, and a close buddy of Syrian president Bashar Assad, who wrote Monday:
“The rope is taut. It is taut to the limit. Anyone at either end [Israel at one end, Syrian and Hizballah, at the other] need only flex a finger and it will break, and the great confrontation will take place. This is neither a threat, nor an exaggeration or interpretation. This is the situation on the enemy’s northern front. Now means today; it means this hour,” al-Amin wrote.
Israeli intelligence experts have no doubt that the writer penned those words at the behest of his master, Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah, and Bashar Assad.
Israeli spokesmen and media tried hard Monday to play down the scale of the joint force’s success in capturing al-Qusayr, which sits on Syria’s main road to Lebanon and the Damascus high road to the Mediterranean, by harping on the heavy battle losses sustained by Hizballah – 50 dead and many more gravely injured.

But these losses do not detract from the Iranian Lebanese proxy’s pivotal role in the Syrian rebels’ resounding defeat and the Syrian army’s decisive victory.

It cannot be denied that the fateful setback suffered by the Syrian rebels resulted from their being abandoned to their fate at the most critical moment of their uprising by their backers, the US, Turkey, Jordan and the Arab Gulf emirates.

Syrian and Hizballah forces are getting ready to turn east for their next major offensive, the destruction of rebel strongholds in Homs and its outlying villages. Our military sources report the Syrian army has deployed its 14th Division and an expanded unit of self-propelled artillery for this joint effort. Rebel spokesmen warn that a massacre is in store.

But it is what it is. Israel’s leaders, as delusional as they often are, are clearly taking the newly hyped Syrian/Hezbollah (read: Iranian) threat at face value. Rest assured, Jerusalem will act accordingly, of this no one should have any doubt. 

Yet no one should be shocked if non-conventional weapons enter the mix via chemical warfare, as well as Israel’s plans to utilize their Dolphin subs, for whatever is required. This blog is warning the west: readers would do well to remember who set the region alight, even though Iran is always ready to pounce. But it doesn’t obviate/abrogate the Islamist-in-Chief’s footprints-! And as I warned, this is the latest from the IAF Chief –…read the whole thing!

UPDATE: Israeli home defense drill to focus on missile and chemical threats

DEBKAfile May 21, 2013

Home Defense Minister Gilead Erdan disclosed Tuesday that the annual “Steadfast Home Front – 1” exercise starting next Sunday will postulate equal risks to the military and home fronts. He said this eventuality was only now a question of time.

Addressing a news conference, the minister said the exercise would stage scenarios of large population centers and strategic facilities under attack from thousands of missiles from Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Chemical strikes will also be rehearsed. Maj.Gen. Eyal Eisenberg, head of the IDF Home Front Command, said a chemical strike would challenge the IDF’s command and control capacity. The IDF is keeping a close watch on events in Syria from the northern border, he said. “We wouldn’t be practicing a massive missile war scenario unless we believed the enemy had the operational capability to attack Israel’s civilian population.

9 thoughts on “Israel’s Northern Front PRIMED For Explosion: Who Lit The Match?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. what a disaster thanks to Obama and his cohorts!!! Israel still has the scud missles, right? I say Israel should go ahead and surgically strike any areas they believe hold these chemical weapons.

    I will also say this…..Everyone in the left bashes Bush for invading Iraq when there was “no WMDs”. I believe the chemicals were shipped to Syria. In my humble opinion. God bless Israel!!!! and the IDF!!!

  2. Yes, the WMD’s from Iraq were buried in Syria and Washington knows it too.
    Also, the IAF will utterly, and completely, destroy everything within distance of the missile firings. The Dolphin subs will come into play too. Lebanon will be rubble, as will Syria. There will be hits on this side, but they will lie in ruins.

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